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Erotic Thriller

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Poetry Contest

Write an erotic thriller verse
The Throbbing-Torn Heart, (Erotic Taboo Ver. Of Tell – Tale Heart) ! extreme content !

I Have Been Nervous For A While.

The Nights Are All The Same.

Waiting In The Dark, Starring Through The Slightly Open Door.

To Your Bedroom, Your Chamber That I Have Come To Know So Well.

I Live With In Your Care.

Such A Gentleman You Are, I’ll Admit You Are Fairly Attractive.

But, There Is Much That Hasn’t Been Said, Or Rather Noticed.

With All The Writing I Have Done, I Let You Gaze Upon The Poetry First.

That Spills Out Like The Fluids That Seep Between My Thighs.

You Never Seem To See That “Part” Though.

It Won’t Really Matter Now.

You Sent Me Into A Frenzy, Which I Have Come To Contemplate A Plan.

To One Night Unleash My Fantasies Upon You.

While You Slumber, For Each Night I Watch You.

To Gaze At Your Toned Body And Handsome Face.

You Don’t Hear The Noises Of Ecstasy I Make.

Dipping My Fingers Within The Sweetest Of Spot.

Violating You In My Most Sexual Of Thoughts.

Did You Know That I Have Been Entering Your Room Now?

I Have Started To Make My Way Closer To You.

Each Slow And Steady Foot Step.

A Small Lit Candle That Lights My Path, This Particular Night.

You Heard Me, The Noise Of Which My Damp Fingers Had Made A Slight.

Slapping Sound, For I Was Playing With My Flower.

A Bit To Rough, I Stopped.

Frozen In The Most Odd Of Positions.

Merely, Bent Over And Valuably Un-Covered.

For My Night Gown Was Lifted Upwards.

And My Panties Laid On The Cold Floor.

You Raised From Your Bed.

Looking For What Had Made The Sound.

The Pitch Black Was My Friend At The Time.

Hiding Me From You.

Your Room Only Had One Window, Which You Had Kept Shut.

You Always Hated The Sun Waking You In The Morning.

You Were Un-easy For You Didn’t Go Back To Sleep.

Till 30 Minutes After, So I Made My Retreat.

And Left You For That Night.

But Tonight I Have Gotten Inpatient.

I’m Eager To Finally Have You Inside Of Me.

Primarily, Excited To Have You Penetrate My Waiting Pussy.

Im At Your Door Again, Except You Had Locked It This Time.

Trying To Catch Some Sort Of Glimpse Of You.

Through The Key Hole.

I Grew Angry, So I Went To The Kitchen.

To Find Something To Unhinge The Lock.

I Found A Knife And A Small Paper Clip.

Walking Back, I Hide The Knife On The Side Of My Underwear.

Then Proceeding To Pick Lock The Door.

It Gave Way, You Had Heard Me.

Shocked, I Couldn’t Say A Word.

For Your Eyes Were Fixed On Me.

And Mine On You.

Silence Suffocating The Moments Pasted.

You Then Pulled Up My Dress, Exposing The Knife I Had.

And The Damp Spot That Soaked My Panties.

You Gave A Slight Grin, Then Took The Knife Away.

Un-Sheathing It.

Grabbing Me By The Forearm, You Then Forced Me On To Your Bed.

Placing The Knife Above My Left Breast, You Cut Away At My Garment.

Leaving It To Shreds.

The Tables Have Turned For Me, For I Know What You Have In Mind.

Now Half Naked, Laying In Your Bed.

You Started To Undress, Putting On A Private Show For Me.

Which Causes Me To Flush A Bright Red.

“Now, If You May Please Remove Your Panties For Me Ma’am. And I Do Insist You Do The Process Slowly.” He Claimed In A Settle Tone Of Voice.

I Did What Was Told, And Followed His Every Command.

For It Had Brought Him Great Pleasure To See Me In An Embarrassing State.

He Got Me Where He Wanted Me.

Merely, Frightened And Scared Of What Was To Come Next.

He Gave A Well Assuring Kiss.

But That Was The Deceiving Part.

For He Had Started To Violently Thrust Into Me.

Causing Endless Waves Of Pain And Pleasure.

Throughout My Small Petite Figure.

My Moaning Were Now Small Shrieks.

But He Begun To Kiss Me With The Most Passionate Of Ways.

It Was Like He Was Doing This To Say Sorry For My Now Bruised Body.

This Went On Through The Night.

Making Rough Love, a Sweet Delight.

We Must Have Had Many Moments Of Ecstasy.

Which Has Left Me Weak By Morning, Motionless.

But He Held Me In His Arms.

Fingers Intertwined With One Another.

In Till, The Police Arrived At The Front Door.

My Lover Came Back Telling Me That The Neighbors.

Said That The Noises From Our House Sounded Like Murder.

We Both Laughed And Smiled.

For This Was One Night That I Will Remember.

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Midnight Train (The beginning of a Monster) ! extreme content !

It was Tuesday.

At 12:10am.

I waited patiently for the subway to arrive.

I thought it was odd.

That I was completely alone.

Siting on a near by bench.

Taking out my phone to check for any messages.

But sadly none.

I lost service.

Which at the time.

I didn't care for.

Now I wish I had.

At 12:20am.

I got up to find a bathroom.

There was one about five feet away.

I walked in.

To look at the mirror.

And fix myself.

I wore a ruffled long dress.

It was white.

Made out of cotton.

Since I've always been a slim and small thing.

I would also feel ashamed.

To look girly.

For I hardly have a woman figure.

I'm skinny.

Flat chested really.

Have the appearance of a 12 year old.

With 32 A cup.

Merely a size zero.

Literally, being almost 18 and weight of 78 pounds.

I felt pathetic to even be called a woman.

I glanced at the reflection.

My expression was hatred towards myself.

Looking away quickly.

I heard the train pull up.

Running to catch it.

Out of the corner of my eye.

I thought I saw a man get on too.

On the far right.

Entering the second set of doors.

Brushing the image off as nothing.

Maybe I was seeing things.

A common side effect of being tired.

Taking a seat in the corner.

I checked my phone for the time.

It was 12:35am.

Looking around the empty terminal.

Seeing the small adds from varies different companies.

Most were of fast food advertisements.

It was usual to see them on almost everything.

Turning on my music player.

I jammed out to skrillex.

The song was.

"No Mercy, only violence"

It was going to take about five hours.

To get to my destination.

Setting an alarm for about a hour.

I decided to take a nap.

Possibly, pass the time.

I closed my eyes.

And fell asleep.

. . . . . .

Suddenly, I awoke.

To a strange sound.

Eyes wide open.

In front of me.

Was a man.

He wore a red hoodie.

What seemed to be a white V-neck shirt underneath.

With light blue jeans.

His face was covered by the hood.

All I saw was his mouth.

I quickly took out my ear phones.

What I heard was heavy breathing.

For he was masterbating while I slept.

He had a wet moist spot on his jeans.

Where he had climax.

He began to undo his pants.

To reveal his dick.

In a demanding voice.

He said "don't move."

Masterbating once more.

I stayed still.

Frightened to move.

Keeping a down casted glare.

With his left hand.

He took hold of my face.

Making me look at him.

Roughly, he began to kiss me.

Forcing his tongue through my lips.

I could feel his violent passion.

I was scared.

He began to tug and pull.

At my bottom lip with his teeth.

Stopping for a second.

He whispered in my ear.

"Don't be scared. I'll take good care of you. Little girl."

I began to cry.

As his hand brushed my cheek.

"If you keep crying like that. I just might use those pretty tears of yours for lubricant."

With a wide grin.

He stopped jerking off.

Using both hands.

He grabbed my waist.

Pulling me off the chair.

He setted me in his lap.

Feeling his dick push up against me.

He smiled.

Using his left hand to restrain my wrists.

While the right rip off my dress.

Exposing my bra and panties.

My face flushed bright red.

Now working his free hand around.

Across my bare skin.

He made his way to un-hook.

What covered my small breasts.

The bra gave way.

He now stared at two small perky tits.


His mouth met one of my nipples.

Taking it in.

He furiously teased it.

Sending wave after wave pleasure.

Through out my body.

He did this for about two minutes.

Before attending to the other one.

He stopped.

And said.

"Looks like there hard now."

With a sinister smile.

He moved his hand down my stomach.

Towards my panties.

He took hold.

And tore them off.

I shrieked.

"Hmmm, well I see you shave. How cute."

He said gazing at my tan nether region.

Releasing my wrists.

He warned me.

If I dare try to escape.

He would show me no sympathy.

Wrapping one arm.

Around my torso.

Making me fall back.

On the cold metal floor.

I laided.

Now on top of me.

He spread my legs.

To show case absolutely everything.

I covered my mouth with both hands.

To drowns my sobs.

Endless tears fell.

Upon crimson cheeks.

Shaking from fear.

I closed my eyes.

Feeling him bringing his fingers.

To my small opening.

He slid them in.

Fingering me roughly.

I kept quit.

I didn't want to speak.

Or utter a word.

He sighed.

Watching carefully at what he was doing.

He than lowered his face down.

And placed his wet lips on my clitoris.

Starting to eat me out.

I held in my cries of pleasure.

He noticed.

And bite down on my clit.

I screamed.

He merely giggled.

Than began to kiss it.

As if a child got a cut and their mother would kiss it.

To make it feel better.

Suddenly, he spoke.

"Mmmm, your wet. Darling."

Glancing at me.

Like a hungry animal.

He pounced on top of me.

Restraining my wrists again.

With his left hand.

While the right arched my back up.

Stomach pressing against him.

His cock fully erect.

It pressed upon my pevise.

It was hot.

And I could feel it throbe.

Forcing another kiss.

He rammed it in.


Causing me to jump in pain.

The tears over flowed.

As he pistoned into me.



It lasted for about a hour.

My moans were loud.

Almost like screams.

I had asked him to stop.

But he would just shove his tongue down my throat.

He breathed hard.

And fast.

He was about to climax.

Till he moved his mouth to my ear.

In a taunting voice.

He said "after when I'm done. You'll be my new little toy. To play with. And when I'm bored of you. Ill simply kill you."

He laughted.

I snapped.

He went for another french kiss.

To his surprise.

I chewed his tongue out.

Spitting it back in his face.

He left my body.

And began to try to scream.

He flipped.

Staring at me with a terrified expression.

Blood running down my mouth.

I smiled.

A smiled that will forever burn into his memory.

His expression turned to anger.

Quickly, I jumped to my feet.

Got behind him.

Wrapped my arms around his head.

Pulling it back.

To expose his neck.

I bite into it.

Ripping out his throat.

He rapidly gasped for air.

Blood streamed from his seats glistened neck.

I watched in delight.

As he stared in terror.

I masterbated at seeing him die.

Found ecstasy out of his suffering.

His body hit the floor.

I grinned.

Taking my belongings.

I got dressed.

Checking the time.

It had been five hours.

The time passed.

And my stop was coming up in about five minutes.

I got off.

Walking out on the street.

Towards home.

It was 5:30am.

I now remember this.

As the night I truly went insane.

Realizing I liked killing.

No I adored it.

Its what got my rocks off.

And there surly be many more sessions to come.

For it excites me.

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...0.0 Wow that was very good use of Metaphores my friend

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Danielsgirl said:...0.0 Wow that was very good use of Metaphores my friend
Thank you

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A Lost Girl in a Murder Mystery

In this scene she's crumpled
on the black and white checkered floor.
Her French maid's uniform
soiled and torn.

There are the velvet curtains,
red as the scarlet woman’s dress.
Red as her sex.

The clock on the mantel.
The cut crystal goblet
with its faint lip of arsenic.

Always rain outside.
Thunderstorms and dogs
licking at the windows
while corpses waltz in the ballroom.
A piano playing itself
in the conservatory
and a leg of lamb
rotting in the kitchen.

The sweet perfume of paranoia
in the air.
They all want her
or they want her dead.

The man in the smoking jacket.
The library with its books
of empty pages.
Always the cook
vanished before the meal
and everyone starving to death.

The butler coming up behind her,
his gloved hands, their swarthy heat.

The glinting of the knife
before that softened sigh,
the shocking bloom of red.

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I’m so in love with her.
I wish had someone to love me.
When I meet her on the street, she looks through me, like nobody’s there.
I wish I could meet somebody that cared.
She’s so beautiful.
I’m nothing but a wall flower.
A guy like me would never have a chance.
My biological clock is about ready to stop.  I should’ve tried to hook-up with a guy when I had the chance.
I know what I’ll do, I’ll buy her flowers.
What lovely apricot roses, but who is this ‘anonymous’?[/i
I’ll send her candy.
[i]Mr. Anonymous sent me a box of splendid chocolates.  Should I be flattered?  Or should I be scared?

I’m her secret admirer.
I’ve got a stalker.
I need to get up the nerve to knock on her door and introduce myself.
Dad called and wants me to come over right now, he says he has something for me. He's concerned about this guy shadowing me.[/i]
I rang her bell, then I knocked on the door.  “Darn,” she’s not home.  Wait a minute!  She didn’t completely shut the door.  When I knocked, it swung open.
[i]Dad gave me a little hand gun.

I wonder where she put those flowers I sent her?  Do I dare take a peek around?
They’re not on the table, maybe she put them on her bedroom dresser.

Damn! I was in such a hurry to leave, I must have forgot to lock the door.
Oh my God she’s home!  I’ve got to hide!
I need to get to bed.
I'll hide under the bed.
I can’t believe what a mean looking thing this little gun is.[/i]
I can’t believe she’s lying right above me.  She’s so close I can smell her sweet perfume.
[i]“Dear God.”

She’s praying.
“I know this sounds foolish, but I ask for but one thing.  I ask for you to send someone to love me.   A man to be my lover, and hopefully, the father of my children.”
“Your prayer has been answered!”
“What The Fuck!  Who the Hell is that?"
“I’m the guy God sent you.  I’m underneath your bed.”

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How many entries can we make?

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A Dream Fulfilled

(Inspired by the 1928 silent film Pandora’s Box, where the girl Lulu, whose beauty has inspired such tragedy in others, meets her match, Jack the Ripper.)

I do not know it yet
but I have been wandering
the streets for you

I’m a woman who has released
such tragic outcomes
the deepest darknesses within others

perhaps it is because
of the impossible beauty
I was granted

as soon as I see you
I want you
my blood
obeying your eyes

you are like a panther
curled in fog and shadows
shielding my nakedness
with your tan trench coat
from the night

no words pass between us
the hunger in your eyes
mimics mine

as you lead me
into an attic room

I light a candle
for it is Christmastime
I have finally been given
the gifts I deserve


somehow I am still merry
in the glow of the flame
you reach for me

straddle me upon your lap
I feel your erection
straining against
the tattered silk of my dress
I welcome it

our mouths lock
I am filled with you
your hand on the part of me
stretched wide with yourself

it is then
and only then
I have met satiation

for lack of a better word

soon your knife
shall caress my throat
cold steel pressed lovingly
against my fevered skin

there shall not be a scream
merely a softened sigh

I shall meet
with what I have longed for
though I never even knew

by a sexual maniac

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The Hospital Visit (Erotic taboo) ! extreme content !

I remember it so clearly.

Walking in to the abandoned Ward.

Curiousity took hold.

Making me explore.

Suddenly, I had heard voices.

I went up stairs.

In the operation room.

A man and a woman.

Were undressing.

Standing on one side of the door way.

Peeking through now and then.

Catching climces.

Of their sexual act.

She had strapped him to the table.

Making him motionless.

She wore a slutty nurses outfit.

Not really that surpirsing.

She walked up to him.



Eagerly wanting to fuck her.

Luckly, she had some music playing.

Loudly drowning out the out side world.

She was laying on top of him.


Pressing her lips against his.

Slowly making my way in the room.

The woman had got a gag out of her bag.

Shoving it in his mouth.

Giggling and smiling at what she is doing.

They both didn't notice I was behind the certain now.

Near the old resty surgical tools.

I sat and waited for the right time.

Watching her give him a blowjob.

I thought to myself.

That I grew to despise what they were doing.

Being trapped in the confliction.

Between love and hate for a man I onced loved.

Flashes of erotic memories with him came to mind.

Making me absolutely furious.

The sudden reminder of what gives these two pathetic fucks.

Sexual release.

Only scares me.

Rape was the thing that held me down.

For seven months.

I had not known a man's touch.

Only of my ex.

He was my first and my only.

Snapping out of relentless thoughts.

I found that the woman was doing a strip tease.

An over taking feeling of sin.

Took over.

Like an instinct.

I grabbed hold of the resty bone saw.

Openning the certain.

The shock was clear on their faces.

I quickly walked over to her.

She was bare.

I knocked her over flat on ground.

She hit her head on the wall.

Knocking her out cold.

The man struggled endlessly.

Murmuring what sounded like.

"Please, leave her alone!"

Glances at him.

I had formed a grin upon my face.

Placing the saw next to her breasts.

I furiously sliced them off.

Waking her to reality.

She screamed as one . . . Two lusterest fun bags hit the ground.

Blood spurted out.

As she laided there bleeding half to death.

She whispered.

"Please. . . Stop. . ."

Moving to their belongings.

I searched in her bag.

And found a dildo.

Taking it over to the girl.

Terror was on her face now.

She went pale.

As I shoved it down her throat.

Silencing her utter whales.

Now grabbing the saw once more.

I walked towards the male.

And jammed the tool through his head.

Killing him instantly.

I turned to the woman.

She weeped.

Her face changed to anguish.

It gave shear delight.

I stood right beside her.

Laughing. . .

She struggled to take the disgusting plastic sex toy.

Out of her mouth.

I raised my leg and positioned my foot.

And stomped the dildo straight down.

She violently choked.


Gasping for air.

She died.

Of suffication and massive blood lost.

I felt a over whelming satisfaction.

Because I after they died.

I took it upon myself to bathe and feast.

In blood.

Devouring of fleshly organs.

Tearing muscles.

Of course, chewing on their faces.

Taking the identities of what made them individuals.

Full and happy with my visit.

To this empty hospital.

I left the operation room how I made it.

With not one . . . But two pest wasting away.

Walking home.

I stopped at the corner of the street.

And asked myself.

"Perhaps, ill go for another check up tomorrow."

That was my memory of the hospital I now go too.

Each and every night.

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