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Love, love, love!

J. Payan
Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Poetry Contest

Write about the first thing you think about when you hear the word love.
Could be about
Love for someone / something, what love means to you, what is love, how it feels, why love is terrible, hating love, wanting love or anything that comes to mind when you hear the word love!

Two weeks.
Two entires per person.
Any length.
Try to be the most detailed possible!

Thought Provoker
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Bliss In A Kiss

the sugar, the honey
anything that sweet
sweeter than money
when I think of love
I think of thunder
I can't cry forever
but I can try to remember
the magic
in her eyes,
in her kiss
the rain hides in the mist
a love that is lost
is a loved that is most missed

Dangerous Mind
United States
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A couple of love Haikus for you.


I’m in love with you
If only you would love me too
Hearts forever fused


Fill my heart with love
Until it overflows my soul
Soaking me in bliss

Fire of Insight
United States
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Fix My Wings:

The word "love" flows through your succulent lips, followed by an "I" and a "You". My heart panics and flutters as I am sucked in by the intensity of your gaze. A soft blush embraces my delicate cheeks, and I do not know what to say, how to respond. I don't want to say the wrong thing.

So, I say nothing and look away. My heart stands tall and I know you can hear the shouting, feel the thudding in your ears. You offer a whispered, "Hush now. When you're ready," and my heart stops.

All that we are is two beautiful creatures waiting to transform broken wings into a perfect love. We let the wicked thoughts pass us by, and forget the harsh remarks made. Because despite ourselves; we love.

Fire of Insight
United States
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Love is sin in a heavenly place.
Love is steaming hot scream in the face.
Love is a magical wonderland of wishful thinking.
Love is a stare without ever blinking.
When I touch love, my feet want to dance.
If I ever trip, consider it happenstance.
The heart is like a river in a hearty flood;
overflowing with madness and love.
There is no place to go to escape love's splendor,
though I consider the fall an adventure.

Lost Thinker
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I don’t know if love meant screaming at each other till our throats died out,
our words like knives piercing through the promises we decided were broken.

I don’t know if love meant standing at the top of the tallest building we could find,
shouting ‘I love you. but it isn’t enough.’

I don’t know if love was a war,
picking out each flaw so flawlessly.
our swords passing through the so-called-trust we wore for shields,
our silence,
the bullets shot through the sad metaphors for bodies we called ours.

I don’t know if love was comfort,
a warm body,
home to come back to.
I don’t know if love was an illusion,
and me,
the naïve kid running her fingers through chained gates,
barbed wire parks,
screaming ‘It’s real. I swear. You’ve got to believe me.’

I don’t know what love meant to you, I don’t think I want to.

poet Anonymous

And You Don't Give a Damn

You can't deny that your needs
were once my priority or that
my life revolved around you
no matter what it took

and you loved me too
before I was to blame for your
every misfortune and failure
before you pushed me away saying
I'm never there  
before you started punishing me
for the let-downs and scars
before I became the destroyer
of your life

now your misery needs company
and your resentment craves a pep rally
so you sit around condoning it
encouraging those who hurt me
swearing its okay to laugh
when I fall
since it wasn't you who pushed me
holding hands with those who have
breaking my heart    

without giving a damn

poet Anonymous

Winn love iz inn da aire,
eye tink of potatoe chips
und Pepsi.
Sumtymes eye still tink of coke.
Butt eye becayme adicktdid tew itt
and eventshually itt ruinned mai
luv lyfe.
Coke ain't luve.
Itt maykes you paranoid
und luvliss.

Lost Thinker
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Deeply rooted scars
But continuing with the heart
Because I know it knows best
Better than the rest

They tell me you're not right
Dysfunctional on first sight
But I've found a light
Inside of you, burning bright

You're the best for me
I'm in love with you
Break my heart
You already do
Because I can never be with you

A realization breaking me in two
Now I know I'm broken
And who else at fault but, you...

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
Dangerous Mind
United States
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- Love, Reinvented -

If I were given the fair mantle of goddess of love,
By all the divines who reign from heavens above…
I would make of love a finer thing, more glorious,
So that it would make lovers sing out, uproarious!
Imagine if lovers could merge their very spirits too.
And know ecstasies that much greater, more true,
Than any humankind has imagined in poetic verse.
Imagine love undying, never fading for the worse…
But growing more magical, with each kiss shared,
Lending the heart strength so it cannot be scared!
And that is but the beginning of my blessings kind,
I would make love truly free for every soul to find.

No soul to be lonely, but every heart fully paired…
Knowing love eternal, with not a pleasure spared!
The angels would rejoice at my creation so lovely,
And all humanity would be granted angelic beauty.
Death would be undone, so love could so endure,
Without age to take from us, those we love sure…
No longer, would passion be solely to create life.
I would make of it an art, and with it end all strife!
No need for jealousy if love is the birthright of all,
And no need for guilt when lust leads none to fall.
I would make lust a virtue, with love as its’ guide,
With not a wickedness to taint it or within it abide.

We would all be as gods then, each in a paradise,
With no boundaries or barriers, nor society’s lies!
If two hearts be in love, even if the same gender…
I would bless their union, and make it the grander.
We need not the limits that are imposed so cruel…
By those who invent “morals” they use like a fool!
Let love be our law, and let life take its’ courses…
Leaving us to live life fully, marveling at its’ forces.
If I could reinvent love I would do all this so well,
That love would redeem even the damned in Hell.
This is the blessing I would bestow upon creation,
If I were a powerful goddess, of love and elation!

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
Dangerous Mind
United States
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- Serenity’s Face -

In thy face I canst behold the meaning behind the simple things,
Like the breath of the wind through my hair in the afternoon…
Or the sparkle of starlight, bejeweled beyond scepters of kings!
And thy face smiles upon me, more serene than the shining moon.
What contentment I do find in fireflies, rainbows, and sunsets…
I find too in thee, my love, for thou art the universe to my heart!
How completely I shall love thee, so that there are never regrets,
As I love thee without and within, unto thy soul and every part.

Laughing, sighing, living, breathing, in the moment!
To share that with thee, for our hearts to beat as one…
That to me is bliss, beyond the glorious firmament,
In the name of all we were, are, and shall yet become.
What can we not accomplish, we two together at last!
When I hold thee in my arms, I hold power unending.
For love is power, freed from the bonds of any past…
To heal, to remake, to rebuild, to go about mending!

Dost thou see in me, the magic of the morning and the evening?
Aye, for am I not those beautiful things embodied to thy eyes!
And I am thy serenity, thy imperishable light eternally gleaming.
Even my body does thee ease with my eager lips and thighs…
I am for thee, all of me, and thou art for me alone to call lover.
The night birds and crickets cannot sing as sweetly as my song,
Which is like the waves of the sea, which can the shore cover!
Let me cover thee, lover, for I am ever both tender and strong.

Walking, running, sitting quietly with book in hand!
Learning, yearning, growing and evolving beyond all…
Such serenity can transcend world, nation, or land,
Making us all one, indivisible, unable to fail or to fall.
Knowledge is power, tempered by wisdom perfect!
But love transcends all, shaping desires into reality…
And in thy arms, my love, I feel I am of the very elect.
Thou art all of Paradise I long for, thy fair company!

In my most serene contemplations, and in my dreams of joy…
There is naught to compare to the pure sense of purest elation,
Which thou dost fill me with, with the arts thou dost employ!
It is like a beautiful music sung before an adoring congregation,
Not come to worship but to celebrate and enjoy life’s beauty.
God is in the moment, in every sensation, in every small glory!
And so is Goddess not in thy eyes when thou dost behold me?
I am, for I am thy love, thy light, thy breath, thy fairest serenity.

Lost Thinker
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Maybe my heart's been stolen
But maybe you can take it back

And maybe my heart's been broken
But maybe some part's intact

Maybe you don't need me
And maybe I don't need you
But maybe love works better
Not with one, but with two

And maybe my life is empty
But maybe you can fill
The shell I call my body
And the hollow I call my soul.

Lost Girl
Fire of Insight
United States
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Lines Written Beneath a Tree

Maybe I can't get over
this blue dialogue of mouth to sky.
The way sadness tastes
like a wet cigarette.
My sex is a rosette
always opening for you.

Leaves resemble wilting breasts.
Only the flies offer my bare arms
their flittering touch.
Your skin still eludes me.

I would have you rustling inside me
as the hologram flickers on the wall.
Though infinitely unreal
it still looks, shimmers like love.

Lost Girl
Fire of Insight
United States
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Portrait of a Lost Girl in a Gilded Cage

She waits for the seduction,
for his hand between her legs.
All lemon verbena
and wires buttressing her limbs.

She swallows carnations. Beach glass.
Is plagued by the fluttering
of finches beneath her dress.
The aviary walls licked with dust
and pennies lodged like tongues
in the mattress.

When he arrives it's a symphony,
breathless and contrived.
The dark choreography
of his fingers rough in her,
her thighs that ache to spread
like wings.

At dawn he'll leave her sprawled
on the massive four-poster,
all sequins and feathers,
one glassy eye.

The mouths too hazy
to swallow her by.
The scar on her belly
where the cotton slips out.

Tyrant of Words
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Love by default...

I walked in on a moment    
A tender kiss, an embrace  
between lovers in an art gallery room    
I was caught in the aura of their kiss  
And could feel the world revolving slowly on its axis    
The delicateness of night    
turning into the glory of day    
Flowers blooming in slow motion    
The wonder, joy and pain of birth    
I was intruding, yet ...    
something wanted me to experience    
such a moment...
Even if by default    


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