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The winds of change

Dangerous Mind
Joined 12th July 2011
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Poetry Contest

What has the breeze of spring brought to you? Write about anything that has affected you enough recently to bring a change into your thought process or lifestyle. A clarity, a resentment, a lover, ect...
• 2 submission limit

That's it. Pm me if you have any questions.

poet Anonymous

Winds of Change
I haven't climbed all my mountains
I've hardly walked the shores enough
I still hear adventure
calling my name
and here they come
the winds of change

There's a sadness in what's familiar
and a certain decadence in travelling light
I wonder if you'll come along
Go in all or nothing
stay in my life

Moon dancing guitar nights
passing a joint
under the stars
Laughing through living
singing and writing

I'll share the wheel
if this sounds inviting

Yes, the winds of change are blowing
and the gusts cry my name

Things will soon be changing
I hope you'll stay the same

poet Anonymous


Being needy makes you a slave

What do you really need?




When you want gourmet food

Is this a want or a need?

When you want an expensive dress

You have to cover yourself

Can you do it with less?

When you go and buy a house

Do you need a castle

Or will a bungalow do?

When you want the security of a job

Do you realize you are selling your skills

Even if it is for your intelligence

Do you enjoy whoring out your brain?

Does your employer rate you objectively?

Are you an impartial and just observer?

Rate somebody you like and someone you despise

Though they may be equal

Who will shine

More brightly

In your eyes?

Do you rate others on merit?

Can you explain what “merit” means to you?

You want a husband or a wife

Perhaps rich, perhaps handsome

Maybe you really love them

Everybody changes during life

Is "forever" a reasonable goal?

You may change, they will too

Both will age, some well, some not

Can you let go of false ideas?

Can you distinguish between needs and wants

Can you earn a living independent of others?

Can you survive without pleasing all?

For if your answer is no

To the above questions

You have to learn

To let go

Of life's false expectations

poet Anonymous

2nd and final entry, thank's for this comp

Sad Season

Spring caught me off guard
in the Fall of this romance
As cold as winter midnight's
the essence of failure
emanates from the circumstance

What hurts the most
is knowing
that within days of my departing
the truth of whats been lost
will wash over him
like an angry wave
crashing down on his head

and it will be too late...

Presently relenting to
surrender, it feels better
than I'd expected

I've begged...to be heard
received a wall
of silent apathy

A scarce few words
given like a donation
to the poor

Futile attempts to silently
satiate the problems
and causing more

It's gonna hit
out of the blue
that I'm gone for good

and I'll be so far removed
by then
to reveal a fool

Remembering again all I've
given to improve his world

I've sacrificed and staked
more than I ever had to lose

He's revealed a side of me
at a depth I've never known

His love ached so deeply
I reached in further than before

Saw my reflection fatigued from crying
a mess disheveled on the floor
a woman wrecked and losing hope
a pale eyesore

I pitied myself so much
it truly hurt
felt bad because I know
the injustice I'd been served

So I'm soothing me
with the love I'd normally give

It's gonna hit him
though now he's unconcerned
and disconnected

It'll be too late
as the winds all change

I tried to tell him...

Dangerous Mind
Joined 12th July 2011
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Thank you for your entries and for starting the competition miki and kitty.

Fire of Insight
United States 13awards
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spring is here
at last at last
wind blowing clouds
like gossamer glass

smells fill the air
the flowers are calling
bees making honey
with love and pollen

watching dandilions
is a glorious affair
while slinging their fluff
all thru the air

It seems I'm not
the only one
to jump with joy
here comes the sun

I hop and skip
accross a lawn
I twirl around
till I have fallen

I dance a happy
summer dance
lay on the grass
where sprinklers splash

a sweet little inchworm
crosses my toe
take your time little one
just go with the flow

my spring my spring
is here for now
the sun stands up
to take a bow

Fire of Insight
United States 13awards
Joined 19th Sep 2012
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Unfurling Tendrils

The sun comes out
warms mother earth
sun kisses ground
and brings new birth

germination brings
new life unfurled
seedling breaks ground
to embrace her world

tendrils wrapping weaving twirling
twisted reaching for the sky
tiny leaves begin uncurling
with open arms she starts to sigh

she dreams that one day
she will gain
fruits of her bounty
to sustain

she'll gladly give
the fruits she births
to help feed children
of the earth

poet Anonymous

Shaunda: those two images with the two poems are like magic.

Tyrant of Words
Kazakhstan 106awards
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A few recent spring thoughts.

every set of wheels is a getaway car

Baby, in the morning  
we will remember what it is  
to feel alive;  
we'll drink our communion of coffee cups  
and inhale each others smoke  
we'll burn the tyres  
against roads we know
and get the hell out of this town,  
to the tune of a lonely radio blasting  
"run fuckers, run"  
we'll tear down walls,  
oceans, hearts,  
with unforgiving smiles-  
pinching the colours of damnation  
to leave bruises on our eternity
every cloud above will suffocate  
within its own eyes  
bowing down to seasons of us,  
illuminated in beating shades  
of blistering gold.  
Baby, in the morning  
we'll remember what it is  
to feel alive;  
through spent notes and dust trails  
across the face of the fearless sun.  

Thought Provoker
United States 3awards
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Rain, Rain Go Away

Rain, rain go away
I'm building my ark today
Suddenly here's the typhoon to land
While I'm piling bags of sand

Rent overdue, Evicted!
My inside thrown out on the grass
So no use in prepping the house
My ark will be my car
I'll keep moving through the storm

What sounds like raindrops tapping
On my window this cold night
Is a repo man and he's slapping
The chains to his tow truck tight
But I dont tempt thunder so I hand him the key
All's well I know a cozy park centered on a large tree

Meditating against the grand tree's bark
Even though this stormy night's so dark
It looks no darker with my eyes shut tight
Eyes clinched, inside my head is darkness
Yet without seeing I know there's a brightness

So floods come not to drown, but to wash away
The flood is dark of night, that births light of day

Alas...a tear
Twisted Dreamer
Australia 4awards
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The autumn air turns wintry
I feel it now at night

Gripping tight my last beer
Before it’s just whiskey
And icy soul sunken nights

Somewhere it would be spring
And hopeful ones would play
Soothing songs
Almost although
Nothing was ever wrong

I heard the banjo, stricken me a smile
And I sat on a hay bale drinking
My heart in sync
With the orange moon in the sky
My mind lively with psychedelic ink
Scribbling stupendously
Thinking deep, drinking heaps

With so much living dead and done
I’m glad the cold has come around
Because I need so much time to write
All of this drivel I dribble down

Mr A
Dangerous Mind
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Head shaved.
Beard trimmed.  
Asymmetric. Grin.

Dogs walked over
field, through wood,
over field. An ivory hawk
vanished into the treeline.

Oh, Charon, Charon
I cannot swim today.

Dangerous Mind
Joined 12th July 2011
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Thank you everyone for participating. Lots of individual artistry in this comp.

D_Poetic Engineer
Dangerous Mind
United States 40awards
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Running Not Against The Wind

It was Spring when we first knew
that love eternal is in our hearts
We rekindled our passion as flowers awakened
to the reminiscence of our innocent kiss
Our thoughts lingered hoping for new beginning
and imagined what could have been...

Ah, it's spring time once again
How fast time floats with the wind
I was once alone fishing by the west coast lake
Now I'm watching the cherry blossoms
With you across the Capitol man-made lake

Cherry blossoms may bloom and perish
But our love, we will always cherish
Deeply rooted as it was from the beginning
Not even the wind can take it apart, chilling
For our hearts will keep its fervor burning

The winds of change may continue to blow
Completely changed me, but never my vow
I will remain forever loving you till I die
Hope you feel the same way and do not cry
We are running against time until we find,
The "Spring of Youth," but not against the wind...

Kara L. Pythiana-Ashton
Dangerous Mind
United States 67awards
Joined 15th Sep 2011
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This is a fantasy poem about me meeting Joseph, the man I am in love with, whom I met back in February. The best thing to ever happen to me, he changed my life and saved me from a fate worse than death. Truly, a welcome change indeed!

- Winter’s Passing -

Passing, went winter’s bitter chill, ice’s cold,
Which clung like crystal to tree and wood…
Across the deepest valleys and mountains old.
Whilst I walked in silence, misunderstood…
By those who see not the cares that we carry!
My dress is not the coarse attire of peasants,
And in the common places I prefer not tarry.
Yet the winter is jealous of life and oft resents,
The conquering will, which desires the spring.
I am a summer maiden this year, I do declare!
And I cannot wait for the blossoms that bring,
The life that winter steals, both here and there.

Lonely were my steps, until I heard an echo…
And beheld a beautiful boy walking at my side.
“Let us walk, my queen, in the green meadow!”
So spoke he, and with him my heart did abide.
And so to the meadow he guided me, lovingly,
His eyes doing me the honor due noblewomen!
“I have prepared a place for you; can you see?”
And, in that meadow I saw a beautiful garden.
The boy was more a man than any man I met…
More than self-proclaimed knights and knaves!
And in his garden I was able my pain to forget,
Whilst winter passed: like the dead unto graves.

A lioness and her lover, beneath skies so gray,
Giving way to azure, as seasons begin to shift…
So that I am delighted to behold a brighter day!
Winter’s passing was slow, but now it is swift…
For the horrors I beheld can soon be left apart.
My love awaits me in his garden, made for two!
The sweet boy, the man, who steals my heart…
I welcome, any spring with him, in love so true.
My heart is a queen’s heart, my love so royal…
Drawn to the springtime with an ardent longing.
Oh dear boy, dear man, to me be forever loyal!
Winter’s passing shall be to our spring morning.

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