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Poetry Contest

Write about a nightmare
Your nightmare can be true or made up
it can be about anything your hearts desires

Please no collabs.
afterall, two people don't dream the same thing

Post as much as you like
ANY style

Have at it, kiddos!

Steven D
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A cry wails in the back of her mind. She opens her eyes to find the darkness she fell a sleep in was now drowned out by the sun, now penetrating her window and hitting her face.
"Fuck" she says, "What a dream".
Wait... Lets recollect this dream......
she's walking through a dark room with pipes going in and out of the walls in every direction. no windows, not even an exit. behind her a bathroom, completely dark with pulsing light coming from the sink every time the faucet drips. She turns, drawn to the dripping and pulsing light she walks closer and closer. Finaly, she reaches the door. She doesn't enter at first, something in her mind is telling her not to walk in. She enters anyway. As she walks past the door it slams behind her, Disapearing as if never there. Now a little scared, she continues towards the faucet. Just as she reaches it she hears a deep, beastly voice come from somewhere in the room.
"You smell of pretty roses, Love. Pretty, Pretty Roses...And beautiful as a burning church you are."
"Who's there?..." The girl asks, unable to see a thing other than the pulsing flash coming from the faucet as it drips.
"I am all." the voice replies.
"Show me who you are" The girl says, surprisingly calm.
"Look into the water, Love" The voice seemed to be close.
She took a few steps and looked down into the sink, now filled with water. Inside it she saw nothing, the bottom of the sink. Then the water broke, rippled as the faucet dripped. She began to see light in the sink and little black fish appeared, swimming around in circles then fading into nothing once more.
"Look harder" The Voice Interrupted.
She leaned in closer to the water to try and make out what this voice could possibly be talking about. Again, little black fish appeared, swimming in circles. This time, the fish quickly turned into a horned, man-shaped figure, kneeling, with his glare fixed at the sky..Suddenly a hand grabbed her by the back of the neck and wraped around, the thumb and its sharp nail resting just behind the bottom of her ear and the rest of the fingers gripping tightly at her neck.
"What do you want!" She yells. She could hear him smelling her hair and letting out gasps as he inhaled deeply.
"What I want, is to bathe in your bloods essence." The voice said, "To watch your face as i slowly cut you from crotch to chin using only a finger nail as my cutting tool."
Just as the voice fades, She's hurled around and thrown into what seems to be a bath tub.
"Why are you doing this?!" the girl cried, trying to make out the face that goes with that horrible voice.
"I am doing this" the voice replied "Because, i want to see what you look like on the inside. I want to hear your screams as i penetrate your loins with my finger nail and slowly work my way up to your belly, then between your breasts, and finaly, up your chest and through your neck untill i reach the bottom of your chin. Dont worry, Love you will only suffer untill your throat is penetrated. then you can rest."
She then felt him cutting away at her clothes with his nail. hearing the tearing of her clothes she begins to struggle, but is no match for her rediculously strong attacker, and quickly gives up. she is now crying, faintly, but crying none the less. the cutting stops and silence falls upon the darkened room for just a second untill
"AAHHHHHHHH!!!!" The girl let out a horrific scream as she feels a nail penetrate in and through her vagina, then over her pubic bone, then stop.
"Did you like that?" The Voice asked. Then, not even anticipating an answer began cutting away once more.
He continued to slowly cut through her skin, working his way up, careful not to penetrate any of her internal organs.
Through her screams she could hear laughter coming from her attacker as he brutally inflicted more and more pain.
"Do you like it?!" The voice said as its owner continued without refrain.
He was now to the center of her chest. and in a matter of seconds, he thrusted both of his hands down, and inbetween her breast she felt his hands penetrate and then grab her ribs. He got a grip and quickly pulled apart her chest until it was spread open and he could see her hart beating rapidly as blood filled the inside of her chest.
"Not too long before its over, Love." The Voice said.
By now the girl is barely alive, her life hanging on a single string.
Then, suddenly, his hand grabs her throat and rips it clean out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And at last, we end up right back to the biggining...
She Wakes up to find it was all just a dream

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beautiful write!
great first entry

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
Dangerous Mind
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- Three Fates in Xibalba -
Based on a dream I had on June 17, 2010  

Prologue: City of the Dead…
In a dreamlike state so far removed from waking toils…
I found myself in some alien world’s cold, snaking coils.
Within a bazaar, amidst a large renaissance-style city…
I was sitting at a table chatting with people I know not.
Yet familiar were they to me, and so quick to feel pity,
That it seemed as if we had some kinship in our thought.
A woman walked up to me, she most strangely attired,
In a gold metallic looking jumpsuit and jet-black beret.
She was captain of an airship, and with me conspired,
To seek entry into a floating palace on that special day!
Down a dark tunnel she led me to the airship’s docks,
Past places where people were being hung on stocks.
Shadowy beings punished them with sharp scourges…
And from such torments no soul ever wholly emerges!
Ignoring this sight, I followed the lady captain along…
Whilst she began to whistle: a hauntingly familiar song.
Part One: The Floating Palace…
Through the sky we sailed above the domes far below,
Seeing old buildings, with their high and pointed spires.
Before us was a palace floating as the winds will blow,
The object of our quest, its’ torches bright as hot fires.
We landed the ship on a balcony plated all with gold…
I went ahead into the building, where the air was cold.
Within: were glass display cases from wall unto wall…
Decorating the most large and grandly ceremonial hall.
Each case held treasures from various ages and times,
As from the ceiling hung ancient-looking wind chimes.
Serpent-like designs on pillars that rose to the arches,
That formed the supports of the domed ceiling so tall…
Reminded me of vines as clinging to old dying larches,
Which seemed to remind me of one’s capacity to fall.
The residents of the palace seemed utterly enthralled…
By: their own treasures, making me entirely appalled.
The residents of the palace tried to bribe me so well,
That lesser men: would be tempted by the fine things.
I, however, knew that greed was a pathway to Hell…
And so I refused them, and all the treasures of kings.
Finally, three old women wearing masks finely gilded,
Designed like sunbursts with women’s faces etched…
Came into the chamber in ragged robes, like wilted,
Withered and dying flowers with long arms stretched.
They opened a chest shaped like a big black dragon,
Removing a crystal ball that resembled a tiger’s eye.
Holding it before them, they seemed at last to see…
Blind they were just before, to my nearby company.
“You, child of a goddess and sister to the living dawn!
To spurn the finery of ages, you are an insane soul…
You who prefer fleeting love, to gold we can spawn!
What you seek is not here, for the Fates to control.”
And so they chased me through the ancient palace…
Their wicked claws slashing, at the flesh of my arms!
Hulking, misshapen creatures, masks on each face…
Were summoned up from Hell, by sorcery’s charms.
I ran back to the balcony, as the airship was leaving,
Forcing me to jump off, unto the craft’s high balloon.
I climbed an attached rope down to the ship railing…
And I finally was safe, but perhaps did rest too soon!
For from the floating palace came blasts of hot flame,
Which crashed into the airship, each blast the same…
Like meteors of fire, causing the ship to plummet fast.
The captain jumped first, and I foolishly jumped last.
We landed in a river that split part of the city ground,
As I struck out on my own: seeking the way around.
I was lost in streets and alleys that had no real end…
Until I emerged into a plaza where I met not a friend.
Part Two: The River of Death…
The demons of the Three Fates had come down here,
Endless in number they possessed an aura of fear…
I ran to escape them, and left the city through a gate,
Coming swiftly to a cavern near a deep, frozen lake.
Three little girls all: familiar to me made me feel worry,
For they wanted to pass through the cave in a hurry!
They each asked me to escort them thus in their turn,
Whilst behind us the demons made the old city burn.
I heard the Three Fates mocking me as they arrived…
“Do you not know, those girls are facets of yourself?
Parts of your soul long buried, that always so strived,
For you to accept them, not leave them on the shelf.
Like old books that contain knowledge, long forgot,
They beg to be remembered, now they are caught!”
And so, one by one, I escorted my buried halves…
Through that dark watery cavern: on wooden rafts.
The first child I led through the pale, frozen tunnel…
Was from a bygone time in looks as well as manner.
I beheld images on the crystalline walls in a huddle…
From past lives that I lived that struck like a hammer,
Upon my memory, until we got over to the other side.
The girl vanished, and I had to go back for the next…
Who wore clothing of this era in which she did abide.
The walls showed me images of the present context,
Which bothered me the least, of the visions I beheld.
This girl too vanished, and I returned for the last one,
Who was pale white: dressed in silver gown and belt.
The walls showed images of angels, in blue fire spun,
As they fell from the heavens, having lost their battle.
I was amongst them, and tried to block out the sight,
As helpless before old suffering and terror, as cattle…
But I could not: thusly I fell to my knees out of fright!
Suddenly, the airship captain came back to help out,
She grabbed my arm and led me from fear and doubt.
I led the final child to her destination and she vanished,
But now the demons were behind me, never banished!
The Three Fates were with them, cackling ever loudly…
Longing to take me away to some dark hellish eternity,
Yet unable to harm me, and so I heard them cry aloud:
“Before you is the river of Xibalba in the underworld…
The living cannot ever cross it so do not be so proud!”
But on the wooden raft, down the river I was hurtled,
The airship captain paddled the raft, speeding us along,
Singing at the top of her lungs, the same familiar song.
Never had it been so welcome as now it had seemed,
Causing the roof of the cavern to crumble just ahead…
So that sunlight shone down and so warmly it beamed,
That I awoke in safety from that domain of pure dread.
Tri Fortuna, Tri Semita...
Preteritus, Tendo, Infinitio!
Quis exspecto in posterus?
Scisco Tri Fortuna, scisco Hecate.

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that was a great entry!

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
Dangerous Mind
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twistedgirl said:that was a great entry!

Thanks! Very glad you enjoyed it.

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haven't you any frightmares?

poet Anonymous

Eyes roll back into her head,
An evil laugh emits from her bloodstained lips,
Her hands grip my wrists so tight,
That her knuckles start to turn white,
"Remember me?" She says,
Her voice rough and gravely,
I stare but only see a rotting corpse,
Stringy tangeled hair,
Black pits for eyes,
"Let me give you a reminder"
And a grave flashes in front of my face,
My name.

"I'm your greatest enemy,
The one you fear the greatest,
More than anything else."
Her voice croaks,
And she coughs a dry cough,
Suddenly I understand,
Maybe on the outside she's a zombie,
But on the inside she's just like me,
And so I nod and go along,
Waiting for an actual dream,
To pass me by.

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awesome write!
fantastic entry!

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
Dangerous Mind
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~~~{The Crimson Forest}~~~

Part One: Beyond the Flesh
One afternoon, I did perchance to fall into a dark-some slumber...
And, in that sleep, I found myself no longer of flesh encumbered.
Spirit-clad, I wandered past a farmland where the corn grew tall,
As two ravens clawed a scarecrow, just beyond an old stone-hewn wall.
Were they two the same as sat upon old Odin's shoulders strong,
Back in the days when gods taught us to sing their ancient songs?
Alone I passed them as I entered a forest thick with shadows dark,
As a fog of crimson hue did cling about the trees, and briars sharp.
Blood red was the primeval air, and whitest the snow on cliffs above,
Where no man climbed, nor woman, but there flew a solitary dove.
Alone I walked, yet I thought I spied my mother's shade at my side,
And comforted by her spirit, I found strength in me did swift abide!

Part Two: The Darkness Within
Fearful was my mother's shade, as we continued in that odd place,
Which she called the Witches' Wood, her words filled with a grace.
And I knew this wood symbolized those martyred in Salem long ago,
When sinless folk were guilty found, and killed in a time of true woe.
I have been a heretic in the eyes of the Church, more oft than not,
And so to this place my soul was drawn by bonds I had not wrought.
Along a rugged trail, thicker growing the brush with each step I took,
I neared the center of the crimson forest, and saw my mother's look.
A fear was in her eyes, for in the center was a darkness oh so deep,
That no light could penetrate its' depths, nor into the confines creep.
She fled from my side, and I alone was left to ponder the maelstrom,
As living shadows writhed into, and from, the dark core; like worms.

Part Three: Blood Red and Snow White
Braving all, I entered the darkness and heard my heart beating loud,
As the haze of the blood red fog and the darkness formed a cloud.
Tree branches and briars reached for me, and things more evil still...
When suddenly, a bolt of lightning carried something with divine will.
From Heaven to Earth, a being of light was she, with flesh like ivory...
Her eyes aglow with pale blue fire, her face lit by the flame of destiny.
Hair blowing upward, she pointed to me and I knelt before this being;
She was wisdom incarnate, and then I saw so much without seeing!
A stone tablet was given into my hands: by this goddess most bright.
As her words assured me that it would keep me safe in darkest night.
Then she went back to the stars, and tablet in hand, I walked slowly,
Beyond the darkness, where the forest continued with its' symmetry.

Part Four: The Path of Wisdom
Once more, my mother appeared by my side, and saw my tablet there;
I gazed upon it and beheld no words nor script, but black stone, bare.
My mother asked me what it meant, and I threw the stone far away...
For all the wisdom I may want was within me, and at my side that day.
As if I had unlocked the riddle of the dream, my mother faded at last,
Leaving me to walk along, having understood so well, wisdom's path.
I knew a higher power was with me, guiding my feet with each step...
And soon the blood-red fog was lifting, from the woods where it crept.
The path was far less crooked now than when I began the lonely road;
As a snow-white owl watched over me, my heart gave up every load.
I awoke from that wood to see the world with eyes so fresh and clear,
Knowing that a loving deity need not be distant; Wisdom is ever near!

Tyrant of Words
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Never do I dream  
without the empty darkness  
circling my soul  
and the ghost  
squeezing my heart  
as it bleeds
falling off the edge
of my subconscious  
as it seeps past my veiled eyes
into the stream of my blood
to the vessel of my life force
red tears  
weaker becomes my breath
a loud rushing in my ears
body tingling  
breaking away from life
into the arms of oblivion
and up through the five layers
to the exosphere
where the empty darkness
circles my soul
and I am but a ghost


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wonderful entry Magdalena!

Thought Provoker
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the nurse,shes been visiting me for years.
once a night.
then once a week.
now maybe once a month.

i always awake with the feel,
of a cold hand pressed against my forehead.
i sit up,and look into her face,
but she does not own one.

i used to close my eyes.
but now i just watch her fade away.

i can do this now,because she comes alone.
he has left now.
the beast.

the dark figure
talking the ancient language.

Dangerous Mind
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The night the universe stilled.

Candle-lit bed covers
course around my withered frame.
Eyes gaze with desperate vacancy
into the window glass,
anticipating the minds demise.
Mentally prepared,
hoisting up the missiles
for self destruction.

Suddenly the clouds lurch,
communally parting nations to
allow this figure to pass.
Cold dew drops scatter
regally on her skin,
gleaming silver against the
black dress she shelters under.
A looking glass proudly
rests in each iris;
crimson splatters the inner walls
when battle commences.
Today her eyes are bloodshot.

Drawing a sword out of the sheath
she keeps in the slender stretch
of air beside her,
my muscles tense in alarm.
Gracefully drawing the wintry edge
along each of my veins;
carving tales of defeat
in valiant burgundy.

The other colours trickle
down my arm as rain.
Watering other inferior patterns:
to help them grow,
and grow they did.
When she lifted the
metal off of my skin,
I had no skin at all.

I, her living creation;
a mess of flesh,
howling a story (can you hear it?).
She offered me a life of my own,
and the universe stilled abruptly.
And as I opened my mouth,
I opened my eyes.
Barely realizing I was screaming.

poet Anonymous


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