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Poetry Contest

Give me a history lesson
Tell me about someone in history, i dont care if its someone who everybody knows or hardly anyone knows. just tell me about someone from the past.

poet Anonymous

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St. Hildegard of Bingen

St. Hildegard, the Sibyl of the Rhine
A Seeress and Prophetess at the time
When women, even Nuns were not heard
Only sent to a convent as a tithe
From early on sick and with visions
Which we know now, were migraines of the worst kind
Sickly, paralyzed, followed by euphoria
Migraines lead her to the word of God
At the age of forty given the Divine Command
To publish what she knew and saw
Including her seventy hymns
And her book of herbal wisdom

She wrote the following:

"Listen: there was once a king sitting on his throne.
Around him stood great and wonderfully beautiful
columns ornamented with ivory, bearing the banners
of the king with great honor. Then it pleased the king to
raise a small feather from the ground, and he commanded it to fly.
The feather flew, not because of anything in itself but
because the air bore it along. Thus am I, a feather on the breath of God."

When I listen to her music, I hear Angels singing
Their adoration to the most Holy God
I can hear the wings on which their prayer is rising
This music is truly healing, my soul is expanding
It leaves my body and dances with the spheres
Expanding and contracting, spiritual ascension.


poet Anonymous

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Emily Dickinson

Perfection of Art

Perfection of Reclusion

Pressing flowers meticulously

Solitary Queen Recluse

In seclusion she:



behind her poetry

Gives rise to questions of:

Depression or neglect?

Agoraphobia or humility?

Pain and suffering, self-acceptance

Loving, daisy, iris, clematis, gentian, crocus

Embracing solitude

Blessings of nature and thought

Would not publish

Would not “auction her mind”

Seeking no fame, no fortune, no vanity




The Lady in White

Has me intrigued

So brilliant a writer

Yet a recluse

Content in the shelter

Of one room in a house

Wrote copiously, but hid

Nobody knew the poetry

Only after her passing

Were discovered

Her vast tomes

Poetry of suffering and delight.

poet Anonymous

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Rome in 1477 was the centre of artistic endeavours

One of the most important cities of the Renaissance

Admired as one of the most beautiful and elegant

Noble Roman women, received into aristocratic society

My husband, Girolamo Riario and I were in favour of the Pope

All this changed overnight when Pope Sixtus IV died

In this time of anarchy, I proved my bravery by crossing

The Tiber on horseback, in seventh month of pregnancy

I occupied the Castel Sant'Angelo, had the obedience

Of the soldiers and could monitor the Vatican

In the fortress of Ravaldino, I tried to get my enemy to submit

I even threatened to kill my children and then I scaled

The fortress wall, lifted my skirt and showed them that

I had the ability to make more

I defeated my enemies as a lone woman

Despite my husband's death

I consolidated my power, had my enemies killed

I married secretly a second time to Giacomo Feo

He was murdered, like my first

I avenged the deaths

According to the justice of the time

The deaths were cruel and painful

Not only the men, but the women and children

Tortured and executed

Despite being a woman, I conquered and was conquered

Despite being a woman, I gained power and influence

Despite being a woman, I was admired

For my political ability, my ability to lead an army

For my absolute ruthlessness, even with my family

They called me the “Tiger of Forli”

Who had frightened all of Rome

poet Anonymous

“50-watts on 3105 kHz-July 2, 1937”
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(In Memory of Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan)

On a courageous
quite gifted,
Amelia and Fred
made a commission,
to circle the Earth,
twenty-nine thousand miles
in modified-style.
Their special fuel tanks
would get them there,
give them the success
they didn’t get
the first time.
At midnight,
the lone
Electra left for Howland,
if not found,
this sliver of land,
a needle in a haystack,
just over a mile long,
would be their swan song.

At seven-forty-two am,
a female voice transmission
was distinctly heard,
she said, “gas is running low.”
The waiting ship Itasca
heard it loud and clear,
but did not see them,
something definitely
seemed amiss,
they were kissing sky
with wide eyes.
a short time later,
they think she said,
“on line 157 337, running north and south.”
Finally, complete-silence,
as if they
were spirits,
both totally-dead.
Despite an extensive search
by Morse Code and by boat,
no traces could be found,
not even a single sound.
As time slowly went by,
rescue seemed remote,
they had become history,
and still remain
a great mystery.

Were their charts all wrong,
Noonan’s calculations not right,
perhaps, five-miles off?
Did Earhart fight malfunction,
was 50 watts on 310 kHz
using a v-antennae
strong enough?
I guess,
they never really knew,
as deep oceans-blue,
never give
up their ghosts.
they're dead,
I'll toast them
the least
we can do.

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The Blood Countess

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Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed,
born 1560 as a countess of nobility,
in the Kingdom of Hungary.
Married at age 14,
to a son in aristocracy.

She was labelled
the most prolific female serial killer.
Bathing in the blood of over 650 girls
to make her self look younger.

She would slit there necks,
and drain their blood.
Then after gathering the crimson tears,
she submerged herself into the liquid tub.

She was a sick, depraved woman.
She did all this because she couldn't stand seeing herself get old
She'd slowly torture these little girls.
With no emotion. Her heart ice cold

When that blood,
proved to be insufficient.
She search for girls
from families more higher in proficients.

She would tell the families
that the girls would be educated,
but when the families heard the truth,
the girl were already dead, by then.

Due to her status,
she wasn't arrest or convicted.
Until she lost her grip,
and alive left a victim.

She was imprisoned by her own family
because of that one witness.
And even after her death in 1614,
The legend proved her to be the blood countess.  

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Bloody Mary

Mary Mary
Quite contrary
Oh how the blood does flow
From sinners heads
Onto their beds
But hey now, let’s go slow.  

Mary was an English lass
Born unto the king
But she was declared a bastard
When she was seventeen

Dearest dad King Henry
Vied for a little son
So he set aside his dear old wife
And wed a brand new one!

Mary did not like it
For reasons you might guess,
A major reason why though-
From the church they did regress

Mary was a Catholic
A rather strict one too
But her father made a new church,
And for her it wouldn’t do.

Mary went and bid her time
Both at court and in the province,
Making nice with her father and family
Til she could claim her inheritance

Her father passed on, then young Edward
Took up the English throne
But his health was poor to say the least,
And he died with no kids of his own

So Mary did become the Queen,
And preside over all of kingdom
But the choices that she made
Showed nothing of her wisdom.

She brought the Catholic Church back
Then went a bit too far,
And declared it to be the ONLY church
Which cause the some groups to spar

This sparing, it led to bloodshed
As Mary began her purge
Of all the Anglicans and Protestants
To her they were a scourge.

Both young or old, rich or poor
Were subject to her laws,
Which forced all men to humbly submit
To the Catholics most just cause

All those who refused and resisted
To submit to Mary’s power
Were taken by force and promptly locked
In the dreaded London Tower

Here they did await their fate,
Some tortured and some not,
Then dragged outside to the burning pyre
For their wayward, blasphemous thoughts

All in all, many did die
And more did flee the land
To avoid the harsh, controlling grasp
Of Bloody Mary’s hand.

Mary Mary
Bloody Mary
Your cruel, hard rein
Did sully your name
In all the history books

Not many remember
What you did in September
Of fifteen fourth seven  
All that remains
Is infamy and your name
Bloody Mary, Queen of England

Note: This poem is about Mary I, Queen of England. I got historical facts from my memory and wikipedia.

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MadameLavender said:

Wendy O' Williams, 1949-1998
Lead singer of the Punk band, The Plasmatics, animal rights activist/rehabilitator.  


Where did you go?
What were you searching for?
I never listened to the Plasmatics,
But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t saddened,
By how you entered Heaven’s door.

Oh, did you know
Your status as Punk Rock’s Queen?
Profanely nude
And shockingly lewd,
The worst on the music scene.

How far below
Depression did you sink?
The demons within
Again and again,
Tormenting you to the brink.

The world did not show
The acceptance that you craved.
You felt no good,
Lashed out in the way you behaved.

Something did grow,
Positive from your strife.
The animals you tamed,
Rehabilitated, and named
Came calling too late in your life.

They loved you so,
Those abandoned pets, and by far
You were their mother
For they had no one other,
And they accepted you as you are.

Why did you go
Into the woods that day?
The gun that you brought
Gave a killing shot
As you let yourself slip away.

We’ll never know
Why you became such a broken dove,
But your final hours
Were spent being showered
By the presence of the animals you loved.

Wow... this was sooo really good.

poet Anonymous

Honest John

He's the kind of bloke who never got enough credit
though a credit to us all, those types never do
too normal, honest
He'd fought in the war
lived on rations better than most
built ships on the Clyde
hardworking, family man
in a counsel estate he paid
and paved his way
when it was easier not to
He'd read every non-fiction book
of any value at the local library
got drunk every Christmas and
stayed that way til New Year was done
avoiding the hangover
he'd tell tales about far away places
always had a story, a joke
and a funny faced retort to everything
Intellectually stimulating with his humour
and his refusal to be pedantic
married fifty years, never failed
to wake every day at dawn
He'd wind his old clock and retire at nine
every night, regardless of company
time difference or occasion
He'd bring chocolate bars home
for all the grand-kids, every Friday
before retiring
They called him honest John
I called him granda
and I miss him
guys like him are overlooked
in history books and lecture halls
but it's men like him who matter most

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PsychicApocalypse said:

Wow... this was sooo really good.

Thanks very much--glad you enjoyed!  

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Shermans push south

Ambitious was the plan even his superiors thought it would fail
But trust in his character was all he really needed
No supplies but the ones they plundered from their victory
Freeing slaves but still having no respect for them
The cause was just
Rations low only his army could they feed
not the slaves they recently freed
Some just the day before
The choice was made to sever the bridge before they crossed
Leaving them to the slaughter
Serving a higher purpose
Now maybe it was just one day of freedom
There is absolutely no doubt it was the finest day they ever spent
Bathing in the warm waters of freedom

Ragdoll Raven
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Leonardo Da-Vinci

an untimely genius lost within scientific valuation
conjuring visions through eternity mastering how to fly.
mathematical equations produce functions of the body
attainments no-one dared to fathom but knowledge of everything
that was his only life-long dream.

paupers proclaimed he was a dreamer, a non-believer,
he was never a proper hero but no one can disavow
mystery was a must as he disengaged the portals
to find secrets unimagined, victorious solving riddles of enigma
drowning in the smile of his Mona Lisa.

forging death for a conflagration he absolutely loathed
set in pace by the wisdom of pi not of religion.
the spectrum of nature and the contours of anatomy he paints,
but yet mesmerized by his dark haired beauty, her smile,
tell me what lies behind her flowing grace?...

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Who Drinks with Blackbeard? 

(A sea shanty - Sung as a call and response between the shanty and crew as they labored on a pirate vessel.)

Here be a story 
of wit, guts and glory
A captain revered 
by moors commandeered 

On high seas and shallows
his black crew was feared
Poseidon and Hades, 
would drink with Blackbeard 

Edward Teach be his Christian name
Taught us the code, through powder and flame

Shanty:  Heave  
Crew:  Ho 

Shanty:  Heave  
Crew:  Ho 

Shanty: 17 
Crew: 17

Shanty: 17 
Crew: 17

He had a  taste,  for pretty French quim
Found just the lass,  that suited his whim

Gave her gift, of forty long guns 
Smoothed out her trim,  so she might then run
Queen Anne's Revenge, thought them not pretty
Come then sweet girl,  Let's kidnap a city

Seized all of Charleston 
Every beast, bitch and bird
King paid the ransom 
And this twas now heard

Here be a story 
of wit, guts and glory
A captain revered 
by moors commandeered 

On high seas and shallows
his black crew was feared
Poseidon and Hades, 
would drink with Blackbeard

Shanty:  Heave  
Crew:  Ho 

Shanty:  Heave  
Crew:  Ho 

Shanty: 17 
Crew: 18

Shanty: 17 
Crew: 18 

Stood tall as a mountain
With black beard  in braids
Lit fuses within them 
To lead his brigade 

King's coffers grew wee thin 
Through his wit and his charm
Bounty was given, so he did no harm

But the King had him hunted, could  not outrun Fate
Best of the fleet caught him, in a shallow wake
Took five shots to floor him 
Twenty knifes for good measure
Chopped head hung to their mast
To claim the King's treasure

Here be a story 
of wit, guts and glory
A captain revered 
by moors commandeered 

On high seas and shallows
his black crew was feared
Poseidon and Hades, 
Now drink with Blackbeard 

Shanty:  Heave  
Crew:  Ho 

Shanty:  Heave  
Crew:  Ho 

Shanty:  Black  
Crew:  Beard

Shanty:  Black  
Crew:  Beard

Postscript: Edward Teach (aka Blackbeard) was one of the most notorious pirate leaders during the early 18th century in a time historians refer to as "the golden age of piracy". Among his most infamous conquests was the ransoming of Charleston, South Carolina by blockading her ports.  As was common for the time at least 60% of his crew were Black men - many former slaves who enjoyed freedom and equal pay under his flag.





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All the poems are very beautifully written.... Wow

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