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Creatures that kissed in cold mirrors

poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest

“Because no one has more thirst for earth, for blood, and for ferocious sexuality than the creatures who inhabit cold mirrors” ― Alejandra Pizarnik
I read this earlier in the week and it blew me away. Write a poem on your interpretation of the above quote. Make it any genre you like as long as it is relevant to the quotation.

* poem should be new
* one entry per person
* collabs allowed
* any length


Dangerous Mind
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Hmm the title had me convinced this was going to be a cradle of filth quote but this is much more original. I'll be back for this.

poet Anonymous

Ok - I'll happily throw my hands up in the air and admit to liking a bit of the gobby goth midget that is Danny Filth which is where the title comes from. But yes I was hoping to be a little bit more original than 'her ghost in the fog'

Looking forward to entries.

Strange Creature
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I've got to ask, does it have to be in a poem format? Or could I possibly submit something in paragraph form that reads easily.

poet Anonymous

GonZo_ I would accept prose, yes.

Death Plane for Teddy
Tyrant of Words
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Not an entry so much as a comment:


         "Majic mirror
          in my hand,
          who thirsts
          the most
          in this
          fair land?".

         Majic Mirror:
         "It's you my Queen
          because no one
          has more thirst
          for earth, for blood,
          and for ferocious
          sexuality than
          the creatures who
          inhabit cold mirrors”

poet Anonymous

Um. Thanks I think.

Strange Creature
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///Edit I missed that bit about "Your own Interpretation."

There's a portal through which you'll lose yourself, disappear without a trace. It's on the third floor of a house made of broken dreams. You know it is forbidden, but for some reason you will feel so smitten. You'll find a reason why to look yourself in the eyes and that's when the magic will happen.

Through the mirror you will fall, for another creature will take it all. You never knew, this thing looks just like you. It's been watching and waiting, for just the right time to suck you through. None of your loved ones will ever know. As you try to scream from the other side. No, no, no. That isn't me. Why can't any of you see?

He has taken your life and left you here to deal with all this pain and strife. Alone you'll whither away. Just like a flower that has been starved of water, day after day. He'll steal your name and wear your face and take all your loved ones to his favorite moonlight masquerade. Slowly you will fade as he comes back to taunt you and tell you to lie in this bed that you have made.

"It isn't my fault." You shout from the other side.
"I just needed a way to exemplify myself from all this pain. To numb this feeling of transversing an endless divide. I only wanted a life more simplified. Why can't it be in myself I can confide?" You will go on still trying to justify.

"Because through life you are not suppose to glide and it's never been a suicide, the truth is you committed a homicide" He will sigh.

That's the moment you will realize. The only three words ever needed to be said, muttered under your own breath.

"I need help."

Because your own ego was too big the only escape you thought you had was in death.

Fire of Insight
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A face,a shell

eyes into hell

fragile hands

graze silver glass

so very sweet

looks of deceit

defining me

others perceive

the creature trapped

behind the mask

shall never show

to be exposed

when asked in time

what's on my mind

I look to see

who thinks for me...

Tyrant of Words
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argh, posted an old one...

May come back with a new poem.

poet Anonymous

They Failed The Earth

They failed the earth
soaked it in too much blood
      left it crying
mourning so much death

At its core
screams could be heard

Banished to cold mirrors
  expelled from earths spin
ardent eyes
reflect in the night sky
ripped stars glowing intense
trapped and thirsty for blood
hungry with a need to satiate

   biting the flesh of mankind
ignites their sexual incendiary
      opiate sedates the elected
overcome they seduce and feed
dangerous they quench their thirst

facile creatures
uncaring shallow
exposing their intent
to ravish your will
rape your reluctance
and release their need
open up and enter
your body frenetically
come inside
the center of your world
in every way
until your blood is spilled
they will defile your spirit
undress your soul
and take your mind
severing you from life
after your brutal death

The creatures are trapped in cold mirrors
see their eyes reflecting in the night sky

poet Anonymous

"Reflective Sin Slaves"
An unquenched hunger
reflects from mica-eyes
to and fro in
the night shadows.
They devour faith,
satiate crimson-thirst.
And, who amongst the living
can stand against
such pure-evil,
they copulate,
devouring your soul.
Unforgiving minions,
the destroyers of nature,
vile creatures,
on your destruction,
the sin-infection
crawls into your brain.
you scream
for a release
with no sound.
Succumbing to their
wicked carnal dreams,
you become their reflection,
trapped for eternity,
a slave to perpetual sins.

Tyrant of Words
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My reflection

I can change my face
brush out these knots from my hair
pout my lips and dab on my reddest lipstick

paint a pretty picture for everyone out their
but inside I'll always be
stained with fear  

selfishly I wish I could brake that reflection
be anyone but a pretty girl
and still be able to stand tall
without the world looking at me
because I am different
and if you knew me
you would know I am ugly

Twisted Dreamer
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Dead Reflections.

It's dead eyes searched the mirror
Asking is that reflection or ghost?
The body is a vehicle with no driver.
A lost soul haunts it's host!

The world is so fresh and vivid
when something inside is dead
You walk outside your skin
and live inside your head.

Funny how fucking and dying
often appear in the same place.
You can't blame them for trying.
They are still part of the human race.

These creatures they were once warm before they died alive.
Now they hunt, feed, fuck and kill
for that is their will and drive.

Same race, different breeds
similar bodies different needs!
Some young and some old
but you are warm
whilst they are cold.

Apparently camera's dont lie
whilst mirrors hold secrets untold.
Look for the spark in your eye
check you've not gone cold.

J.E.P Wilson

poet Anonymous

Cold Mirrors and Needs by mikimoondancer

The starving enjoy eating
with more pleasured delight
than any joy ever known by the well fed-
full each night

As those who have never known true thirst
will ever be lost on how real drinking quenches
or dehydration hurts

And empty corpses, void of souls
will forever crave dwelling places
Unrealized by those who look in mirrors
and see their own faces

Cold mirrors hold reflections
of what's missing or lacking
Nothing stimulates desire
more than needing what's absent

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