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Rune L
Fire of Insight
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Poetry Contest

Write a poem using a specific opening phrase
Write a poem in which the first four words are "The taste of blood". You can separate that into multiple lines,  or make that the first line,  or add to it to make a larger first line.


-no more than 20 lines

-no prose

-must rhyme

-must vote (see below)

-one entry per poet

The winner will be determined by a vote. Everyone can vote,  even if they didn't enter,  however,  the people who entered must vote or else be disqualified. Votes will be done by personal messaging to me, to avoid peer pressure. Also,  people who enter cannot vote for themselves. Voting will NOT be permitted until the competition has ended. Votes made before then will be discarded.

***NEW INFO***: Voting will be done by both pm's, and by a poll on a separate thread. I will link the thread upon the completion of this competition. You MUST vote both ways, because I am only counting pm votes, the poll is simply to demonstrate the votes to the populous of DUP.

Pariah Shadow
Dangerous Mind
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The taste of blood
so tantalizing and rich
better than mud
Comes in through veins
as a flood
on the lips of the vampire
who should
be in vast restful slumber
and would
if not for the seductively tempting
taste of blood

Rune L
Fire of Insight
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Thanks for starting us off

Dangerous Mind
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"Blood Letting BEseech"

The Taste of blood.
The suckling of juices.
I dare tell you its secrets.
It brings upon me so many more

Reason to beat and maim.  My
madness unleashed!  The iron
taste of that red flavor that
was drained.  Was what gave me
powers from the darkness I would

Rune L
Fire of Insight
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Good start guys.

poet Anonymous


The taste of blood
Is on my lips
The craving
Through my fingertips

Eyes like soot
Drowned in the mortal sea
As I watch the driftwood

The fragile face
Her blackened lips
Of death there was no trace

Guardian of Shadows
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The taste of blood, is due to iron
In the porpyrin ring of heme;
It's found in everyone's, yours and mine,
Come follow and you'll see.

"Heme" is short for hemoglobin,
The part in red blood cells
Which is the oxygen-carrying component
That binds the air from our lungs' swells.

The oxygen's needed for all metabolic
Processes in our bodies' lives;
Without it, the heart, arrythmic, systolic,
Will surely cause you to die.

So remember this, the blood you need
Gives life within your veins;
To purposely cut and watch it bleed,
Is not the solution for your pain.

Rune L
Fire of Insight
United States 2awards
Joined 22nd Feb 2013
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No more entries? Already?

poet Anonymous

Da Taste of Blood Vampire Poeum

Da taste of blood
floodz my soul
I drynk it alot
Eye forgot
eye wuz a vampire
floatin like a bat
above da highwire
every chance
eye gett
i suck necks
for breakfast.
Sumtymes I forget
its daylight,
nott night
then itz curtains
4 me.

Thought Provoker
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The Taste Of Blood,
Runs From My Wrists Like a Little Flood,
The Taste Of It,So Sweet And heady,
When the Blood Touches My Tounge,
I Only want More,I Just Can't get Over The Beautiful Colour,
The Taste Of My Blood,
Licking My Razor Blade While It Runs From My Wrists Like a Little Flood,
The Taste Of Blood,Bittersweet,And O,So Heady.
The Taste Of Blood,
Watching It Run From My Wrists Like a Little Flood

Dangerous Mind
Ukraine 2awards
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the taste of blood

The time is ticking by I have only a few hours
Taste it smell it seek it out my mind it devours

of all things it is the only thing in my lofty towers
Blood lets my children grow much better than juice from flowers

A momma mosquito's life ain't easy
It's not all just flying in the breezy

Oh that Carbon dioxide, oh that heat
Just let me drink that juice from your meat

Thought Provoker
Canada 1awards
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I love the taste of blood.
My lustful chase for blood
takes me to painstakingly,
far away places, just to feel the rush.

A drop, a drip, a gush.
Never mind my blush.
But my art form requires no brush,
because I'm truly dangerous.
I crave the taste of blood.

Tyrant of Words
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The taste of blood is yucky!
I don't like it
not one bit
and If I'm forced to drink it
I will pucker up and spit!
You can call me squeamish
or even a baby
But I won't drink it
and you can't make me!

King Sammy
Thought Provoker
Nigeria 9awards
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          My sword

The taste of blood
Sharpens my double-edged sword
The arouma for a war Lord
It's smell rises like burning incense to a god

I hate peace, it makes my blade go blunt
I love war, I'm a blood sucking demon
The flesh is a chopping board, the blood my hunt
I was made for this horrofic cunt

Serve me blood meal, I don't care if you sell.
I taste first like a servant and drink gallons like a camel.
The rage in my face, wild as hell
Makes me crave for more blood wells

I cut through the veins, just for a taste
I slit through the throat to make a blood paste
I'm like judgement, I come like a posthaste
With my sword dipped in blood, I stand poker-faced

D_Poetic Engineer
Dangerous Mind
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Angel_Of_Darkness said:No more entries? Already?

Save me a spot...I'm working on it; just busy right now!

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