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Stubbornly  Patient....

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Poetry Contest

I am confused whether being stubborn is same as being patient. Convince me about what you feel.The most convincing poet wins.
1.No Collabs
2.No word limit
3.One poem per poet.

poet Anonymous



I have a friend, make it an acquaintance
Who has a personality that needs patience
Frankly I am fed up with her
She is stubborn and weepy and cries
When she does not get her way

If by chance you say the wrong thing to this lady
At the wrong time, she is so prickly
She will turn on a dime
Accuse you of deliberately insulting her

I have walked on eggs, also on glass
To protect the feeling of this unlovely lass
It is not her looks, but her personality
Which keeps the rest of the world away, you see

I have tried to be patient as her stubbornness shows
I have countered with stubbornness of my own
Nothing works and now I am impatient
And stubborn in dealing with her

This is my experience and all I can say
It is easier to deal with a smooth personality
Don't be too fast to accuse, do not cling to your stubborn ideals
For you can change once you see – everyone is backing away

No Princes or Princesses live in this world
Do not go there at your own risk
Even the slightest word gone wrong can make an enemy
The best people are flexible and kind
You do not have to be born that way
Just learn it as you grow
Suddenly people will befriend you
If you smile and say hello

Forget about principles and stubbornly held values
For there is no such thing as truth where it really matters.

poet Anonymous

Do as I can't

I'm quick to disregard patience
get agitated, I hate waiting

I'll procrastinate
waving hello as deadlines go by

stubbornly declaring
It's how I am

I'll do as I will
in my own time

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Who Got Next

this here...right here is the end of the line
whoever lines up next is behind
next’ll have to wait
that’s their fate
unless they
wanna move on
but me?  
I’m holding on
I have dibs on this spot

see I have
the patience,
the skills
that’s what I got
working this
through my pens
rewrote ends and
even some outright writer’s block

my patience is on lock
no doubt it will persevere
stubborn as it is
it has No Fear
so you can hang around
with me, miki and kitty
post your poem
we’re hoping it’s witty
wait for Yudi to
make his pick
while with stubborn patience
we’ll doggedly stick

Fire of Insight
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stubborn is when you won't move
patient is when you don't move.

Pretty Normal
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I was patient for you:

'fucking days later
and hours deeper
I had thought
wrongly so
that this wait was weightless.'

There's a purpose to patience-
the evolution of better

I'm stubborn for myself:

'good luck in the night
when loneliness is silence
seconds move
like seconds
and that's far too slowly.'

Whilst there is a purpose to stubbornness-
it remains man-made, synthetic

patience is still a weakness
being stubborn shows a bleakness
the ability to wait is seen as careless
whilst forced waiting lacks fairness.

they applaud this weakness
still showing the alternative is wrong
patience is 8 letters too short
and stubborn is 8 letters too long.

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Stubborn is a dick
Patient is a pussy

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Being a stubborn.....is a Genetical disorder,
which must be rectify...by Court's order....
And that court is perhaps our Parents,
who tries to convince with variance.

Being a stubborn......becomes our habit,
which remains our ego always High,
as more and more we tries to remove,
as high and high it goes to fly.

Being a stubborn.....slowly and slowly,
Converts the person.....into a patient,
where the person stop thinking positively,
and tries to stick on its own sensations.

The only solution of this problem is....
To suppress the wants Of His Desire,
The more He Suppress.....the more He wins
and one day left all His satire.

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"Truly a Sad 42 year old"  :  Not about me I live on my own...

Bragging about rare smokes while still living at home with
the old folks..
Saving my bits of change along the way till both my parents
finally die.  So I can really be free and call myself alive.
I'm a life long bachelor that's my excuse for being pathetically
unlovable.  Typing on a blog with no one that's reading or following but I continue on so gullible.  Lying to myself...
So sad so sad.....looking for a change in the air...like thin air owes me something dearly.  I paid my penance.  Where is my reward oh change in the air where is my reward???      

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