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night time is the best time

Dangerous Mind
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Poetry Contest

what does night mean to you?
you can have 2 entries but post them inthe same box. wont count any dubsequent posts as entries. give them interesting titles. no porn unless hot.

Thought Provoker
United States
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~When night comes out to play~

Night time is when the creepers and parties come out
When you can hook up with someone and then forget they exist the next day
Night is when the fouls, vampires and ghost are allowed
To walk the earth
Night is fun  
Night is exciting

Pure fun  
You never know who you can fall in love with <3

Dangerous Mind
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thank you sapphh!!

im sure more of yous are nocturnal than this...

Tyrant of Words
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    Cimmerian Mistress

I used to walk with loneliness.
I traded that old worn out concept
for other friends.

Night is an alluring companion
in her tight black dress;
her glittering headdress, dense canopy
of radiant pinpoints, falling like a veil.

her whispers soothe the dampness of fever
acquired after years of wandering the desert
of trepidation, disconsolate as Isreal's tribes.
endless days under the sun's interrogation.

now I rest in the comforting arms of Night,
enjoy her gentle kiss on my lips.
I am happy, content
in the company of nature and poems.

Dangerous Mind
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alright jf XD... beautiful. ...

Mr A
Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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her bone breath rigid in my hand smooth
like my grandma's shillelagh   as kids breaking
                 all it would                    where
was I       ah the night    the swiss army knife

some small roads ache out for miles:
lava tracks through rubber       just stone
on stone                           in the big light

Tyrant of Words
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Mind Shades

Midnight shadows crowd
my mind, sucking the breath
out of me and stealing my ease.

It's a long way from daybreak
comforts and my only defence
is a gritted rage — empty punches

at spectral taunts. My own thoughts
betray me, trading hurriedly buried
secrets for two snatched minutes

of jerked sleep. There will be no
peace until the final rest. "Soon,"
they whisper to me, "soon."

(I may return with a second one here... or not, undecided.)

Tyrant of Words
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The full moon
so close, so bright
illuminating two hearts
nestled under willow tree
myriad of fireflies
flickering their love
seeking warmth
in each other's arms
invisible handprints
on skin, a promenade
of vibrations undulated
within parted lips
for delicate barriers
beckoned with pulsations
soaring for crescendo
under cheers of cicadas
unfurled trembling whispers
gently fading beneath
the moist grass, untethered
in purest form of nature



Another night of conversing with marionettes
attached to my fingertips on delicate threads of hair
the remnants of my tresses surrender to shadows nettled
lurking and dissuading the present
divaricating the inevitable
Shallow breaths becoming rhythmic
with each second analogous to the beats of the clock
a hopeful reminder of the possibilities to come
with the rising sun
an unfaltering impetus of rays commingling  
with purity and rectitude
dissipating vileness of sins, immersed
in redemption and regret
Awaiting for a ray of hope,
an inspiration of life and love
the dominant force to my existence
linked by a fine thread of each diminutive breath
a journey in search of utopian ideal towards fruition
in the balance of peaceful existence
between good and evil
in the endless night

Thought Provoker
United States
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Moonlite walks refresh my soul
The night is young
The sky is endless
The stars watch
The trees sing

poet Anonymous

In Between

The darkness goes unnoticed
underestimated in a sea of lights
eyes trained to gaze on starry constellations
ignore the black of the empty shades in shadows
the places beside those sparkling edges

the sky in it's wonder
beyond the twinkle
the beauty of a flame is the heat
and how it burns

disaster thrown without cognition
cast to the celestial gems
like the stones thrown to demons
in Mecca
promises and wishes inside gasses forever
until eternity is up for that number

when hell is heaven again for a morning
and there's no sun but the sky is shining
a night like that could last forever
but, it wouldn't
it knows better

Just G
Fire of Insight
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My Home with Smoke and Shadows

puckering lips
blow smoke rings
blood simmers and stirs;
cajoling me

cool winds soothe
my loathsome depravity
quiets and softens
this head's calamity

eyes get wider
light devourers
needy moonbeams
night deflowerers

voyeuristic stars
shine down on us
night shades the sun's
interloping distrust

the dawn's anxious tendrils
purify the wanton ground
taking back the shadows
with a prismatic shroud

and here it comes
the unavoidable sun
to spotlight our regrets
to show us what we've done

and here it comes
the unavoidable sun
highlight our mistakes
to show us what we've become


The Awakening

The night is getting later
The hours crawl beneath my skin
Something stirs in this darkness
A waking beast within

With every passing moment
My eyes get a little wider
I try my best to hold it back
But it's no use trying to fight her

The trembling that begins
Inside a hidden internal core
I know there's no turning back
You don't know what you're in for

I shed my inhibitions
Like a skin as she breaks through
Everything's hyper-electric
From just one kiss from you

My teeth get a little longer
Anticipating your taste
As this feeling gets even stronger
There isn't time to waste

I look down from above you
Bend over and kiss your skin
Now you know all my secrets
And have met the beast within

Dangerous Mind
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yesssss good, good ...

Pariah Shadow
Dangerous Mind
United States
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abyss of the darkest night

night time
is the best time
the stars
an endless sky
looking far into the abyss

id rather stand
in the dark beauty
of night
than the the day light

its were I dream
its were I wanna be
its were I can look inside
and see all there is to see

poet Anonymous


I waited patiently,
recoiled under the cover
of all that remained
and in the depths of letting go
I prayed for hope

that in the impending still,
in the chaos of all
that seemed so sacred
there would come a vessel
within the combustion

full and soundly aware
of the sanguine gifts I gave
to favour your protection,
though they sank under
the weight of gold rings

and my steel-boned hands
dragged us down
beneath the water
where none but the Earth
heard us die.

I swore, that if the day
should grant us one more night
I would cloak the stars
to kneel once more
before your moon

slide your strings
with dark-haired bows
to play the melodies
I heard nightly
that haunted my sleep

my blood cried sanctuary
to the temple of your face
your eyes, the doors
that allowed my soul
to believe

in mornings after dark,
where the ground
lay thick with memories
and I, in perfect faith
was born again.

Guardian of Shadows
United States
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Two Hours At Best (A Typical Night For Me)

Sleep doesn’t come readily—
My mind races for an hour
After I get home from work,
Eleven P.M.

By midnight,
I drift a bit
Until the cats start running around,
Jerking me wide awake

Lock them in the cat-carrier
If need be….
Or not
If they climb atop me
To settle down.

Nature takes over
And I hot flash
And need to piss my brains out.

The moon shines in through the curtain
And the shade,
Impossible to enter the womb-like darkness
With all aglow.

Husband snores
And talks in his sleep,
Shut the fuck up
Before I smother you with my pillow.

Must pee again,
It’s 3:30 am.
I’ve gotten at best,
Two straight hours of sleep.

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