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Sad, Depressing, ect.

Thought Provoker
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Poetry Contest

Not much to put here...
I want to hear your saddest poem ever. I'm not kidding guys I want to cry while reading your poem.
Collabs allowed
500 words and less
Old or New

Will lou White
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The day i realised
i should move out
of my parents
place was when
they found
a stanley knife
under my bed
and left it

Thought Provoker
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Oh, yeah! Multiple entries allowed!

Dangerous Mind
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Forearm pressed
against my front door
it's been a long night..
Fumbling for my key
in my jacket pocket,
there it is..
placing it into the lock.
Turning the doornob
and stepping inside.
With a gasp and a shout,
tears break through..
I fall to my knees
and let out a scream.
that who was so dear to me,
she who held my trust.
There she hung
lifeless from the rope
Tied from the ceiling fan..
It's still spinning
even though
it's slightly overturned,
from the weight
of her carcass.
Years later.. she torments me still,
never stopped blaming myself
for never seeing it coming..
death come to me
on swift wings
and just..
take me too.

poet Anonymous

If Only

A house party gone terribly wrong    
It started out fun    
But he wanted more than she was willing to give    
If only I never left.    
The night grew colder    
Kids started leaving one by one    
Each hour that passed more shots were taken    
She soon could not even stay awake    
That's when the predator went after his prey    
If only I had come home sooner.    
Alone and cold    
Bruised, beaten and raped  
She is unconscious    
Foaming at the mouth    
Half naked and exposed    
Every parents worst nightmare    
that's how I found her, when I came home    
Nobody wanted to help,    
for fear they would get in trouble with the law.    
So she was left alone on the floor,    
as they ran out the back door.    
Nobody wanted to get involved,    
and possibly have to tell on a friend.    
Transported to the ER,    
she was still unresponsive    
Blood alcohol level over 3 times the legal limit.    
Had I not returned when I did,    
it could have been to late.    
3 months later she still has no memory,    
Maybe that's a good thing,    
not remembering what he did?    
If only I could erase the pain.    
What happened in that room that night?    
Nobody knows but him.    
I just pray that he pays    
And that my daughter knows    
how much I love her and    
I will be there for her... each and every day.    

Steven D
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Tears In Babylon~

Tonight, somewhere, a baby cries,

His Daddy aint home and His Mama's too high.

He just wants someones warm embrace,

But He just doesn't know that He's in the wrong place.

He cries and cries but He's alone,

His Mama's too high and Daddy aint home.


Tonight there's tears in Babylon,

Behold, the Tempest rages on.

Though you canít hear the sad, sad song,

Tonight there's tears in Babylon.


Tonight, somewhere a Soldier died,

Took His own life cause he couldnít close his eyes.

Two tours of duty in the war,

Some called him Hero but he knew not what for.

He killed men that were just like him,

Sent to fight a war that nobody would win.


Tonight there's tears in Babylon,

Sombodies brother now is gone.

Behold, the Tempest rages on,

Behold, there's tears in Babylon.


Tonight, somewhere, a young girl sleeps,

She's lost inside a dream while her Mama weeps.

A crash happened on some freeway,

And Daddy wont be there now when Mama wakes.

He's found His haven in the sky,

Tomorrow she'll find out that Her Daddy died.


Tonight there's tears in Babylon,

Behold, the Tempest rages on.

Though you canít hear the sad, sad song,

Tonight there's tears in Babylon.


Tonight, somewhere, someone's alone,

Nobody to love them, nowhere to call home.

There, laying under some street light,

Wondering why they're all alone there tonight.

They'll fall asleep, again, right there,

Crying cause there's nobody they know that cares.


Tonight there's tears in Babylon,

The Wind whispers the sad, sad song.

Behold the Tempest rages on.

Tonight there's tears in Babylon.


Tomorrow looks to be the same,

This Babylon that we're in wont ever change.

Somebody told me just today,

"Seems total destruction is the only way."

I realize this man was right,

The end of Mankind is the end of His plight.


There'd be no tears in Babylon,

For all its sorrows would be gone.

You'd hear no persons sad, sad song,

There'd be no tears in Babylon.

Dangerous Mind
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I've been in this dark place  
for quite a while now  
if this place had a name  
it might be Dissatisfaction
or something like,  
Indifference or Weariness  
All suiting words  
describing a dreary situation  
I've heard I'm good with words  
but maybe I'm not  
maybe just most people are terrible with them  
but that's beside the point  
the point is really,  
that I am so very tired of this  
this feeling that seemed to manifest  
deep inside  
roots buried so deep in my core  
that this diseased tree will never fall down  
I'm told by my therapist  
to go deep down  
within myself  
to find these roots  
for there is the source of my discontent  
I traveled this path  
and found you  
I wasn't prepared for the revelation  
after we have come so far  
and I had rebuilt all those bridges  
that I had set to torch  
that all these feelings  
could knock me flat  
and curdle in my stomach  
like rancid emotions  
It was always you  
I see that now  
and now my biggest regret  
is not telling you how I feel  
what I know  
what I want you to see in my eyes  
that you hurt me  
more than words could ever explain  
It's too late now  
because we made our peace  
though now it seems premature  
there's so much left to fester  
and I don't have the heart to tell you  
that I resent you

Lost Thinker
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The Cold Icy Blade

The cold icy blade,
Running across my skin,
Sending chills down my spine.
Crimson blood running down my wrist,
Dripping down,
Drop by drop,
To the sink below me.
I feel calm and in control.
The devil inside me has taken my soul.
The blade doing its job one time, two times, three and more.
My vision goes blurry, the room goes dark, and my heart pounds faster.
I wake up the next day groggy and confused,
People pounding on the bathroom door,
And my brain pounding in my head.
I put on my best face
Because they canít know.
They wonít know.
Iíll find an excuse. For everything.
And their world will be fine,
No matter if mine is a living hell.
Theyíll never know. Until itís to late.

Tyrant of Words
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It was only going to be fifteen minutes
just a shower
I told him to stay inside

as the water hit my head
I closed my eyes
I heard the tires squeal

I ripped open the shower curtain jumping out
I slipped falling hard on the floor
getting up and grabbing a towel, running out the door

I smelled the burning rubber
I saw people crying
I ran

there in the street, my boys bike
the back tire still spinning
I remember screaming

someone tried holding me back
I broke free
I went to the ground

looking for my boy under that car
looking for my baby
hoping it wasn't him

hope is a bitch
hope is not welcome in my life
hope failed me

my boy broken and crumbled
my boy dead under a car in front of our home
my baby was gone

I remember laying half under the car in a towel
holding my baby's hand
fire trucks and police cars everywhere

I laid there with him and cried
fire fighters were trying to pull me away
I was not going to let go

I had to
they needed to get him out from under that car
seeing his lifeless body, pulverized my heart

they put him in the ambulance
I climbed in the back with him
I held him the whole way there

fifteen minutes
just a shower
I told him not to go outside

I refused to let him go
they wanted me to put him down
they wanted to take him

holding my dead baby in the back of an ambulance
wearing a towel soaked with my tears and my baby's blood
no way they were taking him, not yet

this was not supposed to happen
only fifteen minutes
just a fucking shower

they brought out a therapist
she was talking to me but I heard nothing
I only felt emptiness

I held on to Nolan for as long I could
I refused to let anyone take him
I carried him into the hospital

everyone was staring at me and my baby
they lead me into a room and I laid Nolan down
standing over him, I held his hand in disbelief

fifteen minutes
just a shower
he wasn't supposed to go outside

Lost Thinker
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This was never meant to be a sad poem, I wrote it for her, and absolutely loved it. Then 2 days later, she left me... Now, every time I see it, I can't help but to shed a tear...

Poisoned girl left to lie
To wither, rot, and die
Showed the horrors, yet so young
Tainted before her song was sung
Shredded heart, caused by man
Meant to hurt her all they can
And they did

When I found her all alone
She was stripped to the bone
Her beauty, they all stole
In place, a darkened hole
For she would not believe
For why I could not leave
She was beautiful

Ripped chest wide to show my heart
Bound it to hers to make it start
Try to make her feel as I do
To see what I see, when I look at you

Take my hand, and you will see
Exactly how much you mean to me
Under the stars we'll lay at night
But none compare to your sight
With whispered kisses upon your cheek
And endless sweets I wish speak
I can not leave

With eyes locked without a word
But still a million giggles to be heard
To lay alone, but always together
With locked hands, bound forever
And each night that it's just us two
It will be the best night yet
Because I'm with you.

Ragdoll Raven
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Post - Mortem Requiem

as i sit and watch the spider
spin her silk into liquid silver lines
i am filled with a majestic intensity
which once did not exist within this web

left alone with mirrored visions of black
taking away the existence of truth
fighting through this labyrinth
as the desolate nothingness leads to death

those who already know death
will not prosper by its existence
whether is was then or it is now
what is left is a mere soul calling

i watch this raging storm
playing hymns on the wind of an ancient song
a soul song of a lust so deep
filled with insufficient satisfaction

walking through these halls of black roses
dripping with glistening tears of ruby red
once again the hymns of the ancients
find my ears blown in by the darkened wind

touch the scars of my soul one by one
reap the harvest of pain immense
flow through these veins as blood
cradled and hidden by this pale flesh

hidden within this tomb less chamber
a Master of darkness lives
locked in an immortal fire
dwelling in his abyss so divine

with a mirage of forever lingering
this desolate, vast land is suffocating
i cease to breathe
as the life is drained from me

he is watching!
he is waiting!
he is all knowing!
and he triumphs over this weakened body

his beauty whispers to me
in melancholy shades of gray
invoking his visions of the throne
buried within obsidion

Ragdoll Raven
Thought Provoker
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Death's Entity

here i stand gazing
as the shadows fill the night
this earth and heavens surrounding
tire me, bore me to the point of nevermore

all the dreams and truths of tomorrow
have been encased and sealed within a velvet hold
beside stands my crumbling throne of life
now nothing remains except sacrifice

with the morning drowning
all hope fades to gray
i am ready to take my last stroll
beyond the light to the blackened veil

within the candles flame
the deeds left and the deeds done
have all been erased under fate's control
at least now my time has come

death will shine its dark light
the moment the coffin is closed
with no movement, no breath
vitality dehydrated for everything i adore

poet Anonymous

The sun shone above as the darkness came
And her warmth turned to bitter cold
The graves loomed large where the corpses lie
In the earth so dank and old
She walked condemned to beat of her heart,
To the thud of her life deep inside
Head hung low with a tear in her eye
As the warmth in her chest slowly died
And there she remained in the core of the dead
Amongst all the morbid decay
To place a red rose with an ache in her soul
At the thought it would just fade away
Where beauty had flourished aging remains
Seeped through the ground where she stood  
To sever her thoughts in a deep cutting pain
Tracing fingers of ice through her blood
Soldiers of marble, granite and stone,
Stood proud from their army of weeds
Markers of death each a story to tell
Of the heartache and hurt they proceed
Right there in the graveyard her life fell apart
Left a cold hardened stone in her heart
Lost in the shadows of old faded graves
Where it tore all her goodness apart
The rage of the beast as it ripped at her throat
And clawed at her weak ruptured soul
Severed her will as her fight ebbed away
And the darkness of death took control
Spirit destroyed, her strength almost crushed
She knelt on the damp waiting ground
As a single tear fell, her whole heart split in two
And she sobbed without making a sound

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
Dangerous Mind
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I was a real bitch to this guy, but I have crazy feelings for him. I don't know if it's love, lust, or something else. I just know, he makes my heart sing. He probably hates me now, after how I treated him, but there's this place in my heart and he's in it. A special place, just for us even though we're both so alone in life.

- For Michael -

You call yourself a paradox,
And sometimes I canít figure you out.
Your heart is bound with so many locks,
That I wonder if life makes you pout!
Iím with someone whoís cold as ice,
Though she thinks sheís as fiery as me.
But Iím caught up in your poetic device,
Iím lost in a paradox, floating free.
So many lonely nights I spend crying,
My past is filled with pains I never tell.
I fall in love with people good at lying,
And I wonder if love is some kind of hell?
I long for something finer than thisÖ
And in your oblivion, do you dream too,
Of a girl who longs for true loveís bliss?
Donít tell anyone, but I long for you!
Donít feel awkward, donít you fear,
And donít let other girls make you cry.
Iíd never do that; Iíd keep you near,
To my heart, and then weíd flyÖ
Anywhere we could feel more at ease,
Than in this deep underground of souls.
Do you dream at nights of some peace?
Of a woman who whispers, consoles,
And helps you to forget old hurts?
I dream of a man who can do the same!
Iím more: than just all my poetic words,
Do you think of me, your mind aflame?
I find myself thinking of you at times,
My mind spinning, my heart spinningÖ
As I read your heart-felt rhymes.
I feel like Iím sinning!
Iím with someone I donít really love,
But I have to tell her that I doÖ
Before the very stars above!
But I do feel something for you.
She ignores me most nights,
Then she calls me her goddess!
We donít have any fights,
But Iím filled with distress.
Lonely and longing, for I know not what,
My emotions are in a wild frenzy.
But for now Iíll just shut upÖ
And dream: of a happier destiny.

Thought Provoker
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White hair, wrinkled skin, and a bowing back
She carefully sits down in her favorite chair
The night is quiet as if longing to hear her voice
To hear the joyful songs she use to sing.
All alone, her children have moved away
Her husband lies buried just down the street
People say that she cares more than she should
For the ones that only visit to steal the little she has.
She feels especially tired on this lonely night
While missing the family that have forgotten her
Her frail body is feeling the burden of time
Her heart is heavy with the love for those already gone.
She begins to rock in her chair and starts to sing
Her frail voice remembering a very old song
The one she use to sing while cooking for her babies
The ones that are grown up and live far away.
Tears fill her eyes remembering the love she felt
The night itself heavy with grief as her heart sang
Knowing, it was the last thing she would ever do
Left all alone, she sang herself into  final sleep.

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