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Kou_Indigo (Kara Lucielle Pythiana)
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Thought Provoker
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Blowing that faint white glow from my lips.
That glow that twirls and expands in the moonlight .
A faint whisper is heard in the twirling wind as I see your special little hands.
As I stare into this rose bush of white rose buds.
And I see the wind blowing it's faint lullaby from this cold winters night.
The snow angels make their faint mark on the world.
With the stars twinkling their eternal white glow.
I reach to you and fine your little hands are covered in bright red blood.
Oh white and red how you mix and shine!
As I open my hand to find a red rose bud.

D_Poetic Engineer
Dangerous Mind
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You're agile like an eagle, yet dainty as a flower
Slowly waking up from a long slumber
The morning dew has quenched your thirst
As the hummingbird greeted you first

The warmth of the rising sun gently kisses your skin
On a daily basis until you're ready for the pickin'
Now that you're fully bloomed, I can smell your fragrance
Especially tonight, enticing me to a whirlwind of romance

Slowly I peel off your layers till I reach to the core
Then I suck your nectars dry, still wanting for more
My earthly desires consumed you to the last petal
Got intoxicated as you bleed, hope it's not lethal

Countless seasons have passed after that fateful night
Many flowers have bloomed and many have died
I fervently prayed to see my dainty flower once again
To sow a new seed from where a new life will begin

D_Poetic Engineer
Dangerous Mind
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Like the morning star in Spring
Unveiling the clouds at dawn
Your face glows brighter
Brighter than the rising sun

Heavenly scents of blooms,
Skin smooth and pure as silk
Rewards those who patiently awaits
Your coming of age...

Innocence now lost
Virgin forest denuded
No more glory, no more pride
Nothing left but shades of ashes

Like the cherry trees
From the land of the rising sun
You are resilient
Not easily persuaded
By the whispering wind

Heaven mourns your early passing
The day the cherry blossoms died
River banks begin overflowing
While the devils still wanting
Always greedy, never content...

Alexander Case
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Twisted Dreamer
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If Only A Dead Dandelion Worked Magic


I sit crying
with my eyes
glued to a sapphire
vase filled with a
drooping bouquet
of dead flowers
that were given to me
two weeks ago.


Lily did nothing
but complain.
This is hard.
"Ewwww, a worm.
I want to go ride my bike.
Why do we have to do thisssss?"
She whined and whined

Until I took her trowel,
Picked up a white flower
and explained.
”You were named after this.
So was your grandma.

I used to plant flowers with her,
your grandma, my mommy.
It was so special to us.
Flowers make me happier than anything
Because they remind me
of her, your grandma, my mommy.

And since you never met her,
I want to share this with you.
But if you don't want to help
You can go."

And to my surprise,
My daughter left.


When she came back
I was still in the garden.
When I entered the kitchen,
A sapphire vase was filled.

Carnations of the rainbow,
Bundles of cherry blossoms,
A single red rose with thorns,
a blue tulip,
A tiger lily,
a daffodil,
A lilac,
And in the center
A sunflower
almost as tall as Lily.

I stormed to her room,
You cannot
just go picking
people's flowers!
planting flowers was so hard
you couldn't even do it? "
Tears welled up in her eyes.


I took her past our garden to the lawn,
Where bright yellow dandelions
And purple loosestrifes grew
amongst the grass.
I told her if she wanted
to pick flowers,
those were the ones to pick.

I reached for her hand,
And took her to a dead dandelion,
the special flower that she could use
to wish for anything in the world.
She picked it immediately.
"I wish I could make my mommy
as happy as the flowers make her."
Then she got on her bike and sped off.
Now, tears welled up in my eyes.


That was two weeks ago.
That day Lily was struck
By oncoming traffic.
And upon impact,
Her hand clutched
A fistful of yellow
And now I sit and stare
At a bouquet of dead flowers
Wishing that a dead dandelion
Could work enough magic
to bring her back.

Thought Provoker
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Dandelions Up Your Nose

the dandy lion did roar
over the ocean jungle shore
when the wind felt like it
it took those dandy lion spores
and lead them into your nose
now you sniffing dandy lions
and you candy crying
sugar stanking
all over the plantation

Tyrant of Words
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Blood Red

Blue skies
Sun shimmers on the leaves
Trees tall, hugging, protective
as the timber footbridge sighs under her feet

She grips the railing to steady herself
Moves slowly, painfully, with each step
Reaches the front door, searches for her keys
In frustration, empties her bag onto the verandah floor

A shaking hand reaches down
Retrieves the object of her limited focus
As if in slow motion she unlocks, then opens the door
Their fragrance glides over her
Her nostrils fill with their heavenly scent

Her eyes drawn to her mother's crystal vase
Now filled with his very last gift
A symbol he said 'of his undying love'
Lovingly given to her on a day where
lovers openly celebrate...each other
Stand the most magnificent bunch of long stemmed red roses

She stands, shoulders slumped
Her head hangs, tears fall
She crashes to the floor
The howl of a wounded animal permeates the air

He is no more

Written by KateA (seekingkate) 23/2/15

Tyrant of Words
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Black Orchid Cede~

Pulse points imbibe French Jasmine allure
deepened 'noir gourmand' heart
face choked with Vanilla tears
and the forgotten Vetiver drenched zephyr

brooding Angels climbed Patchouli ropes
unrecognized accords carved into her talisman
balsam bound and thrown into a black truffle sky
that is when, everything lost its meaning

Vervain notes persuaded mind drifts
in the visage of Black Orchid dunes
reaching past the mist of the perfumed
bouche silencieuse, to the intoxicating nightshade

written by Magdalena 22/02/2015

Lost Girl
Fire of Insight
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Still Roses

There are no ghosts here
for there is no pain.
No delayed reaction
to scalpel or caress.

Their crises commenced
long ago and elsewhere.
They have already found
their way, they require
no direction nor music
of bells from me.

No smiles or movement
shiver among these still roses.
There is only a hollow tranquility,
a tenuous serenity

as when somebody coughs

poet Anonymous

Bee bank wit a winnher soone

poet Anonymous

Congrats Kou and engineer!
Lol thanks roach

Tyrant of Words
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This was a fantastic comp with stellar writing! I absolutely loved the range of styles and interpretations from a simple word - "flowerz" ... Congrats KOU - PE and MIKI!

I'm book marking this thread for future reference!

Thanks ROACH!

poet Anonymous

Mai plezhure LSP....dey wuz awl good reelee!


Kara Lucielle Pythiana
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Thanks so much for naming me winner for this beautiful contest! I love flowers lots. *Giggle* Congratulations go out to both of the runners-up for their lovely poetry too! So congrats to both D_Poetic Engineer and mikimoondancer. Great work, everyone, even including all those who didn't make it into the running! See you all next contest. :D

D_Poetic Engineer
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Congrats Jessica for your enchanting flowery words--well deserving entry, really! Congrats as well to Miki, my co-runner up and to everyone who participated. Very good entries all around.

Thanks Jessica, Miki, LSP and most especially to you Roach for hosting a very good competition.

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