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Loves that sucked and rocked

Thought Provoker
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Poetry Contest

lovers anonymous
Write two poems one about love one about heartbreak two weeks!!!! Have fun with it any style any way no rules xoxo

Thought Provoker
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Rocks my world
to the highest top
wrapped me in his love
never letting me drop
holds me tight forever
and ever
until our hearts stops

Thought Provoker
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Love him like no other
put him in a pedestal
cheating with others
broke my heart in pieces
threw it away
I buried this love
putting his memory away.

Tyrant of Words
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He was Loved

picking wild flowers
for his lovely lass
tears of happiness
in his eyes

a single teardrop
on a flower petal
I am loved
he thought, smiling

he felt her arms
around his waist
he choked in happiness
I'm loved.


Tyrant of Words
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Walking Away

he watched her leave
suitcase in her hands
a slight smile reflected
in her eyes

not touching her
although she was so near
love wiped from her face
she was so detached

the sound of the car
diminished and then, silence
he stared into the distance
sorting out his confusions

words spoken promises broken
hearts shattered tears fallen
left him swimming in Alone
round and round...


poet Anonymous

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Lost Thinker
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Love that wasn't love

Although I was totally mad
To have fell in (lust) with him
I lost my virginity with him
he was kind
He was loyal
But he was sex mad
Beging for it
I then knew
It was all just a blur at first
But I knew
He was using me
Just like every single other
Before him and after
I must be the easy tipe
To mess around with
And play
He then ran a mile and a half
As soon as he found out I was pregnant
As him beginning me to abort
I wouldn't
He tried everything for no baby to arrive
I was left alone
Cold and lonely, young and scared
Not having the support I wished
My step dad didn't like me
At that point
He wanted me gone
Kicking me out with no-one and nowhere
Making sure I was moved out from my mum's
Before I gave birth
I struggled I really did

Then I kissed a wanna be Prince (to be continued)

Lost Thinker
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After the wanna be Prince that clearly didn't work
I kissed a couple of frogs.

Heartbreak of all heartbreaks

I found my Prince, he wasn't perfect no-one is.
But the way he made me feel that day in the Taxi
Was some sort of magic
deep feelings I had truly never felt
I New he was the one I wanted
The one I needed
The one I didn't only want children with but my life with
We had some tough times
We hit some rocks
We had people interfering
It was hard to hold on to us
But we managed
We held through alot
Even I was shocked!

Once I felt pregnant again
My emotions got the better of me
I didn't want a repeat of before
You was distant
Then you was over the moon
I was terrified
But I carried on
We spilt a few times
More then a few infact
You were coming then going
But I was happy to wait
Because you were the one
Despite what was said in arguments
I wanted you by my side
Help me I wanted to shout to you
But I couldn't get aanything out

Me and you we fort some more
And split alot
But now me and you are no longer
Its only been a couple of days
But feels a life time
Me and you
Were on and off for just over two years
Now il never see or speak to you again
Goodbye is never easy to say
To the one you wish your life with
But in a better happy way
I'm heartbroken

Fire of Insight
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Moments of Gold

Waking in the middle of the night,
Finding you cuddled against my back;
I rolled over,
To cuddle you in my arms.

Coming home from work to,
You dressed in,
A perfect way to forget,
A killer day.

Stepping out of the shower,
Freshly shaved,
Your arms, wrapping around me,
As you rub me dry with,
A towel,
Warmed with your scent.

Finding a package,
On my desk at my office,
Waiting for me,
With a note,
“These will match mine,
Be wearing them when you get home tonight”;
I opened the package to find,
A man's black,
With a red heart,
Embroidered on the front.

Having just dropped,
My robe,
To dress,
When your hands,
Caressed their way,
Around my hips,
And began to,
Play with me.

Flowers at work,
In front of my co-workers,
With a completely,
Dirty card attached,
In glorious detail,
The birthday gift,
I would receive upon arriving home,
That evening.

After dinner,
You were putting dishes,
In the sink,
Bent over the counter,
Showing nothing,
Under your skirt,
But you,
Sliding your feet, legs apart,
And saying,

On the couch,
At the end of the movie,
Your head in my lap,
You rolled over,
And pulled my zipper down.

Walking down the street,
My arm around your waist,
You whispered in my ear,
Move you hand lower”.

Coming out of the dressing room,
At the vacation condo pool,
Find you alone in the pool,
And then discovering that you were,
Skinny dipping.

We had to be at your boss’ house for,
Holiday party;
When you looked at me,
And said,
“We have to leave in 10 minutes,
Is that enough time?”

You said,
“Honey, put down the paper,
There is something,
That I want to show you”;
You were completely nude,
With a red lipstick arrow,
Pointing down your stomach,
Disappearing between your thighs,
Inscribed with the words,
“Kiss here”.

We’d been out to dinner,
Then a concert,
Followed by a reception with the musicians,
As we walked back to the car,
You whispered in my ear,
“I’m not wearing any,

Moments of gold,
That have bound us together.

Your attention to me,
Has made my moments of,
At best,
For you,
Pale in comparison,
To yours,
Of the brightest gold.

Happy valentine’s day.

Fire of Insight
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The memories have faded,  
And with them,  
Much of the pain.  
As those memories faded,  
The anger,  
Why him?  
Why not me?  
Bright colorful snapshots,  
Replaced by,  
A mellowed image,  
Washed out,  
Nearly lost to the fog of time,  
Nearly transparent,  
Of what once was.  
Bits still survive,  
In Sepia.  
I held your hair back,  
While you vomited,  
Your too much beer,  
You had at the party.  
Walking across campus,  
My arm around your waist,  
Your hand in my back pocket.  
Walking in the warm spring rain,  
Soaking wet,  
We were so very young.  
There are many,  
No longer vivid,  
Still warm me at night,  
Not forgotten.  
I thought of you,  
The other day,  
When Joanie,  
Breast cancer.  
Your wedding was the week,  
After mine.  
Yours ended,  
Mine is dying.  
I Googled,  
The name,  
I knew you by;  
I Googled,  
The name you took,  
Marrying him,  
Before divorcing him;  

Fire of Insight
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G F C, D C G
Promises made in the dark, forever long ago told me,
It was written in the stars that I would want you
Before you ever wondered in front of my eyes,
The missing twin flame inside of me started burning, the moment I seen into your crystal brown eyes
Yes it was written that I would always love you, Man they got me hypnotized
What did the rushing waters take away love,
Mí Vída; Open up, Your heart, let me see
Sailing away below the fire moon an amethyst skylines  
Let the evenin breeze tell you, along purple blue wine dark oceans, what I never could make you see,
Je t’ aime, Ma chérie ; Your on my mind an I carry a Love for you,
Look me in the eye, an it spreads through the heart an mind girl,
Take my hand, let me hold you, Bésame; let your kiss be the one that’s destined to let me breathe, And cast me in the crystal fire, darlin set my soul free;
Open up, your heart, today’s a hope of deliverance from yesterday, Cariño, let tomorrow be,
Moët; Take my love out to you, an take some time to breathe,
Belle amie; give the mind time to think, When I’m not there, would you think of times with me,
My Loves Sailin out on the wine dark ocean sea
Am naturally drawn to you Sweet darlin’, Can you measure in the love felt for you, an give the heart its time to breathe:
                                           E.R.M III / deadwolf

Heart Break:
Husband to a Friend
Flying by like a star in the dark night
You Filled me with wonder an filled me with a light,
Fading out before the light in us was ready for the cold long dark night
The Love Light was gone before its time,
I gave my love, I shared my years,
I shared my bed with you for all these years,
You’ve know my dreams you’ve known my fears,
I gave my life, I shared my vows for all these years,
For better or worse, there would be there could no one else,
But darlin after all these years of goin from your lover to your friend,
My mind is no longer in control of me, the spirits gone an the heart he feels he’s dead,
An after all the time I must finally know, Darlin since an if I’m just your friend,
Will you let me be free an try an love again,
After all the years, even though the music box has stopped, in your words I still believe,
All I wanted was for you to love me the same, Lovers till the end,
No, No, no… please don’t let me just be a friend, Oh this heart ache I can’t take,
It hurts too much to think, the tears blinding me, as I try to hang on to every past memory,
Cryin for what might have been, what could have been, Darlin please don’t leave me this way,
I know you want me to stay, an talk an just laugh about our day,
But in you I still love you so much, an I need you here inside of me,
Don’t turn your husband into a friend,
Lord how I wish that this love would live on
But there is no light an there was no child,
Lord, how can I walk out the door, when I cant even crawl,
Let me Love again, Lord for the first time I know fear,
Layin here next to you, I’m afraid to open up my eyes, an see you stare at me that way…

My Beautiful Girl, I miss you so much,  I didn’t know how heartbreak can leave you this way
Why did you take the better part of me, an leave me crippled an weak,
Do you think of times with me when Im not there,
Did you know what you were givin up in me when you left me this way
This letter to you I send, Lord let this be a way,
By the time mornin light heads our way, I don’t know if I have the strength to be here for the sunrise an the mornin breeze,
In this letter that I send, can you see the tears on my face, try an see the words that are within me,
Oh the love of my life,,, I still feel love for you right now,
But Darlin set me free, an let me love again,
This letter next to you on our bed I will place,
Your Husband to a friend

Twisted Dreamer
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‘What do you need?’ you ask me and each time you do,
a new moon spins between earth and sun, and the pull
in between is the sea swell on shimmer tides.

‘Tell me,’ you say, drawing my bow line closer.
The waves rise, the trance sails unfurl in a glow eclipsed
only by the silver-white sun lick across the surface.

Horizon melodies outline our eyes, as perpetuity rolls on
in slow strokes — sky… sea… sky… sea… sky… deep
heaves, gliding high on the crests, where lifted waves shake…

Foam crashes, breaking shudders, I’m immersed in your name.


Blind Flight

Our blood pulsed in each other's veins,
and we breathed in the sunrise.

The forest spun, branches blazing,
wings alight with every phoenix cry.

I was your re-birth, and you mine,
baptised in burning entwinement.

Today, my knees are cut, my ribs cracked.
The sight of your back tastes like ashes.

poet Anonymous

I have done this as a sort of 2 piece set, I hope it's acceptable and if not, please disregard them.  Thank you, good competition.


He was the answer to all of my questions
came to me like a hug from god
I adored him the way it was done in
epic love stories I'd read
I understood loyalty because betrayal
became my greatest fear
I sank every promise and care I had left
into a bet on him that I couldn't fathom losing
and nothing could go wrong at that point
he was my ending and that made it all well
even fair
and everything was better because of him


The blood raced through my veins
at a pace that left me dizzy
trying to catch my breath and my imagination
reel myself back across the reasons to go on
I felt the love boil and bubble into explosions
that landed across the thin line dividing
it from hate
how could he do this
how could he
and make me hate him this way
against all my will

Thought Provoker
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Its excitable thank you for your entry

Tyrant of Words
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He was the sun in my heart
beautifully burning,
until the shade of his secrets
subdued the shine in me
with cloudy infidelity,
rains of disrespect
drenched my body
A lie, he was
Judas kiss

a heart shattered
too weak to piece,
the Peace in me together
exhausted mentally
barely hanging on sanity’s edge
emotionally unstable,
even my tears were, confused
falling up-

side down,
downing and drowning
remnants of who I use to be

dazed in a haze of numbing truths
as anguish clothe my body,
like poison ivy running wild
infectious to touch
toxic, he left me
'contagiously broken’




I saw him and time stopped
heard heaven in his hello
as if angels appeared
and anointed his tongue,
caressing his hands
with oils...
from Mary’s alabaster box
his touch, revived my faith in love

I swallowed him whole
ingested his medicated words of truth
cleansed the toxicities rooted in my spirit
mending what was,
‘contagiously broken’

and Love healed me from within
seeped from my pores
and bronzed his name on my skin

He looked like,the future
I saw him in mine
he smelled like hope
inhaling him, restored belief
he walked like truth
honesty in each defined step
...and I knew that God,
couldn't possibly rest on the seventh day

surely he was busy
creating magnificent, Him


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