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marielavoue (Gypsy Red)
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how do you like to fuck!

Fire of Insight
United States 7awards
Joined 31st Oct 2011
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Poetry Contest

wright a poem about how you like it
do you like it rough
do you like it naughty
do you wanna be whiped
how about a good hair pulling

rought and bound to the bed
naughty and wet all day
whipps and chains excite the flesh
hair pulling till you cry out

poet Anonymous

Just like this...

“Sweet Riding You”

(A Pool of Liquid Love)

You are beautiful
before me
in such splendor,
no delusions here,
only primal-grandeur.
Your belly planted,
I play jockey,
myself high up
behind you,
our bodies
meshed so intimately..
Sweet-swishing sounds
echo your own joy
as my hard
quicken to a fervor.
In a moment
of ultimate bliss,
I gush sheer gratitude,
my seed
deep inside you
kissing your neck,
while draped in ecstasy,
you spasm
a flood that pools
right under us.

Oh, what magic!

Tyrant of Words
Joined 25th Aug 2011
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Making Love Like That

Long embraces
inhaling kisses
from wanting lips
desires on caresses
gentle hands
loving fingers

Meeting of souls
hearts beating together
amalgamation of minds
melting of bodies
together dancing
to music within

akin to thrusts of violins
trembling music, eyes closed
orchestra of sounds
gasps of adoration
shooting stars

Deeply sated
falling to earth
like coloured confetti

Passion slumbers

Dangerous Mind
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face down
ass up
that's the way
I like to fuck

*note this has a slight dash of influence from the prolific band of bards known as "2 live crew"

Tyrant of Words
Joined 10th Oct 2012
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get it luke.....

Fire of Insight
United States 7awards
Joined 31st Oct 2011
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well done all of you  everyone is alowed up to 2 posts if they so please

Steve Bragg
Dangerous Mind
United States 14awards
Joined 27th Dec 2011
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Baby, I so please. Just ask around.

Tyrant of Words
Sierra Leone 109awards
Joined 16th Apr 2013
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Stay Way Away

You say, stay away 
but you know I could have you any damn time I please 
and that turns you on 

I only stay away because if someone tried getting in the way 
of me having you, 
I'd have to hurt them or worse,
that includes you 

hate to love her

I was pissed and she was pissed off
Neither of us gave a shit what the other was feeling
It was more important to be right 

We'll just talk, is what she said 
Fuck that 

Soon as I saw her walk in
 in a skirt 
I knew where the conversation was going to start 
and end 

I pushed her towards the couch 
from behind 
She tried to turn around
Too late

Her skirt was hiked to her waist
Panties to her knees 
I kneeled to kiss her round full ass 
Buried my mouth over her swollen lips
She mocked protest 

I could hear her staccato panting, You asshole

Then when my tongue slipped inside her and over her tip,
Oh Papi 


But I wouldn't let her finish
Grabbed her by her hair 
And reined her in face first 
to my throbbing indignation 
I wanted her to choke on it 
Strangle her very thoughts of isolating me 
to a forgotten chamber 

She hated to love this feeling
But loved to hate orchestrated routine

She gagged with tears but I kept thrusting
Barely letting her breathe
Her hair, a prize fighter's tape wrapped round my hand
commanding her motion 

With the other I spanked her
Releasing muted screams
Strawberries trapped in caramel, the varnish of her skin 

She hated to love
But loved to hate 

I fingered the channel my tongue had glided upon
It was an arroyo now
And she was biting my inner thigh 

I jerked her head hard
Tearing my own flesh 

I need to bathe in her waters
Fuck bathe 
Drown me
I want to suffocate 

She's straddling my portals of comprehension
Deconstructing gravity for evaporation of my membrane 
My arms coiled and locked over thighs
to choke me with the source of those waters
I'm kicking violently 
Damn near pass out 

because I love to hate
And hate to love 

Twisted Dreamer
United States 1awards
Joined 24th Jan 2011
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How I like it

Don't be shy or gentle
timid is not for me
Love making isn't my strong point
But man can I fuck

Try and dominate me
See if I let you
Bite my neck till you break skin
I want to feel and hear my flesh tearing

When you dig your nails in my back
It just drives me wild
Do it long enough
I'll make you believe in a God

Fucking is like fighting in bed
If you can't handle your own
get out of the ring
Now let's start (ding ding)

Tyrant of Words
Kazakhstan 106awards
Joined 26th June 2011
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My hunger stirs
an ache within me
as violence seeps silently
from inside of you

there's a beast in your chest
I need too set free;
I hear it howling
clawing behind your eyes.

I will not accept your gentle lies,
my fingers in your mouth
stretching wide
this cave for the Devil inside

for I no longer desire
to simply taste you as you bleed,
it's more of a need-
call it erotic fascination

of life outside these white walls
as we tear down heaven
with crimson handprints
on every side

I want your shades of red
to paint our bitter tale
to say we were here,
we existed...

You were my lover
with lips turning blue
and I breathed in the release of you
where words failed

Tyrant of Words
Kazakhstan 106awards
Joined 26th June 2011
Forum Posts: 9239

A slave's lament

In the evening's solemn veil
I crawl, parallel to God
in the fragrance of midnight's breath,
skinned of bruised experience
in this hour, I am wholly new in you

I will salute on prostrate knees
with virgin kisses to the floor
the terror of the need filling
the hungered splice points
like no moment before.

I am
a thousand nerve endings, branded
with glowing smouldering irons,
wrapped in swathing skin
that melts pure verse within its fire.

Fire of Insight
United States 7awards
Joined 31st Oct 2011
Forum Posts: 190

all doing wonderful!!!! you are making it hard to even decide!!

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom 23awards
Joined 19th Aug 2012
Forum Posts: 625

Mutually strip
Cuddle and kiss
Skin to skin
Feel and caress

Stimulate with
Hands and mouth
When horny
Penetrate at depth

The missionary
A first position
Finds the Gspot
Soon orgasm

Changing to
Her on top;
Different feeling
Different view
Soon get tired
and need a rest
like two spoons
Is close and best

If time allows
This goes on
Delaying climax
Until fatigued

A faster pace
Brings on the climax
As at a race

After climax
Then a rest
Entwined together
All night is best

Gypsy Red
Tyrant of Words
United States 40awards
Joined 18th Aug 2011
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Manhandle me

Manhandle me;  

let me feel you are in control,  
that astuteness and tenacity,  
not age, play a role,
wake the passion that  
for so long has lain asleep,
make it known you intend  
to make me yours to keep.

Manhandle me…  

no reservation so there is no doubt,
you intend to remind me  
what feeling like a woman is about,
intrepidly, you are going to  
make it your mission in this life,
that I never forget what  
passionate lovemaking feels like.  

Manhandle me…

let the evidence bare silent witness
that you fought for yours hard,  
challenged by this lioness,
make no mistake HE man,  
I am not some insipid kitty cat,  
bring you’re A game because  
I will make you earn what I got.

Manhandle me…  

I won’t break, show me  
how much you want this body;  
How far, are you willing to go  
to gain sole custody?
Put it on me wicked good baby,  
bring it raw, rude and real  
this she devil will fight you like a titan  
don’t think you can make a deal.  

Manhandle me…  

like a rogue, grip me fiercely  
let your hot breath, tongue  
and kisses on my neck, scald me
leave your mark whenever  
and wherever your whim strikes
wear the fight out of me making
me submit to your passion bites.

Manhandle me…  

til you see the sparkle  
of danger in my eyes,  
make the lusty and defiant  
amazon’s nature in me rise,
best me with all your alpha male’s  
imposing strength,  
the omega female in me  
will only submit to you then!  
Gypsy Red

Strange Creature
Joined 27th Aug 2013
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Into the Sheets

I want to hold you
And look into your eyes
See your face change
Hear you quickening breath
As you feel that fullness
But not like in the past,
With polymers and digits
But with another lover
And I want you to whisper
In my ear how good if feels,
How much you love me,
How much you need me,
How much you need it
Let yourself go
Let your sweetness flow
Between your legs
Onto my fingers
Or into my mouth
And onto the sheets

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