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Everyday I Wake Up Alone</3

Thought Provoker
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Poetry Contest

Write and submit a poem pertaining to heart break and lost love
Old and new poems are allowed...any question message me...no conversations or comments on other's works please

Tyrant of Words
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The walls whisper your name

I roam these empty rooms
like an amputee
seeking a lost limb
I search for
and find you in everything
your presence here
so overpowering
as I drown helplessly
in memories
Evidence of you
litters every surface
you're everywhere I turn
impossible to escape
because the walls
whisper your name

Thought Provoker
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"Listen baby just listen"
i wonder against the grass
flowing to the wind
windows open just like my heart
on the summer hot day
you lay one finger upon my heart
and hope that this wont tear
snip snip
i go down
listen baby just listen
i have words i want to speak
you are lost now
hidden in the shadow
lay me down right outside the dusty window
fello heart we climb so soft
listen baby just listen
you don't understand the hard trials of love
and now fluster upon the door
you fall faster and harder
but you are my one love lost
listen baby just listen
as i tell you my love
and hope you hear me
so close but so far away
lay here by the moonlight i dream
that you would just lay here
lay here next to me

poet Anonymous

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Fire of Insight
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Nothing Left

She was sent to punish me
She did her job quite well
She had no other motivation
As far as I can tell
She was sent to maim me
The scars she left run deep
Though she gave me fleeting joys
That I could never keep
She brought me swift destruction
Calamity and woe
And such bittersweet memories
I never could let go
She left me there to suffer
A slow and painful death
As sorrow ate away at me
Till there was nothing left

Dangerous Mind
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Questions of a poetic nature

Sometimes it feels like the world doesn't spin as much as it runs away from 'what if's'.
What if the indentation left on the sofa cushion still had you there to fill it?
What if my arm was still the last part of me to wake in the morning and the drool you left behind still felt like my arms tears, sad as the rest of me to see you rise and leave.

What if I had the ability to truly write what i feel. Not just the rough sketches of emotional silhouettes that they are but instead... The ability to capture every touch, sight, smell, and every emotion contained in a single moment.

I would let my hand become the vessel of my mind, dip my pen into the inkwell of my memories and let the moment pour from my hands as if I had just slit my wrists and let the lifeblood of my past bleed into the awaiting arms of crisp white paper.

What moment would I choose to bleed?

Would it be damp, tickling grass beneath my feet, never ending skies of translucent blue and her weight on my back the only thing keeping me from floating away into heavenly pastures?

Could any humble page even manage to contain the rapture that blossomed from the juncture of my neck and her lips when they met in the moment that the sun, moon and stars seemed to explode into a second, more brilliant life that lasted for the length of a single kiss?

Or would I paint the perfect melancholy of the moment that I first woke alone. When I realised my arm stayed awake all night like a frightened child, waiting for your lips on its wrist to reassure it.  

What if I had the ability to paint pictures with words that made the world stop running?

All it would take would be one moment, captured, framed and displayed on my chest for all to see. It would be the moment my eyes opened one morning to see that the part of me that you discarded, the one that moulded me and you together is no longer attached to me.

It would be knowing that I had the freedom to move unencumbered.

Twisted Dreamer
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Where'd you go?
I promise I won't do it again....please come back.!!....please?
You promised... forever

But you left ripping that promise apart just open for any type of diseases
Watching my crumble to the ground as it rabidly takes over
My voice is faint as I reach my hand out toward you , but you look away and watch me crack apart and be blown by the wind
The same wind that once blew pass us as we kissed the nights away
No all the wind  does is replay the breaking of my infested heart
Trying to respond, to your repleay, make me rethink, reduntaly
You  spit out words in annoyance, until you finally drop me in front of the lover that once claimed to love
Volts of power feels as though I'm not worth to  move so my eyes rebel and look up ....

Thought Provoker
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i remember you in the morning
laying naked in bed
the sun coming through the window
catching your hair on fire

i held you softly
afraid of letting go
i always knew
i always know

it was my fault it always is
no matter what i do
it's what i didn't say
or what i did

i still hold you in the mornings
i hold you in my mind
i remember the words we spoke
my god i was so blind

Dangerous Mind
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I don't feel any better

I've taken to drugging myself
just to fall asleep
I considered just getting drunk
and blacking out to get some rest
but I must admit,
headaches scare me
the one type of pain that I can't stand
trapping me in a dark room
with a cold washcloth on my brow for hours
I used to get migraines that lasted for days
Needless to say, I don't miss them
I could maybe sleep easier
if you weren't such a stubborn asshole
and would leave my thoughts before eleven
my restless mind doesn't need you there
stirring up emotions I'd rather let die
Or not, I haven't decided yet
all I know is that you aren't welcome
I'm trying not to think of you
and how I told you my deepest darkest secrets
only to have you drop all contact
You really know how to make a girl feel special
Tell her she can trust you over and over
then fail to follow through
It's ok, you almost made me not expect it
yet I still did, in the corner of my mind
These are bruises, not cuts
and I'm sure they'll heal rather quickly
without leaving behind any tell-tale signs
What makes me mad is that I really did enjoy
the idea of being close to you
Oh well, a couple sleepless nights won't kill me
I've learned to deal with disappointment a long time ago
and besides, I got my drugs
they don't make me feel any better when I wake
but at least I didn't dream of you

Twisted Dreamer
South Africa
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Just like a dream come true,
It started off, just me and you.
It just may have been a dream,
But together we embraced each other, in full steam.

Day one, day two, day three, day four.
Today would be plus a thousand and some more.
Two people doing the best they can,
Two people trying to be everybody’s fan.

However, I wish it were never,
The downs were growing more than ever.
Still filled with Love, Trust and Passion.
Onward I marched in true fashion.

To be my wife, to have and to hold.
To be in my life, and together grow old.
The closer the day, the further away.
What was it that led us astray?

Still like a bank, my Love I would deposit.
Fixing the interest, leaving nothing in the closet.
The more I dig and Invest in our future,
The more she followed a devious creature.

Telling her what she wants to hear,
Telling her it is I she should fear.
Devious he is, way down to the core,
Congratulations, it is two hearts you tore.

Faux Amis, or true enemy.
She still believes him, and his insanity.
I pray to God that one day,
She will see through all his deceiving displays.

So dear deceiver, hear me now.
Remove that mask and take your final bow.
Or Place yourself in that pod,
With those who counterfeit the word of GOD.

And so Dear Lover.
There will be no other.
For as long as you allow,
His Cold Wet Obscurity your heart to plough.

But hear me now,
And listen true.
My heart will forever,
Remember You.

God guides my heart,
And protects my soul.
Let Him guide your heart,
And deliver you from that black hole.

Thought Provoker
United States
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On the Wings of a Dove

Poem Image
As darkest night seizes light of day, a soft breeze whispers
to me through the trees of the willow
As I lay here on the cold harsh ground the concrete is my pillow
in which I lay my weary head ever so aware of the slightest sound
as blackness lingers all around me judgment once clouded
but now my mind is bright and clear, thinking back to days of old
so much I did fear and a single tear dose fall as I'm chained to
this wall for the rest of my days to remind me of a pain so strong
what did we hope to gain by drudging up past blames we both made
loves been broken now pains my token I've paid my dues as darkness
falls upon me and entered to raid my soul words unspoken
my heart is broken and turned to ice no fire can ever melt
body, soul and mind tattered a lifetime of dreams shattered
I sit here in this dungeon you put me in over thinking
my mind bludgeoned when once deceived you feel your heart may
never be retrieved from the blackness that has taken over
and you are shaken to your very core by a pain so strong
all in life is wrong and in my head plays the saddest song
I longed for a love so divine for one I could call mine
and in a fleeting moment you realize you will never be fine again
everything was a fabricated fantasy a deluded truth for me to
believe a love that strong and true is real it dose not exist
dreaming of it makes your insides blue a dark hue surrounds me
as I sit confined behind these walls closing in on me
more and more each day I once thought if only I would pray
for you every night I'd be found and rescued
but to my dismay you did not come broken dreams it seems
all will remain the same just as yesterday and the day before
it tore at my being, now I'm seeing the truth
I will forever remain a prisoner in this cold dark dungeon
you put my heart in for an eternity
as I hear the sound of my breath leaving my body
and carried away on the wings of a dove in a lightly falling snow
at last I know my destiny

Gypsy Red
Tyrant of Words
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Ashes to Ashes

The myriad of pages burning contain
my written sorrows and scribed pain,
they leave nothing in their dark wake
but bitter betrayal and lingering shame.

Memories torment me time and again
tears that fall without pause or refrain,  
leaving their indelible salt laden stain
of failed attempts to recapture a love feigned

You who were my hearts only chatelaine;
the purest love that I could have offered
you have, with no remorse, mercilessly slain,
now have become my life story’s  villain.

For  you my purpose has run its course,
seeking a new love to quicken you again,
a deep wound you carved in my soul
and on my chest a spreading bloodstain.

I, struck down by surprise as was Able
by your  vicious maliciousness, my Cain,
I was left in a pool of pain unimaginable
that threatened to keep me enchained.

Leveling harsh insults feeling a violent disdain,
I was not your type you said when asked to explain.
The agony and shock were truly inhumain
after years of imagined love the truth was plain.

You had decided without a moments restrain
to destroy my confidence with no remorse
alone now I am laid low, my future uncertain
like a million pieces of  porcelain, I am broken.

How do I, my needed confidence reattain?
I conclude that from love I must abstain,
the tears continue to fall like midnight rain,
who I see in the mirror is still just plain Jane.

I am tiered; my spirit is weary and drained
all I want now is to sleep the eternal sleep
leave behind the lifelong  cruelty of this domain
and there from the burden become unchained .

Maybe then, in solitude my inner peace I will regain
forgetting the love that became a pungent bane.
Let these bitter words formed into sad quatrains
burn into ashes so their power never again has reign.

Gypsy Red

Thought Provoker
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"ill give you my heart (literaly) a poem for J"
If you can't get better then what do I live for
If you're not here or coming home
What can I become?
I have love for you that no one can take
It makes them commit suicide
Please even I've thought about it
My dearest love
I will love you until you leave this place
Twisted fate
All I wanted was someone to love me
Say I was pretty
And now I found a man
I want to spend the rest of my life with
And he lays here dying
I scream to the clouds
Why!!!! Why!!!!
Why do you want my life to be miserable?
I want happiness
To show me that it’s not fake
When we don't talk about it
I don't think about it
How you have cancer
How you have this heart disease
I'm fine but you're not and I’m scared
Like you're going to be ripped from my hands at any moment
I just want to know you're okay
Not knowing you're not makes me so depressed
But when I think of you holding me
It brings butterflies
I will love you until your heart stops beating
And I hope you never forget
That I did this for you
Now all that’s left is for to come where I am
Up in heaven I sit
Waiting for my love to return back to me
please dont be mad
i could cure your cancer
but my heart lives on for you
stop and feel my heartbeat where yours
once was

poet Anonymous



How can I say I love you

Without giving my power away

Once you know that

You can play with me

Your puppet I shall be

How can I say I desire you

Without becoming your whore

Once you know this

You will find me

At your beck and call

How can I mention marriage

Without you using it against me

The carrot and the stick I have given you

You can make me do any trick

How can I marry you

When you are richer than me

You ask for a prenupt

With a penalty

In case of divorce...only child support

I can stay with you

Keep my mouth shut about your affairs

Last time I mentioned it

You showed me the door

What will I tell my daughter

About the relationships between people

Never for a moment

Think all people are equal

You can love someone too much

For your own good

He who has the money calls the shots

Daughter please listen

It does not have to be this way

Work hard and make money

But never fall in love too much!!!!!

Steven D
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Cant Say Goodbye~

Just heard The news today,
Seems I wont see her face again.
She never even said goodbye,
I scream her name, begin to cry.
"Why take the world from me,
To bring your mind some fucking ease?!
I guess I'm just to late...
All I can do is watch the lights all fade.
I wish that I was there,
To show how much I really care.
But now you're gone and I,
Cant seem to say goodbye,
So I close my eyes,
And I find you in the depths of my mind.
It feels so cold, you feel so cold,
And somehow I still feel so alone.
I feel you near but you're nowhere,
Even though I see you Here and There.
It's just my mind projecting you,
Such a sight is nevermore to be true.
I need you here but you're so far away,
You left a million I Love You's that I wont get to say.
I cant go on hoping to see you again after so long,
I just cant wait, I'm afraid by then the memories will be gone."
I hear you, feel you, my hands begin to shake,
I close my eyes, this lethal dose I take.
Blood rush, so numb, I feel your warm embrace,
I give in, succum, and now I've found Eternal Grace.

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