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Dear Santa...

poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest

in 100 words or less, write to Santa! see below...
in 100 words or less
write to Santa Claus (letter, poem, prose..song, whatever-your choice)

one week, one NEW entry per writer

myself and Carpe_Noctem

All welcome to enter

Inbox any questions to me

Guardian of Shadows
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Dear Santa
There are so many on my list that starts with "I want..!" But I don't need anything anymore Mr.Santa. I should have known you when I was seven, when I wanted a haven so badly. Or you should have introduced yourself to us. Maybe you never reached my island, we have no snow for you to slide on and your coat is too thick for our tropical sky. I don't think you will come this year either.
Merry Christmas Mr Santa.

Strange Creature
United States
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Dear Santa,
I want a thin figure,
 with piano fingers.
I want flat teeth perfectly aligned,
 Maybe then I can laugh.
I want someone that can mend,
 My heart it still beats but it's broken.
I want a hand that can warm mine,
 I say I'm not lonely but I'm lying.
I want my imagination back,
 Where did the easter bunny go?
I want you to tip toe across the carpet
 And not just be my father in a beard.
I want you to be real,
 Because then magic might be too.
I just want to feel,
 Because the coldness winter brings is numbing me.
Be real.

Fire of Insight
United States
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Suit of fire for his slaying
Frosted mask unrevealing
coal smoked eyes with hints of embers
sack of wishes to claim his members

From the darkness he enchants you
His magical paper a hypnotic view
Jingles of entrapment under the tree
captured little souls soon will be

Into the night gone without a trace
To his palace of souls of innocent race
The haunting words of "up up and away"
Soul snatching chant that feed him today

poet Anonymous

Thank you , Grace for getting us started and to all who have entered so far.. I won't be reading these until the comp ends to help cut down on any bias

poet Anonymous

Dear Santa,

Been a while and figured
it’s time fences were mended
sorry for the spiked eggnog and ex-Lax cookies
a phase I was going through (no pun intended)

The widow across the street
needs some black out curtains
but, there’s no hurry on them
now that I’m home and not working

Speaking of being out at night
I need a good night vision scope
deer are getting smarter here
and the game warden thinks he’s the Pope

Mom could use a rich boyfriend
one to really take care of me and her
the one now just drinks all my beer
then passes out nose first in her fur

Well, that’s it for this year Santa
I just wanted to sort of clear the air
oh and sorry for the venison reference
in that line about the scope up there….

Love ya you jolly old rascal,


Guardian of Shadows
United States
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Tyrant of Words
Sierra Leone
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Dear Santa, 

I stepped into my favorite hotdog stand to grab a bite
last night 
And I saw you working that corner  
Snapping it, just so right to make that bell clatter
Red iron pot beside you with the word "Salvation" above it 
Letting us know it's time to pay the vig for the shit we've done

Ten feet away from you a man in a coat pretending to keep out 
the cold yells,
Hey bro you got any change

In auto response without really looking at him I say, Naw

That's okay, he laughs, What I really need is a hundred

I meet his eyes honestly this time and laugh too

I pay for and devour my dogs, watching you both work that corner
He chats up many, making them laugh
They cower paying penance to you 

I search my pockets in the rime  
I'm down to my last bill

Here you go, I tell him, now you just need eighty

Santa, did you score enough to pay for the rest of his Salvation?

poet Anonymous

thank you ALL so far

Tyrant of Words
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Let it snow

We live in a world
submerged in jadedness
superfluous overindulgence
engrossed in iphones, ipads and iselves
lost in an obscure space of disconnect

A tear escapes
from the corner of my eye
for the beauty of an embrace
warmth of a kiss on a mouth
and a stroll together hand in hand

Please Santa, let it snow
to make me feel the magic in the air
taste luminosity at the tip of my tongue
and know how pure life can be in all of us

Strange Creature
United States
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Dear Santa,

A cure I need
I want one too
No need for childish toys
When I just want to make it through

I need a cure for my cancer
It's the only thing I want
Everyone says your make believe
But you'll prove them wrong

They say I have another month to live
But if they saw that you cured me
They would believe
And a saint you'd truly be

Santa clause can't you bring
This one thing I need
There is nothing I want more then to be
On Christmas Eve with my family

poet Anonymous

thank's so far, everyone :-)

Goes Without Saying
Twisted Dreamer
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Dear Santa,

                     All I want for Christmas is a true story. I can't seem find reality, orphanage burned vision. I sent a letter every year but it didn't seem like you cared. This Christmas is my last year to believe, I hope my last wish is something Saint Nick can achieve. I made my wish, sealed it with a kiss and heart. I never knew love, I never trusted fairy tales and never had faith. Juvey knows this face, foster child or not I have issues with this place. I went from bully, to geek and now cutter. My wish for most of all is to find my real mother. She loved me but lost me to a drunk.

A heart within a nobody,

Strange Creature
South Africa
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Dear Santa,
Thank you for the bullshit you have given little children. Thank you for giving them hope and them waking up the next day to disappointment. I was once that little girl, that wrote to you every December hoping,just hoping that you will reply. All I wanted was a bag full of magic. Magic to wake my mom up from the ground. Is that too much to ask for? That was all a little girl like me wanted ,waking up on Christmas day, smelling freshly baked cookies and her embracing me with her hugs and kisses. For that Santa, I have grown up into a sad, depressed teen. I have lost my "sparkle" that I once had. Santa, this Christmas all I want is to see her, I don't have to keep her, only for the day, you can take her back to Jesus when the clock strikes 12.

P.S I have never stop believing in you, but I have lost hope... please prove me wrong.

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