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honesty is key in this one

Fire of Insight
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Poetry Contest

write a poem confessing something you've never told anyone before
as writers, artist, musicians, ect, we wear our hearts on sleeves most of the time, a lot of aspects of our personal lives we decorate up for everyone to see. so i know it is a lot to ask for, and it may make you feel uncomfortable, but if your up to the task, dig deep, real deep into your self and pull up something totally secret you have never told any one and confess it in the form of a poem.
-one entry per person
-please title it
-new poems only
-message me with questions

poet Anonymous


Scientific training is critical thinking

Where is the evidence to support your hypothesis

Show me the facts, the numbers, the statistics

If you cannot do that I am trained to be a skeptic

So it may come as a surprise to both you and me

That I read all sorts of cards - called cartomancy

At first I did it for fun - ordinary deck

To find the right one

Women love this when their love life is bleak

Take out the cards, spread them, take a peek

Will he be the King of Hearts, or sadly as in my case

The Knave of Spades

Using foreign cards, specialty cards and tarot cards I saw

Three cards recurring: the Tower, the Fool, the Hanged Man

They all came true, even when playing solitaire

The cards spoke and warned me - you have some awful enemies

The Ivory Tower showed people falling out

Those who are sick are first to go

The tricks they played to try to fire me

Showed me what a fool I had been not to see

The lynching they were performing was on me

But then I read cards that were good

The lover was across the river

Would come for me one day

This too came true, my longing for love and you

So now you know my secret

I have a collection of cards

Just do not ask me to read them

The results are bone chilling

Even when reading them for fun

Like that party

The young fair Russian man

And his hidden gun.

Fire of Insight
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poet Anonymous

kriticool said:


You want a card reading....
What do you want me to tell you?

Dangerous Mind
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Welcome back Lacey, great competition. I'll be back for this one.

Dangerous Mind
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I don't feel the need to do this.. (But I'll take a shot)

You could say I'm somewhat subtle
but in this case, this is my exception
of wasted time, in the sense
that we're both better off  
turning our backs.  
You go ahead and face your ego  
what you claim to be.  
And while I lost trust in you,  
you also lost my respect.  
Not that you'd care to earn it back  
(If we're assuming I'd give you the chance)  
You carry on, having a cry.  
Accuse me of shit I've never done  
all for the pathetic assertion  
that age defines it all.  
See, if I were to have been raised  
in a white, padded room.  
For my entire existence.  
Would knowledge still come to me  
only through age?  
No, your basis on fact,  
it's feeble at best.  
What person of science  
would make such a claim?  
And it's laughable  
when you wave it in my face.  
You expected me to lose my pride  
my dignity  
and my self respect.  
To serve you, without question  
you're in for the very same shock  
that's rocked you before.  
See you've been caught out.  
thankfully though  
you saved me the effort  
when you showed yourself out.  
Out of a future  
and into your familiar pit  
of self-inflicted pain.  
But here's the thing  
It's your loss and it's my gain.

Thought Provoker
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My most hidden perversion

I lust for my childhood monster
as if my body remembers
what I try so desperately
to forget,
as if the emotional torment was nothing
and the only thing
these revolting fantasies care for
is the shameful, confusing, tearful pleasure
it brought me.
I hate the thing which did this to me;
when it died,
I laughed, and grinned,
and the entire world
became a better place.
Still, my body betrays me;
aching, yearning...
for that touch first felt,
smell of motor oil and aftershave,
good girl reassurances,
for the lips, hands, tongue
and seed
which first taught me
what my body can do.
I lust for my childhood monster,
becoming a monster myself.

Fire of Insight
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kriticool said:



Whatchu wanna know? Get @Me.
See me.
Hear me. Feel me!

From the four directions
NO wins against me!


Can’t ‘fense me
NO static I get @it!
Done forgot that bong
Forgot it on purpose
With a purpose
Here for that PRO-gress
NO regress
Naw, this ain’t The Circus
NO Ringling’s
NO Bling-Blings

Here to juice things!

Don’t need most things; I’m that
Black-bull’s Eye
The One looking to get enthused
Here to trump The Blues
My Controls on Cruise
But NO Tom, This is a Mission that’s Possible
Unstoppable, the blood & gore
I’m @it like a Matador

I’m into that Red Cape metaphor; gotta score NO bull

Got that defense that covers
Over the top with this comp that’s where I hovers
Go ‘head. Peep this Grand Slam
Yes ma’am I’m here to chill any Flim-Flam!
Can’t lose…The Verdict, I choose
YOU?    Perhaps too blunted with it
But check how I stunt with it

See, I'm here to say it’s not ok if you wanna know my way

Naw… Not unless you ready to pay
My meaning is more than the attention you paid to it yesterday
As you’ll get Gagged-on-Ragged-on…Right through to the next day
Caught clearly in the swaggering sway of my not blinking
I’ll say - you know - screw you –
Say it right to you
Cuz-cuz I can see right through YOU
Let me clue YOU, honesty?
Placed write here for YOU

For YOU-and-any-of-your-wet-willie-whackers
Right about now YOU might be one of them Salt-Teen-Crackers

YOUR thinking???
What could you be thinking?
How about test this?
Eye peep you and think train this!
GO ‘head, partner
Cuz for reel (picture this)
YOU can claim GOT diss…or

Call ya self
The Newly-Informed

Wanting to know David
butt ‘fraid
to get

poet Anonymous

The Good Bad News

I heard she wasn't doing too well
and well, for a moment I enjoyed it
There was a moment of gloating
as I gave a telepathic high five to karma
and saluted imminent justice
Knowing that the little twat deserved it
I stumbled to mumble an indifferent sounding
statement along the lines of
that's too bad or
how tragic
but I found myself
enjoying the news like the universe had screamed
"bad things do happen to bad people"
and although the guilt trained my mind to behave
for a moment I felt evil
indulging in another's pain
and were i in control
I'd have increased it

Thought Provoker
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"Living Only To Exist"

I've surrounded  myself with fools
some inherited others invited
my circle of stupidity and there i am
in the middle of this impenetrable wall
to weak to run throw to afraid to jump over

Whats holding me back?
the answer is simple

Kara L. Pythiana-Ashton
Dangerous Mind
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- Harlot’s Confession -

Part One: The Past

It started with me feeling alone and abandoned,
Fearing, to starve; or end up homeless, cold.
I was broken, and only love could thusly mend,
And then I see I am beautiful and not yet old!
One choice leads to another, as I cross a bend.
I am a whore; but I am not ashamed, of this!
My body yearns for the pleasure of lovely men…
And I feel joy when I bring them love’s bliss.
I have given of myself freely, and I would again,
Because, sometimes men are lonely, in need!
So if they find joy in whatever I can do for them,
Then I will try to make their spirits feel freed.
I have my pretty outfits, sometime sexy ones too,
And every guy has his fantasies he thirsts for.
So for whomever I love I will make it come true,
Because I am not ashamed of being a whore!
Fingers on my silk, every ribbon longing to undo,
Lustful hands upon my body: demanding more.
I love their hunger for me and I love their desire,
But I love most when they talk to me, sincere.
Telling me things, so filled with honesty, and fire,
Things wives and girlfriends will not ever hear.
Men can confide in me, I am like their confessor,
More trustworthy than any in a house of God!
Some see a whore and only want to possess her,
But not all men are like that in a fact most odd.
I love the romantics, who treat me to fine dinner:
The ones who pick me up to carry me to bed…
Whose eyes do not look at me like some sinner!
Even with me they’ll not mind breaking bread.

Part Two: The Present

The things as I did, before I met my soul’s mate,
I cannot undo, and I made my peace long ago.
For him, I stopped being a whore, perhaps late,
And, the extent of my harlotry he’ll not know…
But, he loves me, for all that I was, all that I am:
In him is all the joy I ever felt in others’ arms!
He knows, how quickly, many are to condemn,
A girl: who doesn’t mind sharing, her charms.
But now I’ll share them with only one, only him!
I am a whore no more, except for my darling.
I never hurt anyone; thus, I consider it not a sin,
That: other men first found me very charming.
I’ve never taken money, save on one occasion,
When, a man said I was beautiful, paying me.
I had used on him never any arts of persuasion,
He, simply found delightful, my fair company!
But, all that is in the past as I am settling down,
With, the man of my dreams: my sexy prince.
Not the fellow who paid me, away downtown,
No, with my love I can see us adopting kids…
Starting, a family, and having a beautiful home!
And so I am content in his arms not another,
From which embrace I shall not stray or roam;
As from a whore I become a wife, a mother.
I have nothing to confess, and naught to regret,
The future: is beautiful, like a brilliant dream!
My love has made it so the past I might forget,
And, in his eyes I see Paradise’s very gleam.
The bend I once crossed, I need never so fret,
For love has led me to a garden by a stream.

Dangerous Mind
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The changing winds

Keeling over the kitchen sink -mouth open comically wide-
my stomach tries to unearth rival organs: if only it had weed killer.
The walls are sweating, heaving out orders for nine, nine, nine;
whilst the carpet laments “Six, six six. You’d better be prepared
because nothing’s going to be the same after this. Six, six, six.”

The skyline wavers with the changing winds,
candle light holding secrets in-between
the expectations I held for myself.
I held them too high.

I’m older now, seconds holding the weight of decades;
I shed my skin and place it in the recycling bin.
Loneliness deforms my gut, twisting until all comfort oozes out.
More than anything I’d like to say I don’t deserve it.
Nothing will ever be the same.
Six, six six.

poet Anonymous

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Dangerous Mind
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This is new.. happened the other night.. and so far i've only told the world once they read it..

Cum .. Sit oN my face. .


what can i rhyme
with ass

that IS
what i ate last night

i mean

there was
no hesitation
as he

fed his starvation
using my tongue

tell me

how deep is your love..

i feel violated
while you're


assaulting my senses

here i thought
kiddy porn was offensive


come sit on my face

last place
in the distaste department..

now you wanna kiss
swap spit

share the dish
you donated

a delicacy
turned dining into
confining myself

to this bucket

last nights
drunken puppet

not enough soap
in the world
to scrub this one off

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