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toniscales (Lost Girl)
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Erotica: What would you do (or have you done) to get it.

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Poetry Contest

Write an erotica piece where lovers are mynical in the moment ..
This was sparked after reading two pieces by one of my DUP favorites PoetSpeak ...

Please submit up to two (2) erotica pieces (old* or new) on the tension between lovers who can't wait and go at it regardless of time - place - people around them ... Think "Body Heat" (1981) where William Hurt smashes in a glass door to get to Kathleen Turner ... Classic movie if you've not seen it.

... No rose petals or coco bathes with lilac for this one ...

... Slam him against a car or press her against a tombstone (so I've heard ) ... at the wedding of an ex - in the bride & groom's limo before they leave the church (in my mind you've won the comp if you've ACTUALLY done this ... just write it.)

*old submission cannot have "won" a prior comp; runner up pieces are fine.

(If a moderator is reading - Please tag as extreme!)

If anyone would care to help judge - let me know - PM if you'd like to stay anonymous.

Thanks in advance to all.

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They sat in the jury box
as the trial drug on,
the lady next to him
really turned him on.
She felt the desire too.
He gently rubbed her knees
and she stroked the spot
as the trial rambled on
they both grew very hot,
later on the way to lunch
they slipped into a closet
and shared juice for lunch,
now they both were guilty
but the Judge didn't have a hunch.

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Great whimsical piece!  Thank you Big O for starting things off.

Lost Girl
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(Inspired by a crush I had on a guy who worked with me at funeral home.)

When Elvis winds greasy
throughout the rosary chapel,
I drip and melt onto floors.

I watch you through the window,
Suave-boy, as I hand out
death cards.
You’re in my blood now,

You hand me your keys
to the hearse SUV,
the ones with the miniature handcuffs,
sweet sick-boy you are.
I sniff them, drop them between my tits.

You’re orchestrating funeral traffic,
your hand slides up in boredom,
caressing a bulging mesquite.
My tongue licks at wax of glass.
You stand with your legs apart
and I’m on my knees sucking you raw.

Through my head slides
your luscious cock
and Love me tender, love me true

and you howling at me to bend over,
clutch a headstone as you fill me
from behind with your madness–

then snow pigeons go grey-fucking
in the parking lot.

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Toniscales ... Thank you for joining the party; Vishal unless you're volunteering to help judge - less chatter and submit an entry - thanks.

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"The Slick Arrangement."

We had been introduced, blindly, by a mutual friend whom knew we were both, "Easy; Oh Well."

She had just come up from Chico and Myself, a local of the area.

Anyways, I was invited over to her house for drinks; she said, "You Look like You've had a Long Week." Unreluctantly I accepted knowing that it would be fun and relaxing and then she told me that an old friend of hers would also be coming.

I thought, "Cool; the More, the, (you know)."

It wasn't, B.Y.O.B but I still brought mine. A half gallon of 151.

It worked out very well indeed, cause when her friend arrived and we greeted the two of us hit it off and know that we wanted to, "Do the Damn Thing."

She seeing the bottle of 151 wanted to challenge me to a drinking contest: she took shots, while I took it, bottoms-up, and, straight to the head.

Both then and 4 hours later when unbeknownst to us, our mutual friend had prepared us a place in the spare room upstairs.

What a good Friend.

poet Anonymous


this is not vegas
so our coupling was,
at best,

i can imagine that seeing
a dark head
between slender thighs
and magenta silk
pushed to the side
would be…

before i apologize,
let me offer
an excuse for my actions,
or at least let me
for leniency

it started with
a drink at the bar
no, no, no
i bought it for him
not the other
way around
his green eyes flashed
across the room and
i needed to drown

i have an addiction
when the darkness comes i
satiate with green eyes
and warm tongues and
rigid cocks
no, no, no
he is innocent
i am not doing a very
good job of

i needed to drown
and his coy smile and fitted suit
were the waters i was looking for
once i got one drink in him
it was easy to lower his

next came long
stares into his green gold eyes
and barely touching of his
muscular thighs
wiping crumbs from his
lips and leaving
traces of heat along his jawline

at long last he slid a hand
beneath the hemline
of my just barely short skirt
and my eyes closed
no, no, no
i wanted that
needed it
in fact, i placed my hand on his
and pushed it until his fingers
brushed smooth silk
that’s when the first sigh,
moan escaped my parted

i stared into his green gold pools
and saw…
under the table he pushed
my knees farther apart
i could see the bartender
she winked at me
no, no, no
she is not to blame either
i’m sure she’s seen it

i’m serious
an addiction
no one to blame but me
no, no, no
i did not catch his
how did i end up here?
after licking my
from his round fingertips
i asked to leave

no hotels were
the only open door
was here
i tried to be
surely no one was home
at this hour
surely priests have a home
away from their

by the time the father
found us
(we were being quite loud)
i had worked my spell
completely and my
stranger was licking his
seed from my hungry

no, no, no
the spell broke at the
interruption and my stranger
leaving me with
dripping cunt and
pious eyes watching

i am innocent
my addiction does not warrant
an arrest of either
i need help

you have such lovely
green eyes

Lost Girl
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The Book of Jasmine

I want to feed him with my breasts.
I want his tongue darting softly
in my mouth, in and out like the waves
upon the shore. To sit upon his engorged flesh
and love his pain away, my tongue
lapping at his tears.

I want to swallow his past, his fears
while my sex swallows his member,
up and down, side to side, in slow,
deliberate agony. His thick stalk
is slick and glistening with my need,
so deep inside me I can feel
the tight pounding of his testicles.

Sometimes, he lets me behold the wonder
of our bodies joined together, skin to skin,
pubic hair to pubic hair, holding my legs
wide as I behold the wonder of our coupling,
feeling the strain of his holding back
in his taut arms. Other times, he pushes me
onto my back, entering me with all his force,
all his haunted yearning and matching desperation.
Throwing my legs over his shoulders, he pounds
into me while I drown in the intoxicating sounds
of our love: the wet plopping, slapping-smacking,
the loud sounds of his pleasure.

I want to feel his moans inside me. To be as soft
and pliable to him as a doll as he turns me away
from him, slides my body onto his shaft.
He alternately lifts and lets me fall upon him
as he pushes high into me, his muscles corded
with sweat and tension. He is so hard and full
it almost hurts, and he watches my face crinkled
in pleasure-pain, my eyes half-lidded as if drugged.

In my dreams, his eyes are black. Piercing.

I hunger to know and taste every part of him.
For my womb, lips, throat, and flesh to be doused
in his seed. When I take him in my mouth, his
throbbing fullness, the soft sac of his testicles,
I am so hungry for him, every pore of my body
screaming so wildly for him, that I am shocked
at how deeply I take him in, how much of him
I swallow, and it is not enough. It is never enough.

I ache for his breath and words, be them harsh
and ragged, soft and gentle, to plunder my ears
as his goldenrod staff plunders the wet flower
of my core, over and over, relentlessly.

For he is never so beautiful, my fallen angel,
as when he is thrusting into me, my mouth,
between my breasts, in other forbidden places,
strong hands holding me in place, making me catch him.

I want his hands everywhere on my body, teasing,
learning, knowing. I want him to touch my most
secret place, swirling his fingers in my desire,
bringing them to my lips, making me taste myself
upon him. I want to hear him growl and shudder
as he takes me, all the while hoarsely chanting,
‘Mine. Mine. Mine.’

When I meet him, I will have rubbed orange blossoms
and vanilla onto my skin, between my legs.
There will be pinned a sole flower in my hair.

When I leave him, his scent will cling to my skin
for days. I shall sleep and eat little yet burn
forever, waiting to lie with him again. Knowing
this madness will never exhaust itself.

Dangerous Mind
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Ummh, Hi; I'm a Sexaholic." ! extreme content !
  (True Stories: the one I wrote above, also is).

I'm a big Fucking Slut;

That's right; I'm a Freak
who likes to Fuck

Have jumped through a
window a time or two with
my cock still hard; but never
even wasted a drop...

Fuck No; I pulled-out, stuck
it in her mouth, until all the
spunk was washed off and
she was coughing and gagging
and I, "Oh, so Proud,"

One of the best places I enjoyed
doing it the most, was in the
church parking lot with my ass
towards the cross and my nuts
swinging back and forth

Although I think the big man may
have gotten me one better; because
it was cold as shit, in the middle of
December: I was drunk as fuck
and didn't realize it was as cold
as it was because my dumb-ass
didn't roll up the window

That cold chill can really suck,
blowing on your chode

Another fond memory was on the
beach with no blanket; nuts were
chaffed as Hades the next day from
the sand that against them felt like,
"Hmmh, sandpaper,"

The shit I've done; the risks I've taken
to cum; but Fuck, it's all in fun

The hot tub; hititting her from the back
in the ass, while the jets against her clit
did blast:

That's one orgasm she had that made
her want to know what else I could do
for her next

Written by A Watchman of the Spirit (hungrypan74)

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Toniscales ... Thanks for both entries - both are first rate.  Apparently Elvis isn't dead and I hear you on the fallen angel story ... Makes me recall a trip to Vegas.  The damn feathers the next morning.

Minerva ... I actually found myself chuckling at the end of yours ... Sexy and hilarious.

Watchman ... Apparently you need to be watched lol ... Cool scribes.  

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Doing it the Hard Way

Lovers lane make-out
smacking and sucking sounds
steady rocking of cars
heating up the underbrush

Lina in her underwear
impressed with her man's hardness
sat up and ram it up
into her moistened slit

she groaned and moan
feeling the hard ridges
rather slim in the middle
and thick in the head

she screamed her finale
wondering faintly why
her partner was very silent
when she looked down she knew why

she had screwed the gear stick
while he watched her
taught her a lesson
open your eyes wide some times.

Fire of Insight
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Sky High

Their journey was to be long
Abstainance they must prolong
Sat beside him in the plane
Sexual urges became a pain

She put hand in her knickers
Massaged her large clitoris
Soon her groin was saturated
But she felt more frustrated

The passengers around were asleep
So his cock she began to tweek
He swiveled round to her side
On his lap her bum did slide

His cock engaged in her cunt
Gently hips began to pump
The session was far too short
Before they had to abort

'Fasten your seat belts please'
Off his lap she had to ease
Hoping they would not be seen
By others not now in a dream

Fire of Insight
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Both were Willing; Neither Knew
They were neighbours and were friends
But that's not where the story ends
He was quiet and shy as a mouse
Speak to him and he would blush

His true feelings were well hidden
He lusted after the forbidden
The object of his supressed craving
Lived next door across the paving

Her facade was straight laced
You would expect her to be chaste
Bur secretly she had an ambition
To cure  her neighbours inhibition

She sought his help in her garden
He accepted this comission
She watched him cut her lawn
She admired his display of brawn

She asked him in for a tea break
As he came in he got a shock
Under the silky robe she had worn
She was as naked as she was born

He did not know where to look
His face went red as tea he took
Immediatly he looked away
Fearing he would be led astray

To seduce him was her intent
How could she get his assent
She offered him more tea
Tripped and spilled some on his knee

She insisted he remove his jeans
So that they could be cleaned
They both now were nearly naked
His shyness became somewhat faded

Both were embarrassed; nearly cried
Until they saw the funny side
Decided that they should embrace
She reassured him it was no disgrace

It only took a few short steps
To decide they would have sex
There, on her deep pile carpet
She guided him to the target

The moral is don't be shy
Carefully give it a try.
Given time you'll be in luck
You' find someone who wants to fuck

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Grace .... Loved that twist at the end ... And apparently so did she.

Garden lover ... Great mile high club entry ... Neighbors in a garden? ... Hmmm why in the world would you write that?

Tyrant of Words
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Why Vishal ... You sweet talker you, and a sweet tooth to match.  Thank you for that dripping entry.

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