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Your Greatest Wish

Tyrant of Words
United States
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Poetry Contest

something you know you can't have but desire with all your heart
Tell me of your greatest wish one that you know in your heart can't come true no matter how you long for it

old or new poem

one entry per person

no word limit

let me feel your longing as I myself have burned with desire for something I can't have

- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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La douleur exquise

in your silence,
the empathy echoes
around the small room
I allow you into
where the words lock shut
under tightened ribs,
and I expel you from within
in slow, structured breaths.
The days; they roll on
to the heat of your letters,
the curvature of your vowels
that talk in tongues
my mouth; dry as the paper
you wrap me up in,
waits for the tinder of your kiss
to catch light on lips -
the flickering spark
that will destroy, or glorify
the small specks of us
I paint on lost eyes.

Thought Provoker
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Burning through me, tearing me apart.
Desires, hiding deep inside my heart.
Things I want, but can never get.
No matter my strength, no matter my wit.
I could try with all my might.
My desire always in my sight.
I wish for a day with the ones I love.
The ones who I can't go a day without thinking of.
They're gone, forever out of my reach.
Gone, forever, no matter how I beseech.
I would give anything to see them smile again.
To see them happy, not in pain.
That's the last image, burnt into my brain.
Watching them struggle, watching them strain.
All I want is to see them filled with joy.
Faces beaming, like children receiving a new toy.
To hug them, embrace one last time.
But my dream shall stay in this rhyme.
I know it can not be, it isn't possible.
The simple idea, it's almost laughable!
Why I wish for such impossibilities, I know not.
I guess they've found their way into my soft spot.
I miss them more than anything on this planet.
More than anyone can imagine.
I want to see them more than anyone an fathom.
But I know that just can't happen.

Guardian of Shadows
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poet Anonymous


Having my own Island for starters.
Catering in my favorite foods.

A private landing strip with a jet fueled and ready to go anywhere.  Whenever I like to traverse the World and I
feel I am in the mood.

Hanging out with the rich and famous like Gates, and Richard Branson.  Talking shop about are next capitalistic
ventures.  Seemingly we would be the real fates of the
World power and not so much those Trilateral Commissions.

Then going out to dine at only the best and most expensive private clubs.  Eating the most rare and wondrous delicacies.  As well as other foods dear to me that I love.  

Accepting a Nobel Peace Prize at the end of the day for my untold and unending philanthropy.  Giving back to those less fortunate and making the World a bit less hectic and mean.    

Strange Creature
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Seeking, searching
Come to an end
With nothing left lurking
I have been found

poet Anonymous


Wishing is a tricky thing
“Be careful what you wish for”
Is so often said
To remind us of the consequences
Of good turning to bad

When too young, one wants to be older
Past a certain age, a woman wants to be younger
When poor, we want to be rich
Remember the unhappy rich
Money could not buy them love
Only a superficial imitation

Then there is family
An only child destined to be
Envious of brothers and sisters
Thinking that the Waltons are real
Now grown seeing their hatred
Towards their own, better alone

The only thing I truly wish for is for health
But the health has been gone so long
That if given back, what would I do with it
Health is taken for granted
When young, handsome and strong
Health in old age is useful for
Taking care of your spouse and parents
You can only last so long

So my final wish is to be
Satisfied with what I have
Maybe have a painless death
Maybe go to heaven or even Sheol
Wish I could fly like the angels
And bid you adieu
As I leave this sad earth
Perhaps for eternal rest.

Thought Provoker
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Know Me
When I was seven years old I thought I could fly
I leaped off my bed trying to reach the sky

My sister picked me up and wiped my tears away
Suddenly I could clearly see her dying day

Something happens when I touch another's skin
The ending is shown to me from within

I can see their fate, the details of their death
The end of their existence, the very last breath

I came close to love once, close enough to steal a kiss
As her lips touched mine I felt sadness not bliss

How could I ever make a lady my wife?
Every time we made love I'd see the end of her life

This is no gift it's the curse of the lonely
All I will ever want is for someone to know me

Dangerous Mind
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ive suddenly
got twenty english pounds
a purple tinted smug faced crinkled queen
and i know
what i want to spend it on

oh, yes,
i can hear you laughing.

i can hear perfectly.

Fire of Insight
United States
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Peter Pan

Who wants to grow up?
There is only pain.
The world fades to gray,
Hope dashed away.
Life becomes an enemy,
Your battles never won.
or lost.

Why must my body ache?
Because in my soul
It churns, not with age,
But emotion.

Oh Neverland!
How I cry for the timeless king.
Where joy is easily gained,
And sorrow forgotten.

Even should I die,
I would never misguide myself,
That heaven wouldn't be real.
Or fake.
Because, a child's trust
Is absolute.

Take me away.
A world so far away.

poet Anonymous

Remember Wishes?

You know how I feel about wishes, darling
I'll make them, forget them
trade up for something better
make it just another poem you've read

more emotion in ink
that I've bled for relief

because life aint no festival
time's a dodgy thief

but I do have a wish, babe
just one that remains
and I'll keep it safely guarded away

secretly wishing, dreaming
one day...man
maybe, someday

as I wish my life away
not believing much in wishes, anyway

Tyrant of Words
United States
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thank you all for the fantastic entries peace Crim

Thought Provoker
United States
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the saddest thing is that i actually used to believe it
fuck love
the word is a burden to the hearts who've met the feeling
always wanting
always searching
love is a story i tell myself late at night
love is more than sex or so i'm told
sadly stories never have a happy ending
they just stop the story when it looks nice
i'm so uncertain now
i used to believe in love
now i don't believe in love at all
i'm quite certain it doesn't exist
these things i know exist
love doesn't exist to me
but i still look for it
i still hope
i still yearn unceasingly
i can never fully give up on love
or i must also give up on life

Thought Provoker
United States
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-A Dream Unfulfilled-

The lurce of my stomach
The rising of the hairs on my arms
A weight on my chest that I cannot alleviate
The longing in my muscles

Perfect balance
Never wavering
Never faltering
In perfect synchronization

Fingers twitching
Legs shaking
Neck ticking
Body sweating

I long to do this
I have for a long time
But can I allow it to happen
When I am so unprepared

Such an open place
So many familiar faces
So much judgement
So little time to think

I have longed for so long
I might as well put it all out there
Even though I am not talented enough
I shall do my best

I want to dance as though floating
Across the floor like a leaf on the wind
But in reality
I am a teenage kid whom knows not how to dance

I want to woe a woman
With my skills of dance
I want to speak
With my body, not my voice

But it was not to be
I am but a blumbering idiot
No sense of rythum
In a single cell of his body

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
Dangerous Mind
United States
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- I Wish I Were A Goddess -

I wish I were a goddess, of serene beauty like the night.
Then I would live forever, and not need Heaven’s light!
For I could build a paradise, to rival Eden in its’ prime;
Both men and women would love me in ways sublime!
I would wear the finest garments, spun on angel looms,
And dwell in a temple with at least a thousand rooms…
No sacrifices to desecrate the altar of my eternal glory.
I would be a true living bible where is written my story!

My elect would be immortal, in this life as well the next,
And our garden would be like in Babylon, of elder text.
Flowers and plants of every hue and scent hanging fair,
From the towers of my temple, where the faithful dare!
Birds would make their nests atop the columns so tall…
And both marble and jade would adorn each high wall.
An amethyst arch would frame a gate of sapphire blue,
With no angel to keep mortals away, from what is true.

Like Elysium it would be and I would be as I am there,
Not trapped in human shell, but given my original share.
The sibling of the Light Bearer: illuminated and divine…
A goddess and a god, whose own light would so shine!
My wings would be six-fold, and my hair long, flowing,
Whilst my eyes would be all of azure: and also glowing.
Love would be my law, and I would bring it to all living,
Until the world was at peace, from the act of my giving!

Would that it were, I was granted such a glorious wish,
By the one who first made me, and then cast me away!
But now I am mortal, and the beauty I crave much less,
Than what I would be like within my true: angelic dress.
But I wish I were a goddess, once more to Heaven fly…
So that I would never need to age, or ever have to die!
But I can still look beautiful, in my humble, human way.
I can walk in each night, and dance by the light of day!

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