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What do you know for sure?

Tyrant of Words
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Poetry Contest

What have you learned in life?
Write from experience positive or negative on what you believe in your heart about life, love and mankind.
The lessons in life.

New poems
No collab
350 word max
Poems only
One poem per participant
Spelling and word limit will be taken in consideration

Guardian of Shadows
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I know Now

Roses have thorns
Silk is made from worms
Shiny days can burn
Rain can cause cold

Love is not Free
you lose your heart
Kisses can lie
Lies can hurt

Breezes are not always gentle
wind can cause chaos
storm are not always beautiful
it can snuff off lifes

I love you
is not always true
I miss you
can be a passing moment

I know that for sure
I was there.

Twisted Dreamer
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Bottle by bottle the bowl fills
as colored capsules chime
a piper's tune

No one hears my confession
much less my poison promise
to break all others

The Morning Star
lights my path
but sheds no heat.

This crazy porringer
holds tomorrow in its orbit,
a gravity all its own

To no one in particular
I say goodbye
a handful at a time

Lost Thinker
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I know how transient light can be
How bulbs explode recording memory
And fiction

I've heard the way an echo stretches
Down jewelry gutted streets
Like screaming into a scream

I've seen that poor kid salvation dance
In the alley
In the coughing throats of beggars
On the tracks and fire escapes
Flattered by mouths lied to by tongues
Where we all get eaten

I don't know the slur of a soft guitar
Just slick black beaked crow symphonies

This is the jaw of the lion
That last yawned in the lamps labored breathing.

Thought Provoker
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The sweetest lesson

I have learned a lesson
Of mammoth porportion
Love never lasts
Hardens your heart
Into a cast
Every time I have loved
Pain came
Like lifting heaven above
I am tentative to try again
Still hoping for the one
Who can break the cast
Oh what a lesson
Of the sweetest kind
To turn the sweetest
Into bitter

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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When I was young I knew it all
Of how that I should live
What man should do to arrange the world
So everyone can thrive

Now I'm much older  I'm not sure
That this was the way
The goals are so elusive
And still so far away

All I know if you should endeavour
To make something of your life
Try to stay friends with all you meet
and never stir up strife

Guardian of Shadows
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Guardian of Shadows
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It's like trying to use a strip of paper over a pen for a weighing scales


I often wonder
if there's anything at all
I know for sure in this world
because deception hides in the stratosphere
and drips itself down unto the clouds
to mix with the rain


words are magnificent
and immortal, since they've survived genocides
but more than that though
words are simply letters combined
and they're all sworn neutral
to every combination


The way the world is moving today
It'll be our grand-kid's sons
born into slavery or the military
[i]are we wiping out the bees †
just to steal their way of life[/i]
extreme yes, so then of course
the extremists will follow † †


we're both poets, and in the eyes of words
we are equal
though in the eyes of morality
you're far more equal than I'll ever be

Disclaimer:   this poem was written while under the influence of copious amounts of herbal relaxants. there is a correlation between the four, you just need to open your mind ....or smoke copious amounts of herbal relaxants ...I'd recommenced the latter myself    

Guardian of Shadows
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Fire of Insight
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Raping Our Planet
Where in the world has sanity gone
What in the world have we done
Times speeds to a blur
And catastrophes occur
we absently prey to skies for help

The light at the end of the tunnel is our demise
An explosion yet to reach our feeble minds
When the light comes
Mankind is done
And we have no one to blame but ourselves

The world is churning
The planet is dying
Because humans stop trying

Greedy trumps
And all that we see
Is profit and gain
Until nothing remains

What in the world have we done
Raping our planet until everything's gone
Insanity reigns
And nothing will change
Until it is too late to save

Thought Provoker
United States
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~Learned the hard truth that day~

In life Heaven or hell are what kept me alive
From time to time I hurt
Its the only thing I thrive
crave which hurt me to dirt
I cry oh boy do I cry
sit on my swing and just do that swing
I wrapped the rope around my throat one thing to think is die
but I sat on that swing and I sing
A lesson learned my mother was crazy drunk
boyfriend hit her he's as good as dead
learned im a fucking punk
all I ever said
Sit your butt down
Stay awhile
I cant hurt you im just a clown
fearful living I smile
wrap the rope around my neck
no more to deal
Shut up and hit the deck
this time i did it for real
Call me a doctor a pill or two
give me 100 just a few
I call you a mental
tell them you're drunk and unstable
lesson I learned
no one in this life is perfect
whether they were makeup to hide their ugly little face
we are we are crazy or not
but someone come find i dare you...
I pleased
lesson I learned last time I swear
Take it or leave it all you'll ever do is bleed

Thought Provoker
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- Never ever -

Take more then you give
Bet more then you have
Spend more then its worth
Write love in the sand

Forget your moms birthday
Don't say things that need to be said
Go to bed angry
Throw old love letters away

Get to drunk to walk
Throw the first punch
Keep your Ex-girlfriends number on your Facebook phone app

Lose touch with your friends
Drink to be numb
Forget there are people that still want you around

Run up stairs in crappy flip flops
Lie to someone about the scars that you've got

Take it for granted
Forget that your loved

Life is about living
Never ever give up

poet Anonymous

---in the space of a year---

in the space of a year
i have found a lifetime, pocketed
the words of wisdom, every single one
from the sidewalk, dirty
but still, i've found some use
for these single lines of poetry
did you know that
footsteps in snow will melt away
come springtime?
the cold blue sky whispered to me
letting me know that
the frozen feeling would not last forever
footsteps on my heart will eventually fade
did you know that
sunsets are not forever
there is no permanent marker
colouring the sky in with black
the dark fades away like blue dye
in the wash, and by the morning
those old jeans will fit again
and the sun will rise
familiar and bright
and maybe this time you'll be able to raise your head
from the clouds gathered round your mind
and get out of bed
did you know that
there will always be somebody else?
i learned that arms are open
somewhere, someone is standing there
hands stretched out
just waiting for that puzzle piece to come along
in the space of a year
i have grown taller
in confidence
i have grown smaller
from the tears i have shed, every memory
i've had to leave behind
has lightened my step
in the space of a year i have changed
learned to make poetry
out of anything

Lord Viddax
Guardian of Shadows
United Kingdom
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Of that I'm sure

What do I know for sure?
Let me tell you of what I'm sure

I know that the Sun still shines all night long
And that people can work together
As it is no longer just survival of the strong,
That romance and chivalry are not utterly dead
Thanks to more than a brave few
And people still follow their heart and head.

I know that love can last eternal
Friendship and bonds forever
And deep faith kept internal,
That happiness can be completely free
And to truly succeed in life
You donít always need a fancy degree.

I know that there is more to life
Than hatred, sadness or fear
That itís not all war and strife,
That the world is still a wonderful place
And not everyone judges you
By your looks or the colour of your face.

I know that love can be kinky and deviant
That nothing is ever quite that simple
And it can be right to be disobedient,
That dreams can come true that were once ink
And people can do what they love for a job
And others will listen to what you think.

I know that not everyone treasures gold
And not everything has a price
Or that you are only wise if youíre old,
That there is somewhere out there to fit in
As it is wonderful to be weird
And to be beautiful you donít have to be thin.

All of this I know for sure.

Yet nothing for me seems to matter
Of that I'm sure?  

Fire of Insight
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I know for sure

I know for sure I have loved,
And loving does much hurt.

I know for sure that age
Is simply a number,

And I know for sure that
Fire is hot.
Both emotional flame and physical flame.

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