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Sounds like... less than 100 words competition

poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest

in 100 words or less, describe a sound. Be creative and see below for examples
The sound of my dogs paws on hardwood floors makes me think of cartoons
Different sounds invoke different emotion

frozen chips hitting deep fry oil
Or gasoline filling a car fuel tank
The sizzle of a crack pipe
The laughter of children
The sound of hunger coming from an empty belly
The sound of a tire blowing out on the interstate or glass breaking

Be creative
Waterfalls and waves and rain or purring kittens are probably hard ones to keep from being overly cliche ...

It is up to you what sound you pick
One new entry each please

2 weeks

poet Anonymous

My Blood Pump Her Iz Inn My Chest

It don't sound lyke a klock. Tick tock tick tock tock tock tick tick tick tick tock tock tock tock. Itz deeper den dat. It kums frum insyde a bosom. It taykes my breath away sumtymes. I Kant breath when it duz dat. My blood pump her iz inn my chest. Kan youse hear it.  Ain't know klock.

poet Anonymous

Thank you roachmill for kicking this comp off ! Nice one :)

Dangerous Mind
United States
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She wheezes
desperately pulling air into her lungs
with a deep grinding moan
air rattling around in her chest
exhaling in high sharp whistles
her short high pitched
breaths pounding like
a drum in her ears
she struggles to breathe

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Waves slapping the sea wall
Is such a watery sound
The diver entering the pool
Or children splashing around

But dryer noises can invoke
An image that is hard to miss
Slap her bum with a single stroke
And make up with a passionate kiss

Fire of Insight
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Few the sizzle of a crack pipe i wish u wouldent have listed that one my heart skipped a beat and whent rite 2 double time when i seen that yuck now i have a stumach ach lol

Tyrant of Words
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you know what's down there

it's under the floor
in the corner by the hallway
usually early morning before sunrise
reminiscent of times
when didn't know there was anything else
just the disconnect
nobody ever says i got your back
we'll bury these frey st. secrets
just bust your balls for showing any weakness
this large type animal growling
and a woman singing
in unison
serenading shadows to snatch at your feet
it's not a creaky door
or some loose floorboards
it's a reminder of how hard you tried to leave
the unwanted audio cure
for selective amnesia

King Sammy
Thought Provoker
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Tu, Tu,Tu,Tu

Chaos cruising in on A.k bullets
Insurgents chants, citizens dance to the tune of fear

Tu, tu, tu.

Endless gun shots, countless bodies dropped
Massacre, call Hotel Rwanda
The barracks miles away, washington way too peaceful
Millitary home finally, burghers breath relieve
G.O.C commands, all clear, the wind is past


Tu tu tu

Fire exchange, fight for dominion
Mediocre gun shooters with sophisticated guns

Tu tu tu tu

Trained soldiers with mediocre guns

Pa pa pa pa pa

Sound lost in the volumes of tu, tu, tu
Nonetheless victory is certain, insurgents submerged
Hoist the white flags of peace
Glory, glory, glory, yeah, yeah, yeah
Its a new day again, battle came on a halt
I wish I never hear tu, tu, tu again

poet Anonymous

_____________"Trade in the Old for the Safe and Newer"

Cackling away my fingers at the wireless keyboard without care.
In the room alone as usual.. Maybe a helicopter flew by low.
The ac's fan is silent as the props of that bird race by there.

The pulsing sound of oversize high powered speakers just outside the large boulevard.  Tap quickly by like a mad
race of natives on a wild hunt in the thickets of lands
so afar.

As I type and creak away on the old lazy boy chair.  
I recall a time of youth when the ancient single room
school house floors had their tune to prepare.

Now that school is gone but its still a park where the
children play.  The wooden floors traded for gravels and
sand.  High impact plastic and safer park toys for the kids these days.  I am glad that it would end so elegant this way.  

Thought Provoker
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a second added to infinity.
it's life gifted
by the death of countless seconds-
from the first generation to now-
this captured moment

but time, like nature, is indifferent;
obedient only to the Eternal.

once it gives,
it takes


poet Anonymous

This was a tricky one to decide- had me torn for a bit trying to pick
But...congrats to faceless
Thank you all who entered

Thought Provoker
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Thank you thank you miki, first for the trophy, second for inspiring me and others to write 😊

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