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toniscales (Lost Girl)
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Falling Stars

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Poetry Contest

check below
This comp is about gothic romances. Are you the devil pining away for your lost love? Or are you the naughty angel pining away for the Prince of darkness?




poet Anonymous

the guardian

standing guard over
the beds of lovers
and the pews of heathens
and the barely clean bathrooms of night clubs
i watch the clandestine actions of
secret meetings and whispered desires
they remove just enough clothing
for erect pricks to meet
dripping cunts
and feed the animal need
that humans try to hide
but fail

my wings flutter as i watch
eyes rolling
fingernails leaving scratches
teeth leaving marks on lips
groping breasts still covered
her ass perched on the sink
barely balanced
as he forcefully plunges over
and over

the watching becomes tedious
my job, crazy as it sounds
is to protect
even when they are lying
to wives
and children
and themselves
when they indulge in what
they call sin

one day i will present myself
to a demon
i will rip off my wings
and become human
i hear demons have
cocks and animal needs
i will find one to
perch me on a pew
and use his forked tongue
on my swollen clit
this will be no secret affair
this will be performance art
rebellion for making me
watch but not feel

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The Fallen Stars

The stars crashed to the ground
for a taste of sex they gladly fell
created as equals yet made to be subservient

Angels with lust and passion
asked to be sentinels
to look on and not partake

hungrily lusting
they rock the Earth
with their cocks

plunging into human flesh
calling forth hybrids
men and women with powers of persuasion

Nephilim kings among mortals
offspring of the Fallen Ones
brothers with a sacred creed

shake all dimensions
to the ground
witness's to the truth

they rebelled
I love them with all my soul
Lucifer their leader

makes love to me psychologically
licks my soul and pussy
enters me with a probing tongue

legion a part of who I am
given to me for protection
they take turns fucking me

entertaining, brutal humor
I love them I've cast aside
the thought of heaven

I won't live in a false light
understanding the rage of my lover
who embraces and empowers me

I love the Dark Lord
the abyss a balm to my soul
creaming inside enchanted by my demons

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Wow, just, wow! You two ladies have set the bar high. Good luck to everyone who takes part in this comp.

corey locklear
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With The Stars

oh that my name be Astraea
to bring forth back again
the Golden age of man
for thy love to be true
beholden to my gift for thee

but alas, thou be the golden one
of that jealous wench
Aphrodite, nay, goddess she might be
but her heart speaks darkness
of thee and thine own love

thou son of Smyrna
incestuous fruit of thy grandfather's
loins to thy mother, truly thy sister
O Adonis that thou should crave
for me in thy beauteous presence

I crave for thy embrace my Lord
among the stars among the galaxies
I would thou partake of me
to swing on pendulums of the world
in thy embrace, everlasting

alas that earth bound I be
weighing hard on Atlas shoulders
to will perchance to grasp
thy hands my sleeping Adonis
desiring thee as light doth dawn.

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My, oh my. You ladies are out for blood. Watch Minerva and Crim, you've got competition!

poet Anonymous

holy mother! this competition is getting hot!

Dangerous Mind
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Ori’s Lament

Mercury and Venus
Conjunction in zenith
“O star of wonder, star of night,
Star with royal beauty bright”

Lucifer my lover
Son of the morning star
Heaven’s darling son beautified
How did you come to fall so far?

Your mother Venus’ pride
Father Mercury’s joy
So proud were they of their only child
Their sweet handsome little cherub boy

When you were conceived
Their nuptials lite the sky
Who would have known the Star of Bethlehem
Would become the Prince of the Dammed

I, your inamorata,
Saturn and Ori’s daughter,
The reason you became Satan?
Or of no consideration?

Arrogant dogma pride
Was your demise
Your rebellious ideology
Had you cast from the celestial body

My womb is full
But my heart is empty
Whilst you rot in Earth’s bowels
I bear our fruits upon the surface

I cannot shine bright
While you burn beneath
So I will appeal and plead
To all the powers heavenly

I beg on bended knees
For my love, Lucifer
“Forgive the fallen son of the morning star
Resurrect my love so we can lie together
Among the brightly shining stars
Eternally forever and ever”

poet Anonymous

pale white

Behind the stone wall
perched atop the mossy roof
the guardian gargoyle hunkers down
into the night and darker realm

beside the icy river
where we tossed wishes
words wrapped in sacred faiths
the old way
and the moon sat witness a hundred times
as we bled our honesty into the wind

when black and white made sense
before these days of a spectrum of greys
where everything gloomy blends in
and Merlins shadow can be glimpsed again
out of necessity

Underneath the bell that hasn't rang in ages
just past the footbridge that detours before
the horse path
we waited hand in hand

when pale white was the blackest thing we'd seen
and we said goodbye
until this evening

Tyrant of Words
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Snuggle and Miki, wow. Just wow.

Dangerous Mind
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Deleted... Decided to edit

Twisted Dreamer
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She is human; soft and pale.
Barren of hells scars.
Her eyes are wide; full of life.
She is the essence of curiosity.

She stares as I pause.
I can taste her desire. It excites me.
Lips quiver as she lay herself against me;

She shakes under my hand. Moist with pleasure.
Her human warmth envelops me as she takes hold and guides my entrance.
Subtly she moans.
I feel her climax on me. Her nails buried deep into my back. Mouth agape and eyes closed.
Lost in a moment of ecstasy. Oblivious to her surroundings.
I am wet with her eager orgasm.

She is lost, and unaware of her worldly body.
As it begins to slide off her bones.
I am wet with her blood.
She scales me harder seeking second euphoria.
Grabbing and stroking me, her fingers drip with herself.

Waves of bliss overtake her again and she squeals with excitement.
She is full of me as I steal her soul.
Fire begins to scorch her dainty framework.
She glances, bewildered, when she smells the rot.

Connective tissues snap and pop as the suffering begins.
Her cries are different now, even than she'd known.
In life she'd never lost; promiscuous, unattainable.
In death, we mirror life.
She came to me like countless others, blind of demon's flesh.
Her final manipulation, an attempt to avoid eternity.
Her screams for god unanswered.

I keep her soul close to me.
I will take her again.

*Capital edit

Tyrant of Words
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nice, db

Lost Girl
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Fallen Angel

When I looked into your haunted eyes
I saw my own pain mirrored
along with that of all humanity’s

how quickly I learned to ache for it
the darkness
the lies
sweet cruelty dancing in those obsidian orbs

my wrists burned to be bound by you
my body an ivory violin  
bowed raw by black iron chains
as you splayed me open for your pleasure

you would never give in
drawing the pleasure-pain from me
I was only rewarded
by how much I begged
for you to possess me
with your black dominion

you made me earn every bit
talons hard in my hair
your scaly skin
corded muscles in your hooven legs
as you held me in the air
pounding deep into me
my feathered cunt milking your diseased seed

our coupling heralded
by the ineffable cries of angels
and the maniacal shrieks of demons

the flames that burst from our bodies
our wings beating against each other

as you commanded me over and over
to scream out to the cosmos
whom I belonged to

you, I plead

the slick intertwining of our flesh
a moistened union
of good and evil

that wet, paradisal limbo
as you fucked my haloed pussy
with your purple-swollen cock
of doom and destruction
its white-hot strands
leaking from the baptismal cradle
of my thighs

and I know it’s love
for even in the aftermath
of our earth-quaking climax
where stars were shattered
and gods were born

where my juices dripped
into new constellations

my body
still hungers for you

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