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Romantic and Sexy

Calum Oliver
Twisted Dreamer
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Poetry Contest

I'm not really good at romantic or sexual writing. Give me some examples.

Nothing crude or vulgure.
No words like "Fuck, cunt, cock." Please.
Mix sex and romance to make something steamy.

Make the DU community blush.

Dangerous Mind
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Your enchanted bed
Flies to exotic realms    
Please take me with you

Kara L. Pythiana-Ashton
Dangerous Mind
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- Jungle Love -

In the hotly caressing, jungle-like heat,
That pulses, far beyond the winter chill…
I lick your lips like a pomegranate sweet!
And I let the nectar of love frothily spill.
Soft and wet, down on the bed’s sheets,
Our bodies sweating, crashing together…
Breasts pressed, to our twin heartbeats:
Our love is a hot jungle, in any weather.
Your legs spread, like a parrot’s wings…
And you cry like a jungle cat, in hunger!
Oh girl, you love the most naughty things,
And I shall give you a night to remember.

You grind your hips as I press atop you,
All I hear in my ears is your fast panting…
Whilst I take you beyond love most true.
The jungle’s heat is best, for romancing!
Love and lust personified in one mad act.
The wind howls, outside; you howl also…
For I have taken you deep, no going back!
The jungle’s river is getting ready to flow,
Beyond its’ banks, where fertile soil waits!
Love is a rhythm, like drums in the dark…
A native song, in which all pleasure sates,
The appetites to which we as lovers hark!

I am inside you, exploring your territory…
The river overflows, and you then swoon.
My hands caress you in throes of ecstasy,
Whilst outside rises a cold winter moon…
But we are hot, our bodies so embracing:
That we can only hear the drums beating!
Your wetness is upon me as I am playing,
With your soft hair, lost in your breathing.
I am still hard inside you, pulsing in time…
To the jungle heat that came upon us fast.
Jungle loving is a: madness most sublime!
And we still have all night, to make it last.

Kara L. Pythiana-Ashton
Dangerous Mind
United States
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- An Erotica of Eden -

There is no need to fear the flame, so embrace me as I desire!
Cast aside thy skirts and finery, that I may view thy nakedness.
Is such love a metaphor for the spirit revealed by a divine fire?
Then let us love like the gods: run thy hands across my dress…
And find delight between my thighs, as I ready myself for thee.
Let us dip our feet into the waters that wait to caress them soft,
The waters of passion, which lap and lick to set the spirit free…
Only for the heat of the moment to carry us ever so madly aloft!
Such is the moistness of a stolen kiss, from lips willing and wet.
My tongue laps against thy mouth, my teeth biting so playfully…
As we tumble at the foot of the Forbidden Tree without regret.
The sanctity of Eden’s gardens are remade by us, so blessedly,
So that God might be moved to blush by the fierceness of lust!
Thou dost divest me of my garments, as if opening a sweet gift.
I raise my rear, and into me I feel the pushing of thy first thrust,
Making me cry for wanting you bad, until naught to want is left.
In and out of me I feel thee throbbing hard and wet in thy sport,
One hand around my waist, the other reaching for my member!
I am pinioned, between two pleasures, as I beg three for more.
Thou hast me in thy power: and my love, thou shall remember!

Thrusting, grasping, in and out, and up and down, without end.
I moan for thee like a harlot and angels weep at what is done…
The roots of the tree that was blessed, our coupling does rend.
As thou dost climax, within me, the gardens burn like the sun…
Whilst thou hast caused my seed, to fall upon Eden’s carpeting.
Our flesh pours out its’ ecstasies like wine upon a sacred altar!
And Eden dies, as our sweat coats our bodies, ever glistening.
This is not the end of our love’s play, for we dare not so falter!
I lie upon my stomach, and thou dost fetch thy flagon of wine…
Pouring the blood-like nectar upon my skin, from neck to rear.
Thy lips lick it from me, but the pleasure is just as much mine…
For thy soul is entrapped by its’ thirst for me, drawing so near,
Unto damnation, and yet thou dost smile as if going to Paradise!
Through love thou art fallen, and we shall rise together in dawn.
I am thy addiction, I am thy craving, and I am thy favorite vice!
Thou are my lover, thou art the flame, which is unto me drawn.
Thy hands squeeze my buttocks, and I giggle like a mad child…
I turn unto my back, as I find myself grown hard and wet anew.
Take me again my darling, and in the taking be never too mild!
We have entire universes to defile, our madness to thusly ensue.

How many gardens were blighted by the power of our hunger?
I am the god and goddess of thy apostasy, thy angel and devil.
Pour thy wine, my Bacchus, and let Olympus rain its’ thunder!
We shall humble the gods, and cause them to worship our evil.
Let love be their downfall, let them rue the hour of my exiling…
As thy lips caress my hardness, licking and sucking with fervor!
Thy fingers do assist thee in these ministrations until I am smiling.
I rake my nails across thy body, marking thee as mine forever…
Thou dost not wince, even when I climax into thy tender mouth!
With this act completed we have nearly sealed the demon pact.
I dip my index finger into some of the wine flowing thus down…
From where it spilled from my flesh; and before thou can react,
I trace three sixes, upon thy lovely forehead, with my left hand.
Thou are forced to kneel before me, as I don again my clothes,
Whilst behind us there is no longer an Eden, only a wasteland…
Echoing with the cries of our love, wherever the wind so blows.
Come with me, my love, for we have other worlds to despoil…
And I have others gods and goddesses, to seduce to my cause!
Thou hast made love to a serpent, and felt that serpent’s coil…
Now thou art one thyself, entrapped by desire’s crimson claws.

Kara L. Pythiana-Ashton
Dangerous Mind
United States
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- Erotic Enchantment -

I can see in my mind a handsome young Greek god,
His curly hair wild, my hands eager to run through it!
Eyes intense and blazing like an electric lightning rod.
His tongue in my mouth, my lips eager for his deep sip,
And my body is trembling as he wraps his sexy arms…
Around my slender waist, his hands hard, on my rear!
Oh my Adonis, how lost is my heart unto your charms.
Your love eases my trembling, as your breath is near!
Sweetest breath, hot upon my neck with moist kisses,
Sending tingling to every inch of my body, from there.
Your brilliant mind is like an arrow that never misses,
And I swoon, my fingers still tangled in your curly hair.

You touch my tiny breasts and I am breathing heavily,
Your other hand grasps me so firm above my thighs…
In tender places: where pleasures await you, lovingly.
As you pleasure me, I am so drowning, in your eyes,
Not wishing to be saved, but content to slip below…
Below your form, as you turn me over, moving atop.
In and out of me, you move, and I grind to and fro…
I am crying out, your name, not wanting you to stop!
Take me hard as you bring me over the edge, lover.
Beyond the glory of the moment, my heavenly one…
I feel a hand, around my waist; one upon me, lower.
Two pleasures pinion me as you find in me your fun!

You explode within me, as I explode unto the floor.
We climax together and I am panting with such fury,
That I seem to know only the thoughts of a whore…
Your sweet slut: who is lost in your pleasure’s flurry.
Am I, the first girl like me that you have ever loved?
Do not tell me, for my mind is spinning with fantasy!
I am your living poem, and I see you are so moved,
By the poetry we make together, creating ecstasy…
Enchantment no spell can form, nor sorcery fathom.
Some: would call our coupling some forbidden lust!
Let them hate us, let them hate and then condemn…
Their words will pass like ruins, which become dust.

Kara L. Pythiana-Ashton
Dangerous Mind
United States
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- Lover of the Evening Star -

Thou fair-haired angel of the noble evening,
How thy embrace did fill me with pleasure!
When I touched thy gown softly glistening,
With trembling hand: seeking love’s treasure.
Oh how the stars did pale to thy bright eyes,
Mine own lost in the depths of that abyss…
Oh how soft the roundness of thy pale thighs!
But softer still: those red lips that I did kiss.
And my fingers entwined in thy platinum curls,
As though thy hair were woven of moonlight…
Thee and I making love, just two lost girls!
My feminine heart lost in thy queenly delight.

Of evening star, the twin of morning’s glory…
Thou who saw the end of ages come to pass,
I was humbled when thou came to love me!
My will surrendered beyond will’s compass.
If there be peril in loving a goddess this way,
Then I cared not, in the hour of shared lust…
For thou did hunger for me, as night for day!
And my wanton mouth felt that love’s thrust.
A god and a goddess, I so knew thee to be,
But I too, am both man and woman in fact…
This made our love sweeter, as a symphony.
And fair is my memory, of our lovers’ pact.

Beauty claimed, and the evening so tamed,
But I was the one who was ravished more…
Willing in that wanton tryst: and unashamed.
For that bright goddess, I played the whore!
I cannot repent, for there is no sin in passion,
Betwixt lovers, of a kind kindred and lovely!
Regal was our attire, in darkly silken fashion,
Made moist with sweat and kisses comely…
There are raptures, for which all words fail,
And one evening’s pleasure can live forever!
So to the angel of the evening, in song I hail,
I long to once again meet such a skillful lover.

Kara L. Pythiana-Ashton
Dangerous Mind
United States
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And here's one more for now (I've written a LOT of poems like these! *Giggle*)...

- Wild Hearts -

Oh, beautiful divine maiden, though the night be dark…
I am smitten, with thee; and so, of my words now hark!
Looking into the door of thy mind, I have seen so much,
Of a longing as great as my own, and so I do say such…
Words as are whispered, by angels: to those who love.
Do not tell me all thy secrets, for I hath many to keep…
Of my own; so let us think of desire and only of it drink!
Let thy eyes gaze into mine own, and do not once blink,
Until we each take the measure of the other and savor…
The best of what lies within, like the tastiest of flavor!
Thy lips beg to be savored as much as any fairer thing,
So let my tongue worship at its’ altar, blessings to bring.
The coming winter would be warmed by such mad joy,
As we could playfully discover, if we did swift employ…
The hunger within our souls, to the noblest end realized:
Fantasies fulfilled, beyond all imaginings more civilized!

I would sprinkle the petals of flowers at thy very toes…
As I massage thy feet with precious oils, I do suppose.
My hands to move with sweet ministrations on thy skin,
Until thou canst wait no longer for love’s sport to begin!

Our hearts can tell us what secrets they may, in silence.
All that I need to know is in thy lovely face’s brilliance!
Let us walk amongst the Sakura trees as in our dreams,
Stealing hot kisses from one another by placid streams.
My arms encircling thy waist, bringing thee closer still…
Who is seducing whom, and by what pleasing art’s skill?
Let me sweep thee into the darkness, of my embrace!
So long as I may be swept: into thy own darkest grace.
Let my fingers entwine in the tresses of thy lovely hair…
As other softness we know, beyond words to compare.
My hand upon thy thigh, soft and round, so welcoming!
In mine ears I hear thee sigh, as the magic is beckoning.
My breath quickens, and thou art the muse of a new art:
A sensual inspiration, which ensnared me from the start!
I will never judge thee; never condemn thy wildest soul,
For I love the wildness of it as you keep under control.

I would not see thee tamed, but rather I would entice…
The power of thy spirit with a promise: so rare and nice.
Promises of ecstasies the likes of which the elect above,
Cannot hope to match, and so I offer thee my very love!

Let slip that civilized exterior for a time as we give vent,
To the passions life makes us bury; let us grow content…
By sipping of the ambrosia of wet lips slick with longing.
We are so much alike in many ways, and so belonging…
To a breed apart, and make no mistake my darling one:
I am kindred to thy spirit, and thus let our will be done.
Pleasures beyond measure, and dreams like none other,
Which only the lustiest of means, may hope to uncover!
Love is not a game, but it is a pastime rare and comely,
Fit for gods and goddess, but best of all for I, and thee!
Thy beauty hath enchanted me so let my words weave,
A magic, all their own, in which thy spirit might believe!
The night shall enfold us, for it is the time made for this,
Most rare of sports: our sweet surrender unto true bliss.
So in our secret rendezvous, let us love and lust in full…
None need know, but us, the powers of passion’s pull!

Lost Girl
Fire of Insight
United States
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Burnt Offerings

Go softly.
Do not grow substantial,
let me taste you on the day,

Envelop me
in an agony of passion,
distilled perfume of sheets,
anguish and defeat.

My mouth seeks
to anchor you.
My tongue learns textures,
the shape of your secrets.

Teach me this raw, quivering imagery.
It is all sweet contact,
a perfection of collarbones,
never enough.

Elude me to the point of madness,
then offer no surrender.
Pull my body onto yours,
slide me into place.

I am haunted by a kiss,
the slowness of innocent things.
Your hand creeps under my dress,
fingers poised for the kill

as you bury my mouth
in yours,
but just breathe.
Just. Breathe.

Fire of Insight
United States
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Moments of Gold

Waking in the middle of the night,
Finding you cuddled against my back;
I rolled over,
To cuddle you in my arms.

Coming home from work to,
You dressed in,
A perfect way to forget,
A killer day.

Stepping out of the shower,
Freshly shaved,
Your arms, wrapping around me,
As you rub me dry with,
A towel,
Warmed with your scent.

Finding a package,
On my desk at my office,
Waiting for me,
With a note,
“These will match mine,
Be wearing them when you get home tonight”;
I opened the package to find,
A man's black,
With a red heart,
Embroidered on the front.

Having just dropped,
My robe,
To dress,
When your hands,
Caressed their way,
Around my hips,
And began to,
Play with me.

Flowers at work,
In front of my co-workers,
With a completely,
Dirty card attached,
In glorious detail,
The birthday gift,
I would receive upon arriving home,
That evening.

After dinner,
You were putting dishes,
In the sink,
Bent over the counter,
Showing nothing,
Under your skirt,
But you,
Sliding your feet, legs apart,
And saying,

On the couch,
At the end of the movie,
Your head in my lap,
You rolled over,
And pulled my zipper down.

Walking down the street,
My arm around your waist,
You whispered in my ear,
Move you hand lower”.

Coming out of the dressing room,
At the vacation condo pool,
Find you alone in the pool,
And then discovering that you were,
Skinny dipping.

We had to be at your boss’ house for,
Holiday party;
When you looked at me,
And said,
“We have to leave in 10 minutes,
Is that enough time?”

You said,
“Honey, put down the paper,
There is something,
That I want to show you”;
You were completely nude,
With a red lipstick arrow,
Pointing down your stomach,
Disappearing between your thighs,
Inscribed with the words,
“Kiss here”.

We’d been out to dinner,
Then a concert,
Followed by a reception with the musicians,
As we walked back to the car,
You whispered in my ear,
“I’m not wearing any,

Moments of gold,
That have bound us together.

Your attention to me,
Has made my moments of,
At best,
For you,
Pale in comparison,
To yours,
Of the brightest gold.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

poet Anonymous

The Way I Want You

    I can tell by the way my insides tremble at the thought of your body wanting mine, that I can't possibly know how this should be done. Any preconceived idea I've ever entertained on making love, falls so far short of the way I want to make you feel that I'm loving only you, and that I've never felt anything like "US" before.
    I can only imagine the way we'll unravel in unison and unwind into each-other as our skin responds with an eager hunger that could only feel like stardust and warm rain pouring over us. I can only hold my breath as I anticipate the serenity of your heartbeat being so near my own and barely contain the emotion as I forecast my every atom existing to satiate you, to bring you pleasure.
    I can only sigh, the long sigh that only a deeply held desire can conjure, and feel myself ache for a touch that I know will supersede the greatness of anything I've been changed by thus far. I can feel the carpet move underfoot as the world spins my head to a dizzy pace that weakens my knees and quickens my pulse as my mind has that lost for words feeling and my body wants to succumb to an eternity, looking into your eyes and feeling every part of all you are, inside me.
I can only fall short, trying to convey some sense of how I'd feel complete, for once, simply knowing you'd be there when I woke up.
I can tell that I can't possibly know how this is done, but I've never craved anything more.

Fire of Insight
United States
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Waking Up Next To You

Waking up next to you..
Its like waking up from the best dream youve ever had only to discover it wasnt a dream at all. its real. youre real. I dont want to leave your side.Oh how dreadful the realization that I have to get up, take a shower, get dressed, brush my teeth, and leave for work.
If only i could bind the hands of time so that i could soak in the moment. hold on to it for as long as i can. breathing you in. Outside the air is cold. But you my love are warm like fresh towels out of the dryer.. so soft.. outside the cold jealous wind tries to steal the warmpth that you give me.But the warmth you left when you touched my heart,  the wind can never blow away.
The clock is ticking. If i go near you.. if i touch you.. ill be late again for work. if you embrace me the minutes will dissolve faster than my cares when you look into my eyes. but the temptation to stay and lose my self in the sweet morning bliss is more than i can bare. But alas.. i must be on my way.
I turn off the light to let you get your rest. (youl need it after last night) As i pull back the covers and kiss your succulent cheeks and warm neck, your scent makes me feel like a hungry lion catching a whif of some good antelope. the hairs on the back of my neck stand strait up and my mouth waters. you smell like heaven.
I take one last glance at you wraped in a cocoon of my covers as i close the door behind me. take a deep breath.. sigh, and enter out into the grey morning. And as the bus takes me away i only think of you.

Fire of Insight
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If i were you
And you were i
Id talk to me
Do u know why?
Cuz if you were me
And i were you
Id feel a strong connection too
But you are you
And i am me
And in your eyes,
Myself i see
And so i know this to be true
That you and i are one
Not two

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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I Like You  

Why do I like you so much?
A shapely body I can clutch
A clever brain that can discuss
Many subjects without a fuss

We have been able to combine
Sex with discussion quite sublime
Whilst we entwined our thoughts
Our meshed bodies an orgasm sought

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Body and Mind

Your smooth and shapely body
Your lively clever mind
Means you are as complete
As anyone could find

When we begin our weekly tryst
Our organs come together
As we discuss the latest news
And the recent weather

Strange Creature
United States
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I say may I kiss you
But I know what to do
I start by lightly licking
My tongue gently flicking

I run my tongue over your lips
Till inside it gently slips
In your mouth in and out
Tasting your mouth all about

Over and over again and again
I rub my tongue on yours out and in
Rubbing your lips against mine
Loving knowing you are mine

My kisses come hot and fast
Each one longer then the last
My kisses don't stay in one place
The trail hotly all over your face

Our tongues they dance together
Swirling in a passion ending never
Our mating ritual is just beginning
Your taste sets my head spinning

The sensations are driving me wild
In my heart are only smiles
Your tongue is rhythmic and stabbing
As for you my hands are grabbing

I mold your shape with my hands
As I think of all we planned
I want you so much I do
And I know you want me too

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