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First Time

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Poetry Contest

Write about your first time ever doing something..first time riding a bike..first time cooking..first time eating meat when you're a vegan..anthing.!
How did it make you feel.?
What were your obstacles.?
What's so significant about it.?

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You never forget your first love, especially when she wasn't fully of this world (then again, neither am I! *Giggle*). Here is "An Alien Angel"... for your reading pleasure.

- An Alien Angel -
Based on true events from my life…

Near the Red Sea lies a desolation of sand…
Existing since before the early memory of man.
Within, lay an oasis of indescribable delights…
Created long ago, in a span of starless nights.
In the oasis lay ruins from an age before time,
Where an idol stood, so serene and sublime!
A goddess, carved in stone as red as blood…
With two owls, as survived the ancient Flood.
She held an ankh in one of her slender hands,
Her name was Lilith; she ruled the wild lands.
Today, her monument can no longer be found,
The oasis dried up leaving naught thus around.
But she, to whom that place was of old home,
Still, upon the wings of night is want to roam!
When I was sixteen, one cold autumn evening,
She came into my room, black eyes gleaming.

Her skin was pale as whitest bleached bone…
When through an open window she had flown,
To sit at the edge of the bed as I lay reading…
Staring at me with a gaze that held a meaning.
Her black hair tumbled down to her two feet…
I felt an ancient bond, when our eyes did meet.
Her raven wings enfolded me, so feathery soft,
As black as a raven’s, perched high in its’ loft.
I dropped my book and reached out my arms,
Surrendering, unto my vampire lover’s charms.
My first love, as she was the first woman made,
Before Adam cast her into the unwanted shade.
Into my arms, by those sands of the Red Sea…
Of old we made love, my dearest Lilith and me.
She was one of the few, who knew my name…
From when I was an angel with a soul of flame!

Oh, to think that some call her a devil’s whore!
My mother had seen her several nights before…
When my mother and I were a-walking in town.
At the time I did not see Lilith, so I did frown…
When my mother tried to describe an alien face!
She likened it to some woman from outer space.
Pale as the moon, with large pure black eyes…
So like a visitor from beyond those starry skies,
Which now rose outside my window that eve…
When Lilith came to claim me and did not leave.
An alien angel did lie with me in my own bed…
I was awake and alive in the arms of the undead.
And before the third hour past midnight’s chime,
She flew out the window, to some distant clime.
I spoke not a word to my family or to friends…
Of: how I gave in, to a demonic lady’s demands.

She did awaken something that slumbered long…
Within my soul, and she awakened it with a song.
She sang it low, so only I could hear the words…
Then I understood, enjoying all her alien comforts!
Lilith, who knew even the name of God, long lost,
And the secrets of Kobol, that did so dearly cost.
I: who walked on Mars when human life it bore…
Before the destruction of a planet between itself,
And Jupiter, sent asteroids that so savagely tore…
The atmosphere of the red planet, from its’ shelf.
The same rocky pieces that ended dinosaurs here,
On the Earth of another age I saw as crystal clear.
That year, she and another did open far my sight,
And though I walked in darkness, there was light!
Lilith had guided me along a path that I walk still,
I still think of her when the autumn air grows chill.

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First Kiss

At your door,
When it is time for that first kiss,
I will make it,

Something you,
And I,
Will always,
Have as a,
Special memory.

I’ll hint that it is coming,
One hand will tilt your face up,
The other will brush your hair back from your cheek.

I will look delicately into your eyes,
While my hands caress from your chin and cheek,
Around your shoulders,
To enfold you in my arms.

I won’t say a word,
Talking about it,
Ruins the mood.

I will ask you,
For your permission,
With my actions.

I will hug you close to me,
So that your chest is against mine,
Your hips touching mine.

At that moment you will answer my request for permission,
By stretching up on your toes,
Like the ballet dancer you are,
So that with a slight tip of my face towards yours,
Our lips will met.

No tongue,
No nibbling,
No bruised lips,
Not this first time.

Just our lips,
Sharing a tasting of each other,
For the first time.

When breathlessly our lips part,
While still holding you against me,
I will smile and that smile,
Will ask,
If you would like another.

It will be your hands,
One on the back of my head,
The other around my neck,
That will answer,
By pulling us together a second time.

This time there will be,
A touching of tongues,
A more intimate sharing,
With and of each other.

It will be my body,
With one of my hands on your back,
And the other just above your waist,
Holding you tightly against me,
That will ask you for a third kiss.

It will be your body,
With your leg sliding up the outside of my leg,
Wrapping around my hips,
That will answer back to me.

This much longer kiss,
With open mouths,
And tasting tongues,
Both ask and answer,
About what we feel,
What we mean,
To each other.

As that third kiss ends,
Without a word,
Your hand will take mine,
And pull me in your door.

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Her First Time

you invited me in
in through the door
into your room
into your arms
into your bed
into you . . .

wait, wait, let's go back bit

you invited me in

     met at Starbucks
     shared a love for coffee --black, unsweet
     split a brownie
     talked of this and that
     liked what we saw and the little that we shared

     it was raining

           offered you a ride
           bench seat
           you sat close
           hand on my knee --higher
           hand on your thigh --higher
           quick kiss as I pulled in your driveway
           turned into a longer kiss
           a fondling feel of your breast
           a groping squeeze of my crouch
in through the door

     jacket unzipped, tossed on the chair with yours
     wet shoes untied, left next to yours on the welcome mat
     hands pulled your mouth to mine
     tongues found each other
into your room

     trail of clothes on the floor down the hall
     hand slap on ass
     quick head turn, hand grabbed, held to breast
     mouth to mouth, tongue to tongue
     hand fondled breast
     hand fondled dick
     into room, laughing

into your arms

     long, deep kiss
     hands caressing backs
     hand hugging bodies tightly together
           hand gripping ass cheek --lower, deeper
     hand hugging bodies tightly together
           hand stoking ass valley --lower, deeper
     front to front --nipple to nipple, navel to navel, thigh to thigh
     leg raised, ridden, wetness rubbed against thigh

into your bed

     on your back
     hands reaching to embrace
     knees raised, apart

     on my knees, between your feet
     hands supporting weight moving downward, forward
     leaning into your arms

into you

     closed, tight
     crying, do it
     begging, please, now
     demanding, now, yes
     membrane breached
     all the way in
     tightness stimulating
     wonderfully lubricated
     forceful strokes
     maximum arousal
     immediate orgasm
     didn't know it was your first time
     should have had much more foreplay

     wanted it this way
     wanted to really feel its loss
     thank you

     you didn't cum
     your first time isn't done
     spread your legs

           fingers and mouth
           lips to lips
           tongue to clit
           licking, lapping
           teasing, stimulating
           finger caressing, petting, parting, probing, deeper
           curling, stoking
           wetness increasing
           pelvis squirming, wriggling
           hands gripping head forcing mouth and tongue deeper
           convulsion, contracting

     now your first time is complete
     thank you for the honor of being your first

     I want to thank you for being my first
     on your back, spread your legs

           mouth and hand
           lips to tip
           taking fully
           surrounding, sucking, licking
           teasing, stimulating
           hand caressing, petting, patting, squeezing                  
           hardness increasing, throbbing
           hands gripping head forcing deeper into mouth
           spasming, erupting

     want you to be my second


     no, next Friday, Starbucks, after work, 6?


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First Time

I was 15    
it was my first "big" summer party.    
I was alone, sanding by the wall.    
You, older, 20?    
You, strawberry blond hair,    
tanned legs, and a not so shy smile.    
From across the room,    
you walked up to me and said,    
"Follow me."    
I did.    
Behind the closed door, you undid one button after another,    
pushed my shirt off my shoulders;    
it hung down from the waist of my jeans.    
You said,    
"Unbutton me."    
I did.    
Your blouse hung undone from your cut off jeans;    
you weren't wearing a bra;    
your breasts were small;    
your nipples were perfect.    
You knelt before me,    
removed my sandals,    
undid the three buttons of my jeans;    
and slid them to my ankles.    
As you stood, you said,    
"Remove mine."    
I did.    
Your flip-flops were tossed aside,    
and I slid your tight cut offs down to your feet.    
You smiled, stepped out of your cut offs, and said,    
"Step out of yours."    
I did.    
You hooked your thumb in the waist of my boxers,    
pulled them out from my waist,    
hooked your big toe in the waist,    
and pushed them down to my feet.    
You said,    
"Step out of them."    
I did.    
You said,    
"Your turn, remove mine."    
I did but not the way you removed mine.    
I used both hands, running them down your legs.    
Your bikinis slid to your feet.    
and you stepped out of them.    
The tan of your legs went all the way up    
showing that you were a natural strawberry blond.    
Using your hands, you pull me back to standing,    
stopping me from staring.    
You moved your mouth to mine,    
kissed me,    
and pressed your tongue in to my mouth.    
You said    
"Kiss me back."    
I did    
and our tongues caressed each other.    
Your hand wrapped around me    
and led me to the bed.    
You said    
"Follow me."    
I did, considering what your hand was gripping,    
how could I not?    
And sat next to you.    
You laid back on the bed, separated your legs,    
and said, "Touch me."    
I did,    
laying next to you,    
my fingers massaged you.    
Your other hand went around my waist    
gripped my butt cheek, hard.    
You said    
"Hold me closer to you."    
I did    
my hand gripped your butt cheek,    
we pulled together,    
I felt your nipples touch my chest,    
while your hand stroked me,    
and my finger rubbed you.    
You said,    
"Move you finger."    
I did    
and you guided me in.    
You said.    
"Fuck me."    
I did.

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(I don't know if it fits the criteria but here goes)

We were talking
Just talking
And I realized
That I loved you
Even though they said
It was wrong
It felt right
Just to hold you
In my arms
It wasn't my first kiss
But it was the first one
That made me want more
Maybe we were wrong
Against nature
But we didn't care
We were in love

poet Anonymous


Da 1st tyme eye saw da sunn itt wuz
Caw me uh straynge bugg
und eye will roest
lyke uh sunnspott.
Dat'z 1st place.
Caw me uh leppher.
He sung itt trew.

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My First Time

bruised lips
on the floor

pain to the tip
of the hair
praying to die

laughter in the distance
a blanket

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I remember
the first time I rode a bike.
I was so scared that I'd fall
and hurt myself.
But you were there
to reasure me
to guide me
to protect me.
You held me steady
and I peddled
with all my might
and within a moment
I was gone.
I was riding down the street
with such confidence
that I was almost flying.
I was gliding along the road
with such speed
leaving you far behind
and you knew
that you little girl
was growing up.

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the first time
my first makeout session
hands run fast over your jeans
we are lying face to face
lying nauhty place to place
we hear footsteps and pull apart as my mom walks up the hall
we talk about what we did  over our weekend or something we're looking forward to
just bidin our time until we  can become enthralled in passion again
down the hall again
i lay on top of you and i know just what to do
i caress you bulge moving slowly then progressively speeding up you cum all over my bed  

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Regretting No Regrets

Broken hearted churning stomach
clammy sweat dripping
dizziness unfolding

All at the question you posed

A decision made so long ago
I tossed aside the repercussions
They had no effect on me

I’d known what would happen

It wasn’t wrong in my eyes
Was evil in theirs
I shut out their whispers of evil

But you broke it all, killing my soul

Profess coercion
Swear you have no regrets

Visions of tear stained girls

They invade my soul
Screaming at me
How many could have been saved?

Twenty years of hiding the truth

I cannot recant
I cannot profess coercion
Today marks history in my entire soul

The first time I regret my decision, I regret You

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On Stage

A 12 year old boy holding his little guitar
Nervous yet confident, hearing his name announced
Thank you Paul, for making your song "Blackbird" so damn easy to play
I was just starting out and already found myself facing a crowd
A chair was pulled up for me to sit on, a mic in front of that acoustic
All of the other students who rarely heard me speak
Would now hear what I had to say
My hands were my vocal chords
Directing my true voice
I spoke gently; perfectly
I will never forget how they clapped
It was a feeling I couldn't believe
A reaction I never expected
I remember smiling as I walked off the stage
One of the best memories I'd made
All because I told myself, despite fear and shyness
I Know I Can Do This

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Poem About A Watch...

this is my first time


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