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euphemism and double entendre

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Poetry Contest

A verse centring on these forms
These declining forms can be funny, imaginative, outrageous. Neologisms and the well-worn acceptable but the underlying meaning should be clear as in:

HAMLET Lady, shall I lay in your lap? OPHELIA No, my lord
HAMLET I mean, my head in your lap? OPHELIA Ay, my lord.
HAMLET Do you think I meant country matters?
OPHELIA I think nothing, my lord.
HAMLET That's a fair thought to lie between maids' legs.

(though perhaps Shakespeare made too much concession to the slow witted)

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Silk Velveteen Purse


A sows ear turned,
into a silk velveteen purse,
It envelopes you in its warm feel
when its interior is searched.

Its greatest asset
is its enclosed pearl;
the silky smooth feel
of this tiny sphere
belies its importance
within its whorl.

An extrasensory delight
when its maw lays open,
there is no dentin in sight
to mar this smile, its just a token.

It is made to surprisingly expand,
especially after its been broken.
Such is the sensual demand,
a wealth contained therein;
all manner of precious cargo
can be carried safely within.

Its most attractive feature
is its secretive portability,
reserved for the singular venture
of amorous masculinity.

Gypsy Red

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I don't think the neighbors like us very much just because we are cannibals
Maybe we should have them for dinner

poet Anonymous

Let's Play A Round

If you'll play your cards right
promise not to cheat
I'll venture to gamble more than I should
there are no safe bets these days

we can't know if the deal will be kind
we've both seen hands without hope
the sort we don't wanna show when folding

I wont raise the ante if your chips are low
or call your bluff even if I know

I'll pray the river saves you, everytime
whatever it takes to play a round
going ALL in
with you

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A great start! Thanks

poet Anonymous



I am unfolding
like a flower
under your touch
I gradually reveal
the fears that enfold me
that were concealed
I am being opened up
and spread out
gradually coming into view

you are not forcing my bud to open
you are coaxingly it gently
with kind words and nurturing
I no longer want to flee
the fear in me left me dry
but now your rain of gentleness
has fallen
to nurse the rich earth
from which I am made

you have melted the snow flower
you have opened me
to the experience of myself
with patience and understanding
I am starting to bloom
my energy fields are flowing
to the center of me
as pleasure enters my body
I stretch every flowery leaf
you are pushing my river
and I am being restored

my leaves are growing
and they embrace you
as I hold you close to me
feel the fragrance of jasmine
and the scent of rose
I kiss you with longing
my breath is like mint
your tongue searches
and finds me
my tension lessens
my breasts are freed
from their confinement
and blossom forth to you
to gently surround it
and suckle like a bee

my legs encircle you
as you play with the tendrils of my weeds
scented with chamomile, rubbed with vanilla
your hand goes lower and finds my rose
my rose is pink and bright and fragrant
of musk and dew and lemon

you put your tongue on my rose
and its tears flow
the tears of a rose are like ambrosia
they make the rose expand
and as you suck the rose
the rose starts to demand
the rose demands its shaft
a shaft a golden purple
swollen and ready
the rose will not wait longer
or she will lose her glow

please put the shaft in the rose
it can wait no longer
as you enter me
it feels like it should be there forever
my rose does not want to let it go
but keep it deep inside me
the rhythm of our bodies
is the rhythm of magic winds
that send the petals soaring
higher and higher
until the flower has finally
reached the heaven of her desire

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Dainty Flower


You're agile like an eagle, yet you're a dainty flower
Slowly waking up from a long slumber
The morning dew has quenched your thirst
As the hummingbird greeted you first

The warmth of the rising sun gently kisses your skin
On a daily basis until you're ready for the pickin'
Now that you're fully bloomed, I can smell your fragrance
Especially tonight, enticing me to a whirlwind of romance

Slowly I peel off your layers till I reach to the core
Then I suck your nectars dry, still wanting for more
My earthly desires consumed you to the last petal
Got intoxicated as you bleed, hope it's not lethal

Countless seasons have passed after that fateful night
Many flowers have bloomed and many have died
I fervently prayed to see my dainty flower once again
To sow a new seed from where a new life will begin

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    why i f***

because i was put on the earth for a reason, and i don’t know
what that reason is, so i choose this as the reason.

because i thought that almost everyone did it better than me,
when in fact i do it better than anyone.

because my teachers abhorred it, and my parents…o my god,
don’t even get me started on them!

because no one ever took me in and showed me that there was
something beyond this.

because it falls easily into the scheme of things.

because it is not taxable, nor governed by any religious or political

because it requires no exhaustive training, nor any degree of
scholastic achievement.

because it is a flaw of nature, and i have no quarrel with nature.

because i can.

because it’s all i’ve ever done.

and these are the reasons why I fail.

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On the principle that you should not set a competition unless you can offer something yourself, let me lower the tone with something
solitary, poor, nasty ,brutish and short.("that's life "T.Hobbes)

Overrun with crustacean
From his train in my station,
From his tender did they crawl
And fastened onto my wall.
He himself had such a ball
He thought me just sweet Fanny Adams.

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Raining On the Spies' Parade

"They are secret agents on a delicate mission,
unpleasant truths wearing diplomatic cologne."
I'm sorry to rain on your parade guys,
but you're secrets have leaked
and your seams are about to burst!
Spies, counter-spies or double-spies
share the same bed of deceit and secresy,
yet feed each other lies...
Once captured and tortured
they still hold on to their oath
until they lost their marbles!

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When It Melts

Pillowy soft and they bounce 
Some like the big ones
But I like the iddy biddy ones that warm in your mouth
They can be sucked, suckled, bitten and molded 

They're lovely and luscious with chocolate on top

Tickled by fire  
They glow and caramelize 
Sticky with the heat 
Begging to be eaten 
I happily oblige 

Glowing embers dare me to indulge my deepest wants
Willing partners for my pleasure surround me
Graham declares I'm hardened honey, with Cinnamon on top to boot
Dark, dark chocolate of myth and legend, hard as well

Warmed by the crackles and snaps of the flame and ash
She brings the combustion

Placed in the middle 
The hard chocolate liquifies first
Graham and Cinnamon, one on top and one at the bottom
Squeeze it together 

I take it all in my mouth 
Mellifluous tastes penetrate and permeate my nostrils,
Saturate my quavering tongue
I actually go deaf for a moment, until I hear

"Baby, you want S'more?"

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pink slip for you
come home and metaphor it for me.

i'm all thorn.
you know where i walk

your dumb ass doesnt know why or
ever see moonlight

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Mishap On The Way To Heaven

Which is the way to heaven?
I know of a passage so fair
Smooth , warm, wet and enticing
Is that the way to go?

First I must gain an entry
Smooth talk the guard at the gate
Kiss and caress this guardian
Express a love so deep

Soon she is ready to open
Lays back exposing the way
But alas the probe is flaccid
Humiliation crowns the day

Fire of Insight
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Smooth wet warm exciting
what do these words describe
a bowl of custard will fit the bill
but something else gives more of a thrill

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Gamecock (Ol' Man Jess)

The ol' cock is up and crowing at the sun
His wattle sways in anticipation as his head bobs about to survey the day

He can see his likeness in the fresh done sheets as he crosses the yard
Hoping he's not stirred the chicks
Chaos of his making when they're underfoot

The dew is moist as he seeks solace in the warmth of the henhouse on this crisp mornin'
He pecks at the door
Head bobbing about
And he's in

Mornin' honey

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