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Long-Distance Affections

Dangerous Mind
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Poetry Contest

Write a poem about someone you desire or admire from afar.
Pretty self explanatory. Here are the rules:

500 word max
No poems written in bold
No poems written in CAPS
Check your grammar and spelling
1 week (could be extended)
Oldies are accepted
2 poems per poet only

Have fun,


Fire of Insight
United States
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Sure. Why Not?

Next Train To Nashville

I see you every morning when I wake
snuggled in my arms
sleeping peacefully
Knowing deep in your subconscious
that you’re safe here
Nothing can touch you
No one can hurt you
ever again
Knowing that you’re loved

Watching your eyes open
connecting with mine
whilst a smile spreads across your face
Our naked bodies warming one another
on a cool Chicago morning
Kissing my lips
with a taste
unique to you
You lie your head back on my chest
squeezing me tight
Your grip relaxing as you drift into dreams
feeling the security that eluded you
many years ago

I lie on my back
eyes closed
reveling in the moment
A warm sensation washes over me
in a way that money
drugs or sex never could

I wake
in my home
in my bed
without you
Never have I felt so empty
so lonely
so isolated
so afraid
I cannot let this one get away
Not her
No way

I shower
and I’m out the door
Embarking on a journey of faith
I sit at the station waiting for
the next train to Nashville.

Dangerous Mind
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Great first entry. Keep them coming.

Dangerous Mind
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Joined 3rd June 2012
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One of my own for example


Don't worry, there will be no nauseatingly sappy sentiments

There is a side of me
that I normally keep locked away
hidden from my poetry
a facet I find boring and hardly unique
In fact I might even sneer at it
in reading other poets work
Sorry, I can't help it
I am just not a romantic

So this is a departure from me
everything I strive to be
and just focusing on my feelings
for once, even if it sickens me
Don't worry, there will be no
nauseatingly sappy sentiments
and other ooey gooey sticky things

What I am trying to say
is that you, and you know who you are
have befuddled me
taken my feelings and dreams
and made them feel incomplete
As if there is something out there
that is worth yearning after
Someone, you, that would add joy to my life

No, you will not complete me
not yet, so soon, maybe never
only I can make myself whole
And being independent and free
means much more to me than happily ever after
but you can do one thing potentially
and that is make my life
so much more exciting, breathtaking
and worth savoring

I know for now that these are just
simple musings and lovely dreams
a world of 'If' and secret hopes
held close to ones heart
I know how you feel
and it mirrors my affections
But we are not stupid, careless fools
It is better to be surprised
rather than disappointed  

You are south, and I am north
but, even given so many factors
it is still possible
to go on this adventure together
we can make a road trip of it
just you and I, as friends
and whatever happens, will happen
we have already established our friendship
so no pressure, no rules
and no care of what society thinks
Just continue to make me smile
and I will return the favor

Fire of Insight
United States
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Two strangers in old writings, overly formal, lost in chain
head twisted; body caught in lies.
Selfishly placed thoughts-faith this irony haunts me, intentions were riddled with self.
I hold these dreams
I hold this faith
I throw away the original goal,
You are my friend
We will have that day.
I promise you the joy.
Ignorance thrown in these messages I send to you
everything inside.
Burn the excuses let the fabrications rot
burn this bullshit
burn these pathetic lies
Let it be two strangers
,hand in hand,
we will stand stable.
Held up with small conversations  
over the phone,  
whatever yell, whatever hatred
I won’t let go,  
won’t drag you down.
Stand together.
Walk together.
You are my friend

Ragdoll Raven
Thought Provoker
United States
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This was written for Arizona....

Si Minor

Your fingertips
Trace and caress
The strings of my soul.

You play
Your tune
Upon my weaknesses.

With feather like
I play your muse.

You have freed me
Your soothing chords.

Your desires flow
Through your bow
Echoing through my ears.

I am your Si Minor,
A lullaby
For your harmonies.

I am a reflection
Of your stringed sigh
And melody of your tears.

This is the beginning
Of our sonata,
A rhythm in tune to our heartbeat.

I pray this tempo
Never falls into

D_Poetic Engineer
Dangerous Mind
United States
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Online Love Affair

Found each other once more,
thanks to Facebook and a friend
Started chatting and posting
on our respective walls,
trying to stay in touch...
every chance, as tears fall
every time we talk
of our young love, gone forlorn.

Whispering sweet nothings
over the phone--
talking about anything
under the summer sun
in my Western man cave
trying to reminisce,
and imagine what could have been...

It was spring when we first realized
the burning flame still aglow,
as we traded erotic words
over my cell phone and yours
accompanied with your moans;
never thought phone sex was good
until we both cry in unison
"Babe, I'm cumming."

Summer was gone
when pictures seen only online -
turned into flesh--
Our hearts melted with desires,
as our lips finally sealed
with fervor burning to the core
of our old and loving souls.

The best birthday gift ever
nothing can ever compare
on that first rendezvous,
as we tightly embraced,
and kissed passionately...
bringing back bittersweet memories
of our first innocent kisses
many a hundred full moons long ago.

All alone am I
with nothing to do
just thinking of you;
every setting sun reminds me
of short lived moments--
still fresh and savoring...
every seconds seem eternity
since you flew back home -
where the sun never sets.

Can't wait to see you on Skype
where we make it a nightly tryst,
endless hours of soulful bliss
making love... no lust exists,
even if it's only in cyberspace.

While it's true, "absence...
makes the heart grow fonder,"
yet our love knows no bounds,
for it transcends space and time.
Common sense and logic, defied
we created our own little world--
away from prying eyes,
and sharp tongues as devil's,
as we wake up in the early morning Fall
to the warmth of the Eastern sun
slowly peeking at your bedroom,
promising brighter days ahead.

poet Anonymous

black pearl

I am zealous
flawed, by invite only;
I absorb with constant curiosity
each turn of your page at will

Who am I? A dreamer
that dampens hope with fear,
using quote marks as arrows
against lyricists I envy

I own contentment in a heartbeat
that quickens with the adrenaline
of self-seeking lusts
behind these white walls we share.

I am devotedly maimed  
with bare-breasted intent,
that softens the edges
of love that exists only in the dark

and you? You are my black pearl,
my opaque outlaw,
flying your off-white sails
against the mercy of breath

poet Anonymous


Like a mist on a mountain
he's there, but not
Existing in illusion
hiding what he's got
An intrusion
like a hammer through a net
I know he's in my future
probably as an ex

He's a mindfull
too tempting to resist
It's probably fools gold thinking
but still, I reminisce

Guardian of Shadows
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Here, there and faraway

Bells tinkling in a distant land
Twinkles in the hearts
Shared visions
From outside windows
Shows falling snow
On tropical beaches

A church bell rings
A muezzin calls
The faithful to prayers
Wind blows through the leaves
of the Casuarina trees
as the tides move in

The yellow leaves fall off
from the trees of autumn
landing on tropical forests
floors, curling in the heat
a cardigan held close
with loose sarongs

The unified minds
Of there and here
Makes for one world
Two hearts entwined
with thorns bitter sweet
Made fragrant by distance.

Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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"All's fair"
(an oldie)

I will not bow.  
not even when slip knot words  
gather softly 'round my throat  
challenging everything -  
[yeah]most things I never thought.  
he blessed me with perspective.  
but I will not surrender  
to a petticoat rustler, a hustler  
with tender will  
brain cocked on a choosy hammer  
chipping on with a bitch of a backfire  
[step lightly, my Darling  
this is love, don't you know]  
I will not yield/give/sigh  
to impressions  
of rough hands  
that settle sweet dream delusions  
rocking me too lightly  
till I'm fierce  
feral to the last fight  
where conquerors go to die  
purify -  
this sidewinder slithers  
under meanings and over smiles  
and will haunt  
every time they slay.  
but love be damned  
and words be rain upon my face.  
I will. not. bow.

Dangerous Mind
United States
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An Oldie

Unbound -

Upon sheets of Morpheus

a fantast fabricates gypsy ropes.
With a braiding, she laces all
her flections smooth. This bundling
of eastern quartz unravels her wants.

And thus it became

A time for garden walls he walks by
fingertips grazing the surface gently.
There is a blooming inside the greenhouse
trees twine with shades of an overladen kind.

And she willows, and spries;
a reed, tumbling in slumbering motion.

"My prince is white, and ruddy
a chief among ten thousand."

His Bedouin bight twirls about her. In belayed
and teased twistings, shirring patterns
detail. His tether swathes her shining
in plain laid, and twice laid fabrics.

And thus it became

a time, not for crystal houses, but for flesh
to walk the Moor, as spouses, entering
the gates of Jerusalem. She holds fast
to his iron, solid within its spine

"like the cedars of Lebanon."

Her night-scapes are field green
prints, staining the pane.
One sip of cloud, and his plow
breaks tender ground.

It is a cool running water of air
As she gazes past the glass, she asks
Do I shatter if he touches my clear of it?
Does it matter if he uproots this tree

to view its tendrils, ghostly haired
and crawling to the sprawling
image of tiny nude angels
tucked in knotholes, and nicks?

Something is planted deeply
quieting the demons picking
at gnarling bark.The meadowlark quavers
a lullaby. He is lyrics to this hymn.

She slips burnished from knots cinched
in Morpheus’ play time. Swaddling
her exotic leash in the cerecloth of coming dawn.
Aurora will awaken soon, and binds like these

only ravel in the sun.

"Sleep soft My Love." a new song of Solomon
hums fertile as she imagines
Heathcliff's eyes of Bombay gin
a zingaro mouth smiling back at her.

And thus it is

a time to listen for his octave
to sing past the Mell, with a voice
fairer than Lucifer's, before he tended Hell
and to open her eyes to dew filled irises.

Aurora laughs girlish at Morpheus
knowing her lovers soon
shall see their beloved Israel
and will wail at walls no more.

Tyrant of Words
United States
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My opiate fix

I think about your body and the way you always tell me good morning even when I'm not there

Fantasize on how my lips would taste
pressed softly against yours
I'd learn each curve of your body
tracing my tongue over each muscle

relishing  in it

Listening to the music from your perfect lips

bewitch me

flourishing my inner goddess each and every day
feasting on the love from your tongue

we bare  our hearts naked
plastered all over the walls
letting go of every insecurity
exposing vulnerability for the world to see our flaws
we make them beautiful

as one

You have become my opiate
and I'm constantly yearning for my fix

Swamp Eyes
Tyrant of Words
United States
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My hand and yours
By a glass wall

So close
I feel your heart beating
I can taste your lips

But here we wait
For this war to end
Tonight we lay awake
Praying for the struggle to be over

StephenPaul Summerscales
Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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Electron Of Mind  

Each night
that goes by
that you cry
I feel it inside
like a heel in the eye .

I deep in thought
channel  my mind
I cannot control
this love , multiplied .

all the years
and tribulations passed
we scattered on this sphere
to gather in a blast
please do not fear
questions to ask
I'll answer them clear  
go ahead and cast
where clarirty comes near
longevity does last
you're the wheel I steer
away from all past .

Indigoe stripes
in emerald times
the brush that you strike
paints high through my skies
the words of you spike
electron of mind
forever I would hike
to die at your side .

If  Michelle  
is to dream
well , awake is hell it seems
for with you I sleep
in all of these scenes
forever you I keep
and to never let it slip
your pulse is my bleep
of the life force
we live .


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