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Poetry Contest

Every night you sleep and dream.
Dream interpretation is found in many religions and cultures.
Dream interpretation is used in resolving problems - emotional and otherwise.

1. you may submit UP TO 3 poems if you want to

2. can be old or new poems

3. each poem should address one particular dream, nightmare, lucid dream, prophetic dream etc....

4. two weeks in case DUP goes down

5. any genre

6. more instructions will be posted here
in case I forgot something....

7. this is NOT new age...below are two references to the
Biblical importance of dream analysis

Bible Verses about interpreting Dreams

“A dream not interpreted is like a letter not read.”
The Talmud


Nightmares & Terrors - What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding?

Cheating and Sex Dreams - Are you dreaming of your crush, your significant other, your spouse, or your ex? Is your boyfriend/girlfriend cheating on you in your dream?

Lucid Dreams - Discuss your own lucid experiences and techniques on how to induce lucid dreams.

Fire of Insight
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Midnight Pleasurescape

Her hands soft and supple grace,
Press and push and pull.
Teasing to my flesh.
Burning in my soul,
As sin piles up.
Beyond our glazing bodies.

Red and harsh, puffed out with love,
Ride my pulse and don't let go.
Sighs of lovely moans.
The world never hears.

White world lacking purity,
Under those covers lay three.
Here he comes, was he watching?
The devil games we play.

He helps us stain this cotton,
With our fevered games.
Roughly grab,
Pulling close-
Strong and teasing hands.

Grunt to our sound,
Listen as we make the world go round,
Adding to the dark below,
Taken from the world above,
As these lovers claim the night-
Adding in their breathy sighs.

Tower above my waiting bed,
Even dreams lack innocence there.
Never will reality touch the joy-
The sleeping world does bring.
Where all men live out,
Daring sinful profanity.

Of the hands and lips,
The bodies touching hips,
Upon my very own.
This white world lacks the love,
Of lust-
I wish I'd known.

poet Anonymous

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Dangerous Mind
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i had a dream that i was breastfeeding a baby and i was trying to care about it but it was so heavy and the baby just kept staring at me and then i realised i dont have big cow udders i have training bra tits and i said is there not enough and the baby stared at me with my own eyes and said no and i saw its teeth were very pointy and sharp and i said maybe the other one and tried to turn it round but it wouldnt cooperate and it suddenly bit me and i woke up its weird huh

poet Anonymous

Karrabear, Theo and Anna Grin: thank you for starting the competition.......!!!!!

poet Anonymous

"From the Depths....."

It came one night..........
Clobbering my sleepless mind and invigilating
an ominous strife.

The pressures of an unknown curse summoned by
the entanglement of just the right words.
Placed at the apex of challenging God.
Who listened for the deliverance of mortal plight.

It weighed upon my soul like the chains within innumerable
gantry's.  Stole the last breath I had left to speak.
A spiritual war with seemingly limitless amounts of infantry's.

It drug me down to the bottomless astral-lave.  Between the
dimensions of insanity and perplexity.  It had
no known limits nor
weakness known.  Testing the very eternal magnitudes of
all religiosity.    

Gypsy Red
Tyrant of Words
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I Dream...

I dream … dreams, some decipherable and full meaning,
others enigmatic, unfathomable and fleeting.
I dream …of you, seen yet unseen, gleanings
of notions and emotions from underlying feelings.

I dream … of cravings, yearnings underestimated,
my will abated, ache and desires  abbreviated.
I dream…as our friendship is comfortably acclimated,
we realize our long lived loneliness is becoming accentuated.

I dream…sentimentally of being singularly chosen
by a love time will stand still for as if perpetually frozen.
I dream… daring to care of things purposely forgotten,
of romantically chaste letters although verboten.

I dream…of old fashioned concepts and chivalrous intentions,
correlating responses to genteel  and affable conversations.
I dream…of accessing the constellations in your eyes’ observations,
calming my galloping expectations and unintentional emanations.

I dream…of sweet declarations while being held ever so gently,
discreet but earnestly contained passions confessed ardently.
I dream…incessantly of innocent longings magnified poignantly,
while modestly remaining silent  but always unrepentantly.

I dream…vividly of passionate kisses and gregarious affections,
experiencing the wonder of sensual yet tender ministrations.
I dream… little dreams wishing you were sharing the assignation,
then I awaken, understanding this was a dream of my own creation.

Gypsy Red

Fire of Insight
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"Welcome ladies, and gents,
To a show of epic proportions",
in a hollow,
Echoed voice of dignity
"In this once only showing
'Crazy not so loopy'
As I witness you,
Witnessing the show"
As the lights dim
To set
A soft, reddish ambient
And, the dull roar
Of an obnoxious audience
Dies off to an
Uncomfortable silence...
Not even a peep,
From that
Pesky damned
As I sit restless
Within this
Plush, red cushioned seat
Of unusual comfort
For just a modest movie theater.
"Nice upgrade",
As the cushion
Molds to my ass,
I sit in comfy respite.
Ambience of the room set;
Not a sound.
Until the squeek
Of a pullie (starved of lube)
Cuts an echo into the silence...
Front and center,
The two,
Deep red velvet
Curtains part.
(Not so gracefully)
Standing massive and white,
A projector screen...
Nothing flickering
Upon the massive screen.
No sound.
An eerily intoxicating silence.
Unease sets in.
In frustration and impatience,
I stand to leave.
(this movie sucks anyways)
And my stomach,
Tethered to my heart,
Tethered to my sanity,
Falls through my
"Exit only"
As my eyes
Connect with the stage...

Perched upon a
Plush red cushioned seat,
Wrists taped to
The arm rests,
And Head;
Shoulder deep
Inside a cloth sack..
Interest piqued within me...
One foot...before the other...
Step be step,
I stroll to the stage.
The Intense draw
Of curiosity
Like a moth to the flame.
Up four wooden steps
(Creaking of loose nails)
At the far edge
Of an old rickety structure,
I walk.
Slowly to the center
Of the stage.
"That dude is wearing my shoes..."
Inexplicable unease...
As my decorated
Left arm,
Adorned of hours of tattoo,
Reaches out before me,
I grab a hand full
Of scarlet hood..
As I feel the hood,
Being (not so delicately)
Pulled from my head,
A profound feeling of,
As my eyes adjust
To the dim, red light,
I see many blank,
Faces aglow, staring at me.
As I am shaken from my slumber
By the obnoxious scream
Of my alarm clock...
Intense feeling of

Guardian of Shadows
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It's all gone down the drains

Just a matter of time
'til the night takes the sun
and they'll come crawling out the sewers
dragging their wretched children behind them
with aunts and mothers for sisters  
and their skin full of puss popped blisters

there'll be a hunger on them
you'll see it in their shiny black eyes
just before they pull you to the ground
and mall you, fleece you to the bare white bone
then leave you scarred, alone, whimpering in a huddled heap

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
Dangerous Mind
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- Visionary Circle -
Based on a dream I had on Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Just last eve I fell in weary slumber, silently.
And from the realm of dreams my soul fled,
Journeying into the realms of the visionary…
Where the world of the living meets the dead.
There, my soul took the form of a little girl…
And I wandered in green fields, feeling free!
The clouds above were white as palest pearl,
And the sky was the bluest anyone could see.
At my side was the sister I never had in life…
Who walked with me across a true paradise!
Together we were complete, free from strife,
But this was not Heaven, and I was not wise.

To a town we came, which was all in ruins…
Though inhabited by people who lived there.
It sprawled on the side of marshes and fens,
Of which I had a mind to carefully beware…
And so we ventured to a small tavern house.
Therein we sipped pomegranate juice red…
Redder than the color of my peasant blouse!
So red, that it so seemed the juice had bled.
My sister hugged me and then we changed:
I became a teenage girl, instead of a child…
As my sister, the child she was so remained.
I was older, but still my heart was very mild!

An evil-seeming man watched us as we sat,
Dark glasses obscuring his eyes that gazed…
He was old and listened well as we did chat.
His manner was vile, and he seemed dazed!
I told my sister we needed to leave at once,
And so we departed, fleeing the ruined town.
We ran back across the fields, faster thence,
Than we had walked without even a frown…
When we knew not that evil people existed.
And soon we came to a grassy hilltop stark,
Atop which a circle of ruins ever persisted…
Waiting like a watcher, for one to thus hark!

As we approached the circle of old stones…
My sister vanished and I knew a true terror.
For within that circle, I spied piles of bones,
And I knew the completeness of our error…
For on a throne of silvery rock was a being.
Human he seemed, and in form as an angel,
Beautiful and elfin, his eyes all things seeing!
He sang to me, and his song was like a bell.
Release my sister and let me go from here…
This I said to him, my voice ringing so loud!
And in my voice, I did not betray my fear…
For I faced a demon, and one fallen proud.

He then sang these words unto me, humble:
“I have not the power to keep her from you.
She waits for you, where thunders rumble…
Where the skies are eternal, and ever blue!
I have not the power to keep you prisoner.
Go forth from this place that is my domain,
And soar high, beholding your true sister…
Whose power it is to ease a person’s pain.”
And then I was lifted up into the heavens…
The hilltop seeming small and the sky large!
I heard my sister singing, with joy as stems,
From a heart given to it, some holy charge.

She was now an adult woman, as was I…
We wore gowns of purest white, gleaming.
Sibling spirits dancing across an azure sky!
This vision awaited me beyond dreaming…
We sang and danced smiling with such joy,
That I felt enchanted by the power of song.
But the skies grew dark, like the mad toy…
Of some hand seeking to do peace wrong.
My sister’s song was shrieking; mine also!
And all around us were wraithlike ghosts…
Carried so, wherever the wind might blow.
Though we would not become their hosts!

We clasped hands and were children again.
The circle was complete, our souls reborn…
Playing on green fields, knowing not of sin.
Whilst the sun beckoned the coming morn!
I heard doves and felt a sense of true ease.
Though the terrible spirits I had just beheld,
Haunted me within, for inner demons tease.
I dismissed them for now, and then I knelt,
Before she whose joy had saved my soul…
From becoming lost with the howling wind.
Her laughter was clearer than a bell’s toll…
And on that note did my dream at last end.

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
Dangerous Mind
United States
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- Three Fates in Xibalba-
Based on a dream I had on June 17, 2010  

Prologue: City of the Dead…
In a dreamlike state so far removed from waking toils…
I found myself in some alien world’s cold, snaking coils.
Within a bazaar, amidst a large renaissance-style city…
I was sitting at a table chatting with people I know not.
Yet familiar were they to me, and so quick to feel pity,
That it seemed as if we had some kinship in our thought.
A woman walked up to me, she most strangely attired,
In a gold metallic looking jumpsuit and jet-black beret.
She was captain of an airship, and with me conspired,
To seek entry into a floating palace on that special day!
Down a dark tunnel she led me to the airship’s docks,
Past places where people were being hung on stocks.
Shadowy beings punished them with sharp scourges…
And from such torments no soul ever wholly emerges!
Ignoring this sight, I followed the lady captain along…
Whilst she began to whistle: a hauntingly familiar song.
Part One: The Floating Palace…
Through the sky we sailed above the domes far below,
Seeing old buildings, with their high and pointed spires.
Before us was a palace floating as the winds will blow,
The object of our quest, its’ torches bright as hot fires.
We landed the ship on a balcony plated all with gold…
I went ahead into the building, where the air was cold.
Within: were glass display cases from wall unto wall…
Decorating the most large and grandly ceremonial hall.
Each case held treasures from various ages and times,
As from the ceiling hung ancient-looking wind chimes.
Serpent-like designs on pillars that rose to the arches,
That formed the supports of the domed ceiling so tall…
Reminded me of vines as clinging to old dying larches,
Which seemed to remind me of one’s capacity to fall.
The residents of the palace seemed utterly enthralled…
By: their own treasures, making me entirely appalled.
The residents of the palace tried to bribe me so well,
That lesser men: would be tempted by the fine things.
I, however, knew that greed was a pathway to Hell…
And so I refused them, and all the treasures of kings.
Finally, three old women wearing masks finely gilded,
Designed like sunbursts with women’s faces etched…
Came into the chamber in ragged robes, like wilted,
Withered and dying flowers with long arms stretched.
They opened a chest shaped like a big black dragon,
Removing a crystal ball that resembled a tiger’s eye.
Holding it before them, they seemed at last to see…
Blind they were just before, to my nearby company.
“You, child of a goddess and sister to the living dawn!
To spurn the finery of ages, you are an insane soul…
You who prefer fleeting love, to gold we can spawn!
What you seek is not here, for the Fates to control.”
And so they chased me through the ancient palace…
Their wicked claws slashing, at the flesh of my arms!
Hulking, misshapen creatures, masks on each face…
Were summoned up from Hell, by sorcery’s charms.
I ran back to the balcony, as the airship was leaving,
Forcing me to jump off, unto the craft’s high balloon.
I climbed an attached rope down to the ship railing…
And I finally was safe, but perhaps did rest too soon!
For from the floating palace came blasts of hot flame,
Which crashed into the airship, each blast the same…
Like meteors of fire, causing the ship to plummet fast.
The captain jumped first, and I foolishly jumped last.
We landed in a river that split part of the city ground,
As I struck out on my own: seeking the way around.
I was lost in streets and alleys that had no real end…
Until I emerged into a plaza where I met not a friend.
Part Two: The River of Death…
The demons of the Three Fates had come down here,
Endless in number they possessed an aura of fear…
I ran to escape them, and left the city through a gate,
Coming swiftly to a cavern near a deep, frozen lake.
Three little girls all: familiar to me made me feel worry,
For they wanted to pass through the cave in a hurry!
They each asked me to escort them thus in their turn,
Whilst behind us the demons made the old city burn.
I heard the Three Fates mocking me as they arrived…
“Do you not know, those girls are facets of yourself?
Parts of your soul long buried, that always so strived,
For you to accept them, not leave them on the shelf.
Like old books that contain knowledge, long forgot,
They beg to be remembered, now they are caught!”
And so, one by one, I escorted my buried halves…
Through that dark watery cavern: on wooden rafts.
The first child I led through the pale, frozen tunnel…
Was from a bygone time in looks as well as manner.
I beheld images on the crystalline walls in a huddle…
From past lives that I lived that struck like a hammer,
Upon my memory, until we got over to the other side.
The girl vanished, and I had to go back for the next…
Who wore clothing of this era in which she did abide.
The walls showed me images of the present context,
Which bothered me the least, of the visions I beheld.
This girl too vanished, and I returned for the last one,
Who was pale white: dressed in silver gown and belt.
The walls showed images of angels, in blue fire spun,
As they fell from the heavens, having lost their battle.
I was amongst them, and tried to block out the sight,
As helpless before old suffering and terror, as cattle…
But I could not: thusly I fell to my knees out of fright!
Suddenly, the airship captain came back to help out,
She grabbed my arm and led me from fear and doubt.
I led the final child to her destination and she vanished,
But now the demons were behind me, never banished!
The Three Fates were with them, cackling ever loudly…
Longing to take me away to some dark hellish eternity,
Yet unable to harm me, and so I heard them cry aloud:
“Before you is the river of Xibalba in the underworld…
The living cannot ever cross it so do not be so proud!”
But on the wooden raft, down the river I was hurtled,
The airship captain paddled the raft, speeding us along,
Singing at the top of her lungs, the same familiar song.
Never had it been so welcome as now it had seemed,
Causing the roof of the cavern to crumble just ahead…
So that sunlight shone down and so warmly it beamed,
That I awoke in safety from that domain of pure dread.
Tri Fortuna, Tri Semita...
Preteritus, Tendo, Infinitio!
Quis exspecto in posterus?
Scisco Tri Fortuna, scisco Hecate.

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
Dangerous Mind
United States
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- A Highway Bound For Heaven -
Based on a dream I had on June 11, 2010

Part One: The Empty Vessel

Down a highway marked by time and lined with hills…
I walked alone, unloved and feeling the weight of years.
Knowing not if I was in dream or beyond my very flesh,
I walked alone, and felt the cold biting me with chills…
Until it seemed that I walked forever filling up with tears!
I was not part of the whole: nor adding to a higher mesh.
Behind me was a big city, all in ruins crumbling away…
Before was the highway, as unending as the longest day.

I wandered lost, until I came to a small city in a desert,
Where two factions warred, to claim all that did remain.
I was caught in the fighting, until my spirit it did pervert,
And, taking shelter in a building I was lost in all my pain.
Therein I found a tapestry hung upon an old nearby wall,
Behind which: was a glowing portal shimmering with awe.
Shimmering and circular in shape, red as fire there within,
The portal was like the eye of a god, first bright then dim.

From that portal floated on air, a long ship of the Norse,
That: settled in the massive building like a galloping horse.
As soon as it had come to rest, I heard a voice to say…
That it wished it had summoned an army of red demons,
Rather than an empty boat from some lost bygone day.
And then I was distracted from this magical summons…
By a chest of metal upon the floor, I had not prior seen.
In it were statues of knights, with armor of bright sheen!

Part Two: Journey Into Infinity

I placed the statues in the boat and they became alive…
They grew to human size and piloted the boat, as crew.
It sailed back through the red portal, mightily to strive…
On cosmic seas beyond my ken: where now they flew.
As soon as this transpired, a gathering of people came,
All dressed in robes of purest white, with priestly looks.
They urged me to step forward; I sensed some game…
I had my part to play as written in their holiest of books.

They called forth an elemental of the earth, clad in moss,
And bade it escort me beyond the shores of infinity itself.
At once in a starry void I: and the creature, hurled along.
We hurtled towards a world that was in the grip of loss…
It was square and flat in shape, like a vast earthlike shelf.
On the surface was a grassy hill in a jungle out of song…
With giant trees that had palm-like leaves and big fruits,
Fruits shaped like big bells that whistled like reed flutes.

Green was the ground and blue: the trees of that jungle,
Nearby was a circular wall of ancient sandstone rubble.
Rising up from the ground were the dead of that world,
Savage and barbaric creatures hungering for warm skin.
The elemental at my side motioned with arms unfurled,
And the undead could not touch me, no matter my sin!
Thusly, we passed into the ruined circle with some ease,
Our victory fleeting, as though it were there to but tease.

Part Three: Ghosts of the Past

The elemental placed upon an eye-shaped stone dais…
A gemstone: with tiger-stripes and a blue, eye-like ring.
At once from the purple-hued sky descended an angel!
Her skin was pink, and on her face was a look of bliss,
Her hair was orange as fire, as her voice did loudly sing.
Purple robes fluttered about her as she descended well!
Taking the stone from the dais, she glowed with glory…
And with a flutter of black wings, we left her odd story.

I was back in the building, but alone before some stand,
On which sat old toys of mine, from childhood’s time…
Behind me I heard footsteps and I turned to see a child.
A freckle-faced little girl, from some other age and land,
Wearing glasses, and a dress out of a Victorian clime…
She was so pleasant and well mannered, also quite mild!
The child led me to a room with a banquet table all set…
There, we were seated and soon other people we met.

All in white, but varied in style of dress were these folk,
Who sat around the square table as they chatted away!
The child told me her name was Roberta, from Virginia.
She died back in the 1800’s, and now here did skulk…
Along with other souls who have passed beyond the gray,
They ate nothing at the table, needing no fair cornucopia.
At length, Roberta laid her head upon my arm lovingly…
Asking me to protect her on her way to her final destiny.

Part Four: The Highway’s End

At once I felt behind me, a familiar presence I knew well.
Lucifer herself had come, with a company out from Hell!
In the form of a little girl was she, with golden hair so fine,
And eyes the color of emerald flame, that burned hotly…
Clothed in a red linen gown, her lips like rubies did shine.
She laid a hand on my arm, and so said she came for me!
I fought her off and called for someone to open the shade,
That: blocked the only window, keeping the ghosts afraid.

Sunlight poured in from outside, and all the ghosts did go.
I took Roberta by the arm, shielding her from that glow…
Which caused even scarlet Lucifer, to give up her mission.
And so I fled with Roberta from the city’s cold division…
Coming at last back to the highway where we walked on,
Leaving civilization behind us, beneath the hot desert sun.
In the distance was a valley so utterly pleasant to behold,
That Roberta longed to go there; I made her wish unfold.

I took her to the edge of the valley and then she vanished,
Leaving only her dress to fall on the highway, untarnished.
I looked nearby to see my deceased grandfather driving…
Down another lonely road: with my late mother at his side.
I was now alone, and my eyes were stinging from crying…
Until I looked upon that valley, and all of my sorrow died!
I tried to enter it myself, but a white light stopped my feet,
Causing me to awaken to life, another new dawn to greet.

Thought Provoker
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Here is a two-part poem about two dreams I had on consecutive nights when deployed to Afghanistan last year while taking my Malaria medicine.  They were very vivid and quite disturbing.  But then again, so is Malaria from what I hear.....

Doxycycline Dreams

I am a crime boss, older,
but still strong and sharp.  
A young rival wants to kill me
and take my businesses.  

But I somehow get into a fight with him;
he is young and handsome,
with Christian Slater-like hair, and strong.  
But I get the upper hand in the fight,
breaking an arm, the perfect nose,
tearing his gray suit
staining it with his blood.  

I remain untouched,
and as I smash his face
into the marble floor
of my high-rise apartment,
I start to tell him
how he was not meant
for a life of crime,
how he was born out of the love of his parents
and how God only wants us to love one another.  

I tell him
he needs to find a girl
and settle down.  
I change his heart
and he begs me to stop beating him.  

I say I will
and just as I loosen my grip
on his arm-bar,
I kick him in his knee,
dislocating it.  
He screams, “Why did you do that?”
“I thought you said you would stop!”  

I reply, “because motherfucker,
I am the devil.”  

I am outside in the extreme heat,
gnats and hornets swarm
around my head.  

I am repeatedly stung,
but the stingers do not stay in.  
Gnats simultaneously fly
into my eyes and ears.  

I fall on the ground and roll;
people take no notice as I scream for help.  
The pain makes me mad
and I strike out at those nearest me,
but they do not stop or react.  

It is if I am not there.  
I run to my room
and as I make it through the door,
the insects fall dead
at the first hint of cool, conditioned air.  

I go into my room
and sit at my desk looking at the computer,
and as I run my hands over my head,
dead insects fall onto the keyboard.  

I find this very annoying
and take a shower,
I use my body wash
and as it rinses off,
more insects fall from my skin.  
It is only after I turn the water off
that I notice they are all gone.    

poet Anonymous

These poems are all so good...thank you...thank you!

Strange Creature
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Silence of the night

Silence of the night
Wind blew gently
Intrigued in the moment of darkness
Imaginations run wild, temptation envisaged
Lost in the mask of desire
Succumbed and embraced the utmost darkness
Till the next awakening dawn
Dormez bien, my "fifty shades"...

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