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A deep Love

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Poetry Contest

Write a poem about a someone you love.
I been in a loving mood so I think it would be nice to read some love poems. It has to be about someone you love now and it has to be a new poem.

Also I would like everyone that post to put up a link to their poetry page. That way everyone here can show each other love and check out each other poems. A lot of great writers at this site

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let me start


Your pretty face
My happy smile
Your loving touch
My soft kiss
Your lost glare
My heart stops…

I cherish every day with you
Pick your hand up for a kiss
Want to respect you my beautiful
This heart of mine you have earned
Raised me up when I was down
Showed me that you’re no typical girl
Not heartless just so sweet
Incessant and never vindictive
Always loved me for me
Understanding that I’m not perfect
See that I am better then I show
Defend me with pride
Making me your true other half
So give me this slow dance
We can hold each other close
My head on yours as yours on mine
A feeling others only dream
Was a broken man when you met me
Woke me up from a nightmare of a love
A vicious witch try to take my soul
Never again will I trust such darkness
You showed me love is the only true love

I will hug you so hard tonight
I will kiss you so loving
I will look in your eyes so deep
I will work my ass off to give you everything
I will buy you gifts to see a smile
I will redeem myself when I fall

My new life with you is speechless
Hard to describe such happiness
Watching your body as you move
Every moment is erotic
Listening to your words
Just brings me in deeper
I can’t help but want you’re everything
So take my hand into love
And we can forget about those that hurt us…

I don’t need any thing
I don’t need any other
So let’s just sleep
It’s been a long time since I just rested
Was so exhausted for so long
I just need to hold you now
Let’s lay down because for once I just want to rest
With everything I ever wanted in my arms


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Letter to My Child

You ask if I believe in God.
I think He's left us all alone
like sweaty children in a mall,
searching for our mothers.

But one glance
at your tenderly upturned face,
I can only breathe of white angels,
gossamer reunions,
answers to your silver secrets.

A corsage of light
haloes your head.
All the sweet bouquets
buried in me long ago
you've made blossom,
turn pink once more.

I watch as you soar delicately
through those gates
of mesh and pearls.
Then I kiss you, whisper,
You are God for me.

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thanks toniscales... Such a sweet read :-)!!

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Bountiful Offering

Fill me with your mundane tasks
Burden me with your yoke
Let me toil in silence
As I drink from your words

Share with me your dreams
Tell me your destinations
Let me walk beside you
As I commit to your cause

Take from me my muscles
Leave me weak in your presence
Let me lend my strength
As I shield you in my arms

Receive from me my blood
Adorn yourself in crimson splendour
Let our essences mingle
As we forge and bind this love

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Filthy Love:

Love is a lie and a trap.
I keep coming back
to your suffocating embrace,
though shamed to see your face;
collecting your dirt in my heart like a doormat.

poet Anonymous

teaching him to adventure

hold my hand, gentle boy
even when you do not want to
i need to feel the grittiness
of your hands
and feel the resistance as you pull back
you are three and do not
need your mother
or at least that is the way
it feels
at times

i know you need me
you are only three
after all

so let me sear
the grittiness and
dirty fingernails and chocolate
chip waffle smudged cheeks
into my brain
before you are off
conquering and adventuring and
being you

poet Anonymous

not sure if we can have more than one entry, but here's another. disregard if need be!

sometimes i crawl inside your eyes
and see places that i’ve never seen
but there i am
walking beside you holding your precious hand
taking small steps that lead to larger ones

how do i wrap my head around
myself when i
become a different being when you walk
in the room and my eyes twinkle
causing my head to spin
i’ve loved you since you said
hello and
can i kiss you

we chase and dream
and wash dirty dishes
all at the same time
in places we’ve never been together
only individuals
but connected,
we are forever
since before time began
even after time will end

i’ve loved you since before
you were born
before i was born
before the creation from the void
our lives connected, became one
it just took a face to face
before we could call each other

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I must apologize; I overlooked a detail in the instructions and submitted old work. I'd like to exchange it for this piece:

Missing You at 3 a.m.

for Varity

Little primadonna, you've staked your claim
on my makeup drawer.
Flaxen-haired Shirley Temple in A Little Princess
watching over her kingdom,
tanned, lean legs flowing
against the ivory satin chair
which I covet hotly with jealousy
as you apply polish to an already blinding diamond.

The years before your birth
are translucent as beach glass,
bleed into the present like colored sand
shaken in a bottle.
You were always with me,
your ghost attached to my hip,
some haunting extension
in a Victorian spirit photograph
or a Michelangelo rendition of Casper
as I treaded the troubled waters
of my time on earth without you.
This must be the reason I was always so hungry,
yearning for the stretching fit of fullness,
the lush fruition only you could provide.
No wonder I was at my best with you
flowering inside me, freed of smoke
and medications, my only ache
to rip you from my body
and cradle you to me forever.

I've watched in amusement
as you apply lurid-blue eye shadow
with graceful aplomb,
such self-possessed flair,
and I swear you're not nine years old
but thirty, and I'm hobbled and bent
by the prospect of a man
who aches for all I squander like water.
To awaken to your face fresh every day,
the soft-white bulb of your temple
against his cheek.

How I want to protect you against passion,
a diluted, inferior version
of your mouth soft at my breast,
a mindless redness like the violent strokes
you hurtle blindly onto canvases.

He will long to bury himself inside you
as I now yearn to enfold you
in a seamless embrace,
mother melting into child
in an elongated, liquid dance
older than Time itself,
the only cord of strong enough fiber
to tether my soul to this world.

Oh, little girl,
shadows of regret stitch me
to this spot.
Only your soft-bladed laughter
can cut through these miles
and silken threads.

I want you back where you belong,
in my arms.

Lost Girl
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Forgot to include the link:



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Thanks Vishal Sharma, Franko76, UnleashedHeathen (nothing like a dirty love), Minerva (you could do as many as you like) and toniscales (I loved both reads so it’s all good). All the reads were very good and put me in a good mood.

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Hey. New to the site...so if I did this  wrong,my apologies. Anyway, my partner and I were first dating (we have been married 10 yrs now) and we were on our way out.She said "Wait..I just need you to kiss me for like two minutes and then we can go." Obviously...we did not make it  to dinner.

Two Minutes
Two minutes is a long time
when the world stops to give
two lovers the extra little nudge
into the void...
time to discover each other
new maps to trace
and claims to stake
with shy fingertips
trips over plains riddled with goosebumps
scaling mountain tops
and driving each other to the edge....
two minutes.

Nations have been built and destroyed
divided and conquered,
fortunes won and lost,
hearts broken and glued back together again...
in two minutes.
Eyes have been burned into memory,
lips hav been tasted and declared a delicacy,
bodies have been burned in the heat of desire and reincarnated as one soul...
in two minutes.

You said "just kiss me for two minutes."
and two minutes turned into two hours
and two hours turned into a lifetime.

I would have given you the heart still beating from my chest
but all you asked
was for two minutes.

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Thanks and welcome to dup. Hope to read more from you.

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No ring, no problem

It's been so long since i made an exception.

No expectations, i took a chance.

With this man, its nothing but romance.

I was labeled, your already wife.

For i have stayed with you, under the knife.

Of hard and good times.

Though my maiden name stays unchanged.

My left hand bares no ring.

And a simple document stating otherwise.

I am perfectly fine.

With a promise to one day be that woman called wife.

Even when there is nothing, you are my everything.

Thats all i need, its wishful thinking.

So please dont keep me waiting.

With love, "already" wife

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~• Rare Loves Enigma •~
A womens grace thats seen through my eyes,
Fighting her way through the impossible lies

A journey of hers in the right season of her soul,
A passionate tale only i would know

Her beautiful illusions that she fights to find,
My hearts stolen in hope truths seen in time

Maybe im wrong and she just doesnt care,
But i suffer for love because i know shes rare...

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