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Reckless writing

poet Anonymous

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poet Anonymous

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Dangerous Mind
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Can you see the veil?

Bleed for submission
He makes it all better
The screaming, it's a memory
All because of leather boots
On legs that wear them wrong
Universal gender bender
Who's to say what's right

Not a criminal of beauty
Who gets embellished for snakes
I'm to sober for this shit
And I'm thirsting for venom
All so I can be sick
For a man of grandeur taste
That's what makes a lady

But I'm only as elegant as the filth on my knees
Kneeling in bleach, porcelain white
Goddamnit I'm just so clean
Bathing in this mess he calls pretty
Can you see the veil?
How sexy am I now?
How fucking sexy am I now?!

poet Anonymous

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poet Anonymous

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Fire of Insight
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Anonymous said:<< post removed >>Did you mean you want new poems?...If you don't usually write in such a manner,poets aren't going to have the poems already written?Sorry for the confusion;)

poet Anonymous


(Les liaisons Dangereuses - French)

She lives for her dangerous liasons

She goes from bad boy to dangerous man

The devil must be whispering in her ear

For evil she does not fear

When she has a conquest

She boasts about it to me

Someone's else's husband

Gives her such glee

She has slept with half the powerful men

In this big city

Her husband has no clue

He also has no job

She is getting younger while I age

Must be plastic surgery

She has so much money

She confided in me

The "gifts" from these men

Are proof of her manipulative power

Politicians and rich men

Have a lot to lose

Sex and degradation

Are the name of the game

Quirks and eccentricities

Games that are delightful and please

By catering to the various fetishes and whims

My friend always wins

The liason is dangerous

For politicians with ambitions.

poet Anonymous

“Reckless Writing While Driving”
Stuck on rhyming
hardcore rain.
What a pain
thinking about
the next right word,
text messages
fingers too big
to touch the
they’re made
for crash test dummies,
not me.
I just nearly bought it,
that guy
almost hit me
leaving the planet
for poetry,
at the very least,
being ticketed
for careless writing.
That’s no way to win a contest!

Lost Thinker
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Inspiration comes so easily
when I think of you
and not of me
and kiss the lips of purity
which with all my plight, I'll never see
I hear the whisper of deadly lies
who tried to sing sweet lullabies
suffocating me with its eyes
I'll have to gasp my short goodbyes
but it will rage on with in me eternally
because it was all for the love
of poetry.

poet Anonymous

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Dangerous Mind
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Lost and Found (Who am I again?)

There isn't an answer,
is what he's thinking
turning his back
to the bitch sniggering behind the door.

One more step
step to the edge
I wanna see you
hit the ground running.

No rest for the wicked, baby.

Will he try again?
Fuck, spare him the pain.
You sniggering little
cackling cunt.

Back off.

Fuck these formalities, 'bro'
lose the tie.
Get that tattoo sleeve you've designed
shave your fucking head again.

Grow out that fucking goatee once more.

Live a little.
Break the speed limit.
Cut a fucking corner.
Take the mitsubishi for a spin.

Get drunk.
Neglect your assignments.
Drink some god damn Scotch.
Be yourself

And be proud of it.

Is what I tell
that forgotten motherfucker.
Death staring the guy
in front of his bedroom mirror.

Pull on that black bandana.
Push your speakers to the limit
get in some street fights again.
Cause some shit in Penrith.

Down by the Plaza

You forgetton motherfucker.
Livin' in that big ol' house alone
Break the lock
To grandad's liquor cabinet.

Fuck with the Stereo
play your fucking guitar
Have a fucking drink.
And write this shit away.

Ghosts, leave me for the night.

poet Anonymous

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Faith Elizabeth Brigham
Tyrant of Words
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in a moment of temptation

in a moment of temptation
i prayed for my salvation
lured in by your attention
and absolute perfection

to do something very foolish
knowing better but not to do it
something seemingly so harmless
for your flirting never quit

i have no right to love you, sweets
i would never claim i did
but you told me that you loved me
still my love for you i hid

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