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Lost Thinker
United States
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Joined 20th Jan 2011
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Poetry Contest

The lore of vampires have been construded many times they have now in somes eyes become sparkly write a creative poem with your own take on vampires and how you feel they truly are
I do not want extremley long poems so please dont write a novel be discriptive make it as if you have become the ideal vampire that you wish to be

Lost Thinker
United States
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Joined 20th Jan 2011
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I feel the darkness takeing hold
my body turning to the dark unknown
my throat starts to burn
i feel so weak
blood pools around
its now time to feed
my senses are stronger
my mind faster
i see the dark lord and master
my mind pulls out
the magic i feel swirls
im now a dark elegant
part of the world
the sun is now gone
its nothing i miss
i start my new life
it feels like i knew
that this is my world
my life starts new

Fire of Insight
United States
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Driven by the hunger
The pain burning my
I feel so empty
Wanting to feed
I begin my journey
for the liquid that I dream to taste
I smell it
That delicious human smell
I can hear the beating heart,
so strong and taunting
Torturing me
Tempting me for a taste
I give in
I surround my soon
to be meal
I go in for the kill
In one swift movement
I have him trapped
He stares at me in an horror-filled
gaze as his mouth opens for a scream
I silence him in one
bite to his neck as I feed
The human struggles in my
deathly grip
But nothing can stop me now
I feel him go limp and lifeless
as I drain him
I can feel it coming
He cold,pale body feels light
Ive drained him of his lifes
But I need more
More to satisfy me
Im still hungry
I begin to descend into
the night for more

Thats all that I have.Is this okay.

poet Anonymous

"Ancient Satisfaction"
We have collided and  
you are beautiful to me.
Your evil-flame eyes seduce,  
entrance, they freeze my soul,  
stop me dead in my tracks.
I’ve watched you dance,  
swirl with the full-moonbeams,
wolves howl at your merriment.
Your cold marble skin sets me on fire,
I burn with desire and temptation,
I rage to crawl into you.
The ice that runs through your veins
is the elixir that strengthens me,
it gives me the courage to romance you.
You capture my dead soul when
your arms wrap around me,  
enveloped, I am a victim to your advances,  
becoming your easy prey.
As you sink your ice pick fangs into me,
I am risen, my free-flow does twinge in earnestness.
You chill me to the bone, make me sick deep inside,
you infect me with cancerous intent, hell bent on love.
I pray the sun never rises on our eternal attraction,
as ancient as the beginning of time,
we succumb one into another,
pure lustful vapor,

Strange Creature
United Kingdom
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Joined 8th Dec 2012
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My satisfaction wants
my hunger requires
Alone and craving my jaws hang open,
My sharp red fangs point at him,
The little boy I'm stalking.

His blood so fresh,
His color so bright,
He smells,
Grabbing his arm, I take a bite from his neck,
Hearing screams, hearing calls,
And hearing the flutter of my wings as I change to a bat.
I rush away, the taste still looming inside me.

I can't help who I am,
You could say I'm like humans,
They eat animals,
They are my animals.
I'm just like them really,
Just needing my protein,
To survive.
I am risen by my own power,
Forced to eat by my own strength,
But really,
I just want a meal
To Live On.

J. Payan
Twisted Dreamer
United States
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No more eyes to see the sun,
Living among the shadows is where I belong.
Cold pale skin, and iced veins throughout my body,
Giving me a appearance so ghastly.
I crave the warm blood of a beating heart.

I'll seduce your body,
Make you want me,
I'll hypnotize your mind,
Make you think I'm truly alive.
Make you think I'm a dream that's come to life.

Ohh how I want to taste you.
To taste the saltiness of your skin on my tongue.

My Sharp teeth,
are ready to strike,
Ready to bite.

My mouth fills with the warm metallic taste of your blood.
I love the way that you taste.
Now your blood is dripping all over me.
I'll lick your neck, my teeth, my hands  
Until its clean and blood free.

Then Back to the shadows I go,
To the darkest corner
To the most empty place,
Waiting ever so patiently for the next victim.

poet Anonymous

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poet Anonymous


his soft seductive kiss
what was that?
felt like two tiny pin pricks
my eyes go closed and turn grey
I have fell victim to his grace

I begin to feel week, I fall to my knees
I hear him say
"now you belong to me, you will fulfill my every need"

my skin crawls with chills
my flesh aged a hundred years
there's a heaviness in my chest-i can't breath
I'm doubled over in agony

let the rebirth begin

I grow stronger as I stand
my skin grows young, white like milk
my hair soft as silk
I touch my face, I feel fangs

oh my God, what have you done?
I don't want to be this demon
a creature of the night, lying in wait
for my first prey

I see a tall hansom man
not sure why I want him
there's a burning desire I can't beat
I swoop in on him, sink my teeth in
his fleshy meat
the taste of his warm thick blood
soothes the soul of this ravish beast

my transformation is complete

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
Dangerous Mind
United States
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- Musings of the Undead -

Part I – Ancient Am I

Ancient am I, but this life robbed me of so much!
Or has this all been one long, tortured existence?
Night is my solace, and I seek in it a peace, such,
As I have not known since I lost all my innocence.
In my heart beats such darkness as none can tell!
Though there is love too, so awful that consumes,
And despite my human face, I am born from Hell.
I have walked in castles, in temples and in tombs,
But I have found none like unto myself in all being.
Some called me a demon, others a vampire fiend!
But their mortal eyes are not as capable of seeing,
Without my true nature made, by it so demeaned.

But in the eve, I seek with my body and my spirit.
Some power, some divinity that makes me whole!
Am I dead: possessing this shell in which I do sit?
So hard is it, to tell of life from death: to console…
My maddened heart, which beats with that flame,
Which came from out of the depths of the Inferno.
I cannot repent, and I cannot feel any real shame,
For I cannot be, other than the nature I do know!
And so, I embrace the night, loving the Goddess.
She who took me under her greatest ebon wings!
I drink, of her blood, and it cures all my distress.
Whilst I do hear the darkness and how this sings!

How many vessels have been consumed, ashen,
By the fire that is in my soul; it devours entirely…
Until I find the purest love, to ease every burden!
Then those fires will be sated, at rest contentedly.
Was I so wicked once upon the times now past?
In my pursuit, of knowledge forbidden and fell…
Had I known that my humanity could not so last?
But my first body is no more: the discarded shell.
I wear fresher raiment and I walk a hidden path,
Until that hour, when my old glories shall return…
And, all the gods who cursed me feel true wrath.
I am not of the living; so, let every universe burn!

Part II – Forbidden Fruits

Had I tasted the forbidden fruits so sweetly fine,
As the blood from your lips as was so offered…
Your porcelain features; white, perfect, sublime!
Complimenting the scarlet thus swiftly conferred.
Had I, then I would have been ideally readied…
To compare it, to some ideally sweet ambrosia!
Only the gods of Heaven can beautifully bleed…
Redder, than the pomegranate picked in Persia!
Behold: for you live, and thence, shall become…
That which I am; a daughter of my infernal flesh!
For did you not taste of my life as thusly done…
With your life’s breathing: ever sweet and fresh?

So young to die and be reborn in this cruel way!
Yet so, your beauty shall hence endure, eternal.
You will thank me, when gone past is mad day,
And night arouses in you feelings cruelly primal.
Our love will be much more savage and honest…
Freed from the foolish trappings, of convention.
My fangs pierced you deep unto the fair breast!
Like Cupid’s arrows of love’s fiery intervention;
A remnant of your mortal shell: to forever wear.
Your body will be your whitest wedding attire…
Alive, far beyond death: with naught to compare.
I, the groom, shall give you a truly warm hellfire!

Sleep for now, and thence awaken to my eyes,
The first you shall see before the sacred hunger.
We will then dance, beneath the blackest skies!
And our passion will roar loudly as the thunder.

poet Anonymous

Trickles down your face,
Staining my fingertips,
Copper aroma filling the air,
Your face is turning pale,
I've finally gotton my fill,
But suddenly your frozen still,
Too late, ah well, there's other meals.

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
Dangerous Mind
United States
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- Unholy Lover -

Oh sweet breath, though tainted by the crimson it be!
In the night, when the darkness stole upon all the land,
I surrendered to your madness, and gave you victory…
Made you ruler of my flesh, remade by your very hand.
How I loved you, vampire goddess and beloved mine,
Ere the long centuries stole you from my hungry arms!
But our time shall come again, a new era most sublime,
Beyond the mist, beyond the lightning and the storms…

I will seek you in the ebon void, and we shall embrace.
So like the first meeting of your lips to my skin, tingling,
Trembling in the grip of the unholy power of your face.
So that our fell blood shall be one, endlessly mingling!
The night birds shall cry out, but our cries shall rise up,
Twin in their ecstasies, lost in a million kinds of flame…
Knowing a wine that cannot be savored from any cup.
Whilst in a terror, the simple fear to speak our names!

Such beauty and romance, in the depths of the Abyss,
Known by we who have walked through the scarlet…
Goes unimagined by those who profess righteousness!
I am a devotee of my lover, and proud to be a harlot,
If in my whoredom I can know my soul’s very mate…
And give to her my very soul as her blessed valentine.
Together we may dance, until our every lust we sate,
All Hell’s beauty found in her arms as well as in mine!

Fire of Insight
United States
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Squeeze my Lemons till the juice runs down my leg

I'm heading home   I have a date    
Chills play my spine   I pass my gate    
Time to eat   hope I'm not late    
I rush myself   up spiral stairs    
I'm hurrying cause   I like mine rare    
It's dinner time   I'm feeling fine    
I lick my chops   and grab my wine    
I sing and dance across the room    
To one of Zeppelins slinky tunes    
(squeeze my lemons till the juice runs down my leg, squeeze it so hard till I fall right out of bed)    
Alas with ringing of the bell    
Wafts cross the room    OH delightful smell    
I sit to eat    Has it gone too far    
You know I like my meat Tartar    
I squeeze some lemon on his leg    
And lick my lips as i am fed    
My secrets out    I love the dead    
Daintily   I wipe my chin    
Daintily   And then I grin    

poet Anonymous


As I lower myself on your shaft

My bleeding vagina encompasses your flesh

Flesh and blood become one

Become the body and blood of HIM

As I lower my breasts

Onto your chest

My fangs are revealed

I laugh as I ride you hard

You feel nothing as I suck your neck

The next thing you know

I am kneeling before you

Sucking your beautiful bloody organ

What a Eucharist, what a meal!

Thought Provoker
United States
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You look so exquisite tonight
A feast for one to behold
Your flesh so warm
Your blood so hot
You are worth more to me
Than silver, diamonds', or gold.

Strange Creature
United States
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there is a way....

For those few who were shown the old way.... For those who know the truth about the dark..... Who have not forgotten what there is to fear in the world... for him....my master. I call for you, from my core From an empty need.... I draw you closer from the darkness And i wander deeper in search of you You hesitate, not wanting to obey...like some graceless pet Stained inside with your regrets But i heard your calls, your howling through my thoughts You are forgotten by all, your primitive existence lost How could you be resisted Come sit beside me...ive missed this Wrapped in shadows where we belong In the darkness of the woods..... I feel the danger of you Feel that you are less a man then you were before Feel what torment creates... Now you are something more Like a sickly poison you invade me Overtake me, I'm pulled under... We sit and hum songs of demons, mistaken as the wind And let emptiness fill us Let nothingness take us And you....after a moment of consuming me My smell My skin My evils, and disguises See what i am..... that i am fit for you That a wicked creature craves only the most twisted of souls...of minds... And this is why i came to you Like a helpless fiend I need your savage ways to fill me And....there in the dark Cold, unforgiving night I offer myself to you, with blood, the one true gift.... And you accept, wrapping me in your dark presence.... ....and we did unspeakable things The most savage and brutal lover i find only in you.... You tare into me, showing your true self, not a man.... You are a long forgotten beast, and call only the shadows home called only by those who may summon you You make me whole... Bare flesh in snow.......and only the demons of the dark shall watch.

Disgraced...and damned. I am only yours...the night whispers to me outside my window.... and i am his, my king.

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