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Lovely Loving People

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Poetry Contest

Write a poem that could woo even the most locked heart
The poem should be from the heart, as all love poems are. Write one to make someone fall in love.

No word limit, but try not to make a novel.
1 poem per poet
On your marks, get set, go!!!

Tyrant of Words
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      There is a Word

There is a word that stands out above all others
in the lexicon of every language
a small word,
a David among Goliaths
but a mighty word, formidable in its concept.

It’s a gift that can be shared
with the one at your side,
right there to touch, to speak that word
and take comfort in its truth.

Or it can be sent to one far away
one you may never meet
eye to eye, hand in hand,
nor ever hold in your arms
but one that you will keep
in your mind, and in your heart

I would carry that word into battle
as a shield.  face any attack.  vanquish any foe.
I will survive with that word
and I will die with it.

the word has been honoured in verses and songs
since the advent of poetry.

but you won’t find that word in my poem…

it is written in her heart.

Tyrant of Words
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Allow Me

I have been where you are or  once were
The sun shines more from where I stand
I would rather not stand alone
and I chose you

Refuse me and you will learn fast
I will not go away silently
I can show you how to smile again

I bring music, booze and even condoms
I know how to show you a great time
I wont even require a call tomorrow

However, you will feel at ease and even be able to sleep
Our bodies twisted in all the craziness
I saw you turn off your phone when you closed your eyes

Fire of Insight
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I am not beautiful; not even pretty.
Somewhere between grotesque and acceptable
No nice personality compensates
I am foul-mouthed and outspoken
Drink too much, eat too much
There is no veneer
No show, no cover
I am the asshole you see

impress no one; I am true to myself
If you have my love, you have earned it
And it is honest; I pull no punches
My words are foul, sharp, and flow freely
I have no time nor desire for flattery;
If I am yours, I am no one else's
You will never be forced to doubt that
Never question that I've proved it
Never feel that I've lied
Because I will be your friend first
And after
Your enemies are mine
and we will laugh at them together.

Thought Provoker
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poet Anonymous

A Poem About You:

I stay up all night trying to write poetry about you.
But I seem to be crossing out every word that rigidly flows onto the paper.
Out of 26 letters of the alphabet, I can't seem to string even a single word that's good enough to describe you.
So two in the morning, between five cups of tea and tired eyes I realise; how do I write a poem about poetry itself?


Twisted Dreamer
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I would compare your beauty to that of a rose, or a lilac,
But in your presence they would wilt away.
I would compare you to the goddess Aphrodite herself,
But she would look away in sheer jealousy and shame.
I WOULD compare you,
But why compare the incomparable?

It's not solely upon your beauty but your eloquence as well.
There is utter beauty in your words and knowledge,
For upon each phrase you straddle my mind,
Each word is a kiss to my soul.

Oh, and I made cookies

Strange Creature
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Chestnut eyes with a slice of the sky,
I am restless in his presence.
No words spoken, my heart hums a lullaby.
My lips are numb as I watch his shadow,
Withering soul, my true love is gone.

Lost Thinker
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(a)typical lovescene

fuckmefuckmefuckmefuckmefuckme *breath*
kiss me with a pebble and stroke the inner of my arm and do not worry i will never text you first but- but- but still,
i need you in the schizotypal stomach of my heart
for then,
            for now

Dangerous Mind
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Loving You

Caressing you all over
Gliding my hands over your shoulders
Sliding my fingers across your back
Stroking your chest with my palms
Swirling the backs of my hands against your belly
Slipping my fingertips down your sides
Kneading your thighs with my forearms
Pushing my knees gently into your buttocks
Pressing my thighs against your calves
Massaging my breasts into your shins
Rubbing the tops of your feet with the soles of mine
Fluttering my lashes against the soles of your feet
Kissing the back of your neck with my lips
Licking your tongue with mine
Seating your cock inside me fingernails lightly teasing your sac
How many ways can I say I love you with my body, soothe your aches so tangibly?
And intangibly?
Each caress, each touch conveys meanings beyond itself, deeper than the flesh being touched, seating itself in the soul.

Fire of Insight
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Tickle' Pink, The Light of My Life
Happiness when I made you my wife
I’m so contented you’re in my world
That I’m your boy and you’re my girl
A keepsake tied tight, roped to my heart
Bundle of Joy, never we’ll part

Never the type to tie me down
Feeling the safety “certainly I’m sound”
Cherishing your smile, loving your laughter
Other men envy and try to run after
But I keep you close each Day and each Night
Strung up for Safety; a move only right
And if you were ever to loosen a knot
I’d bury you neck deep and I’d let your ass rot


Twisted Dreamer
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I see the stillness of dusk,
a patient unveiling of you.

My copper cup holds clearness,
well water for the thirst burning you.

The stars blink after the sun's fire,
wanting the promise of velvet night

while we find each other.

Tyrant of Words
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I've always loved you
It's as simple as that

I don't turn this love on and off
To suit your moods or mine
It's always there
No ifs, no buts

Whether you love me or not in return
Is of no consequence
It won't make me love you any less

So there, I've told you how I feel
I'm so glad that I did
It feels good to finally share with you
I love you unconditionally

Do with it what you will

Tyrant of Words
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IF You Would Only Let Me

I wish I could grant the moon amnesty
just to keep you from seeing darkness
Manipulate the stars into falling
So your wishes could be in fingertip reach.
I‘d even bribe your tears to flow from my eyes
just to understand and feel your pain
so we can weep on one accord.

I’d eagerly inhale every flaw, dent
and crack in your existence; swallow your secrets
tasting the authenticity of you
just to lick your resin from my lips,
so when your name slips from my tongue
it will confess to the universe...
I 'am yours

When life seems dim and laughter is dormant,
I'll be your flicker of light in an opaque world
I’d coerce the sun to relocate in your eyes
just to be the reason behind your smile
and the shine in the gloss of your skin.
I’d knock down your wall of Jericho
remove barricades opposing love...

push through the doors of your conscious
so our minds could make love together,
ever so close in proximity of your heart.
If you would only let me love you,
I’d selfishly tip over life’s hourglass
so our time together could remain endless,
because forever is simply not long enough

to spend my life with you


Twitch Sway
Thought Provoker
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         -love stories-

i've found without doubt that i would die for you
and that's just lovely but i've found out something more
that if i would die for you then maybe i could live for you
because you've showed me that the love i have is yours
so i've been thinking i could love you like a trilogy
with all the mystery of the story not yet told
i'll be your king, be my queen and govern love with me
we'll write an epic to swoon the lovers told of old

and maybe i could love you like a manual of war
with smart defences and strong reserves to calm the fight
but there's a time for every story and i'll be making sure
that you hear erotic tales of romance every night
i know that i could love you like a thriller for a while
and you'd probably like it but i don't like to see you scared
there are lots more chills and spills among the stories i've compiled
but i'd like to keep us clear of the dramas there

i can't protect you from everything but if its something that i know
i'll be there to help with setting out a plan
and if i've got some average choices and can't decide which way to go
i'll turn to you because without a doubt you can
i really don't mind my love, which story is being told
just as long as we are reading from the same script
and i don't just read stories i can dream them up myself
so i've given some thought to the times you're wings were clipped

bring your dreams back from when you felt grounded
and if you like we can look at them again
to be seen afresh now your fears are unfounded
and dream some dreams that you couldn't have then
so take my hand and we'll skip down our yellow brick road
we'll stand claim to what our shared hearts intend
we'll make love on a hillside above an ocean abode
and i'll hold you close until long after the end

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