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deepest feeling

Thought Provoker
United States
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Poetry Contest

Describe the way you feel about anything or everything in your life
Poems can be any type you like. Only one poem per person. No collaboration. The poem cant not over a month old. If you have any questions feel free to message me.

StephenPaul Summerscales
Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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The Fountain Of Your Youth  

The engine growls
as down the road
I drive
turquoise is the colour
that shrouds
a street light night .

You feel much , more
than just a lover
through to the core
it is pure
content uncovered
inside I'm sore
from the lure
of all that's coming
can I be the cure
make me yours
far past an always.

surround an
almost bloom
this is how I found
the vibe around
the room
you're something
I found
not a second too soon
your guitar sounds
just like you do .
you turn up
the down
make flat round
give hope that truth
when you enter the room
out of tune
comes into view .

When I layed down
in the twilight
with you
all moments of doubt
down old fool chutes
the closer I held you
the more I felt
your truth
I plugged myself
the fountain of your
youth .


Thought Provoker
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Hungry Giants

in the absence of time nobody in the village aged
they stayed infantile in structure but had passions
that outgrew their appetites and size
it drove them mad to have something bursting inside them
and no outlet for expression
but Nature found a solution,
death at the hands
of a clan of invading giants
who bit off their heads
and chewed their bodies
which exploded
and killed all the
hungry giants

Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom
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A Ticket to Nowhere.

If I had a ticket to no where
I'd jump on that train right now,
and change my name to No One
and still get by somehow.  
If I could live on nothing
I wouldn't go without.
And everything wouldn't matter
that's something I don't doubt.
If I could turn my life around
it wouldn't be upside down!
And I would know myself inside out
and prefer to swim rather than drown.
If I could paint myself invisible
I wouldn't spy on anyone.
But be contented with the presence
of my absence in being here yet gone.
If I could fill the void with emptiness
I would be at peace.
But the void is swamped with longing
and the longing just wont cease.
If I could stop starting
or start stopping, I would do that now!
and wouldn't be backwards in coming forwards
to tell everyone else how!

Thought Provoker
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                THE DEEPEST FEELING

The deepest feeling in life is knowing your going to die .

What would you do if you knew death was coming closer as every year that passes by?

You sit in your room while the world moves on throwing up blood and feeling the burning in your lungs.

The cancer takeing affect slowly killing you inside and out .

You watch as your friends move on with there lives knowing you are going to die.

They stop comeing to see you and hear your voice your stuck in a room all alone.

You go out side and find a love and you make some new firends but what is the point when you know your going to die .

The kemo treatments arent working your lungs burn with each breath you take.

You look sickly and people think your anorexic or blemic not knowing the real reason.

The first time you threw up blood infront of someone they freak out and call you names and walk away.

The deep feeling in my life is knowing I am going to die when I dont know 6 years or less depending on when the cancer decides to take its corse.

You can sit there and laugh and call me name but one thing is live in my shoes befor you try and juge me ......

Dangerous Mind
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Belle dame

Belle dame, all the nights that I live †
I dream of kissing your left hand †
Just your left hand, my pretty love †
The one near your wonderful heart †

Belle dame, all the nights that I love †
I dream of hearing your soft laughter
Unaware of the world, lost in 'Us' †
Oblivious of everyone around †

Belle dame, all the nights that I live †
I dream of your timeless beauty †
Guilty of glorifying your elegance †
With the pure gesture of my soul †

Belle dame, all the nights that I love †
I dream of our first encounter †
Magnifying our love, happy to count
The days before this wonderful time

Lost Thinker
United States
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Finally growing into the man I should be
Finally opening my eyes to what my heart can see
Finally realize I cant hide behind laughter
Finally focused on today not the days past or the day after
Finally threw away depression and insecurity
Finally reached full potential and emotional maturity
Finally can look in the mirror and honestly say
You are a better man today than you were yesterday

poet Anonymous

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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Colored in Madness
Colored in madness I start to type. I tell a story for the broken to hear, though all may listen if open to fear. We write, We type, We dance, and We sing. We live in creation and all the madness it brings. When you live with the will to fight and do as you please, the war drags you in for both the wrong and the right. You must keep your will before youíre dragged to your knees. Colored in madness I lay down the messages and lectures left in my head. The the words rage on even when the logic drowns away. Deeper meanings and lost lessons sewn into time itself with the voice in my head, and itís these voices, these lessons that are left to stay. When youíre colored in madness let the words paint your story as they make your colors shine through. green of envy rolls in your eyes, yellows joy plays childishly on your lips as a shadow hovers along your every feature in a sorrowful black. Your skin glows and blends plum and rose hues of anger and fear balanced by grace dancing rays of white and peach through your hair and face. Excitement screams through you with streaks of wild blue in your eyes, on your arms, and across your chest. The colors of madness leave you with a relieved blush of pink along your shadows and highlights with gentle care.

Thought Provoker
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"There is no love in fear"

I thrive while others are in fear
While I bring pain to the weak
but especially the powerful.
Ingrain into their minds
tearing them to pieces
to reconstruct them
into what I believe them to be.
I thrive through others torment
especially in yours.
The feeble minds, their fear
their essence fuels me & while I...
I.. know our conscience is one
In the infinity of our minds..
I will inflict my pain upon others
to know that I am alive.
It is here, in the aftermath.
Where the flames engulf
the supposedly innocent
now I know; I know with absolution
that I, with all I have carried
burns in the furious flamed
fuelled by siphoned petrol
every drop of it a drop of sympathy.
With every life I take, pieces
of my soul, my sanity & security
are returned.

Do not 'award' me for my work.

poet Anonymous

Ye Olde Sappy Ass Love Poem

he's always asking
"have I told you lately?"
because he cares that I know he's enamored

I never wonder if he thinks I'm beautiful
I just question how he could at times
no matter whats going on or how low
I feel like sinking
when I've had my fill of tries and gives
stretched thin and trembling
convinced of my failure

and confined by insecurities that hold me convicted
imprisoned behind the walls of my own thinking
he knows me in ways that reveal me to myself
understands the parts of my mind that I thought I'd lost

I know when he's above me
it's to offer a hand and refuse to budge
until I get back up

he say's that I'm the best of all of this
even at my worst
he can reel me in and build me up
and when i'm down he knows how to lay beside me
holds me together in his arms providing a safety
I've never known before

his every action speaks a testament to devotion
he can lose his ego
without worrying about its return

he'd rather gain the upper hand by making me laugh
would sooner gallop around the room
like a dancing horse
than get loud to force a point

I always thought of love as something I gave
and I'm lost in disbelief at the honesty
with which it can be received

he tries to steal a little dance
as I'm headed to the kitchen
kisses my cheek and asks
"have I told you lately?"

and I say
yeah you have
but the beauty is that you don't have to

Fire of Insight
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.:A Muse-Meant for Mrs. S. T. Night:.

keep insisting;
measured opinions
openly negating definitions; all
nicely collected earning return

yes, thatís what Iíve learned
what I was taught while dancing outside with the moonlight
that every dog isnít up for the fight; no doubt
some just give in, they get tired
broadsiding bitches
worn down by their own[ed] ego
they just let it go and
move-on to nowhere special

setting out
in pursuit of another life [mourning]
once arrived; they
dress in their sun-downerís garb
searching for another
suitable defeat

martyrs hate to win; for them
itís like surrender
tears of the crowd defining
their splendor
that.. and the last word
which they
never get to obtain

poet Anonymous

The Whisper Train

It rips through Dark Death Valley like a polar express,        
a red hot locomotive fueled with nastiness.        
Itís loud, but called The Whisper Train on rails of soot        
between Downtown Slumville and Uphill Snoot.        
Black whistle like a thistle through thick hashish smoke        
announces its arrival to the blind town folk.        
While red flags fly in clench of gnarled, ugly hands        
The Mudblood Swingers strike up boxcar band.        
How sad that there are bones and skulls---and some with names---        
which forcefully are fed to loco engineís flames.        
The spirits haunting in berths are a wicked bunch        
who suffocate the porters and suck tar for lunch.        
I watch the many faces grimace through the panes        
of bloodstained windows on the dirty Whisper Train.        
Iíll never board that train because itís bound for hell.        
Sparks fly from burning wheels and greasy, bad brakes smell!        
How the Gossip hisses hard in glasses high        
held by the passengers inside as boxcars fly.        
My heart breaks as I see you on that row, my friend.        
Iíll throw a rose on wreckage when you come to the end.

poet Anonymous

Most of the time, I despise myself
and wish I could stop gathering dust upon my shelf
My hopes, my dreams, they have all come to a stop
I wouldnít mind if my life ended with one pop

I do not know how to let go and honestly feel
Because most of my past has been a one-shot deal
At one time, I had it all; nothing stood in my way
Then my mother died, and I was unable to figure out what to say

With that, I lost my siblings and nearly my life
But there werenít enough pills to say goodbye, that one cold night
So here I languish, in a personal hell
It is as if my mind is locked up in a four-foot cell

Unable to love or show happiness
Always allowing myself to regress
I cannot get out of the funk
And I fear failure on every front

At this time in my life, when I should be grateful for surviving
I, instead, refuse to move in any direction, especially toward thriving
Nasty, obese, and mean to everyone I am near
There is nothing left in my life, so I pray to die from the fear

This is how it feels when you sit back and relive your life
Especially when youíve allowed your heart to be cut by anotherís knife
Unable to live and follow your dreams
Nothing anymore is as it seems

This is how I feel about everything
that takes place inside and around my pathetic being
I hate, loathe, and regret what Iíve done
And Iím too scared to take off and run

Just G
Fire of Insight
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an eternal balancing act
between rutted stability  
and enticing madness
because they are never
one in the same;
if I should falter
it wouldn't matter,
whether fluke or fate

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