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Mirror, Mirror

Thought Provoker
United States
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Poetry Contest

Write a poem about what you see when you look in the mirror
Don't be afraid to go deeper than appearances. What really matters is what is on the inside.

Medium length poem, any style
be creative!!

Thought Provoker
United States
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Stoopid ugly self centered prick
thinking with only your fucking dick
Try as I will to always do right
I continue to fuck up night after night
please kill me
please kill me
please kill me
I don't want to be this reflection no more
I'm tired of being this fucked up whore
I'll shatter this mirror with a white-trash can
like I've done a thousand times before
and see my reflection
scattered in shards of glistening glass
scattered across the white-trash floor

The Switch
Twisted Dreamer
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Dead eyes search a mirror,
asking am I real or a ghost?
The body is a vehicle minus a driver.
A lost soul haunts it's host.

The world becomes so very vivid
when something inside is dead!
You walk outside of your skin
and live within your head.

Funny how fucking & dying often
show up at the same place.
You can't blame us for trying
we're still part of the human race.

Same race, different breeds
similar bodies, different needs.
Some are young, some are old,
whilst you are warm, we are cold.

We were once warm
before we died alive.
We feed, fuck, fight 'n kill
for that is our will and drive.

Cameras never lie,
whilst mirrors hold secrets untold.
Look for the spark in your eye
check you've not gone cold.


Guardian of Shadows
United States
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Voices From The Past

My Grandmother’s hands are mine, now,
And my eyes are those of all the Finns before her,
Alive with knowing,
Yet maddeningly, stoically, calm.

I look through my skin
And my seventeen-year-old soul is still there,
But her hair is whitening,
Lighting the rainbow of all hair-hues at once,
Such that it’s impossible to tell what color predominates;
My mother’s hair did the same, at my age.

There are no wrinkles, yet,
But there has been slight shiftings—
Gentle nudges from the women before me
Saying “It is coming,
But you still have time.”

I try to replace the lost years
And preserve what is left,
So that when the one I call “daughter”,
Studies her own mirror,
She will remain hopeful that time will be merciful,
And there will be good things to look forward to.

poet Anonymous

Looking at the reflection of my face
I see a stranger caught up in a race
No longer pretty; no longer thin
I’m losing at a race that I was doomed to never win

When I was young, I made heads turn
Now, the mirror shows the true path that I took, which was to crash and burn
It shows in my whitening hair, my wrinkles, and my scars and dark spots
My eyes are set in more and now appear permanently bloodshot

If there are days when I feel like I am twenty years old
I look into my own eyes and see someone crass and cold
I’m afraid to be out in public and scared to see anyone from my past
One look into the mirror, and it is clear that beauty doesn’t last

There once was a time when I had it all
An Italian beauty as voluptuous as I was tall
Men would turn their heads completely around
I used to try walking by them without making a sound

Now, I imagine that they are wondering
If the girl they see used to be pretty, or if they are dreaming
That is the same thing that I say when I see the reflection of my face
in the mirror, where true life shows its rapid pace

After living a life full of self abuse
I stopped caring and kept asking what is the use
It is not what is inside, because no one cares
And now that it is not what is outside, no one stares

Staring, for a minute, at the face looking back at me
I see the old woman that I am destined to be
Though I am still young, it is what is in the mirror that is surprising
I am a stranger caught up in a race; fighting old age is my uprising

Thought Provoker
United States
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Tell me a Beautiful Lie,
I Don't Want to be The Worthless,Broken Girl I See,
Please.. Someone Fucking Change Me,
I don't Want to See Me,
Someone Please Change Me,
I Don't Like Seeing My Reflection,
The Broken Girl, Covered In Scars,
Head to Toe,
Show Me Something I'd Love to See,
Broken, Imperfect, And Sure as Hell Not Worth It,
Tell me a Beautiful Lie,
Why do You hate Me So Much..
I know you don't give a Fuck..
You watched Me Bleed and Cry..
And Now The Least You Could Do is Tell Me a Beautiful Lie..
Change Me...
Please...someone Fucking Change Me

Duncan Alexander
Dangerous Mind
South Africa
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I think you're pretty selfish
and pretty self-obsessed,
you're not grateful for your family
take for granted all you've got

you can be arrogant, self-righteous, an outright asshole
self-piteous, dishonest
you revel in your victim status
because it's all about you,
all about what you decide to do

You are actually a cunt
an intellectually egotistical attention whore
hooked up on posturing
posing your thoughts and theories, observations and insights
on anyone who will listen
the distance from your head to your heart
the hand of humanity to your highhorse is the distance
between the truth and your ego,
too far away for anyone to get a high resolution

should take a shotgun to your face
a mercy
blow your intellect
it'd be grace

When I reflect on you I see...
it's 'you' and I don't like what I see.

Thought Provoker
United States
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Worthless and Pathetic,
That's What I See,
Not an Ounce Of Beauty,
Scars Covering My Arms and Wrists,
I Remember When That Use to Be My Own Twisted Bliss,
And Now, It Just Endless,
Useless and No Good,
That's What I Call Me,
Standing In The Mirror,
Looking Shitty as Can Be,
Oh for the Love Of God,
Someone Please Fucking Change Me,
Worthless and Pathetic,
That's all I Can See,
Something That Turned a Girl Into Nothing,
Stripping Her Beauty Away,
And Now It's Just a Cold Dead Corpse,
Motionless, but Still Breathing,
Falling apart On The Inside,
But Organized On the Out,
Fucking Worthless Without a Doubt,
Worthless and Trapped In My Own Mind,
This Is How I'll Spend My Time,
Letting The Mirror Do It's Purpose,
Screaming at Me Telling Me I'm Worthless,
Worthless and Pathetic,
Not an Ounce Of Beauty,
Someone Fucking Change Me

Strange Creature
United States
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I see your hand reeling back
And the bruises blossoming
And when I look into the glare
Behind the mirror’s dark reflection
Of the maps of scratches criss-crossing
My skin I realize my fault.
Why is it that when I see
Myself all I see is you?

Alistair Plint
Dangerous Mind
South Africa
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Wicked Evils, I love em All

Oh you

You chain smoking

Keep it real
as yesterday

You and I;
We're going
Change the



poet Anonymous

On Looking in the Mirror

Right away I'm looking at hair
like dark vines and snakes entangled
coaxing and pulling the brush
through snags and down my back
with as much speed and as little pain
as my patience will allow

and I wonder...up or down?

applying a quick moisturizer and
a light dusting of face powder
focused on keeping my hand steady
with eyeliner prone to smear and a bit
of lip gloss

my O.C.D. brain scanning the glass
for smudges
I never look past the chore of it
since high school I've been staring at
a face that may as well be a plate
a dish I decorate before guests arrive

a place for the most mundane tasks
where the reflection that says nothing about the person
resides imprisoned
behind pressures to present impressions
or be judged adversely
it's a no win

mirrors are things I only look at
when I'll be facing the world and
need to blend for a while
and I'm a recluse most days who wants
more time alone

I look at the glass
as I do when washing dishes
without judgement for the patterns or scratches
just another chore for the earthling

when I want to see myself
I close my eyes and open a dialogue
channel the parts that really make me up

but the apparition in the mirror
we don't talk
and I'm a better person
because we never have

StephenPaul Summerscales
Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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Who Do You See    

When you look in the mirror
is their someone else
defects in the shimmer
reflecting a hell
or a perfect winner
with stories to tell
the glimmer gets dimmer
when I look for myself .

To step into the world
of other direction
would all the wrong turns
become the right selection
we only ever learn
upon reflection
inside I die and burn
because of all the rejection
I wish I could so turn
the dirt to confection
inside the mirror yearns
my own acceptance .

Who do you see
I don't know if  it's me
reflection  , rejection
direction  , selection  
the mirror always yearns
my own acceptance  
visual  , pictional
optical , recipricol
defects in the shimmer
the glimmer gets dimmer
I do not see the winner
when I look for myself .

When you look in the mirror
is their someone else
defects in the shimmer
reflecting a hell
or a perfect winner
with stories to tell
the glimmer gets dimmer
is their someone else

Who do you see
I don't know if  it's me
reflection  , rejection
direction  , selection  
the mirror always yearns
my own acceptance  
visual  , pictional
optical , recipricol
defects in the shimmer
the glimmer gets dimmer
I do not see the winner
when I look for myself .
I do not see the winner
when I look for myself .

Paul S...
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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I only ever look in the mirror
to shave...I've got the smoothest,
most hairless mirror you've
ever seen...ok, ok so there's the
odd cut or two, but who doesn't
like cut glass...I only ever
look in the mirror now to apply
sticking plaster to it...that's all
I see when I look in the mirror
now, a few wounds...

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Guardian of Shadows
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Reflections of my Mind

staring into the mirror
a blood spattered room
and a child holding
her decapitated doll

staring into her eyes
lighted by harshness
shining like silver coins
refusing iris lock

looking into this, my reflection
sorrow and grief dancing together
for lost childhood
hidden behind lined face crows feet

looking beyond the mirror
I see hope, a beautiful figure
faith in a gown of white
compassion as fragrance of kindness

beneath the wrinkles
lies honest beauty
graceful in thoughts
as always.

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