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Knowledge is power.

Shane Hawks
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Poetry Contest

Compile a list of 10 personal quotes that you have composed from your own words and/or quotation sized snippets from your own poems.
There is no particular subject or topic that the quotes have to relate too. One entry per participant. Must use your own original words. Try to avoid unrelated banter.  You have two weeks ladies and gentlemen.

I'll get us started.

1. There may not be a method to my madness but there is a certain madness to my method.

2. I thought that I truly knew the nature of madness, but then I fell in love.

3. If immortality was to exist, then I adamantly and vehemently believe that any intelligent, sentient being in possession of said immortality must surly imagine death as a most alluring repose.  

4. Heartache for the heartless and love lost for the loveless and unlovable.
Weakness and want comprise the paradoxical, oxymoronic, contradiction that is the human condition.  

5. Every second that passes is a crisis averted or the fading memory of a dream deserted.

6. The best thing we'll ever lose is our hearts to another
and the worst thing we'll ever lose is the heart of a lover.

7. Its been said that knowledge is power and I suppose that is true in an indirect way. Words are knowledge, knowledge is experience, experience is wisdom and wisdom is power.

8. We betray gods like thirty silver pieces and we portray dogs like the hallowed Mother Theresa.

9. There is no such thing as a friend, only a potential enemy.

10. Self destruction is imminent upon exiting the womb.

Shane Hawks
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Lets go people. Lets get this competition started.

poet Anonymous

1) Happiness is a warm run, first thing in the cool morning.

2) Polarization only works in sunglasses, not in sustainable communities.

3) Spinning tales is for liars, not obedient dogs.

4) Honey dripped from the inside of her notebook. Immediately, I knew I was smitten between the pages of her life.

5) My clarity is reality, spirituality exists somewhere in another time.

6) It’s painful becoming a vice alone.

7) We fall continually into deep-quicksand sculpting,wanting more fake dreams.

8) Oh pretty flower, my beautiful woman, put a smile on my face, feed me your grace!

9) We’re told,“All bad things pass.” Sooner or later, we may actually learn from our mistakes playing our dark human games.

10) The zinc coverage enveloped me like an eternity of slippery skin, but I was well protected of course. And besides, it couldn’t get any worse as she spoke to me in Morse Code.

Thought Provoker
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1. Let your ego go and the words will flow

2. The sword writes history
the pen fills in the blanks

3. World peace isn't impossible
you just have to make peace profitable

4. To find the truth you must open your mind
and weed out the lies one truth at a time

5. There's a fine line between crazy and insanity
and I've crossed that line crazy just wasn't enough

6. A world without sin is a world filled with nothing

7. It's easy to say what not to do
when you have no ideas about what to do

8. The truth lies within the unconscious mind
only the truly blind see with just there eyes

9. Nerve gives my words body
without nerve my words could not swim

10. All sheep dance to the lion's roar

Twisted Dreamer
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Hope I'm understanding what you're wanting here.

1. I won't spend my life with someone who is afraid of the ugly, the dirty, the sad, or the painful.

2. Reality is a side effect, unfortunate though that may be.

3. There's a small, private glory in being right.
The easy way is to make somebody wrong.

4. I own my sins against you.
But not all the sins I have committed against you in your mind.

5. I need to believe someone will have my best interests in mind.

6. The coming of your body and the coming of my mind intersected.

7. Possibilities are endless, are impossible, are (frightening)and doable and I'm lost in wakefulness.

8. Anger is passed from one to the other, output to input, a rampant disease.

9. Memories run faster than my car.

10. Couched in mundanity, I am safe.

Shane Hawks
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Ladies and gentlemen, these are brilliant and precisely what I'm looking for. Your wisdom is humbling. Keep them coming.

Fire of Insight
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*Behind everyone's eyes is a lifetime movie"real"...The things we try to hide inside,the eyes can never seal.

*Within my mind,I lose myself...Within myself,I lose my mind.

*Time in mind,overtakes time outside.

*You can change a man's mind,but never his heart.

*If the universe is still expanding,It technically means we are not really born yet.

*My favorite place I have ever been...Was behind your mirror,and under your skin.

*Faith closes cracks,through which evil seeps in.

*The thing every man does best...Is die.

*I love living,but hate life.

*My love is strong,but my hate has had more experience.

Dangerous Mind
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"Stop squirming
it will only hurt for a moment."

"as your neck  
hangs in the noose of this smile."

"pink as uncopulated skin"

"chained to these paltry daisies
bursting forth like funeral roses"

"whenever that resting place weighed too much
upon my back,and my mind."

"spending too much time
staring between her legs."

"And I pray crusted stones roll away"

"It is there"

"It is a nexus of knowing"

" I was just a little girl !"

Shane Hawks
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Amazing. Your personal perspectives are expanding my own. Keep them coming!

Shane Hawks
Twisted Dreamer
United States 2awards
Joined 7th Oct 2012
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Any more participants? I know there is more to be had.

poet Anonymous

1. If you risk nothing, you will gain nothing

2. Your past is behind you, you are not your history

3. Never stop re-inventing yourself

4. Do not take things personally

5. Be gentle with others for they too are struggling

6. Persistance pays off, learn to ignore obstacles

7. All is illusion or perception

8. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer

9. Remember you have no idea how others percieve you

10. No good deed goes unpunished

Dangerous Mind
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1) Casting another shadow onto the gravestone.

2) The hearts desire is engraved into our genetic structure,  
a singular path chosen and built before we can blink once.  

3) You departed with minimal fuss, a chasm in your wake.  

4) I wonder if you cut off my head would there be nothing but  
concentric circles which confirm years of wasted time?

5) Time lagged behind with a half-hearted crawl,
always a best-friend and cherished enemy.

6) Icicles suspended on spineless words,
cause one casualty every breath.
The ice age massacre has begun.  

7) Future is a waiting game.

8) Crying wolf into secluded silences,      
their voices echo until sound      
waves roll back towards the shore  

9) Reality and fantasy embrace each other      
forming a psychological eclipse.  

10) Armies of the defiant storm forward,
compassion lacking as an afterthought.

Illogical Logic
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1. You can not expect others to understand you when you do not understand yourself.

2. Some memories were just born to be dust swept under the rug.

3. Grapes and gold do not amount to two clasped hands.

4. Wars can be counted on fingers, but the damage is engraved in stone.

5. So many things are pointless, but the world was round to begin with.

6. Pleasure ices the cake leading to gluttony...

7. What is silent is the most shattering.

8. Continuously piling up mistakes until accomplishments become nothing, you're drowning in your own hate.

9. The weight of the Earth is lighter than the weight of a screaming soul.

10. Hate is the fire that can not be controlled.

Fire of Insight
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1.Every truth conceals it's delusion in a seemingly flawless sincerity

2.As the out-right ruler of this plane goes by many a name;
And none all the same ; How could a god be labeled as something you say?

3.There's nothing one can say that hasn't been said;
In this replicated existence recycled from the dead

4.lazy angels make for malicious demons

5.Concern for the dying and finishing a plate
Living contently in a nation fueled by hate

6.Every single trace of emotion just felt by name;
Portrayed variably through each separate tale

7.Peasant compassion could never reach her highness

8.The end of light -the death of conceit

9.Even before we reach our carnal end; we've seen the extent of hell

10.For what truly matters is that which exhibits the earnestness of your quotes

Shane Hawks
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This is going to be a difficult competition to judge. I can take some knowledge away from each of your entries. Simply put, these are brilliant.

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