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Anna Tray
Lost Thinker
United Kingdom
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Poetry Contest

Bellow please
Write about your emotions when you found out someone cheated on you.
-no collaborations
-two poems per poet

Marcus cooke
Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom 10awards
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Words roll down hillís like burning wheels
How can you love if you canít feel?
Thoughts fall from the sky,  
like broken satellites
Feelings consumed by entropy masked in twilight.

Hours broken, clogged with dust
The clock face is broken consumed by rust
Time is not just an enemy
But a companion too
Forever will be lonely
I turn my back to you.

"Darkness, forgiveness
Disrespectful of slumber  
In your mind I creep
Picking your 11 digit phone number
Secrets must be known
I obtain, I collect
Information used to personal advantage
I click, I select"

Thought's burn a brightness but I canít sleep
Heaven is a reward that you can't reap
Standing on curb corners,  
with a jealous streak
With no mouth to speak through
with no eyes to weep.

Marcus cooke
Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom 10awards
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Spare me the suspense  
Tell me your mind?  
no letters of security  
what happened to self control  
love and purity.  

Engaged in an act so physical  
i remain cynical  
Just sex and nothing more  
Two body moving out of time  
You will make it up,  
Make it up for me.  

Youíre first through the turnstile  
To find something worthwhile  
"Swing baby fucking swing"  
I hope youíre protected  
Infection detected  
"Swing baby, fucking swing"  

What a waste  
Now youíve had that first taste  
You want more.  
you were selected  
and i sat there and let you  
all this destruction,  
is from the corruption in my head.  

Spare me your regret  
I should not have let you  
In my mind I should have taken you  
Made you realise  
You need me and no one else  
Maybe you needed more?  
Maybe you needed a bigger cock?  
Well congratulations you found one.  

"Swing baby, fucking swing"

Emily Cullen
Lost Thinker
United States 1awards
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The best of times we didn't make
Along with smiles I had to fake
Are all that I can take of you
The rest just give to you know who

My clothes it seems she's made to fit
You know she wears them to forget
A piece of shit dressed up like me
Still far exceeds all she will be

She'll love my life; it's fucking great
Especially your fists of hate
Oh by the way; your fugly whore
Had nearly made it out the door

But chose to laugh instead of run
And even thought that I was fun
Like I'm the one who'd bought her drinks
Or cared what stoopid thoughts she thinks

But stealing rights and selling wrongs
Just kicked your heart where it belongs
Between the lines of blunt disdain
Where Poets rhyme their angry pain

From broken strings tuned out of tears
To strident songs which no one hears
Composed of notes that scorn the past
And childish dreams I couldn't last

My keys now turn to open mind
And leave your stoopid ass behind
For heart once lacking skill to play
Keeps perfect time with yesterday

StephenPaul Summerscales
Dangerous Mind
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Outside The Light    

You tore out the air
which supplied my heart
then you left me there
to slowly fall apart  
saturday lies
even week nights
you'd look in my eyes
outside the light

Remembering , wandering
the back streets of our years
my everything , squandering
a reduction to tears .

You turned to cast
like a hollow thing
I burned to ash
in a molten ring
the kids did ask
for you to bring
yourself back home
to hope we'd cling .

Off the wall
so desperately
I did so fall
descent , gravity
down I went painfully
to cracked cement , a cavity
you walked , hell bent  
away from me
how could you dent
our family
these babies were sent  
from the heavens to me
how could you have spent
what comes for free .

Steven D
Thought Provoker
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Here's to the tears that fell for you,
The tears that I'll never cry.
I tried em out, Baby, just to see what they'd do,
But I guess they just weren't my size.
Now I'm happy, now I'm satisfied,
I've jumped from the edge again.
Out of the ashes, from the ground I rise,
And I can find myself a better friend.

Are you Happy?! Proud of what you've done?
Can you feel yourself sinking low?
Do you realize that now you have no one,
And now you're heading down a one-way road?

Here's to the loneliness that comes your way,
I hope that It's too much to kill.
Karma's a bitch, and now I get to say,
I hope you feel what I got to feel.
Now, ready? Aim. Fire your shot,
I wanna see how far you go,
But make sure, Baby, that it aint too hot,
Or you'll be searching for your soul.

Are you Happy?! Just ask yourself,
Are you getting everything that you need?
Does he Love you, does he wanna help?
Or does he give you what you need to appease?

Here's to the things that you said to me,
That dug me a hole in the ground.
Trust me, Baby, that hole's real deep,
But it's no longer where I'll be found.
Now I'm happy and I'm satisfied!
Good riddance, Goodnight and Goodbye.
I hope you know that if he makes you cry,
You've always got those lonely nights.

Are you Happy?! He gives you snowy peaks,
To melt down your pride and your pain.
Aint He loving? Aint He something sweet!?
I wish you well on the ride through your veins.

Here's to the smile that came over me,
When I felt all that Bullshit rise.
Here's to it all, every single beat,
Thanks for bringing it before my eyes.
I hope you're Happy! I hope you're Satisfied!
I hope your bridges can withstand the rain.
Cause if I know you your Tempest brings the Tide,
And they're all just standing there in vain.

The White Rabbit
Twisted Dreamer
Malaysia 8awards
Joined 12th June 2012
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(FRAGILE) Handle with care

Bitten once,
twice shy,
Broken twice,
Yet i still didn't cry.

Be strong said a little voice,
Deep inside my head,
But it was also why,
My little heart bled.

I believed in every single word,
That passed those lovely lips,
Like camouflaged darts they flew,
And blew me to bits.

Lies, lies and yet more lies,
Everyday was the same,
I acted like i knew nothing,
Of your 'business meetings' and your old flame.

Now and again you would say,
That you didn't know what i wanted from you,
That i drived you insane.

But in all the years of history did a woman,
Ever have to say that all she wanted was love?
Did you think i came with instructions?
Or get a refund if i didn't 'fit like a glove'?

Maybe it would have been easier,
If i came in bubble wrap and cardboard ware,
With a huge stamp on the box,
That said FRAGILE, handle with care.

Thought Provoker
Germany 4awards
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As I drive my fist into your head,
your eyes drop out and you drop dead.

I'm standing in a wooden hall,
voices echo from the wall.
My feet scroop as I run right trough;
Where the hell are you!

A lonely heart inside my chest, stops beating.
The clairvoyant told me in her reading
she saw you with this other guy.
Why? Oh Darling, tell me why!
My fingers dance across her skin.
She screams as she sees her sin.
He is not sleeping anymore,
and neither is his little whore.

"Hey Darling, are you still alright?
I hope you didn't die of too much fright."
I smile and I shoot him, it's a breeze.
My Darling, go on with him please!

As I drive my fist into your head,
your eyes drop out and you drop dead.

poet Anonymous

Again I cried

It's been seven years
and today, again I cried tears
with his name on every last one


riding in his car to pick up my van
we had been fighting
over what? who knows
I'm sure it was something minor

I suspected as much
but never spoke my thoughts
I hoped I was enough
till he looked at me and said

"I slept with your sister"
"It didn't mean anything
"I didn't even kiss her"

that Little whore,
you chose her over me?
I better not get a disease
I'm pregnant with your kid
your leaving for the army
so much for getting married

I couldn't count on both hands
how many of his friend
she screwed on my floor

I broke down and cried
I couldn't believe my ears
we had been together three years

in shock, so much pain
I wished I had never heard his name
tears poured down my face


I truly thought he was
thought it was an excuse
so we could be through
then he looked me in my eyes
at that moment my heart died

crushed heart
wounded soul
broken ego
then I had to confront my sister

it's been seven years
and today again,I cried tears
with his name on every last one


I still love you

Thought Provoker
United States 2awards
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The Damned

Fed you demons well
upon the idlewile strain,
driven by those
mindless tales
as you scrub and wash
this heart away--
like a stain of
corruption, circling
the drain...

Pray thee, wrought desire
upon the frenzied rise,
of what small devils, kept
asleep inside, within the dormant
reside of what cannot be
swept, hovering motes are
merely the minute molecules,
disassembling this invention
of you and I

As yes, we all
must remain imperfect
and human-- left only this;
an idolatry of words,
and driven to wrought it
all away in the gibberish
of limbs, and the coiling
tongues, which spat us out
with lustful laughter,
and spells that cannot
be broken

Oh how you may have once
walked in beauty, of what
a fool believes when his
eyes are shut, hath nothing
more to bend your light;
for the mirror within my
eye has been shattered.

It was not only you
which could give it all away;
as you scorned the one
that you hold, and loathe
what had occurred between us
was nothing but one night--
As I ride away within
that dark chasm, grown wild
and rich, to collect a few
of my own sins

For amongst us lesser creatures,
a night is all that is required
to begin again, from those soft warm
puddles where life first began
to unravel its mysteries Darling,
is truly the human mud
which required the eye and hands
to mold us all into what shape
beholden, in the mirrors of the eye.

And you have become
memorae's longing vampire,
for I can see nothing
that I can believe in--
ever again,
never again...

Forever more.


Twisted Dreamer
United States
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What does it take to see you did wrong?
I feel like kicking both your asses it won't be long
I gave you my all
You put in half and let me fall

So many emotions I am feeling right now and the bitter truth I see
I felt like calling that bitch that night to come meet me
But I won't drag myself to down to your level
You have to live with what you lost as you dance with the devil

You see, this is class and that's trash
Whatever was left of us is just a pile of ash
I am not going to lie, I am hurt but not broken
Give you another chance, you must be joking??

My love is not something you can just take for granted
My feelings for you have slanted
I will find someone who deserves my unconditional love and won't be this cruel
But to get back with you, I would be a fool

Dangerous Mind
India 16awards
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† † † †† n i c o l e †

beams even in sleep
like those motivational posters †
in black and white

its the third month since †
her miscarriage
had named her rubina †
but what came out †
was not her †

the horrid anticlimax post †
that heightened climax

she is a shit magnet
a medium for misfortune
been cheated aplenty
fathers brothers lovers god

a common name in gang bangs †
of every kind you can think

been done in and far
skinned devoured sold burnt

dies every moment and
usually gets brought back

a walking breathing fucking miracle

i have loved her always

in her absence disappearance
missed periods moodswings
blunt force trauma blues bruises †

the blood stained tees †
that hang in my study
the croutons expired condoms †
the mickey mouse underwear
small bone china shards †
worn out stilettos
all of them after †
all these years
show something

those are no empirical data though

wish she had not done a ph. d in physics †
while serving prison for five †

now all she does is read and hang around
with some reed thin young professor
as if equations could undo it all

today she passed gas while peeing

once she was out our eyes met
bitch said sorry with a flat face

one time she used to giggle jump
then we used to kiss lie back

fuck changing times really

pynchon and clarke are the guys
she goes to bed with these days

makes me sleep on the couch
with those loyal bugs

wonder about the basis of her †
collective selection of things
men soap cinema whatnot

does not look at me
cant even yell at her


poet Anonymous

"Will I Ever"
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Doll Face, you told me more than once
I was so very special, meant the world to you.
Said you loved the way I made you feel,
from your head down to your toes and
all the places in between, especially
the soft tender lady spots.

You instructed me earnestly on
the fine art of intimacy,
how to love your body parts,
share mutual erotic explosions.
I loved you next to me,
was ever so gentle.
You taught me what
really made you click.
I did my best to make you slick,
seemed to always do the trick.

By the way you smiled when
I did those sweet things,
you stole my heart
completely away,
it was yours forever.
Never did I think
in million years
you would
throw it away.

I flat-lined and lost my breath.
My skin turned the palest white,
as my blood drained into my feet,
head went into a tailspin,
did not recover.
Oh, such unbearable pain!
The agony of disbelief
when I overheard a guy
at your workplace
describing in vivid detail
the same things I did to you
that made you feel real good.

Now sadly,
when it comes
to finding true love,
never really knowing
what is real and what isnít,
makes for great mystery.
And, with those things,
you need to know for sure.
Will I ever?

Dangerous Mind
India 16awards
Joined 1st Nov 2011
Forum Posts: 2251

how † to † †lose † your † †love
† † † † † †
† †
so we decided to meet † †
† †
lufthansa flight † †
eighteen hour midair † †
chaos † †
† †
loss of sleep † †
and goods † †
† †
onset of impatience † †
and self doubt † †
† †
greyhound station † †
seven hours of † †
silence † †
more doubt † †
fatigue † †
jet lag † †
† †
half away across † †
the world † †
† †
torrential rain † †
of the west † †
hotdog † †
grilled chicken † †
† †
indian delivery guy † †
exchange of † †
smiles and † †
hand shakes † †
† †
latest copy † †
of debonair † †
sneaked in † †
quietly † †
† †
free of cost † †
† †
more of

waiting rain impatience † †
† †
finally i get thru † †
hear your voice † †
† †
not what i would † †
expect if someone † †
had travelled † †
from a 14 hour † †
time difference † †
† †
buddha is right † †
must not expect † †
† †
i get told there † †
has been a storm and it will † †
be there for some time † †
† †
the line gets disconnected † †
† †
i call some people and † †
check the news † †
† †
no storms in your area † †
† †
your facebook is not † †
accessible and there † †
is dead line every † †
time i call your † †
landline † †
† †
$80 a night motel † †
hbo bath pool bar † †
† †
three bottles of † †
jack daniels † †
† †
seven hours of † †
getting up from caked vomit † †
pouring booze over knuckles † †
screaming tearing up † †
† †
and i had given someone † †
a dressing down for † †
calling me a crazy fucker † †
† †
damn right † †
† †
the manager sends across † †
an $300 escort † †
a dresden doll † †
† †
she asks me if i † †
have rubber † †
lube funny things
† †
her name is lenna † †
she is †a year younger † †
than me †
† †
shaved † †
facial fine †
but no hard stuff † †
† †
i pull her down † †
she chokes me in † †
between silicone plates † †
† †
i go at it for a while † †
her rhythmic gasps † †
bore me to death † †
† †
she claws my ass † †
i give it hard † †
she shudders † †
yelps †
† †
home run † †
† †
go at it for some more † †
and some more † †
† †
she shudders again † †
aah aah ohh oooh † †
jesusfuck whatnot † †
† †
kisses me † †
full of love † †
a different kind † †
than whats got me † †
here † †
† † †
and some more † †
claws some more † †
bites her lips † †
fingers herself † †
† †
disgusting † †
† †
finally get down † †
† †
she gets to work in no time † †
starts to make sounds † †
all kinds † †
† †
i get close †
† †
finally i feel it † †
† †
the tears burst out of me † †
† †
moments later watch lena † †
leave with my wallet † †
that has the only photograph † †
of her inside † †
† †
goodbye lena † †
goodbye stranger † †
goodbye love † †
† †
hours dont wait up † †
they keep going † †
† †
finally i get up † † † †
a swig of jack daniels † †
† †
hello debonair † † †
damn beauty † †
† †
sigh †

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Momma Always Said, Once A Cheater Always A Cheater

Wait hold that thought
You have my stomach in a knot
Our relationship was a garden, growing nothing but lies
Something that seemed so pure ended with nothing but cries

These tears are not for you though, don't get it confused
They are for my heart that always loves to easy just to get abused
I got with you and moved forward three steps just to get knocked back nine
There is always calm before the storm and everything did seem fine

You say you love me but that's not true
I swallowed you up like a big bottle of pills and now I lay here lifeless and blue
I feel like a fool, like a jester in a costume
My soul was yours to consume

Just to get chewed up and spit out
What do I do, sit and cry or stand and shout?
If I knew then what I know now
I sure in hell wouldn't have made that vow

I would give you a taste of your own games
But sorry, I don't hang with the lames
You look so disgusting crying and I am enjoying this view
With my foot on your neck, I have you where I want you

There is just no going back to what was and never will be
You shattered this love beyond repair, can't you see?
To busy to realize what you had, you tripped and fell on his dick
Just get outta my face you make me sick

Next time I fall I just hope its sweeter
Like Momma used to say, once a cheater always a cheater

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