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do you ever get headspins?

what do you feel like?  does the world slip away from you?
does this reveal how fickle our perception and or consciousness really is? probably not.
from smoking, sitting down for too long or perhaps maybe you have a tumour? even just a misplacing feeling not necessarily stoned but an experience

um write a poem about headspins
350 word max one poem per poet

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Roar and rumble, twist and turn,
loose the lightning’s pent-up burn.
Flash and flicker, dance and dive,
for an instant feel alive.

Fire of Insight
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when you run your hands down my body
the whole damn world just slips away
chills run up and down my whole spine
almost like frost over and over
as you lick then blow to get that effect
all I can see is you in this world
this pleasurable world you created
the feelings never change
the desire never goes away and all I want is you
you are the ultimate head spin
better than drugs or smoking
the world disappears and I have you

Fire of Insight
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Nothing Is Impossible...literaly

To understand everything
You must first understand nothing
Untill you understand nothing
You wont understand anything

So what is nothing?

Aha! The question defeats the answer
Because by asking what is nothing
You emply that nothing is something
Thus canceling out its very pourpose as a word
So i gues a better question would be "what isnt nothing?"
Because if you view nothing as something then thats exactly what it becomes
Because by viewing and believing something will be there;there will always be something there
Therefore there can never be nothing because there hase to be a conciousnes there to see that theres nothing
But something is there
it is conciousness
it is you and i.
Therefore nothing is impossible
And nothing, being the opposite of something means
that anything and everything is possible
and it proves itself eternaly
that is why i cannot finish this "poem"
Because it takes an eternity to understand eternity

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New to the site and new to a lot of things, I am humbled and in total disbelief, at how much HE has to say.  It is clear, that GOD  uses some of everybody to not only say how he feels, but show how he feels, who he loves, how he loves, when he does, and what he calls legacies when he sees an eternity with HER.

Thanks for sharing my Brother,


poet Anonymous

Head Rush

Gravity means nothing when the blood disperses
too quickly escapes from the brain
down the legs
a spinning head and blurry view
a feather like departure
a foggy head stew

a splintered feeling
like parallel selves being sieved through time
stuck between the spaces of forward and rewind

until it reaches equilibrium
settles back in harmony
you might hear a distant melody
but, don't dance
it's a quick rush that's certain to pass

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How spun does my head spin ?

I woke up in 83
just a molecule
forever spinning in perpetual bliss
sucked up through the vortex of time
like the Dyson hoovers Christmas lunch

in a pinch I could  mention
how the wheel spins my head
like a record on repeat
don't let me keep you
from the dream
that freedom is free
and not an interest free loan

need to keep that car on the road
so you can grind the nine to five
a squeaky tight well oiled machine
collapsing at the seams

but all is well
why would the TV lie
cloudy with a chance of insurrection

now do you see
the thinks I thunk
how spun my head spins
tilted like the globe
off its axis  

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