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Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Poem

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Poetry Contest

Write a poem about Christmas.
While going through the competitions recently I noticed a surprising lack of Christmas poetry competitions, so I thought that I'd host one myself. And well here we are, I want you to write a poem about Christmas. It can be religious, about parties that you've had or gone to, personal stories, family memories-- Anything you want. All I ask you to keep it clean, I don't want poems about how you get shitfaced every Christmas Eve. I want nostalgic and happy poems that get everyone in a Christmas mood.


- One poem per poet.
- No word limit
- Poem must be titled
- Keep it clean, no poems about sex, drugs, drinking and the like. (Please & thank you).

If the poem does not follow my rules it will not be counted when it comes to picking a winner.
The winner will be chosen in one week. Have fun and good luck my fellow poets!

- Paige Rider

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I have a bad habit of wanting to kick things off.  I think it's because the worst should go first, to be more quickly forgotten.

Alone On Christmas

See the lights?
See the tree?

I have everything
Up for Christmas

But I have
No family

No children
To open presents

Nor a wife
To be near

An aging bachelor
My fate is loneliness

But give me no pity
For on Christmas Eve

The spirits of my
Departed Mom & Dad

Will be here
And celebrate with me

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Me and Muse did a Christmas poem


EM20XX & Muse present... Forever Friends (A Christmas Poem)

I have a deep yearning that I never could admit
Never needed to say a word when a friend gave me a gift
Inside was hope, dreams and desires
What does this gift mean?
Not sure, but it has woven itself into my being
I want to give back but she is already so perfect… In my eyes
Beautiful yet kind with words as sweet as wine
The gift I will give is my friendship
Someone to pick her up from the ground
We all fall but I have ways to ease her mind
With a hug and a kiss to the cheek
I don’t need to hide my affections
This is a woman I love so strongly
A friend that I will always be there for
I love you my friend in the best possible way
It’s never complicated just us being there for each other
Not hurtful fighting or degrading
Just a friend that I could always look to
She’s not selfish or dark or even closed minded
She humors me even when I could be such things
I drink of some eggnog and look pass this Christmas day
Into forever the bond we shell hold
I can feel it deep within my soul
Two that are lost but lead each other
Helping one another grow to find love with others
Not perfect for a relationship but perfect with understanding
That we will love unconditionally no matter what may happen
Unbreakable friendship… a gift that keeps on giving

I found in you the answers to understanding
I want to offer my eternal friendship as a Christmas gift
To someone who is so special to me
To someone who understands my twisted mind
Best friends and kindred sprits..Miss Muse and Mr Monster
You deserve all you desire not just for Christmas but every second
For you have a golden heart equipped with the crazy streak I so love
As the carols ring out I feel a warmth in my heart..for a special bond of friendship between you and I
When it's too dark to see I no I'm not alone, I know you hide in the shadows alone too
Never forget how much you mean to me
Call on me any hour for any need
For I am forever in your heart and will always be here for laughs, cries or cuddles
The Christmas lights glow brighter this year for a magical friendship changes my life
I want to say thank you for your raw shared craziness, for your care in the hardness of this world but most of all I want to wish you a happy Christmas from the bottom of my heart
I will sing a song to you, let the wind carry it to your ears..a present you will always hear...my love for you and all you are to me.
Forever friends..not just in the jolly of it all...but for all eternity.

Also check out Muse work. She is my favorite poet!


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Parcels of My Mind

Moments like these create memories
Like ornaments shining on the tree.
When I look deeply into them,
I end up seeing nothing
But my own eyes and face
Aging with each year.

Christmas is a time for rejoicing
In the birth of a godly child.
Giving me feelings similar to those
On the birthday of my own children,
For a father can't help but see
In his own child's face, the face of god.

My mantle is lined with pictures from the years.
A weary juxtaposition
Between memories both recent and distant.
For, like the ornaments, I can't help but
See my own mortality reflected.
Time's cross is mine to carry.

A picture of my late wife to match the wedding ball.
A picture of my baby boy to match "Baby's 1st Christmas."
One of my boy's graduation for the "Congratulations!" on a branch.
All my memories are left hanging on the tree.
But none of them are new.
They all just stopped over time.

My wife fell to cancer,
My children moved away
With children of their own.
But their faces still look at me
With love from the mantel.
And the ornaments still hang on the tree.

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best be on the lookout for satan clause............

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The air is laden with silver
and gold blurs
dripping with charms
colored lights

Some ineffable fragrance
in the air
like pine
and cinnamon

I think of the way
my mother used to drive us
to see the lights
steaming cups of hot cocoa
in our mitten-covered hands
Elvis on the radio

my stepfather locked himself
in his room on Christmas morning
filled with hatred
he had a rough childhood
his family penniless
he was forced to raise rabbits
to sell for money
and the coffee in our house
always tasted like water

but my mother's spirit
could not be stifled
I ached for a Cabbage Patch doll
my brother longed for trains

and she lavished us
with these gifts
and so much more

now that I see
the Christmas tree
and as I look back
at my child
in the rear view mirror

I think of her
her deep pleasure at the season
how she ached to share it
with us

and though she's gone
I see her lovely reflection
in every glass ornament

and hear that black velvet voice
"When those blue snowflakes start falling
That's when those blue memories start calling"

my eyes melt softly into tears
for she taught me
to never let go
of those garlands of pearls
that silver and gold
love and hope

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- The Seed of Joy -
A Poem of Christmas

There was a place in olden times, where children used to play,
In the forests of our land, where many a river wound its' way.
I recall where we skipped stones upon the water, hearts light,
And the rocks where we sat, watching the sky, as fell the night.
Innocent times for innocent hearts, every walk a noble quest...
For young fools whose hearts beat madly, when life was best.
The songs we sang, the games we played, the mess we made,
And yet I long for those days, as this age is cast in such shade!
Light is scarce, and I seek it where I may, even in bygone days,
When the world was simpler, and nobler were all human ways.
With the eyes of a child, I try to see the world as once I'd done,
And the light is still there, beckoning to me both fair and so fun!

So many eyes are dulled with time, but mine sparkle with mirth,
For why must we age ourselves so far beyond our mortal birth!
Surely the gods must laugh, for we deprive ourselves of glory...
Every time we forget a happy season, or a once-beloved story.
I remember every game I played, every book I have ever read,
For in golden memories we recall the taste of jams and bread...
Or cookies baked fresh upon the stove, one chilly autumn day.
Cast not aside your happiness nor what made it feel that way!
The touch of silk upon the skin, the sound of leaves that rustle,
Each can be soft and soothing to the soul, each a dear time...
When life was unhurried and yet we went about with a bustle,
Running with the energy of youth, never seeing it as sublime.

Too soon we grow old, and all too soon a mortal must perish...
But what defines a life is what we keep eternal: all we cherish!
So much living I must do, so many hours yet to fill with mad joy,
And I will love each hour as I did, as a child with a favorite toy.
Why do we no longer walk in the woods, or play in the leaves?
What makes those joys for childhood alone, nobody ever sees!
Because joy is for everybody, and no age can take it from you,
Unless you will it, so walk in joy my friends and laugh ever true!
Sadness will come in its' hour; seek it not, for no good lies thus,
In making of life a torment, and of every difficulty so much fuss.
Christmas is nigh; let your hearts unburden themselves anew...
Let us join hands like little children, so each dream comes true!

Glory, glory let us sing, each girl a queen and each boy a king...
Gather all around the tree, and count each and every blessing!
Soon we'll hear the sound of music, and the ringing of the bells,
Perhaps we'll forget the logic of the years, and believe in elves!
Oh gods to know such joy again, this world has so much need...
So let us mortals do our part, and in each heart plant this seed!
The seed of joy for Christmas time, from which new joys spring,
Glory, glory, let us sing, each girl a queen and each boy a king!
Dance and let loudly your voices proclaim the happiness within,
For which we have longed throughout the year, with such vigor.
In mad abandon, let us forget the darkness of sadness and sin…
That can ensnare the will like some terrible and ferocious tiger!

Outside, the trees may sway with the wind and cold may come,
But within each heart that is content, the chill may be undone...
Remember the angels we made in the snow in yet another age?
They are only gone when we forget, and fill our souls with rage.
Remember the pets we loved so much, the faithful dog, or cat?
Their spirits are still with us, and the memory of where they sat.
Even loved ones lost to time, can share with us in joys unborn,
So let us be joyful upon this season and have us a merry morn!
Somewhere elves are singing with us, and pegasi are flying high,
Somewhere beyond the northern lights, even beyond the sky...
That is where our dreams can soar; we need only let them go,
To gain the wings of angels, and fly where gentler winds blow!

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Santa’s Dead
David Macleod

listening to the radio,
my favourite songs and tunes
abruptly interrupted by
deeply depressing news

reporter’s voice was trembling
sporadic sobbing as he read
“I’m afraid that its official
Santa Clause is really dead”

but he cant be, I’ve been good
for my presents I’ve been waiting
I cried out “just what happened”
did he crash whilst sleigh tailgating

was he stabbed, was he strangled
was he pushed or did he fall
was it a shot by a lone sniper
from that famous grassy knoll

where were you on the day he died
people put entries in their diaries
whilst a know Jehovah’s Witness
helped police with their inquiries

finally an update, eagerly awaited
It was Santa from the Store
after too much scotch and soda
fell from the balcony to the floor

I blame the media for this scare
for this bout of verbal colic
as I raise a glass and  I toast
the death of another alcoholic

Its ok, I feel fine now
now my presents I will get
the real Santa knows how good I am
he’s not likely to forget

one less fake Store Santa Clause
my conscience feels benign
there are plenty more just waiting
on the unemployment line

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                   A frosted chill
A frosted chill is what I feel when I leave this old home.
I miss that warmth from their smiling faces,
I miss the fire place burning inside of my old home.
I miss that long lost memory of laughter.
I miss that bright Christmas tree that used to light my way.
I miss the fresh smell of ginger bread.
I miss waiting for Santa every year.
I miss running down the stairs to see stacks of beautiful colorful boxes.
I miss your child like embrace that warmed my soul.
But most of all I miss you...
I fear my Christmas won't ever have the same warmth again.
But in my dreams I feel that warm glow.
A frosted chill has frozen my heart.
For I am now  Jack Frost .

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I am deeply honored to have been chosen as a runner-up for this beautiful Christmas contest! It was a great time for all, and special congratulations to the winner on penning a fine poem indeed, as were all those shared here. See everyone next contest! :)

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