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peninnah (Sanaa)
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Letter to my love

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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You are my god, my king, my lover, my life.
You made it possible for me to smile,
you put life into my world when I never felt real,
you completed me when I always felt empty.
I can look up and see stars in the sky when all I saw before was darkness.
You saved me and made me want to be.
I could never be happier with any other or without you!
Without you I am nothing, with you I am something but together we are everything!

Lost Thinker
United States
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I see so much beauty in you
The parts you don't see
I barely know you
yet I'm in love
with the way you move
with the way you speak
with your differences
you're so different then anyone
Ive ever laid my eyes upon
or my hands upon
and I treasure that more than anything
your beauty is astounding really
you make me question reality
and you make me ask
why can't it include you?

Fire of Insight
United States
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A letter  for Her

I want to be the one you think of
When you see the elderly couple
Sitting side by side; watching days go by.
I want to be the thought that’s in your head
When you’re laying in your bed
About to close your eyes.
I want to be the face you see
In the clouds and in the leaves
Of the tall tall trees;  
and puddles in the street.
I want to be that missing puzzle piece
That fits inside your heart with ease
And makes your life complete.
I wish that somehow I could show you
That I can be the one to go to
When the sky is falling
Or you just need a friend
Until  that day  
Ill just stay happy anyway
For our friendship’s sake
And hope it never ends.

poet Anonymous

To You, My Lover
I know lovers are only to meet in the night
but the night is so dark.
you hold me and whisper "you do not need to be afraid,"
I yearn for you to do so when I can believe you.
cant you love me in the light?
cant you hold me when the sun has come up?
do you not feel the same?
......... no, I guess you don't.
well then hold me tight in the night.
keep away my fears in the dark.
I will be with you even when you don't want all of me.
I cant stay away for you are a part of me
so I will love you in the dark of night
without out our love seeing the light.

Dangerous Mind
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I'm unwriting a poem about you.
Should've done it long ago.
I'm unsaying things that meant the world
to us. I take them back and i'm left
undone and unwritten like yourself.

Cheers for that

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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I miss your gentle words

Making everything alright
I can’t tell you sorry enough
Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I would have stayed
Sad to say I had your heart and I gave it away
You were my all and I spent you innocence carelessly
Over and over I ask why?
Underneath this rock stayed a heart

For some reason it never beat
Utilizing its full potential
Could never see what was ahead
Keeping my past in rear view
You could never understand
Over analyzing shit
Under-estimating me

Drown in hell
I left for me

poet Anonymous

VOW, a testimony in ink

You tied me up in knots
Riffled ribbons ,unwinding
On days when the clouds
Hung low

I am careful to avoid
these hands
that lay folded

My eyes seek the surface
Of you, I hear
An echo
It is of you, my dear

Nightwinds whisper wishes
The concubine has left this bleeding heart
She aches frail and frowned
Loved by the lover profound

Tyrant of Words
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poet Anonymous

A Little less than

There are things in our lives that bring us bliss
Fulfillment of love from a simple kiss
Problems, they sometimes do appear
Misunderstandings, sometimes a tear
My best I give you, usually my plan
But perfect… I’m a little less than.

Dangerous Mind
United States
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For Him

When they were handing out lessons
in love

you obviously misunderstood
and got in line for kind of

there is no way what you do
could be misconstrued as love

because you suck at it

Guardian of Shadows
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A Letter to Angel

a flame within the soul
needing the desire to love
wanting to touch feel smell
the scents of carnality
evaluating this burning need
mere pleasure for a time
seed the universe with lust
or grow a life in a womb

love indeed, having worshipped
at its altar, that God created
he had spoken of Love above all
to Love, be loved, to forsake
all others, without whom no rings
were exchanged, except that curbed
the unwanted breath, to be birthed
yet he desired to fuse with another

Love yes, in letters profoundly stated
in words, spoken trembling voice poignant
advocating love, loving, promises made
it would come to naught those words
for Love, in love's needs and desires
limber offerings of physical contact
penetration into lust and hearts
of G-spots, could wander off afterwards

hear the beating of your heart
in love deep and true, or not
mere needs to curtain off the dark
of lonely years, wetting sheets
with your loving dreams
until such when you fly
from this shell free at last
or to fold your other half fast

stay true to love spoken then
when blush of youth bloom
stay true as they turn to memories
beneath wrinkles love stays honest.

Adam Amor
Lost Thinker
United States
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Blessed Love

I have ten fingers, ten toes, I'm blessed,
I've manifest, ed,
my destiny,
the rest of me,
I have not found,
I'm not truly anew,
and neither are you,
who, you, claim to be,
namely see,
these faces in the mind of me,
who is watching, watching me,
watch these, eyes of one,
I am one,
I, have begun…

So believe that you are real,
for real is what you are,
the things that you've seen,
from near here, to there far,
and you hear the car, and bus and boat and plane,
and you feel the rain, the torment and pain,
we see a million eyes,
we feel a million lives,
but only the truth will get us through,
and push us on and by,
hi world,
where is my girl,
where is my woman,
my womb,
my womb is my mother,
my father, my sister, my brother, no other,
so many words the English language is globalizing the world as we know it,
there is only ONE,
can you show it?

Can you reveal the truth that you find in your mind, in the time that you have when you relax and rewind the past,
breath and let go,
I breath, and I know,
someone sent me an email that said American Spirits are not organic,
it made me think of Elijah Wood,
Elijah Wood,
if he could,
so should he?
Would he?

And now my song is on a television show,
looking for a corporate sponsorship,
selling out to the mother ship,
the aliens are here, they've been here for a long time, forever,
for as long as I can remember,
so we sing these songs and write these poems,
words, where did we go wrong, I don't know,
thankfully though, I have a soul,
somewhere deep inside,
somewhere out there we connected,
I want to get high,
and be respected,
perplexed, it's,
making me feel kind of crazy,
to think that they try and take me for lazy,
I'm not having children,
I am not me,
I am the breath that I breath when I see,
you and your eyes,
your eyes of God staring back at me,
it's rather odd, this, odyssey,
the odyssey, like Homer,
Homer's Odyssey,
Greek Mythology,
these hip hop hypocrisies,
they're making mockeries,
of our prophets evidentially,
evidentially, so what does it mean?
Is this a police state,
what are police, wait,
do they even exist, hate,
Love, love love love love love, love,
Love will take you through,
Love will carry me through,
Love will turn into everything and bloom,
So beautiful,
so beautiful,
so beautiful my love,
my love for you is for forever,
for ever, forever, for ever and ever...

∆dam ∆mor
author of: '300 Girls: A True Love Story'

Thought Provoker
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Vitamin D

Unwrap your gift
Put it in your mouth
Give it a lick
Suck all the juices out

Take it slow
Let it marinate on your tongue
Let it marinate, marinate
Oh let it marinate

Do you like
The way it feels?
Do you like
The way it tastes?

Is it every thang, every thang, every thang
You need
Now tell me,
Do you like, do you like, do you like


Oh baby,
Vitamin D. That Vitamin D.
That Vitamin D is made fresh just for you.
So enjoy it Girl. Oh Girl. Oh sweet Girl.

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Dear My Prince Charming Ron,

Never in a million years did I ever think that I could find the kind of happiness and love that I have found with you. The way I feel for you amazes me daily. I have never loved before, not like this. Even after all this time, whenever you walk into the room, my heart still skips a beat. You are my best friend, my lover and my soul mate. All your kisses, brings me to my tippy toes. Your touch is like fire, I find myself time and time again, completely surrendering to your love. You are the world to me babe, and my world is brighter with you.

As we travel on our journey, hand-in-hand, there is no obstacle we can not get past. With you, I am strong. With you, I am happy. I love you and want you beside me, always. I love you because you bring the best out of me. Your terrific sense of humor. Everytime I look at you, my heart misses a beat. You're the one who holds the key to my heart. We have come a very long way and stuck by each other's side through a lot of pain. Those beautiful eyes of yours shine every time you look at me, it melts my heart still after 10 years.

Since day one we've shared something incredible, something that most people only dream of. I am so thankful and blessed that you love me as much as I love you, and that you made me your wife. With all my heart,I am forever yours. I love you Babe infinity plus infinity.

Love your wife,

poet Anonymous


..to be said,
about love.

in the shadow
of the rock, a daughter of Tyre
                      thou art my hiding place

dozing, salamander
curled, nose to tail,
fire banked, ready
for the warm breath
of a lover
on newly discovered flesh.
                     I will instruct thee and teach thee
                                  in the way in which thou shalt go

All is overwhelmed
by heat,
desire ripping
through dry brush,
treetop to treetop,
dry pines bursting to red life,
wave upon wave of
needles like lit matches, flaring, engulfed….
                     thou art fairer than the children of men
                                  grace is poured into thy lips.

Fire stirs wind,
breath brings
heat to skin.
Your touch, Princess of Tyre….
Oh oh oh
                        thine arrows are sharp

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