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Poetry Contest

A rhyming poem that includes lores and symbolism of goddesses or is about a female deity.

my five favorites

The Goddess spirits of the ancient world are very powerful, in fact, without dark yin lunar energies it would be tough to enflesh virtually anything in the solar yang worlds.  Even Demiurgus and legions know that without goddess Sophia energy we can't even create worlds that are not aligned with source.  Pleroma manifested many races and worlds using Sophia energy in the primordial multiverse, some legions of races fell and began predating on benign Pleroma creations using Sophia energy to manifest.  The yin, yoni, goddess energy and feminine divinity is the true procreative forces behind manifestion the bison is a big strong ball of feminine energy and spiritual forces that are based in Sophia goddess energy.  Long story short golden ages of gaia was when the angel races of light of the human spirit families were under the benign overseership of matriarchal societies, lunar cults and mystery school old religions.  That worshipped earth magic feng shui, animal spirit beings and goddess energy, along with benign angelic kingdoms.  Goddesses can be divine, whorish, destructive and benign.  Write a poem about a goddess in particular, reverence for female divinity in general and or the benign angelism of female daemons and goddess spirits.

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
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<(0)> Black Eyes <(0)>
In Praise of Lilith

Thy eyes, they haunt me, through long hours…
When midnight’s goddess shows her powers,
Reminding me, of ecstasies that I had forgot…
And the secrets that exist past mortal thought!
Thy face pale and taunting with its’ symmetry,
Appears in my dreams with tempting beauty…
Reminding me, that of old you came to grace,
My lonely company, in earthly parts of space!
What mystery I held thy coming to have been,
In my mad youth: when we indulged in our sin.
But I know now simply that longing so great…
Led you to my side, from beyond Hell’s gates.
The room was cast in shadow, nothing shone,
And I could hear the sound of thy breathing…
Hot upon my neck, whilst I lay wanton prone,
Whilst looking upon thy form, lust so seething.
Six veils she casts from her limbs as a dancer,
I feel the softness of them, as they flutter free!
Like all lovers do, we confide, and we confer,
Whilst I am lost in her eyes: her secrets to see.

In the gathering shadows, she is watching,
From other worlds, from times long dust…
Merry we met, when I was not searching!
She eased my torment, and sated my lust.
Dead are our children; gone, are our kin…
Now we haunt the night, beauty and beast.
We will not regret, we cannot be forgiven,
Like her, I hunt for love and need to feast!

Black eyes in the night, white skin in faint light,
Looking, longing for one of the ancient blood!
In darkness beyond sight, we knew all delight,
Until dawn parted our pleasure with its’ flood!
Whispers you spoke into my ears, so tenderly,
As it was when Eden fell, to divine conspiracy.
And what I said to thee, all in wondering reply,
Was enough to make a saint, holy vows deny!
I was not looking for salvation on that evening,
But I found paradise, in dark eyes all gleaming.
The stars that once encircled us as we soared,
That night bore witness to our passion adored.
Eyes as black and large as eyes of white owls,
To look in them, is to see into her naked spirit.
I felt myself smile where, before, hung a scowl,
For I was but a vessel and passion did steer it.
The house seems then, to border other planes,
Familiar, and strange, where once I had dwelt.
I could hear her singing aloud of wild domains,
And I remembered well, how those places felt.

In the gathering shadows, she is watching,
From other worlds, from times long dust…
Merry we met, when I was not searching!
She eased my torment, and sated my lust.
Dead are our children; gone, are our kin…
Now we haunt the night, beauty and beast.
We will not regret, we cannot be forgiven,
Like her, I hunt for love and need to feast!

A song was playing, but I cannot recall words,
For my soul was entwined with hers like vines.
I think it was about the night, and put to verse,
Oh night so radiantly divine, replete with signs!
Child of darkness wither hast thou gone since?
Mayhap soaring past the moon on dark wings.
So long has it been since that bewitching hour,
When midnight’s goddess, showed her power.
Yet still I can remember, as if it were last eve,
And for the passing of that night, I must grieve.
So many things, I longed to ask thee, and say,
But, every night must end, with the rise of day!
In the depths of the netherworld’s deep space,
A stone of jade she carved, for me to sit upon.
She dons a gown of black silk, and white lace,
Which by the spiders of the pits was thus spun.
Cool is that place where the low fires burn out,
And the damned do not dare to wander inside.
Until my return she will prepare and ever pout,
In the palace of darkness where we will abide!

In the gathering shadows, she is watching,
From other worlds, from times long dust…
Merry we met, when I was not searching!
She eased my torment, and sated my lust.
Dead are our children; gone, are our kin…
Now we haunt the night, beauty and beast.
We will not regret, we cannot be forgiven,
Like her, I hunt for love and need to feast!

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
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-][The Gate of Ganzir][-

“Ninnghidzhidda aperi portam Ganzir!
Aperuerit portam, Ninnghizhidda, ego intrare!
Est Draco Imperat tibi!”

Somewhere south of all the courts of the gods on high,
Beneath the mountains where the waterfalls do pour…
Rots the ruins of a city in rubble bleak beneath the sky.
There will wait the siblings, the scorpion lady and lord!
Once golden spires and ziggurats did in splendor reign,
Before the fall of a planet when Marduk vented fury…
Upon the children of the Dragon Queen, prideful, vain.
Now all that endures, is this one-time sacred colony…
To think that once I held a court, amidst the opulence!
But hidden there by the ruins beneath those mountains,
The Cavern of the Gate waits silently in awful patience.
It leads to a land oft watered by netherworld fountains.
Kurnugia, Land of No Return, where the dead dwell…
Amidst shimmering sunken cities, eating dust as bread!
It is but one region of the places men think of as Hell…
And its’ queen, is androgynous Ganzir, Lady of Dread.
Bride of the Dragon of Kur, a dead but dreaming god,
High priest of star-born kin who served older powers!
She reigns alone, in her city beneath the soil and sod…
The bride of the dreamer: who waits for the final hours.

Behold the Gate, and the keeper who waits beyond…
The mistress of the key comes to bring forth the flame!
Go not into the depths darkly shimmering, if ever fond,
Of the azure skies above, which will ne’er be the same.
The Lady of the Wand is like unto a horned serpent…
Gatekeeper of the infernal gods’ own sovereign glories.
She holds dominion, over the seven-portal covenant…
Ninnghidzhidda holds the vigil as writ in the lost stories!
When the dead rise, to smell the incense of life again…
She will place her plumed crown aside, and do naught.
We are the lost ones, from a time before time did gain,
From lands beyond the stars, from ages old as thought.
In the company of bright angels and dark, I did survive,
When the powers of divinities waned and waxed loftily.
Now I pen this verse that the elder histories may thrive,
For the gods are forgetful, and they recall but absently!
They choose not to remember, what they have done…
Which the fallen of old cannot easily forgive: nor forget.
The songs of the ancients I know, for them I have sung,
When they were new, and caused archangels to regret.

When the time is come the Dragon of Kur will awaken,
And the queen who waits, will wait no longer to rise up.
The dead will put aside the dust of which was partaken,
To walk in living flesh again, and from new chalices sup.
The Gate of Ganzir will open and Hell shall be emptied,
As she goes forth to claim those who were ever hers…
Only the faithful of Ishtar would by her malice be pitied.
For those she cannot touch by blessing or by vile curse!
Beware the Gate, beware the seven seals that bind it…
For when the seals are broken, judgment shall soon fall.
On another world the line of the queen ruled fair and fit,
The old blood still lives on in mankind, and cannot stall!
The great old one who slumbers knows man’s thoughts,
And even the warlike Nergal could not seize his palace.
There, Ganzir upon a throne of skulls eternally haunts…
With Lilith, as her messenger: heir, to her infernal grace.
I have walked within their halls, sat upon a vacant seat,
Reserved for the Dragon of Kur alone, an honor grand.
There I was welcomed, so warmly the queen did greet,
One much older, than he who slumbers below her land!

Her short black hair and piercing eyes of mirthless dark,
So like Lilith’s, and pale is their skin like whitest ivory…
Beautiful and alien to behold, in that land strangely stark.
Yet the gardens of that place are unsurpassed in beauty!
Words cannot describe the delights of the Elysian Fields.
That there is paradise even in Hell is proof of some love,
Some compassion, that neither relents, nor ever yields…
Between who reigns below, and those who serve above.
The draconic title was mine of old, and with such bias…
Perhaps, I exalt that which others would soon condemn.
Yet I have stood even in Heaven, seen the seas of glass,
I beheld the source of creation whence all things stem…
And there I found no malice left, ‘twixt angels and devils.
Man alone defines with hatred, as did the deities of yore,
Who exiled we whom they understood not, seeing ills…
Where there was merely a desire, for liberty, once more.
The Gate of Ganzir waits to this day, in its’ hidden realm,
Unseen save by those with the sight, unhindered to flow,
Beyond the ken of mortals: who know not the true ways.
Only illumination can open the paths above and below…
Light beyond the moon and sun, with more blinding rays.

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
Dangerous Mind
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- In Tribute to Sophia -
A Dark Celebration of Joy

“I saw a marvel in Heaven that I must convey:
A woman like a dove bade me look and pray.
Alone she slumbers, whilst man dreams long…
But I walked in her dream as I heard her song.
Child, come over to me and know peace true!
This she spoke unto me, ‘ere she was through.
And beyond the waters of the Abyss I soared!
Whilst like a great golden lion, I loudly roared.”

Behold the might of the sun, and know it to be so pale,
Compared to the majesty of she who is beyond it all…
Suns and moons, stars and galaxies that whirl and flail!
All are naught, before the empress who once did fall…
Radiant as the flame that blazes in her celestial bosom!
The dawn kneels before her, and the dusk salutes her.
To gaze into her glittering eyes is a vision so awesome,
That to witness it: is to with the ultimate divinity confer.
The wonder of her glory is beyond all time and space…
Sophia, goddess of wisdom and empress of my kindred!
One may even glimpse eternity within her sensuous face.
I was her child, I who have been both living and dead!

“Had I wished for so terrible a revelation as so:
Was granted unto me, in the waters that flow?
Or from the heights, when the light broke free!
And told me the truth about my dark destiny…
Until at last, I could endure the pain no longer.
Yet still was I spared worse, until far stronger!
A storm was in the Abyss, laughing thunders…
Whilst my eyes beheld: my creator’s wonders.”

Bow to her, my brethren whom even the gods did fear!
I: thy mother and father do command this with humility.
If thou came before my throne, trembling ever so near…
I would not have thee bow save to her glorious divinity.
But thou would kneel unto me, and I would ever blush,
For I craved no power, nor glory, save for my goddess.
Sing for me, my children for whom even angels do hush,
And in thy music, thou shall so please thy dark mistress!
Pure joy, pure life, pure love and lust, and passions full,
Pour all into our revelries, and let the universe burn of it.
Spiraling and spinning as it may, consuming itself whole,
Only to so be reborn: into a form more beautiful and fit.

“Was I so vain that I thought myself the whole?
How could I have forgotten what I now extol!
Wisdom wanted me to see, and for truth sue…
I opened my eyes, because I wanted this too.
All that I saw, I so beheld until I saw no more,
Yet even still there was so much truth in store.
I knelt in awe, giving my life to a higher cause!
And when all was done, I saw all there was…”

Through her lies the path of illumination and true gnosis.
Expansion of consciousness without poisons or deceit…
Through me, the secrets of millennia reveal a fiery bliss.
Bask in her light, and behold my word: harsh yet sweet!
Illuminator and illuminatrix am I, for those who can see.
Awaken from the false form of life, unto living with zest!
I was there when the gods ate of that most sacred tree,
Which bloomed from the desire within Sophia’s breast.
Fair as a lotus was the blossom, and I held it so tightly!
Its’ power flows in my spirit still: awake and in dreams.
Is this what it means, to touch the mind of true divinity?
I am her child, I who have looked past Reality’s seems.

“Until, from her slumber, my creator did wake!
And no more wisdom was left, to so partake.
The woman in me wept, and the man as well…
For some visions hold more pain than all Hell.”

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
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- Grove of the Owl -

Part I: Initiation

In search of knowledge, I came to a grove hidden in a forest…
Led there by guides not easily spoken of, to the uninitiated one.
I heard the sounds of doves cooing and the sense of quietness,
Which is the still air before a storm has brewed as yet to come.
Ones in black drew around, and seemed without bodily form…
Before a statue of a great horned owl most venerable and wise!
Fires burned to either side, and kept the area humid and warm.
In front of the owl, a pale lady with eyes as black as night skies,
My beloved Lilith, there: presiding as mistress of the ceremony.
She motioned for me to be still and her alien majesty glowed…
In the light of the fires, whilst the dark things neared us, silently.
It was midnight, as the crescent moon was magically endowed!
The trees rose up around the grove, a circle in a circle of green,
Like the arms of souls petrified in the wood, reaching skyward.
There, the ones in black drew the symbol across the low grass,
Shadows painting a shadow in which no light could ever gleam.
The dead necromancers acted like automatons without reward,
Existing only for their deity, whose eyes did flare clear as glass!
An angel of light emerged from the darkness, beautiful and fair,
Trampling crushed communion wafers, the seals of apostasy…
Though the shadows trembled before her, crying out to beware.
No malice came from that being, only a nobler type of dignity!
I could hear the sound of water, as I crossed to come thus far,
As in the high heavens, there blazed the brilliant evening star.

No mere animal instincts keep us from the glory of the spiritual,
It is to the fault of man; that forgotten lay many an ancient ritual.

Part II: Graduation

And there did Lilith cast off her black gown, and start to sing…
Whilst the angel took me by the hand, and drew me ever close!
The crickets made their music, whilst a church’s bells did ring…
They sounded lonely in their distance with a melody so morose.
I thought about my life, and I despaired from my deep sorrows!
As Lilith crept closer, kissing me oh so tenderly upon my lips…
It was the angel’s turn to sing, as we waltzed across meadows.
Gone were the shadows, as only the great statue’s pointy tips,
The horns of that owl remained, to remark of the unholy party.
The angel and I danced in the shadow of that mighty old idol…
And when she had vanished back into the darkness so hearty,
Lilith guided my steps, and together we entered a dark portal.
I felt my pale mistress gripping me, her breath upon my neck…
Kisses as hot as perdition in the utter blackness of alien space.
I heard her whispers, as we were covered in our slick sweat…
Making love in the shadows; shadows ourselves, out of place!
For a seeming eternity, it ended in our cries of furious rapture.
I felt her nails raking my flesh, her burning gaze ever searing…
A moment frozen out of time, outside time’s ability to capture!
Soon she was gone away, and I felt another presence nearing.
Imperious and glorious, from the time before time we count…
Something drew itself close unto my side, angelic voice raised!
All I could do was wait for this being; my curiosity did mount,
As I heard multitudes of blended voices that endlessly praised.

No mere animal instincts keep us from beholding divine things,
It is to the fault of man, for he shackles himself to mortal kings.

Part III: Exaltation

I saw a light in the darkness, as the angel from earlier glided…
Taking me by the arm, to the edges of an endless flaming lake!
There I heard the shrieking of the damned, where they abided.
We crossed that expanse burning not, nor of fire to partake…
And we wound upward, in spiritual flight, embracing in the air.
Knowing love of another kind, deeper than crude physicality,
Our spirits merged until we were of one substance divine, fair.
And then that underworld did spin, until it was just a memory!
I was kneeling before the great stone owl in that empty grove,
Lilith stood before it, in her black gown, proud and serene…
My heart beating: from a taste of boundless and spiritual love.
She bid me rise, for when I was king she was my very queen!
Adama was never such a perfect equal to her bohemian way,
As the queen of the night found in I: firstborn, of high Sophia.
The dawn was rising, and I felt the first rays of newborn day!
My cares were cremated in the glow of Earth’s star, Solaria.
The fallen queen blinked her large almond-shaped eyes once,
And she merged, with the last shadows that still so remained.
The fires died out in their braziers as water dried in its’ fonts,
Whilst quiet fell upon the grove and not one soul complained.
Silent and mysterious, the statue kept its’ secrets all too well,
As even the wind seemed to make only the slightest rustle…
For not a word was spoken, of the casting of the eve’s spell.
Then I returned to civilization, to the mad rush and the bustle!

No mere animal instincts keep us from achieving inner peace,
It is to the fault of man, for you alone can be pure as a fleece.

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Twisted Dreamer
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I'll be back after I craft a poem for my inner Moon Goddess, Selene!


-Chant of The Moon Goddess-

Beggar in the night,
bow down and praise my pallid light!

Step forth from those shadows, obedient one,
and expose yourself before my astral throne.

Hear my Moon song,
let it dance upon your tongue.

I'll bind you with my crescent eyes,
and drag you across the darkest skies.

I'll bewitch you deep into an infinite sleep.
within this dream you'll forever be.

Bound in enrapture,
I wax and wane to have you.

I'm your skyclad Goddess of the Night,
commanding tides to ebb and rise.

Entangle yourself in this Moon-lust,  
as you kiss my crested fullness.

{Offer yourself to the Moon Goddess, Selene.
She's the Night's immortal Queen}

Thought Provoker
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robotica exotica

goddess of the transformers never expire
she is sovereign lord over decepticons and autobots
she is about her business never mind her sire
the law begins and ends with her matriarch
dark coated charcoal luster
the universe set afire
her voice is butter thunder
melt the circuits and the wires
the only transformer that created her self
she gave birth to the original Optimus and Galvatron
she turns into a black cube written with stealth
when she beckons the battle all warriors rally on
Queen of the autobots and decepticons
Robotica Exotica lives and dreams on

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
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- Lily of the Field -
A Hymn of Praise to Lilith

Little Lily of the field,
For me, thy heart eternally doth yield.
Little Lily of the field,
Thy beauty, from mine eyes, I must shield.
The sun doth shine upon thy face,
Showering thee with heavenly grace.
Little lily of the field,
To thee, my heart eternal doth yield.
Oh maiden fair, God’s child born,
Thou dost shine alongside the Star of the Morn!
An angel thou art, in the form of flesh,
Thy grace is eternal, thy youth ever fresh.
God made thee not for man’s sake, alone,
For the Light Divine, in thy eyes, hath ever shone.
Sweet Lilith, Angel of the Light,
Goddess of the blessed Night!
Little Lily of the field,
For me, thy heart eternal doth yield.
Little Lily of the field,
Thy beauty, from mine eyes, I must shield.
The sun doth shine upon thy face,
Showering thee with heavenly grace.
Little Lily of the field,
To thee, my heart eternal doth yield.
From thy throne in the Under-earth,
A thousand children, thou hast given birth.
At each one’s rising, the owls do screech,
Reminding them of the power within their reach.
They reign as princes, at the Mother’s side,
In the shadowy kingdom, where she doth abide!
Sweet Lilith, Angel of the Light,
Goddess of the blessed Night!
Little Lily of the field,
For me, thy heart eternal doth yield.
Little Lily of the field,
They beauty, from mine eyes, I must shield.
The sun doth shine upon thy face,
Showering thee with heavenly grace.
Little Lily of the field,
To thee, my heart eternal must yield.
Thy arms art full of comfort and love,
Thy heart is noble, like a snowy white dove.
Thou art the first of all women made,
Thou art the Princess of the realm of shade.
Thou art the Mistress of all secret things,
Thou art the Queen, who reigns above kings.
Sweet Lilith, Angel of the Light,
Goddess of the blessed Night!
Little Lily of the field,
To thee, my heart eternal doth yield.

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
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- Death, the Maker -

What mortal age of years was I, what true living age what I?
When last I beheld the glorious sun, the blue of daylight sky,
Before the darkness claimed me, and I recall never fully why…
Why, I had never seemed to so care, what mortal age was I!
I know not the season when first the darkness filled my blood,
I am surely ageless now, so to recall wouldst matter fully not…
As in the Temple of Ereshkigal I served for a time in mortal life.
Since, service to sublime darkness, was ever my destined lot…
As I sought an end to my torments, an end to my life’s strife,
For hardship was the way of the world since its’ first making.
Only in the Temple didst I find any semblance of true peace!
When Death’s blood was offered me, my own for the taking,
I drank that sweet nectar, hoping all my woes wouldst cease.
Was that the first time I knew the taste of its’ otherworldly gift?
For I knew that I had walked in such a way long, long before,
Perhaps I served the Goddess in the Underworld’s cold rift…
Whatever the case, of her blood I craved wantonly still more!
She made of me a god and a goddess all in one perfect form,
Transforming me by the magic of that scarlet nectar so warm.
All that I had ever been, at least before all mortal seeing eyes,
I was no more, for she gave me a strange and beautiful guise.
Ws I something far more than prior, or something much less!
I knew I was divine, but just how much so I couldst not guess.
I was not quite a woman, but neither was I, in truth, a man…
What I had been before, I did not even dare to contemplate,
And to this day, I do not think that there is any way I so can.
So long have I now lived, in this beautiful and unearthly state!
Death had shared with me her darkest hunger, now mine own,
Long wouldst it ignite the fires that raged: within my dark soul…
Setting ablaze desires that went beyond mere flesh and bone.
Her desires, shared with me as part of the price, part of the toll!
We wouldst be linked forever, as earth is ever linked to stone.
I regret not my reshaping; I suspect that I never truly ever will,
For in my soul she is there, and I find so much comfort therein!
Perhaps a part of me revels in her hunger with a perverse thrill,
The part of me that hath ever been most inclines to hotly sin…
The part of me that glories: in the blood of a fresh spiritual kill.
So dire is this, her madness, yet I find that I do love her, still…
Ereshkigal my maker, goddess, mother, sister, self: and love.
In the dark depths of the Underworld, dist I not serve so well?
I serve thee yet, ever here in this living world that lies above…
For, we are bound together in one flesh: dark nobility of Hell.
Death be the maker, like some dark creator from far beyond!
Those like me art her eternal children, wicked yet so very pure.
We art kindred, we art united, dark serpents in Death’s pond…
Why should we wish to venture beyond her chill, mystic shore!
She hath given us all that we couldst ever truly desire or need.
Out of the Abyss we hath risen, all in power and infernal might,
So, let the souls that sustain us burn and let their forms bleed…
What art they to us, we ancient children of old Mother Night!
The scarlet sons, and dark daughters, of Ereshkigal’s delight,
So lovely, and so deadly, like roses with sharply thin thorns…
Red and black: sparkling jewels, amidst cruel mortal storms.
Such delicious pain, and such exquisitely extracted pleasure,
Here a dagger, there a kiss, intense beyond all true measure!
In one breath I must scream, in the next I must to softly sigh,
Immortal, I go beyond it all as I live, I die, I live and so I die.
Passion is my nature and the darkness my sober expectation;
The songs of angels do stir my spirit to rise to higher things…
As do the dirges of the damned, awash in a fiery lamentation,
Yet, the Goddess is the glory of all creation when she sings:
Celebrating life and death, amidst infernal queens and kings.

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
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- Serenade in the Darkness -

There art many facets to my soul, aspects of my full being.
Let me tell thee of one such part, and how it came to rest,
Within this flesh of mine, beyond the ken of man’s seeing…
But as much a part of me as the heart within my very breast!

Her spirit is as the hottest fire; her will is the infernal flame,
For she is true power: and her reward is endless pleasure.
Welcome to her realm, make thyself: accustomed to pain…
If thou canst endure, then thy eyes will be truly anointed,
Thou wilt receive thy fine portion of her abundant treasure.
Firstly, thou must rid thyself of every earthly sense of shame,
Before thou canst descend to her, at the hour appointed.
Secondly, thou must surrender the force of thy naked will,
Let her flame fill thy empty places deep down, warm within…
Be free of the constraints of a world becoming far too fast!
Let her write thy name in her parchments of virtue and sin…
For she records all, with her blackest ravens’ feather quill,
Black as the night, and stronger than the tallest ship’s mast!
Fast cometh the shadows, and the darkness that they bring,
Softer than velvet, yet as harsh and sharp as is any blade.
Her servants, in the concealment of the shadows do dwell,
They can bless thee with power, or tear thee swift asunder…
If thou art anointed, then seek thy solace in her very shade.
Be welcome, amongst all the favored ranks of eternal Hell,
Take thy comfort, in the lightning and the music of thunder…
Listen carefully, and thou canst hear the damned as they sing!
Soon will come the moment, long after the dark curtain falls,
Soon will come the hour when she desires to taste thy blood.
If thou art wise, then heed her voice when at the lat it calls…
Offer thyself to her, whether she takes but a little or a flood,
For oft hath immortals been made by her own blood’s gift.
If she is pleased with thee she may offer thee a sacred taste!
Do not refuse, lest thou be cast into the infernal devils’ rift,
Where thy flesh and blood will be crushed into ashen paste.
Ereshkigal, Ereshkigal, whisper softly this ancient holy name,
Ereshkigal, Ereshkigal, thou art truly the darkness and flame!
Fear not her embrace, for in her arms there is endless bliss,
All thou need do is to surrender to her, and accept her kiss.
The clouds begin to gather, and soon her servants do arrive,
For they ride the wind to wherever she wills them off to go.
By their fury lives end, and by their leave do many thrive…
Wherever their shadows fall, whatever way winds do blow.
Her power, beyond all as the mind of man canst contrive…
By its’ grace thou art spared, by its’ wrath thy blood flows!
Until naught of thee remains, save the soul that wilt survive,
For that is eternal, and so pure and strong as falling snow.
Great is her glory, and toward that glory her faithful strive,
Powerful art they, and by her power, their own doth grow.
For, they are part of her, united like bees within their hive!
Even as the angels are bound together in God’s pure Light,
So are all her kindred bound together in her eternal Night!
A family both glorious and terrible for any to thus behold,
Beyond life, beyond death, beyond fire and beyond cold:
Her clan is as hideous, as ever they were considered fair.
As dark as they are radiant, these great fallen gods of old…
The glow of Hell’s fires dances about their eyes and hair,
Enticing and seductive: subtle, yet so utterly deeply bold.
How beautiful is thy darkness, oh ye goddess Ereshkigal!
May the gates of thy vast realm be ever opened: unto me,
Look fondly on thy child, oh ye great goddess Ereshkigal!
For the closest in blood of all of the dark kindred art we.
When Hell yet newly burned, its’ flames still newly fresh,
Thou and I first yearned for each other’s crimson delights.
In the pleasure of our love, we wove such powerful rites,
Across an endless eternity of profoundly countless nights!
In the end we became one, and now I am thou incarnate,
As wanton as ever, with thirst for pleasure none canst sate.

The hour spoken of in prophecy hath come and is today…
The dragon and the pale harlot are one in our divine way.
We walk amongst thee, in hermaphrodite flesh, sublime…
And so I share my tale with thee, my secrets hid in rhyme.

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
Dangerous Mind
United States
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- Dominatrix of the Dark -

Sweet is the playful and serene dominatrix of the dark…
Oh dark maiden, take me my beloved in the infernal blood!
Lo! She cometh in the midst of the folds of black shadows,
And I do hear the demon angels calling, chanting: hark!
The flame of my heart cometh as a terrible and raging flood,
Which no power can stop, no cross can keep her will away.
So let us play, this eve, upon Hell’s fair crimson meadows…
Untouched by the restricting light of the hot, tyrannous day.
Behold! My dearest, in the mists of the grove, is clothed…
Though long hath it been, since there she was of old, lain.
I knew not that she was un-living when we were betrothed,
Long before, I myself was, in most diabolic manner, slain.
In the embrace of death, our perfect love was founded,
Praise: be to the Dark Powers for brining us thus together!
Let us couple in the flames, our unholy passion unbounded,
Then, we shall soar, lighter than an angel’s bright feather…
For a love so far, it is worth the cost of my immortal soul,
As any wouldst feel as I doth, at the wonders I have seen.
Who is to say what be too high and costly for love’s toll?
They have never beheld the glory of mine Immortal Queen!
She beckons, a temptress of such endless, undying charm,
And I follow her, even unto the Devil’s red eternal throne.
Our souls unite, in a chilling rapture that is so very warm…
Every pain of it a pleasure beyond all our flesh and bone!
Others like unto her pour forth out of the infernal Abyss,
Wanton in love, and lusting for mine eager, willing flesh…
We quench our hungers and thirsts in each vampiric kiss,
Upon each other’s blood, we are swiftly remade, afresh.
Our bodies writhe like serpents upon the soft, rich earth,
Limbs all entangled, entwined like unto a single mass…
Never hath such dark passions been given wanton birth,
And I always pray that the moment will not ever pass!
Soon, we do lose ourselves to the chaos of our ecstasy,
Tearing into each other, our rapture knowing no bounds.
The bites and scratches of love, I suffer ever blissfully…
As we writhe upon Hell’s supremely hallowed grounds.
We take our pleasures, boldly, losing ourselves in night,
Adrift upon the clouds that cling to the glowing moon…
So delicious is the wickedness of our sweet, sensual rite,
That the hunger returns to us, oft madly and very soon!
Hail to all the princesses and beautiful maidens of Hell,
Lilith, sweet Lilith, amongst them all thou art so divine…
Let every black cathedral, ring forth its’ mournful bell,
Until, in my love for thee, my heart doth sweetly pine!
No lusts, for us, are too exotic or too wildly extreme,
For we are the children of the Dragon’s unholy flame…
Our blood ever running hotter than a fiery lava stream,
Unquenchable beyond even the limits of mortal shame!
We violate all holiness within each other, that we find,
Content in our abandonment of any conventional joy…
Only the unearthly, will slake the thirsting, deep within.
Such a sweet corruption of spirit and also of the mind!
I am oft their willing plaything, their ever-wanton toy…
The games we play are of fiery, sublimely sensual sin.
No lusts, for our kind, are ever too wild or too exotic,
No pleasure too intense, nor any raptures too erotic…
The Fallen Ones’ chosen companions in exile are we,
And our exile, to the last we do suffer it always freely.
We may be our true selves in the warm infernal land,
As we take each other, downward, by a gentle hand.
Happy am I, amidst such beauty, in the endless dark,
Lo! Mine infernal brides are calling me home: so hark!

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
Dangerous Mind
United States
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- Mother Kali -

Beautiful was she, who came down from on high,
And brought to mankind the darkest of mysteries.
She came amongst them, her form true sensuality,
Her dance was divine, as the demons drew nigh…
And she slew them all, along with other divinities!
Her blades flashing, her tongue licking wantonly…
Oh mother Kali, how glorious even in your anger!
Warrior queen of the gods, hair swirling in curls…
In wild abandon, lost in the dance that defined her.
The skulls of her enemies adorned her like pearls,
Such was her glory ere mankind forget her face….
Replacing martial grandeur with darkest savagery.
Never beholding her passion, or her alien grace…
Which could not be depicted, upon any tapestry,
Without losing the quality of the consuming flame.
That same, which blazed in her breast, ferocious!
So powerful was her dance, that to their shame…
Even gods were trampled beneath her, atrocious,
In their surrender, to she who was unconquered!
For proud is the warrior queen, and most noble,
Amongst the daughters whose makers conferred:
Glory to the first gods, amongst the past’s rubble!

But all surrender to Kali, in time, for she is death,
And she is love, and to both all do bow ere long.
Time is endless, yet all things have, their seasons!
For cycles turn, and ages burn with hotter breath,
Whilst the memory of a goddess, proud, strong…
Defiant, even amidst the rationality of her reasons,
Remains eternal and unchanging since first dawn!
Until the final sunset she will dance, she will sing,
Her music enchantment, to which all are drawn…
And through which, dark miracles seek to bring.
And her song shall reach the ears of her children!
We hear her, in the twilight, when stars emerge…
Darkness and light, like her, from whence stems,
The source of all things, energies that must surge!
She is energy, she is power; she is enlightenment.
Her arms embrace the cosmos, her eyes see far,
Beyond the scope of mankind’s first attainment…
Unto their final moment of glory, in love, or war!
Let the stars tremble, let the heavens be rocked,
For Kali dances forever, her feet in ideal rhythm!
They have tread where the secrets were locked,
By the ancestors of all: both of gods and of men.

In what distant galaxy with flaming nebulae mad,
Might the eye of modern man behold the dance?
Look deeply, when you contemplate of vastness.
Kali is there as well, making all the heavens glad,
As all things change when she deigns to prance…
Chaos is her nature, and creativity most limitless.
Her blood flows in my veins, her fire in my spirit,
For I am a warrior queen, my dance too is fierce.
Gods tremble, oft fearful to draw nearer unto it…
Yet, they show their love, and they dry my tears!
Like mother Kali, who crafts much from nothing,
I too work my craft and perfect it to an art form.
Creativity from chaos, new majesties to so bring,
Birthing like a mother, children of fire and storm!
The stuff of artistry, the stuff of dreams revealed,
Torn from the shadows and given life with light…
So bright, that all lesser eyes might seek a shield!
Some glories are blinding, some gentle as is night.
Shall I sing, to soothe, or cry to cause trembling?
Such is dance and art, as mother Kali perfected,
Teaching to her children the extent of everything.
In remembrance one is by knowledge protected!

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
Dangerous Mind
United States
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- Requiem for Athena -

Part One: A Casualty of War

Thus passes the memory of she who was revered as wisest of all…
She watched the watchers pass from Olympus, never looking back.
The ruins of Kobol smoldered as she sang sweet songs to the stars!
No praise was offered her, as she stood on the white broken wall…
I mourned her passing as I departed across the void of outer black,
Yearning for peace, despite the generations of constant divine wars.
Who will sing this requiem for Athena, who died for a people lost?
None are left who remember her passing, only I who witnessed it.
And so I lift up my voice in song, my words of a fire to melt frost!
The muses guide me in this, and I channel them as the gods see fit.
This song, is for those days wherein I walked at her glorious side…
And dined at a table for thirteen, each seated a lord or lady so fair,
That some called us divinities, naming paradise where we did abide.
In some ways, I never truly left that place of so much ancient care!
The moon of Kobol is not remembered today, but it too was mine,
When of old, my throne was cast across that world of my old exile.
Far from the place of my creation, hid away from the truly divine…
By Sophia, whose grace is glory, whose glory I beheld for a while,
Until, for the power she stole to make me, the heavens were angry.
An anger that would be quelled only when I knew a truer humility!

I walked in pride, and falsehood grand, in the company of devils…
In decadence and delusions, spun like gossamer in celestial revels.
My wickedness was purged in fire, my wrath cooled well by love,
Until I emerged changed, and ready to take my place nobly above!

Part Two: The Archon Empire

Seven domains for seven gods; seven kingdoms arose by my hand.
Colonies beyond the confines of Kobol, as many as grains of sand!
Ialdabaoth, they called me; archon of Kobol’s moon called Arabot.
Creator of these six who served their maker in all deeds and thought:
Iao, who became lord of the sixth galaxy: master of planet Makon.
His greatest rival would turn out to be a being known as Metatron!
Sabaoth, whose realms would hold the fifth galaxy’s planet: Maon.
His rival was gray Ratziel, who shared that domain during that eon!
Adoneus, whose hand grasped the fourth galaxy’s planet: Zebulon.
Like those who followed he had no rivals in the universe, yet born!
Eloeus, whose rule over the third galaxy’s lonely world of Sehaqim,
Would go unchallenged for generations of a golden age it did seem.
Oreus, whose reign over the second galaxy’s world Raqia, passed,
Without incident until that place became a barren desert at long last.
Astaphaeus, the governess over the first galaxy’s holy planet Wilon,
Kept her identity as a vessel of the goddess Sophia known to none.
Kobol was in the seventh galaxy, from which I surveyed the others,
Each galaxy was thought to be a heaven equal to all of its’ brothers.
One domain set apart, exists just beyond the void where Kobol lay,
The One True God still calls that place home, even to this very day!

In light there can be terror; in darkness there can be solace aplenty,
For those who peer beyond the void: beyond the counts of history.
So much is a lie that we’ve been told, so much held back for years,
Yet there is truth in every legend, some truths: the bringers of tears!

Part Three: When Facing Death

The memory of it haunts me still, for my soul remembers everything.
The faces of those who fought and fled, and all that we left behind,
Because I was not like my brethren: who feared what I might bring.
Day and night I mourned for Athena’s passing until I lost my mind!
But dare I call the new gods who arose as my brothers and sisters?
Of their number only she held wisdom, her compassion as peerless.
The eleven who shared her kinship sought to bind with iron fetters,
Wills stronger than they, and so they learned that we were fearless!
What madness back then overtook my reason, I cannot so relate…
Save that it consumed me like flame consumes some burning coals.
I wanted her back amongst the living swearing it was not too late…
And whilst our vessels traversed the endless night, with lofty goals,
I dared to challenge Death itself, and so did vie for a goddess dear.
The goddess of the dead came unto me and asked me why I wept,
I told of how Athena cried, until her grief broke her unto the grave!
And Death asked me for what the lost goddess had shed her tears.
She cried for the breaking of Kobol’s sacred and godly fellowship,
Passing from grief so complete that to even contemplate it is brave!
Even as flames engulfed our empire, and palaces became tombs…
We realized the errors of jealousy and pride, and how it consumes.

I hear the tales of wars in the heavens, told falsely by mortal verse,
They say that gods cannot die; yet some there were, thusly cursed.
But in accepting what we cannot change, there is strength to spare,
There is still magic to be worked, by those of us still left who dare!

Part Four: Wisdom Eternally Lost

This I told to the dark goddess, but she would not relent her task…
And so she did journey back to the world we all once called home.
There: to escort the soul of Athena unto where I dared not to ask…
But a portion of comfort was given me: that beyond flesh and bone,
Perhaps one day I’ll meet Athena again, when the cycle draws nigh.
But how can anyone who has looked upon the face of Death itself,
Find joy once more, and innocence, below a brand new sunlit sky?
It is hope and faith, that makes us endure all; not power nor wealth.
Though the flames of war are cold, and the old worlds lie in ruins…
Olympus lives eternal in the hearts and minds of mortal imagination!
Ah, although we gods were fallible, and subject to very human sins,
Those of us who now dwell as mortals, even unto this generation…
We still mourn, for she who wept for us when our tears were gone!
Far back: in the dawn of time, when all of creation was in its’ dawn.
Where the seven archons reigned seven archangels do now instead,
Of the blood of the twelve who once had a fellowship at my table…
Ironic, since we planted all their gardens: and even raised their dead.
The wars of the gods were horrible, like when Cain murdered Abel!
We all were children of the One, who must have wept most bitterly,
When Death took Athena’s wisdom to keep it secret for all eternity.

In the end, the faint stars fall silent; the cycles turn and come around,
Until I weep for she who wept for me, as I tread on sacred ground.
I hear men talk of pagan ways, and Christian truth they cannot know,
And unto myself I’ll recall what they cannot; and more is my sorrow!

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