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In A Rainbow

poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest

Fantasy Write, see details below
One entry each
TITLE your work
Poem or prose-ANY STYLE
2 Weeks-inbox me any questions
I'd prefer NO pics..make's reading a little easier

You are trapped inside a rainbow....take that where you can...be creative

No other rules
I hope this one sparks some interest, I think it would make for some very enjoyable reads, Thank you

ALL welcome to give this a shot :-)

Utmakalitho Petragammata
Fire of Insight
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Joined 2nd June 2011
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Binding The Book Of Shadows

the halls of Castle Nomah are stricken with flair
almost too much, I’m losing ‘out there’
this one sovereign nation blockaded in dunce
by vibrating wisdom these borders are shut

Rats in the cellar,’ a wise man remarked
Eat finer than many a king
Do you wear that crown or suffer it?’

On many occasion my magic does sing
Rhapsody made into ink
Never, however, have I taken pleasure
Gave my tired soul just relief

You may be inclined to lose sight,’ he said
Leave reason with pride at your bed
Lest you fall victim to pursuits of wealth
With towers then wrought in your head’

Grey lies once swarmed like assassins, I divulged
Ribald clamor from my same jilted tongue
No Brutus, your conniving hath no malice like my own

Better the devil you know and know yourself, if truth be told
Lepers and wretches have more use to you than sycophants in droves
Understand, whether the waters rise or cosmic ways unfold
Every man with his tail on his tongue still must find his way back home’

No sooner had my sage advisor dotted his last ‘i’
Did that angel of knowledge fix a stare, my body petrified
Godlike simple knowing came to me, I know not why
Only that where once were locks, I now pass through needle’s eye

Verily the borders crumbled and not a thing had changed
Light had bound me simply by revealing my domain
Tell me, might you be living a story much the same?

poet Anonymous

great start..thank you,Utmakalitho

Colten Sorrells
Fire of Insight
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Trapped in many hues
Unicorns farting glitter
Leprechauns laughing

Fire of Insight
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Pieces of Light
pieces of light
pierce into my darkness
shattering upon impact
scattering and refracting
across an abyssic landscape
highlights of prismatic colors
rain down like an exploding rainbow
and fizzle into nothing
in a garish display of dominance
the darkness consumes and devours
the fragments as they fall
until no more remain
the darkness settles back in

Utmakalitho Petragammata
Fire of Insight
United States 5awards
Joined 2nd June 2011
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Taylor, couldn't help but think of magic here. nice.
Miki, modified mine. just made the first letters bold, content is the same.

Dangerous Mind
United States 14awards
Joined 25th Jan 2013
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"sonnets and mirth"

It Lept from the mountains innumerable lights and colors arcing across the skies.
Sealing me and a friend within its own world.  Showing us the World in a peculiar light.

Time would slow down and all things became clear.  Transcendence beyond all known
tableaus and an etching within the secrets that only God may know why.

It took us back in time and helped us realize are potential to change the World!!
It dreamed beyond the starlight shine.  Radiant luminous ethereal dream made whole.

It built and became a part of the bridge we crossed for it was on a bridge we would witness this colossal magnanimous marvel.  It was a passing dream that we could almost grasp.  For in some strange way its timing was to perfect for it awaited out arrival.

Living and breathing within this sea of color.  Glowing and telling us tales to no end.  This magical carpet of endless sonnets and mirth.  Was the miracle we had found our-self just around that unexpected bend.    

StephenPaul Summerscales
Dangerous Mind
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Joined 18th Dec 2009
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Can I Stop The Rainbow Bending        

Everytime I stop
and think
my heart drops
and then I sink
I the pen
you my ink
all shades to lend
to write in sync
to a longing no end
as the straight
has got a bend
and perfect
has a kink
all the stars
are now pink
as I look
I can't blink

I know you're
out there
and we share
the same air
I see the constellations
past all banded
mist rotation
a spectrum
long wave station
without primary
mixed frustration
incase of equivocation
I need to fight    
for life connection
your the best
of all confection
all the caves are
now extending
all life did start
with it's ending
can I pull apart
all the colours
and stop
the rainbow bending
because of you
I can do anything
alternate dimensional
kings they sing
all about worlds like us
co existing .

All dirt is clean
in rainbowed streams
these kings like me
they need their queens
as the tears in my eye
carry white light  
it's impossible connecting
if it doesn't split right
but nowhere is there
on this earth that I'm aware
places too far
that colours
can't take you there
and I will slide
on through
the the brightest
of all hue
from the dried
old , new
right to the gold of you..

Tyrant of Words
Joined 25th Aug 2011
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Rainbow Dreams

Tying the bow upon the sky
softly and gently as it cries
trapped within coloured bubbles
reaching out to touch the hue
I bow

slippery slide on the glittery arch
of sparkly gossamer dusts
touched by the gentle sun
streams of coloured dreams
I hold

Dreams within the hued domain
Hopes within the twinkling bows
Poems, wishes and promises
Tied together with elfin vines
I keep  

Wishing on the rainbow
I wish I may I wish I might…

Darker Half
Dangerous Mind
Belize 30awards
Joined 5th Dec 2012
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The Power of Color

Listen to this, as you read please:

As I open my eyes,
yet I was surprised.
Where, was I?
Grandeur colors,
engulfed me,
it nearly made cry.

A touch of red,
sipping through my skin,
Not a burn,
but I felt my self yearn,
never had I realized that I'm
truly empty.

A touch of yellow,
reaching into my soul.
Not a burn,
But I felt myself yearn,
Was it  my lack of happiness,
that me finally snap and loose control!

A touch of blue,
chilled the racing of my mind.
Not a burn,
but scorn,
my true self, I've had to so long
try to hide.

A touch of purple,
relaxed my aching spirit.
Not burn,
It did hurt,
for I had look to inside myself,
to see the wrong, and admit.

A touch of orange
helped me back on my feet.
Not a burn,
a reality it shown,
that I just need to endure,
to achieve what I believe.

A touch of green,
give me back my breath.
Not a burn,
but a lesson was learn,
That is truly rock bottom,
for anything bellow that, is death.

So I opened my eyes,
still blurry
yet I was surprised.
On a hospital bed, was I.
That rainbow,
gave me a second chance in life.
This time,
it really did make cry.

poet Anonymous

thank's to everyone so far..I won't hold it against anyone in this comp, but it's always good to give your poem a title
a few more days to go :-)

Utmakalitho Petragammata
Fire of Insight
United States 5awards
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edit: sorry. i got excited because i didn't know there was a colored text option. nevermind me.

poet Anonymous

you're alright..edit at will-have a fun, colorful time

Fire of Insight
Joined 1st Nov 2011
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inside.  lounging
players like me. boxed in
perched alongside a curved angle
here where luck is dangled; swinging
back & forth.

inside.  this scene  
made up of stacks and racks
of lively colors and
not much else…nothing
except for the spinning of wheels
the wisp of crisp, calm, deals
and those cool & not-so cool cats

inside.  pretty paramours
they attempt at hogging-it
seizing a share of
each made-to-fade thrill
wherein some just lie while managing to sit still
all in for that glittery promise of a golden pot
the one sitting off to the side; guarded
behind gates and whatnot.

inside.  it’s anything but the look of daylight
but the dim light suggests a continuing fest
here inside where it remains closer to no rest
players playing it close to the vest
where the few like me are
crazed & dazed wherein
we just might break


Goes Without Saying
Twisted Dreamer
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A thought

Not exactly a fairytale
Not everything always goes well
I see it as reality

Ever had an imaginary friend?
They come from where the world ends
And imagination begins

Glitter was passed on
By generation after generation
Soon becoming an instant sensation

Did you know
The creater of glitter
Brushed a unicorn?
Luckily didn't get stabbed by the horn
Thus glitter as created from its dust

A rainbow
Science sucks about not knowing that truth
Rainbows are made by light fairies
So they can do what they do

A happily ever after story
Fiction or not?
Real of course!
From the land of imaginary friends
That's why the stories

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