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Letter to my love

Strange Creature
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Poetry Contest

Something you'd write to your lover
it can be anything, sad, happy etc..

Jude Hurst
Strange Creature
United Kingdom
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Am I to be blamed?
We danced until silence came
And the embrace! Gods would be jealous.
I was happy. Tender frost grasped your heart
You ran from my fantasy, how cruel!
Tears of reality salt the earth
I suffocate without you!
You stole nothing from me
But gave everything I desired
Now it is smeared
With lovers blood.

Tyrant of Words
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To My Luv

knowing you feels like a life time of luv
I look upon days before our joining
each one blank in my mind
just as all that we've shared is to you now

I've known many luves filled with passion
they've all touched my heart sacredly
each minute since you they've all slowly faded
but yours still seems like yesterday

even though many days are gone
my heart fumbles beats when it feels you
holds back tears waiting to drip
upon tips of my breasts you used to lick

poet Anonymous

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Tyrant of Words
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What is it that you're doing to me?
This energy i feel when i read your words
When i think of you
Strikes in that place most sacred to me
A devilish feel of penetrating lust
From deep hidden passions long ago locked
Pierces me like Neptune's trident
Tells me to trust
When i try to gratify this desire
I'm blocked by the will of something higher
Wherever i am i must obey
And let this energy be on display

poet Anonymous

This is for you, you know who

Yes, I do regret that I ran
and yes, I am still your biggest fan

I am sorry
I know that's sounds empty

I didn't want to destroy you
I just---I just---miss you

Thought Provoker
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To my Rib.

When I say ' I love you.' I mean it .
The queen of my heart
The angel of my soul .
I found you among the thorny flowers
Carefully picked you not to pierce my fingers;
Smelled and you infuse your sweet smell into my bloodstream.Thank you!
On this day , all being witness,
With the commandment of our Lord;
I promise to love you in a godly way:
Be your nurse , when sick .
Cook your fav dish ,when your are tired.
Share my day with you; Read you your fav magazine on fashion .
Leave the door to my heart wide open
'coz I don't you to knock .
Bathe you ,when bed-ridden .
Hold your hand , When you feel like letting go .
Offer my ears ,when you feel unheard .
Be that Faith ,when you feel like giving up .
Be that counselor ,when you feel stressed out .
Massage your pain ;Your soar muscles .
Raise our kids ,when you are gone .

   And one thing :
To pray with YOU .

When I say ' I love you.'
I mean it .

Yours in love .

Fire of Insight
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DEAR BLACK COFFEE (love letter to the love of my life)

Dear black coffee,

Loving you has been one of the most challenging task and risk I have had to undertake in and with my life. When we met, I was required to open up and let you in. I had to be bold enough to share you, endure not being the priority some time, and not to mention the distance that stands between us most of the year. I had to re-expose my healing heart, let myself feel again and probably let you break me again. I had to grow up to love you and to let you love me.
However, one year down the line, it is with overflowing joy that I gladly announce, since I meet you, I have never been less of happiness, security and bliss.This has been the most awakening, breath taking and beautiful moment of my life.

Unlike the universe, we have experienced more than the four seasons. We have had our share of intimacy and utter fulfillment but we also have had our rows and moments of pure brokenness. There have been shared moments and memories made, secrets to tell and pasts yet to overcome. We have had each other’s back, stood right side on your arm you on mine and we have also fought, segregated till the conquer.There have been cold war and anarchy, supremacy and battles,thankfully,we remain shackled and chained.

Our relationship has been an adventure with a mix of both bitter and sweet turns.Tomorrow i know i will discover something new and mostly very amazing about you, but I can confidently affirm, i have taken my time and though it is still learning in progress,i have learn how to love you.

You are bold and invincible, in control and on top of your world.You are the definition of an alpha and a pillar. But this gentleman has not lacked flavor of bad boy lemon twist when the occasion calls.Lucky me,i discovered this hardcore armor is your shield.You are such a fierce and a great man, yet in a corner stands a boy very scared of pain.I know you been hurt and wounded deeply and hence the caution.You do not trust easy but when you do,you trust with your all.When you give out your heart,you do not hold back.

You the kind of man who have so much,own so much,controls so much,such that it becomes easy to overlook your needs.You are extremely comfortable in your skin and as a result, plenty of times I forget to ask simple questions such as“Are you okey?” “Is there something I can do?” “Do you need anything?”... However, am happy to realize my wonderful man is human enough and in need of attention and my affection as much as i crave yours.
Schatz,you spend each day running things,giving,taking care of family and everyone around you,and now I realize,though you got it all together,you are helpless inside.You also need someone to cater for you, ask and listen about your day,comfort and hold you tight each night and never let you go.

“In life,” you tell me, “There are no guarantees and nothing lasts forever.” Yet you continuously instill and invest so much in me and our relationship that I am no longer scared of dreaming or of whatever tomorrow will bring because,i know you will always be the one standing beside me with an umbrella over my head when it pours and the one handing that glass of champagne into my hand when the storm is over.

Habibi,you often tell me a man is worth two things in this lifetime; his name and his word.Well,i adore that name simply because it not always lives up,but it always outdoes the expected.As for your word,I know I can take it to the bank anytime.

Baby in such a short while,you have taught me so much, you have given me more than I could ask for,you have taken care of me in so many ways and each new day you continue to love and honor me beyond measure.
I know i cannot compete but my baby; it is my time to return the favor.

Unbuckle the belt,sit back,relax,and let me take the wheel. It is my time to take care of you, to give, replenish, nurture and fulfill you.

I would be lying if i said i will never disappoint or let you down sometimes, or that it will be sunnier all year.
But I can promise you,i do promise you,in my arms,you will never know pain.You will never face disrespect or rejection and I swear you will never again know the disgusting taste of heartbreak.

I will love you with all i got,support you without an inch of judgment,and i will adore you till the end of our reign.

Dear black coffee,by your side,i will ride till i die.

Yours truly, deeply, madly and dangerously in love
Cocoa Sugar-Cream
Peninnah Ng'ang'a.

                 (Written on 28/5/2014,but if i was to write another letter to  him,it would read pretty much the same!)

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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I love you without words...

I don't know when you'll read this, but I wanted to tell you...that you have become one of my dearest friends

And I would do anything to be there for you, like I would be for my dearest friends.

But I also feel...I need to tell you that, although you are one of the few dearest friends I have made, you hold a special part in my heart. A part of my heart I thought I knew, but you showed me there was so much more to it.

Your friendship is one that I cherish the most, maybe because it took so long to grow, or maybe just because you impacted my life so hard it has left a permanent mark. But not all marks are bad. You thought me to take chances, that it's better late than never, but it's better sooner than later.

You've made me remember that nothing in this life is given for free and nothing should be taken for granted, specially when it comes to people and feelings.

And I'm telling you, I never took your friendship for granted. And I know that your trust isn't free either. And that all it takes is a small step back to destroy any trust that is given

I don't know what will happen when I go home. I don't know what I will feel. I can't predict something when I have tried to keep my promises while at the same time trying to forget those promises ever existed because. I never forgot. I don't know if your dori memory applies to everything, but I wouldn't blame you if it did... I just can't ever find in myself to forget my promises...and if that hurts you, I apologize. But please, don't go away to "protect" me, don't cast me out of your life just because "I'm too good for you and deserve better".

You've might seen some of my "sad" fb posts...and they might of been true feelings, true thoughts that went through my mind...but there is one person that has the power to switch that. To make me forget about all my problems and pain.

And that person is you. I tell u that you don't hurt me, and we know that we've both hurt each other. But I tell you you haven't hurt me because, despite whatever pain you could've caused me, you are the one who takes them all away. With a hug, with a smile, with words that show you care.

I don't want to lose your friendship, if that's all you are able to give. And I value your trust too much to jeopardize it because of my own fears...

[Written May 9th]

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Time's Defier

Time mopes and sulks, disconsolate, in his lair -
Try as he might, things just aren’t going his way.
“It shouldn’t be like this, it isn’t fair,”
He grumbles, hour by hour, day after day.
“I run the world, I bend it to my will,
If I say ‘Fall!’ things fall, if ‘Cease!’ they cease.
I freeze the seas, I lengthen winter’s chill,
I set the lengths of wars, the dates of peace.
So why does she defy my mighty power
By staying beautiful, year after year?
Her loveliness continues yet to flower;
I chide her, but she doesn’t seem to hear.”
And who is this who makes Time so irate?
Why, who else could it be? My lovely Kate.

poet Anonymous


I dreamed of you again last night
and the longing has turned to lust
crashing against untamed shores
upon my body, in electric waves
repeating, repeating:
You told me you loved my poetry
and I wrote you into every single line
while you writhed in dark metaphors
haunted by post-orgasmic spectres
that kept us closer than Hell
and I craved the way your demons
sang seductive songs to my God,
the way your language turned keys
in rusted locks that lay dormant
simply waiting to be found
the way your intuitive mind felt pain
across oceans and desperate voids
that transcended the breath of hope
into palatable kisses, sweet incense
memories that caressed my ear.
You told me you loved my poetry
yet they are merely words without
the killer in you, the violence in me
lending spilled blood to indite us
into the bowels of linear history.

Thought Provoker
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A few words to you

I love you, yet we are so far apart.
I reach my hand out, cover another yard
and let my feelings flow.

My pen is scribbeling your name again
in the heart I drew there stands...
I love you so!

Thought Provoker
United States
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You Saved Me.. (For Will)

A shattered mirror, ground to dust and ash. I had lie there for many years.
Torn apart, ripped to shreads by the claws, actions and words of him.
With gentleness you placed me piece by piece into your soul. Intertwined our brokenness to make a whole.

Now our flesh and blood beat as one. Our scars of past devastation hid behind walls to be remembered no more.

Your touch brought me life, your kiss brought me freedom, but your love saved me from myself!

I'll love you always...

poet Anonymous

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Fire of Insight
United States
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Song of a Dreamer
There’s ink in my pen, an a fire in me,
empty sheets of paper, longing for the touch of words filled by your memory
No Time won’t let me stand and wonder,
Driven by this twin flame of hunger

Dreams unwound, taken by surprise,
Kissing forgotten senses awake
You are all the vision this dreamer needs
To become a warrior king, clown or a poet,

Darlin I adore you, an I’m making time, for something I believe in
How my eyes adored you, as I watched from my broken thrown
Silently singing your name as I call for you,

My Morning Sun, how She Rises in all Her Glory
The Fadin moon still holds mystery and her dreams in me,
of two young hearts silently walkin away from it all,
Living in a private world along wine dark seas, and salted kisses in the sand;

Once maybe there was a song I knew,
A secret way to get through to you;

There’s Silence in the air, and an achin in me
Covered quietly through rows of Willow trees,
the Mornin Song bird sings,
Let the river flow, along long and winding roads,
Open up, your heart, tender years,
How I wish you were near, Mí Vída;  
I feel a love for you, right now, tender years
I feel love for you right now;
your wolf: Eddie

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