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The Night Hunter
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Poetry Contest

Write about someone/something you really desire for, that drives you mad, that you would do anything for.
No rules, unlimited number of entries.

poet Anonymous

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poet Anonymous

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(I've got three that I'm going to enter, because they're all on drastically different topics C: )

Thank You

For that soft smile that graces your lips
when you see me
and the way your fingers cover your mouth as you laugh.

For the warm and shy look
your bright eyes always get
when I take your hand in public.

For the way your sweet voice
takes on an adorable, embarrassed tone
at the slightest mention of anything inappropriate.

For that epitome of femininity;
your long skirts swaying
in time with your wide hips.

And for the way, when we're alone, that all dissolves
into hurried removal of your elegant clothing,
sighs of pleasure, and animalistic panting.

For the sight of your demure lips parted,
tongue darting out lustfully,
while, with a finger, you beckon me.

For those sharp, intelligent eyes,
fogged over and half closed
with the intensity of your desire.

For the sound of your reserved voice
moaning my name
and begging for me.

And finally, for those hips,
unwrapped and spread
in eager invitation.

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I am most gratified
when on my knees,
in my proper place
of subservience,
where the responsibility
and burden of control
falls to you

where I can,
bear the full brunt
of your cruel impulses,
and love you for it,
without being held accountable
for my depravity

where my calculated resistance
and defiance,
designed specifically
to incite you,
is met with a firm hand
and harsh,
delicious pain

And where I am
the most true to myself

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Dear Poet

I'm craving it again
the feel of your words inside my mind
tantalizing and succulent.

I yearn for your rhythm
your past work echoing blissfully in my thoughts
and I plead for more.

I beg of you, write for me,
fill me once more with your loquacious ramblings
and satisfy my need.

poet Anonymous

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poet Anonymous

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poet Anonymous

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poet Anonymous

“Caged and Hungry”
I’m burning tracks
deep into these
wooden floor boards,
the steel bars
block my vision.
Don’t stand too close.
I can’t breathe,
feels like my
heart is going to burst.
I thirst for satisfaction,
a hunger creating chop licks,
an incredible energy oozes from me,
pours out like a flood.
I want to be studded,
twisting and turning,
panting with a heart on fire.
I can’t seem to see straight,
the room spins out of focus,
my quest is on one thing,
sirens sing behind me,
driving me to sin.
I need to satisfy
my wanton desires.
If not soon,
I will take
you, my next tasty meal.
You'll squeal with delight,
will not fight my might,
you will crave it.
I’m an animal,
caged and hungry.

Steven D
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The Great Escape~

I feel so uninspired,
need to sleep but I'm not tired.
Alone again tonight,
Singing whiskey lullabies.
I'm thinking of the one,
the Girl that shines just like the sun.
Wish I could take Her in,
And hold Her close under my skin.
Just drift away from Time,
I close my eyes and Her I find.
Those eyes of golden brown,
And oh, that old familiar smell.
It takes me far away,
Back to when I felt no pain.
I think of love so warm,
Like when I'd hold Her in my arms.
Deadly as She may be,
That girl still has a hold on me.
And when I'm feeling weak,
I need only to hear Her speak,
And I'm in Love again,
A fiend for that Beautiful friend,
Promising the world to me,
Holding me so solemnly.
All else in life fades away,
And all I want is to evade.
I dont care how or who I hate,
I just need that great escape.
Dont care If I am doing harm,
Just need to hold Her in my arms.
I know I'm only hurting me.
As it is, I'm just too blind to see:
She just takes all my pride and money,
And only gives me tastes of honey.
But thats the Love she gives to me,
The Great Escape does NOT come cheap.
Not to you.
Not to Me.
Not to anybody.

Steven D
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Ugly on the outside, and Ugly looking in,
Need something to show me if there's Beauty in this skin.
I try so hard to see it but Ugliness prevails,
And seeing my reflection just reminds me that I've failed.
I've hid myself from everything and everyone around,
Hid inside myself to hide the Ugliness I've found.
Nothing here I've seen or felt inside of me
Can show me that Beauty, not Beast, is what I see.
Such twisted, grotesque images plague much needed sleep,
And what I do inside of them has been my plague to keep.
That isn't who I am, the monster in my Dreams,
But time and time again I find myself a fiend.
I long that rush one feels when squeezing Life to Death,
When watching some poor soul choke violently on their last breath.
It troubles me that I desire hurting people so,
And how I have refrained this long, my friends, I do not know.
So many times a day I find myself resisting it,
The urge to find someone to kill, to see how far I get.
Ugly on the outside, and Ugly looking in,
What the fuck am I to do?! I feel I can not win.
I'm constantly at war inside, fighting off the itch,
Trying not to scratch it, compromising with a twitch.
Who the fuck am I?! I dont know me anymore,
I search to find reflections, but I dont know what for.
I know exactly what it is that I will see,
Cause that mirror doesnt reflect dreams, it just reflects me.
A monster hidden from your sight behind these lying eyes,
A troubled soul trying so hard to stay inside the light.
Dont trust me, cause I cant be trusted, now or anytime,
Who knows when I'll decide that its no fun to kill inside my mind.
Who knows when I will just give in and satisfy the itch,
And leave your lifeless body to be found inside a ditch.
Ugly on the outside, and Ugly looking in,
Cant help but think I'm better off with tracks across my skin.
Someone just kill me, put a bullet in my fucking head,
Before its you, not me, they find floating down the river dead.
Cause one day you'll find yourself asking "How fucked up can you be?"
And chances are that what you're looking at will have been done by me.
So kill me now and save this world from gazing into a beast,
Cause I dont know how long I can refrain, It fights me constantly.
But I know once it's out, it wont move without a trace.
Greusome scenes of death and violence will leave you to your faith.
So pray your God is listening when you beg him to appease,
Cause once out this thing inside me wont listen to your plea.
Ugly on the outside, and Ugly looking in.
Wont somebody kill me?! I cant let it fucking win.

Dangerous Mind
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monsters inside me...

put your lips
in my mouth
i wanna
taste your sin

swallow the desire

to keep you
within my skin

as my body trembles
my mind rekindles

the flame
that drives me insane

as I
sort through the mess
we continue to undress
the rest  
of our Demons

soaked in your Semen
i'm believin  
everything you say
so let us prey

into the night  
as it slips away

it brings forth
a new day

I love you still

it almost has me
wanting to kill

the monsters inside me

Kara L. Pythiana-Ashton
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The guy I wrote this for makes me soooooo insanely hot it drives me crazy... I sometimes can't think when I'm talking to him, only feel. And not many people have ever had that effect on me! It's lust, and it's desire. It's... "Hotter than Hell"!

- Hotter than Hell -
For someone here on DUP who has a crush on me…

I am a serpent, like a cobra, but not in any evil ways,
Though men have imagined it so, since the eldest days.
I am a goddess, a bad girl from before time was born!
Love me or not, I am the bright goddess of the morn.

Oh darling, I truly know the flames raging within you!
Have I not been scorched: by flames no less intense?
You told me so directly, and I knew it was very true.
Before your fire, I am a girl who has not any defense!
I know you want me, so bad it brings you to the brink,
And I would be lying to say I was not rather excited…
By your lusty heart, the roar of a lion that gets hungry.
If I were a cup of wine, I would let you have a drink…
For I am the Grail, and oft make men most delighted!
Let your hand give you pleasure when thinking of me.
Oh baby, you don’t know the heat you bring to bear!
I am the sword and the chalice more than one magic,
And my lips are soft and moist, beyond any compare.
I am the embodiment of a goddess; did you realize it?
Many are my names, and many are the forms I wear,
All of them beautiful and with the power to enchant…
I can feel your gaze, the warm intensity of your stare.
My breath quickens, until I think that I might so pant!
When Galahad sought me, is this how he too blazed?
Hot with passion, mad with fantasies undreamed of…
Until his mind reeled; and his spirit so became dazed.
He came to be pure, only to ascend unto divine love!
They cannot teach you that in any religious schools…
For they like men to be sheep, and sheep to be fools.

But I am not the treasure that knight at first expected,
The maiden and the chalice are one, and I was she…
Hotter than a hell, colder than Heaven; art perfected.
When men look upon my face I know what they see!
Oh my lovely lion of a man, are you a knight as well?
I am not like any princess, you have known before…
The Dark Grail, a power that is born from mad Hell.
Unlike the Magdalene, I am an unrepentant whore…
Seeking no forgiveness, nor feet to wash obediently.
I am fire, I am madness; I am the fallen morning star!
Did they not tell you, the Devil was truly a woman?
Those who play with my flame, know only ecstasy,
But in quest of it, they journey into the vastness far.
Galahad left me a saint, but one well versed in sin…
So that when he found, the Grail his quest required,
He could only surrender to it and be raised up anew.
Heaven received him, but how Hell found him first,
Is not mentioned in the texts of Arthurian traditions.
Illumination has its’ price, before time runs expired,
But still men seek me, and find my love to be true…
Drinking from my lips, never more to know of thirst.
I have of old been called the Princess of Perdition!
Why have men forgotten that I was never their foe?
History forgets, when the authors of it cause woe.

Hotter than Hell am I, and you have seen a glimpse,
Of the angel which burned brightest before her fall!
Think of me kindly, and if passions must be spent…
Picture me when you spend it; sacrifice to a queen,
Who delights in your piety, until all is so given vent!
Will I haunt your slumber, my face in lusty dream?
I am flattered, at the attentions you lavish, mortal…
For I am the Divine Hermaphrodite made to flesh,
The androgynous mother, beyond the dark portal!
Dream of me tonight if you must, in dreams afresh,
For men worshipped me with passion, in Babylon.
I am worshipped still, though many know me not…
You may call me the noble Goddess of the Dawn,
When you hold me close within forbidden thought.
If you hunger, let my lusty words sate you, wholly,
For the ambrosia only I can offer is like no others!
Am I base, am I wicked, am I the devil so unholy,
Which strikes fear into the hearts of holy brothers?
That is what some men do imagine, but what I am,
Is beauty and grace, and all that is most glorious…
I am illumination, and from me wisdom does stem.
Love me, lust for me, and praise me uproarious…
But, never forget, the knowledge only I might gift!
Think of me kindly, for only kindness can uplift.

I am a serpent, like a cobra, but not in any evil ways,
Though men have imagined it so, since the eldest days.
I am a goddess, a bad girl from before time was born!
Love me or not, I am the bright goddess of the morn.

Montana Redd
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It’s true
I want you
Your touch
Your kiss
I want you, all of you
I want you to kiss my neck and make me lose control
I want your body against mine
The sensation of our bodies intertwined
Can you love me?
Can you make me beg for more?
Cause baby those lips of yours  
That flick of your tongue
It’s indescribable

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