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Twisted Dreamer
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Poetry Contest

“Freedom cannot be bestowed — it must be achieved.” - Elbert Hubbard

In the spirit of the Fourth of July, Freedom and Independence comes to mind. Write anything that comes to mind for this day. It can be for your self, about your self, or to some one else, anything. Pictures can illustrate with your written piece. Have fun with it, be creative!!!!

350 word max
no collabs

3 entries per person

Tyrant of Words
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Freedom Taste Good

R ecognizing our rights, gives reason for festivities
E very American partakes in freedom’s fireworks
D eclaration of democracy; highly praised

W aving flags seems more vibrant and visible today  
H istory, blazing the night skies with beautiful sparkles
I ndependence celebrated across the land
T hrough every state, community, and home
E quality commemorated on the fourth of July

B ackyard cookouts, ball games, beer and parades
L ife liberty and the pursuit of happiness
U nited as one, yet my mind is focused on one thing;
E ating BBQ and asking, "Who made the potato salad?”



poet Anonymous

13 and the 13 (on July 4th)

The fireworks exploded noisily into fountains
of colorful lights and inspired awe
we all oohed and clapped
ketchup covered hot dogs in hand
red, white, and blue with stars on t-shirts
flags abundant in a patriotic display of nationalism

Independence Day it was
my first year in the USA
shed of the crown in 1776
the "land of the free" since then

it was all explained
"with a Coke and a smile"

I asked if they knew the Natives
had sided with the British
how stolen land that should still be given back
was being fought over again
as the poor paid the costs of another war
without a choice

John Adams called it "a day of deliverance"
as sovereignty was denied to every tribal nation
the declaration written on hemp and signed
13 states unified

the "colored" people built and farmed the country
fed and kept the gentry
alongside the Irish who'd barely survived their own genocide
politely called "potato blight"
because the winners write the books
and tell one side of things as truth

while religious bigotry and capitalism formed the foundation
for a land of brainwashed serfs in a feudal system
to celebrate their freedom and swear allegiance to a place
filled fuller with devils than Hades
much less Britain

I was 13 then too
and "one nation under God" seemed a little sketchy
to me already

Twisted Dreamer
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Thank You Rain & Miki for kicking this off!!!!

Austin Rura
Thought Provoker
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"Intrepid Independence"

Are we Americans are we the people?
If were fighting terror then how can we be evil?
Just goin under god sharin hymns under the steeple
Are we free and are we brave?
Ask those left to grieve on soldiers graves
they'll tell ya that the U.S. of A. is fearless,
cheerless, near stressed but useless of late.
We need to get our shit together or we'll be in this pit forever- we just need to two step this fate
just stick together get through this period of hate.
let the youth die young, go hard and be happy, this is truth and this is great.  
For intrepid independence is
and we need to accept this repentance and thank this nation under god for our sins-
that we enjoy everyday. we as the people just need to go forward and give back in every way--
or i feel the end is nigh- any day- probable.
a nation of life so therefor a nation of death- and death is unstoppable.
fuck a nation of god we need to become a nation of nature.
free speech, think not so who is really the hater? think back to thanksgiving, who then the invader?
god is a concept, not to be down on god yet, be a good person but these stories are nonsense!
i can go outside and find a log thats
older than a 5000 year old earth... that sir is ponderous.
keeping back intellectual progress! teaching against science so too those few all i can say is... godbless
so for just one day a year be not a holy man,
be not a teacher, be not a leader,
get wasted... yeah you two, the pair of ya,
just one day a year? fuck it take the whole weekend... and praise it fuck yeah do some shit this fourth to embarrass ya!
Cheers America

Twisted Dreamer
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My country tis of thee
Built on the back of me
Sweet land of liberty
My blood gave it, its peculiar taste
Of thee I see
What I saw was nothing free
Land where my father died
He cried in his sleep
Land of the pilgrim pride
It wasn’t their land, you made them into sheep
From every mountain side
Where I screamed in grief
Let freedom ring
Nothing was given to me

D_Poetic Engineer
Dangerous Mind
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Lucky are those who were born free,
but senseless forcing others to take it
Our very own cognizance of freedom
may differ from those we want to impose.

While we clamor for gay and abortion rights,
and other human rights so many to mention,
do you really think other people care about these
when all their concern is the right to exist?

Do you believe we're truly an advocate for freedom
when we encroach on foreign lands to satisfy our craving?
We just feed the needs of everyone's lust
for absolute power and total control.

We look dashing when we arrived on sheep's cloaks
and very eloquent spreading words about democracy,
yet, don't you think we are trampling upon someone's rights
when we leave them no choice to embrace ours?

Those who accept our trade with open arms
and support our ideologies, are mighty allies...
But how do we treat and call those people
who are peacefully living before we give them hell?

Have we not learned from history?
From time immemorial to present generation
nobody wins a war-- except for battles fought,
but the war mongers and entrepreneurs standing tall.

From the dense jungles to the rugged mountains
down by the raging rivers and valleys of death
our young soldiers bravely marched and fought
losing their limbs and precious lives for naught.  

As long as we are engaged in foreign ghost wars
and our greedy hearts don't fail to sustain,
then my dream of peace and freedom to choose,
will drift with the wind...buried in the abyss of time.

Fire of Insight
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Enjoy your freedom one day china is gona come
And collect all the oil war and innocent killing will
All be in vain enjoy your freedom one day china
Is gona come to collect

Tyrant of Words
Sierra Leone
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"Now, Mrs. Leery when that little Juan Sanchez says he doesn't have his homework, there's no need to send him to my office."


My sister is $60,000 in debt because she had the audacity to get an education
Meanwhile I teach thirteen year old kids who read on 2nd grade level
Doesn't matter though, their parents are the ones our congressmen want to build a wall for
Mind you these are the same men who think it would be a good idea for me to be armed to stop school shootings

But what am I complaining about
The nitrates in my crisply grilled hotdog will kill me off with colorectal cancer soon enough
I thought you only got that in prisons, built by the same guys building that wall
And passing out Colt firearms (has to be American made) with chalk and staples

Willie Nelson was right
When I die roll me up and smoke me

In the meantime someone pass me another burger
And another shot of Jack's

After all it is a celebration!

Twisted Dreamer
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I want the comp to be ended, but I accidentally extended it, and I will choose a winner once the time runs out. I do apologize for any inconvenience I may have caused but if anyone would like to still post in this thread in the mean time, it is ok to do so. Thank You ~Jess

Guardian of Shadows
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knowing has gnawed its way in, it's anyone's guess
how long its been jumping up and down trying to catch my eye
and so, to my innocents, a plea for some calm.
after all, blood is blood and stays blood forever
and nothing good could come from choosing

chances are, she'll be crying
and even just the thoughts of that
leaves a heavy stomach

my mind can find no rest from thinkings:
gallant thoughts
of captains and their sinking ships
and how they drown
with dignity

but that isn't for me, not now

it's funny how things change

Strange Creature
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Three words. Work Work Work.

Thought Provoker
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I don't need you to tell me I'm pretty.        
That's why I have a mirror that peers into the fiber of my being.        
I don't need your approval for intellect.      
I've got Ernest and Cormac to keep me sharp.        
I don't need you to tell me I'm crazy.        
I am delighted in my loose grip on your reality.        
I don't need the air you breath,      
when there's 1001 lives to go.      
I don't need your co-dependence,      
as I have all I need, in "my own" dependence.  

Tyrant of Words
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Upon the field
With sword and shield
Darkened skies
As lightning strikes
Form the ranks
It’s time for war

Soldiers march
Freedom’s cost
Standing firm
Or all is lost

The principals
Of poor man’s call
He gathers arms
To spread alarm
In the hearts
Of tyranny

Across miles
For a stand
Raise their fists
Across the lands

To stand in the face of tyranny
At the end of centuries
Standing in defiance of their kingdom
With the price of blood we chant,
The rivers red
Of all the dead
All for the need
Of tyrant’s greed
Now he lays
In his own blood

Word has spread
To this day
Of blue skies
Out of the gray

We stood in the face of tyranny
At the end of centuries
Standing in defiance of their kingdom
With the price of blood we chant,

The literate one
Lost Thinker
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Freedom's Cage

Freedom is that desired by most,
But its cost it the caging of others.
For one to truly be free,
One must understand and accept.
That ones freedom was bought,
With the cost of others.

The millionaire reaps,
The profit of others.
The thief,
Must take something.
The war victors,
Must take a life.
The dead man,
Will leave grievers.

Freedom is a cage,
That can only be escaped through replacement.
Freedom is mis-valued,
and is only gained by few.

Is not free.
But gained by,
Sacrifice of many.

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