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poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest

Take the words listed below and write a poem using all of them.  You pick the subject.

Two entries maximum.

Collaborations welcome (credit will be split).

Any length, any style.

Good Luck!


Dangerous Mind
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Juxtaposed photos
of us at sixteen,
peppermint wine
swirling in our glasses
wind blowing against the ice
a chill was in the air

you were the jaded barnacle
I, the sacrilegious centipede
total nothingness inside of everything
rocky realizations lead me to leave,
I left you chewing on icicles

Dangerous Mind
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nikkimoe said:  ~~Cold~~~

Juxtaposed photos
of us at sixteen,
peppermint wine
swirling in our glasses
wind blowing against the ice
a chill was in the air

you were the jaded barnacle
I, the sacrilegious centipede
total nothingness inside of everything
rocky realizations lead me to leave,
I left you chewing on icicles


I don't think I even wanna try after reading this... Very nicely done

let it be
Tyrant of Words
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Me either that was good .. Nice niki

Dangerous Mind
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Thanks MaggieG And Gigi

poet Anonymous

Great start Nikki....come on ladies where's your poetic fighting spirit!?


Just G
Fire of Insight
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we were rapidly juxtaposed
where the weather was rocky
when the wind was chewing on
our peppermint eyes that met
bloodshot and swirling
too old for icicle back-stabbings
maybe when we were sixteen
and the sacrilegious was "in"
you've been a barnacle to me-
the jaded ice-centipede
always just inching by

in total
you may think that it's the wine,
it is.

Dangerous Mind
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Frozen Heart

The jaded wind breathes a hint of scorn
As I recall the juxtaposed faces
Of a time when we were just sixteen
With sacrilegious mindsets
And a rocky foundation
The barnacle I found in you insinuated icicles
For I was, am, but a cold centipede
With fangs of ice disguised as affection
Chewing my way through a mundane psyche
Untill I devoured with total intrusion
Spiraling young love into a widows web
For the fruits of your wine repulsed me
Truthfully, peppermint kisses never did hold my fancy

Tyrant of Words
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I wanted to enter the competition but I don't want my poem to be considered when choosing the winner and runners up... Please.

Swirling Sentiments

My days
were easier to swallow
with him so close
in his mornings
honey against coffee lips
so sweet

dipped in sublime
where he fed me
angel delights
in soft music
and stolen moments

We played
in notes of patchouli
the aphrodisiac
had a decadent allure
enhancing our already
desirous intentions
there was no dust
on our ground
it was all
smooth silk and inviting

Swirling sentiments
met peppermint tongues
the thrill of hot
and cold sensations
in ice and wax pleasure
with wine flavoured
thirst quenching journey's
poured over skin
my fingers moved
in centipede motion
spine digits trembling
spinning sacrilegious symbols

Chewing my lip as his heat
soared through me
a count of sixteen
took me over the edge
he melted my icicle heart

Such beautiful times
he enchanted me beyond thought
captured and played me
in a such melodious rhythm
I miss him now he is gone

Alone with the taunting wind
and a jaded view
sitting on a rocky outcrop
barnacle patterns total up
along the cliffs
juxtaposed like an army
ready to take on intruders
and the tears I have held back
for so very long
start to silently fall

Miss Indie
Tyrant of Words
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Where did you go?

Where have you gone?
in this centipede light
lost in the jaded peppermint wind
like a dislodged barnacle floating aimlessly
though the rocky ocean

My icicle heart bleeds pure wine
and sixteen identical tears
for the years we lived
in swirling sacrilegious ice covered sin
juxtaposed against our unborn purity of spirit

Where have you gone?
as the bookworms keep chewing
through our flawed dream philosophies
were we ever really here at all
the silence is too total without you here
to cut through the rainbow and shower us
with the prism hope of white light

Where have you gone?

Guardian of Shadows
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'Till the red sun, set

she was always a wild one
and sharp as an icicle
hanging from a rocky cavern

when she was cold
she could hold ice in her hand
and it wouldn't begin to melt

we lay juxtaposed,
jaded, and short of breath
with sounds of the low tide
swirling around
the bottle of Beaujolais wine
we'd left for cooling  
in one of the small half filled pools
the baby crabs seem to like

the east wind whistled a shanty
through a hole in the broken boat
dotted with limpet and barnacle
and left
to perish on the sand.

somewhat sacrilegious
for any sea loving creature to do

she'd seen a centipede
and threw sixteen pebbles at it
one by one
making it zig-zag across the sand
in a maddened  haphazard dash
to save it's life

and she laughed a laugh
that lit up the orange flecks
in her brown eyes
and made her hair shimmy her shoulders

we stayed there until the sun set
watched it's red hue
drowning in the night tide
and we spoke about
the total fascination we both had
for the stars that danced
throughout sky

then we ate the peppermint gum
set aside
for the drive home
in-case a lonely sheriff
stopped us
for a conversation

Tyrant of Words
United States
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Triclinium pig

Carried by the wind
all the things I've cried about
All the means done without
To salve your soul
Was nothing watching it take its toll
Barnacles upon the ship
Kept the craft docked
Never the chance to sail
Forever full stop
Locked within ice
The frozen standstill
Chewing grinding spitting nails
left with icicle stalactites
For some added weight
Freedom from seeking
Searching and seeing
How juxtaposed this being
You punched holes
Leaving me sinking
How sacrilegious after the woship
the jaded Argo
Carried you on his back
Thru swirling typhoons
And rocky beachheads
Pints given blood that I bled
In total bliss and pride
Oh how I smiled
Twogether weathering your storms
If they were mine
You hadn't the time
I thought the world was ours
Including said weather
instead I received peppermint
Lies and whys this wasn't ever
The wine of life flows easily
To your bottomless gullet
One of many reasons I'm sullen
Empty promised palm
Empty promised land
Laid wide open
You the centipede chewing
On trees of life
Swearing its your right
This to be my wife?
Sucking the marrow
And shitting where you eat
I am at a loss
This is no mean feat
If we were but sixteen again
i'd know then never
To let you in

Will lou White
Thought Provoker
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Hell of a holiday (juxtaposed)
Wind tore
the barnacles
off my rocky spine,
And i laid
on the shore
for sixteen days
in total
and i bled wine
to every religion,
on to the
jaded peppermint
plants that sheltered
themselves in sheets
of swirling ice
from the centipedes
that now became
My vertebrae

they chewed
through the icicles
that engulfed
my ribcage
as i laid on
the shore
for 16
days in total

poet Anonymous

Lots of great poems to choose from...will be back soon.  Strider :)

poet Anonymous

Re-read and re-read~all nice works!  I liked them like this:

1) Miss Indie
2) Lepperochan
3) Nikkimoe

Thanks to Miss B. Gotten, Magdalena, Kourtnissixxx, souladareatease, and Will for entering, too!

Keep writing....Strider :)

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