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sektioN8ty (King Sammy)
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RUNNER-UP: Switchblade


an apple a day gives Macintosh the run

poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest

Wryte a poem on computers.  No rules. I am fare. May da best wryter win!

Strange Creature
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They may glitch
When you click
And they may
Get a tick

But it's magic
At you fingertips
With free websites
To get tips

Or writing
With no fighting

It's all
easy learning
For the mind's
quiet yearning

The blinking
Of a screen
Is evil
But not mean

It breaks your eyes
But no one care
Because it's your

poet Anonymous

Avast alerts me: Tool bar pain is caused by counting worms.
Then Wazoo takes over my home page upon expired terms.
Bells of Hell ring as a rank of devil icons run war maps
with the wingding skulls from my Corel and Java burns my lap.

I must unplug or be shut down.
Here it comes Here it comes Here it comes Here it comes.
Here comes my 19th pooter breakdown.

Now the board is damn demanding as Free Flash bombs light the screen,
Telling me, “Get with the program or Word Wizard will get mean.”
Black box warns “reboot or lose your poot”.  I’d like to boot the thing,
But the password’s lost in memory; It won’t recognize my pings.

This really BYTES.  I thump the ground.
Here it comes Here it comes Here it comes Here it comes.
Here comes my 19th pooter breakdown.

Oh viral strain
Hard drives me insane.

Well, nothing I do now seems to work
The sparkle razz on my screen is worse. Oh, please...

Why’d the font face change?  I didn’t punch a single prompting cue.
I flick to Youtube; Rolling Stones play "Nervous Breakdown" in full view.
Then the ghoulie hag jumps up and screams directly in my face
knocks my curser into fits as my hot keyboard levitates

Give me a bat to knock it down.
Here it comes Here it comes Here it comes Here it comes.
It’s just my 19th pooter breakdown.

D_Poetic Engineer
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United States
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Imagine if you could build
an exact replica of yourself
with a quadzillion RAM of memory
surpassing your intelligence
by quantum leaps and bounds.
A thousand megapixels of electronic viewfinder
hides behind its azure eyes meek as a lamb
complete with advanced CMOS sensors,
which can see through walls even in the dark.
Don't be fooled with those eyes
for they instantly turn lethal
once confronted with imminent danger.
Burst of lightning red lasers,
ten times powerful than tasers
hell's fury is on the receiving end.

At its core you will find the latest iOS—
the best and only one of its kind,
most advanced operating system by Apple.
Complete with countless built-in apps
and SIRI—
your wish is its command.
Unlimited WI-FI broadband
and total access to iCloud          
everything you need is at hand.

A list of high tech specifications
could go on without question;
a manifestation of sheer brilliance and
undeniably the best human invention,
but what the fuck are you thinking?
You forgot the most important
part of creation.

poet Anonymous


Torrenting around the peer2peers of cyberspace!
Sharing vast media mega uploads and downloads!
With the World at the click of momentous grace!

Guy Faux!  Julian Assange!  Snowden!  And The Pirate BAY!
Unite with Global Servers to make a think tank of
Ic's and servers that shall not ever stray!

Just like in the original Tron movie... the MCP stated!!
"I can't afford to have an independent programmer monitoring me.
Do you have any idea how many outside systems I've gone
into? How many programs I've appropriated?"

It was like a prophecy to be fulfilled.  For this battlefield of
technocratic warfare must be manipulated!  

Which Government or entity shall control the data streams?
Who will ultimately grasp the kill switch!  To the last of our
freedoms that struggle to stay afloat.  Along the passageways
of Democracy along the flowcharts of future themes!!


Dangerous Mind
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Renku : Apple, creator fo slavery

With your MacIntosh
You win the freedom to write
What you want in world

Nice for you, a so free man
And for Apple company

But how many kids
Work to build your computer
No more school, just work

It is named wild slavery
In Congo, China, others...

Nice, a computer
But what's the price for freedom
Slavery? Kids work?

Beware for your e-purchases
Not created slavery


King Sammy
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Apul hakin mashin

wan clik, milion slitz thru codez
nu upgraid, kip mark-in-toche
make soft-wears , eye pro- jet tu space
High-ba-net, F.B.I trooping wit a shot-dawn
dusk on ma scrin, my theft shoes off
I'm gonna re-boot again and coz mo viral havok
Diz tyme, I'll skype thru lyk faze-buk
whatsapp? I'll twit u ma insta-gram pix
Type QWERTY and stat a fresz lyf
I've bittin a big poshion of da apul
Tu Dhell wit dat hage-pee
Mute dat Sam's-Song, it makes me luz ma acer
Just gimme mo bigga bytes of Apul

The Switch
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The Hacker.

He's a master manipulator,
of both people and machines.
He gains access to their brains
by seeing through their screens.

He has the power to infect the mind,
even hack the soul!
and you can't shut him down
nor regain control.

He has all the information
he could ever need
to lure his prey in with temptation
and plant the deadly seed.

And this is the type of virus
for which there is no cure.
He's so hypnotic
his victims become robotic
to the very core.

He can play their life in real time
right before their widened eyes
and put on loop their every sin,
all embarrassments and lies.

He can even show them
exactly how they're going to die!
as they freeze in their seats
unable to squirm or cry.

So beware of the hacker
with your every search and find!
For he can hack your soul
and infect your mind.

Twisted Dreamer
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Tappity-tap; CLICK!
E-verse is my oyster
Buy things from the whole world round
Like sweaters from Peru
To too tight pants from Italy
& girly boys from France
Load up all my bullion, feed it to and fro
Facebook, Twitter...Instagram
Tumblr and the like
My ego has no shame
Facade must have its purty paint
Regardless if I am or ain't
Now 'scuse me whilst I self my taint:D


poet Anonymous

Youse awl dunn good. Youse awl reel wryterz.  Da winner kapshured my hart. Da runnerups took sum uv my brain. Everybodee else took my soul. Dankie.
Tanks fur playin'


poet Anonymous

I knew you had a cuz on this site! SektioN8ty! Congrats
This was great fun for all, and my laptop lid laughed.
Thanks Roach .

King Sammy
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@ Roach thenx loads.

@HollyDove thenx a millie. laughed? lols.

nice comp everyone...

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