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Life-death and love-hate

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Convense me to ither love or hate you and if you should live or die in my eyes

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Love the darkest word anyone could ever say
Set there self's up just be knocked down
You tell me to love but all I can do is hate
Hate me if you please
Lay me down in pile of blood the crimson color exhilates me
Love me
Then you can bury me six feet under
Love is death
And hatred is never truly living
So now ask to love am I willing to hate
If your willing to hate are you willing to die
And if dead are you willing to live your never ending living...
Please I ask not hate but to love because I'm willing

poet Anonymous



You do not know me and you never will

I am a shapeshifter with experienced skill

Of turning colours to camouflage

The Chameleon in me that some despise

Before you pass judgment, please hear me out

You do not know what caused this changeling

To come about

Children who are not pleasing face traumatic rejection

Mechanisms of coping involve

Trying different behaviours and see their effects

Changing behavior changes response

The lesson is not lost on the child

Who becomes who she thinks they want her to be

Finally she is acceptable, nice and mild

Just what the teachers and parents wanted to see

So in a dangerous world I change colours

Blend into my background so as not to be prey

To those who would harm me should they find out

Who or what I may really be

I will be the best woman a man ever had

The warmest friend you have ever wanted

The hardest working employee

Whatever your favour, I will be glad

To serve you what you wish for, for a while

Then the rug is pulled out under me

Again and again, the pattern is there

Do not be too comfortable anywhere

Learned to act, learned to smile

Reinvented myself again for a while

Forgot the past and went marching into the future

Lived nine lives, will live many more

As for revenge, I believe that is not mine to give

Karma catches up with all who live.

The White Rabbit
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Love me now,
But don't say forever,
Love me now,
While we're still together.

Life's not fair,
As you slip away,
It's far too much for me,
Yet, you just can't stay.

Believe me, love,
I'll love you even after death,
You'll never be forgotten,
Not even after my last breath.

You're so beautiful,
Why can't you see,
With or without hair,
You're everything to me.

Sunken eyes,
Still glow with love,
Reserved only for me,
Adored by angels above.

A beautiful soul,
Yet so brave, so strong,
I'll do whatever I can,
So you won't have to face this alone.

So go to sleep dear,
I'll be here till the end,
Don't be afraid,
Because I'll take your hand.

My last promise to you,
I vow i shall keep,
Till cancer ceases to exist,
I swear I shan't weep.

Don't cry for me,
Before and after,
Promise me with,
Your smiles and laughter.

So I'll love you now,
But won't say forever,
I'll love you now,
While we're still together...

poet Anonymous


I'd say just shoot me
save us both time

Mostly because I'm too fucking tired
to present my case these days
and i'm insane
repeating the same behavior
that's failed a hundred times
and stupid
as I hope for a surprise
in lines I write
like I'll uncover someone else
who'll take this life
with an elegance
and I'm angry
tired of using me
I'm the only one who
knows what I've lived
yet I show no empathy
and I'm sad
so down, cried out
ready to quit
and I can't
I'm a loser
lost the bet but
won't walk away
I'm a coward
a lowly waste of space
who'd like to disappear
but doesn't know the way
A ticking time bomb
ready to explode

so, like I said
just shoot me
save us both the time

poet Anonymous


Shall I love you to death
or will you hate the love out of me
either is fine
both set someone free

In death one will be removed
no longer a burden to anyone
especially themselves
spirits free to run

But hate, yes, thereís the axe
capable of splitting both ways
but is half worth the effort
fat carved from lifeís fillet

Nowís the time to pick a door, Seymore
will it be number 3, together till the end
or number 2, the open arms (and legs) of an ex
welcome to where love and death begin

poet Anonymous

Better Not, on second thought

I'd keep me alive, if I were you
nobody knows their language like I do
I can translate the words
that you can't even hear
write the latest updates
on the state of what's unclear
I can hear the rumors
it's a little muffled
but they're making plans
organizing the attack
no-one's gonna fight
it's over your your head
behind your back
right in front of your eyes
but you can't see it
you'll all die
without me
although the side effect of insight
is insanity
and you'd like to off me
for that alone
I'd feed me well and watch my back
let me keep listening
as disaster is planned

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Love and hate
Two irreversable decisions
That can not be made
On a whim
For that`s truly impulsive
In the deepest definition of the word
Where hasty phrases
Trikle down the back of your throat
Like lines we fed ourselves

Love me because i'm full of shit
And not afraid to admit it
Or hate me for the fact I believe I've got something
To hold over the rest of the world
Darwanism at it's fullest extent

Love me because I'm the chosen one
And hate me because I'm another face in the crowd
Or vica versa

Life and death
Are much the same in this respect
That's where the line should be drawn
With considerable emphasis
On morality
A judgement call
Rarely replied to for
It's much too complex to be decisive
Yet here's your chance
To step into philosophical shoes

You want to be convinced
And why is that?
Have you asked yourself
The same questions
You ask of others?

I for one stay up at night
Wondering if an airplane will crash
Through the roof of my appartment

I can't say if I derseve anything
Convincing requires reassurance

So I'll leave you with that to let yourself be convinced

poet Anonymous

Dead Forever

Tears are futile after a while
a bad habit
monotonous, unrelenting reminders
that I'm not alright

nothing left to define
write or scream
wandering aimless in a nightmare
hoping like hell for a dream
in the next scene

holding my breath
glancing around
to the past, future
to now

feeling like a tower
of rice krispies
snap, crackle
crumbling down


song lyrics buzzing through my mind
people, places
just photographs now
streaming along
as I come undone

coaxing that breath
come on, one!..

no use now

it's all slipped away

Music notes like cartoon stars
circle around my head

I've been dead forever
but I'm rotting now

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Last Standing  Confession

Itís been so long,
time after time
our story hasn't changed
from the glory days
right back to the cave
painting, praying to
the sun, still enslaved
still standing, slaves
to the rage

How long you been here?
I've been here for years
Now if you live by the word
then you die the pen
I cut the word
here with my sword
I am poetic witness
to humanity's horrible sickness

This will be my last confession
I have little faith forgive me
freewill can leave harsh impressions,
we live and learn that history
you got to pay to play
Turn the page, written by the victor,
the rules change to suit the greed
When it rains it pours,
hunger can drive hatred
of the race, sex and religion
such is life
We treat peace like
itís a term of acceptance
I ain't afraid to die
Iím afraid life is living hell

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i love little mix they're inspirational
what is that a gun

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