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Best of your Reading List (R - Z)

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Poetry Contest

Choose that one piece that makes you think, "God! Why didn't I write that!"
The same breakdown as the previous competition ...  

We all have writers here on DUP we adore and admire for their craft; consequently we've all created Reading Lists. 

Choose that ONE piece you couldn't see yourself parting with ... you'd get it tattooed into your skin if you could.

To make judging this reasonably sane for myself, I'm asking you only nominate writers who's pen names start with the letters R - Z (the name that appears in Online Now)  J - Q is another competition that's currently running.

If you entered the A - I competition, sorry you're not eligible to nominate a writer for either of the current competitions as I'm looking for that ONE piece you love most.

If you see a writer has been nominated twice - then pick another. 

Also the nominee must offer a critique of the piece and why it's your best of best .. Noting it's strength in style - structure and content (aka why it's so freaking good!)

Copy and paste the poem as well as the link.  My great hope is we can all discover some new ink in all this. 

I'll contact the mods about awarding two trophies - one for the nominee and one for their sponsor.

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Nobody has a to die for poem by a writer with the letters R - Z? : (

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I won the last comp so I'm submitting something I enjoy just for the hell of it.


The only poem on the DU I know off by heart.

"And we'll learn to love again" by RevoloutionAL

I stared that butterfly’s wings, down
soaked the colours into my heart
drank the shapes of that pattern
like a tequila shot; a double in the glass
Sat in silence, while they fluttered off
into the sunset; much like us, really
Bows are restrictive, so I sit in wait
to pluck your strings, while I watch
the movie, expecting to read the script
glaring in the depths of angel eyes
If I was her, If I was P!nk; I’d end this
with some pathetic panty poetry
But the butterfly has not come back

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Thank you for pumping some blood into this Missy

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Revealed in this poem is the thoughts of ones self, the process of a mental breakdown, and the freeing of slavery. If that hasn't received your attention then I'm not sure what will. It is a rather short write, but I love it none the less. Snow has become one of my favorite literary artists on here because of posts like this.

Broken by Snow (EternalSnow)

 I know that I've changed
Can you see now
Or is every thing the same
One thing that remains
Is the heartache and all the pain of yesterday
I know I am who;I am to this day
even when my sunny days seems to fade to gray
I know I'm not forgotten in this place
But I keep wondering
Am I alive either way
You keep me in your arm
Holding my heart on a string.
Is it me or do I believe
In every little thing you told me.
So I'm just gonna take this bullet to the head
Letting my body hit the floor
To bad for you
I'm not your Puppet anymore.  

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When life stops giving.

Tapestries of moss gather up their forces;  
furled curls of jade latch onto soil,  
bones gazing up from underneath.  
Withered silhouettes framed by an ebbing glow  
hold resignation letters and wings firm in hand,  
singing out of loyalty for a memory lost.  
A misguided phenomenon,  
death harnessed.  
I asked the night: When will death stop taking?  
He turned his head away with a sigh dragged  
deep from the unlit depths of his knowledge,  
casting another shadow onto the gravestone  
which I kneel by.  
"When life stops giving"  

Written by Scribbler12


‘When life stops giving’; only death-stops life from giving, and it was conveyed with such brilliant depth by the writer. Ingenious compilation of words usage and the way the author exploited, and influenced command of them; extraordinary. There’s beautiful profundity in this amazing piece and if I were still a young-whippersnapper, I would gladly tattoo this lovely masterpiece, over my left shoulder.
It is a pleasure to read this writer’s incredible work, and an honor to have this poem on my reading list.

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Thanks Pedro! Beautiful poem selections by Missy and Pravus!
Great comp hon...Xo

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