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if you were ever murdered how would you wanna be

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He's had so many victims since I first found out about him, but finally, after almost a year of research and investigation, I have found him. He's even more attractive than my imaginings of him and the seduction went off flawlessly; with him pretending to care about me as a person, and I pretending not to know what he had in store for me.

He was so gentle and hesitant at first; playing the part. I grinned and enjoyed it; playing my part. His hands were not meant for loving caresses, and I, knowing what he is, can feel the lie in them. Still, they excite me, because I know they are part of his ritual. I undress him, and he undresses me. As he does, a slight sneer crosses his lips at the color of my underwear, though it is quickly hidden. Ah! And we kiss; an electric pleasure as his lust mounts, so close now, so close to the moment we both came here for. He lays above me and plasters a hollow smile on his face, then thrusts himself inside me. I writhe beneath the increasing pace of his hips and pull him close for another kiss. He obliges me and I moan.

And now, finally, his hands wrap around my throat as he pulls back to look me in the eyes. For him the game is over, he's no longer pretending that I am his lover. I am his victim, and his eyes scream the fact as a malicious grin spreads across his face. Here he is! Here's his true self! Now my lust begins in earnest and as he thrusts deeper and harsher inside me he realizes it. He chuckles, and I know he thinks me a stupid girl that does not understand her situation; a girl with a slight kink that thinks this is play. He clenches his hands harder, his hips never stopping their rhythm, my breathing cut off.

I smile up at him and confusion crosses his face. His hands unclench and I take an instinctive, unwanted breath. He stares down at me, hands still at the ready and malign lust still in his eyes, and tries to make it clear; “I'm going to kill you.”

My smile widens as I respond; “I know.”

His hands rush to my throat again, harder than ever, as he unnecessarily tries to impress upon me the seriousness of my situation. Then he forgets about me, lost in the act, and again my smile widens. I can't breath, can't move, my head begins to swirl as this man stares down into my eyes. Those eyes! Those delicious eyes! No hint of the mask is left; vicious insanity pours out of them. Hatred, anger, lust, and that beautiful unhinged joy! As I cascade over the edge of carnal bliss my vision dims, and blacks out. My only regret is that I can't give him the only thing he truly desires from me; my fear.

poet Anonymous

“Between the Eyes”
You can take all the precautions in the world, but
if somebody wants to kill you, they will.
There’s no stopping them, if
they’re intent on your destruction,
infected minds, bitter and cunning,
it will be stunning indeed.
Whether you deserve it or not,
they want to blot you out,
give you get what’s
coming to you, a
premature death.

Call it fate or whatever,
makes no difference, when
it’s your time to go,
it will be too late, the
reaper will harvest,
doth cometh swiftly.
You can’t stay here
forever you know.

I admit, though it’s up and down,
I do enjoy this wonderful life,
would love to live it to the fullest.
But, if you want to end it shortly,
I ask you to do the deed quickly.
Please just shoot me in
the head with a gun,
smack dab in the middle,
right between
my watchful eyes,
I want to see you run.

And, when you
go to bed at night,
it will be frightening,
I trust you’ll remember
how I looked, right before
you took my precious life.
I'm going to have my own fun.
Sadly, I will not be there
to ask in you person,
“Was it worth the haunting, chum?”

Marcus cooke
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"English Country Garden"

Blood spilled autumn leaves
Stained In red, dread with disease
Who murdered Marcus?
His parents beg please

Killed by a gunshot
Represented by a blood spot
Red as dead as can be
tree's have turned red
from green
the ghost of Marcus
never seen.

Marcus achieved orgasm as he died
Why he did this
we don’t know why?
Obsessed with death
and his morbid nature
but who would make him
meet his maker?

Now all that’s left
Is blood soaked leafs
and handkerchiefs
blood shine's
in the morning sun
exit holes, and rabbit holes
splintered bone and matter
food to make the garden worms fatter.

This English country garden
has no justice
nobody heard his pleas
his voice cried out
lost amongst the autumn trees

Marcus's spirit rises hopelessly
above the country house
where he was born
a pact's been made,
revenge sworn.

Killed by a silent Beretta
Never forget
our boy Marcus
never forget.

Train Wreck
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A room full of potential victims
No one tries to stop the madman
He grabs the little girl by the arm
Points the gun to her head
Everyone freezes

Why won't anyone do anything?
We are all in a circle
He yells for us to back off
Not facing me anymore
I charge

Tackle him to the ground
Push my sister from his grasp
For the gun

He grabs the weapon first
Aims at my head
My sobbing sister screaming
Its just me and him
He squeezes with reluctance

Bullet whizzing at me
No time for reaction
Praying my sister will be okay
The bullet enters my forehead
I fall to the ground

I am dead

poet Anonymous

Finally at rest on the long journey of life.
Wasting away as i look upon the horror i brought upon myself.
The vast openess is before me but yet i still know the end there of.
The blood still dripping from my blade and the echoes of screams force tears down my eyes.
Why, why, is only the answer i will ever give yet no one will ask.

The bodies stabbed and defieled before me and i wonder how...how.
I look upon the sky and the earth melts away as i thrust the knife in me.
Memories surge, a smile grows around me as i see what i have become.
The scent of death upon me and now upon her as i lay there bleeding.
No one to mourn for me nor for her but now bliss is mine.

I have become the author of my dying and by dying hoping to pass a tradition on.
The blood oozing so freely and so warmly as my child thrust the blood in me again.
I look at my deceassed wife as i close my eyes in death and think she will be a monster that i will never be.

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Withdrawn. apologies, didn't read the rule/prompt  

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Leaning 'gainst my cinder 'sill
Iron bars me from the rain
There was a man I had to kill
The maker of my sister's boy
The bringer of my family's pain
I'll count the drops alone until
They hang my body on the plain

Into a night of laugh and joy
Of mates and girls and rivers gin
I happened to meet a young bar-boy
I'd searched but found my wallet lost
And needed a lift home from kin
I too drunk he phoned convoy
My sister's favor he did win

Her red hair was fire from the frost
Blue eyes glittered when they met
If I'd but only known the cost
Of bringing his world into mine
No more nights of soft quiet
After that eve's wanton accost
To evermore regret

Together they would lay supine
Though my dearest was in love
Soon his sweetness turned to brine
She at home with babe to bare
She below he above
He with mates and girls and wine
He a vulture she a dove

Alone I walked into his lair
Alone he sat 'cept drink and sin
Breath of fire eyes less care
I knew my story had it's end
He'd robbed all mirth of my twin
I slit his throat without a tear
An' polished off his gin

The White Rabbit
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Tear out my guts,
Smash in my brain,
Claw out my heart,
But don't leave a stain.

Break all my bones,
Rip all my veins,
Drink all my blood,
Give me more pain.

Slice me to shreds,
Drown out my cries,
Stab all my wounds,
And watch while I die.

Freeze all my arteries,
Burn all of my skin,
Cut out my tongue,
Deepen your sin.

Carve into my flesh,
Flood both my lungs,
Pick out my eyes,
Now go load your guns.

Shoot at my skull,
Fracture my ribs,
Dissect my spine,
Mutilate my lips.

Hack at my neck,
Dislocate my hands,
Pull out my fingernails,
Scatter them across the lands.

Shove me in the furnace,
Cover the crime,
Kill me again,
In another lifetime.

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outside heathrow on a balmy day, the three of us wait  
me love, myself and limbo  
[having learnt this trick in the advanced writing program    
i try to put it to use, whenever possible-reanimate an emotion    
or a state and thus, carry a shipload of golems alongside    
for my own private entertainment.  
so tonight, it's limbo-a stubborn german kid-pale skin, blue eyes, blonde hair  
dressed in a blue sweater with a yellow flower that his ma made last summer  
repulsive comforting bugger, and once he was just a sperm]  

and we wait some more 'til a bloke appears  
'dis way modom', the man says, a sheaf of paper tucked under  
a planted smile flashing like some central tokyo LED hoarding  
stings of cheap cologne. his name tag reads Dan    
[howdy Dan, get some.]  
i stare at him a discomforting beat as he looks down  
auburn hair clean face yellow teeth broad shoulders thin legs    
the typical affair-mediocre Dan, less than zero  
shutter utter boredom, murder.  
my eyes follow my woman who saunters ahead  
she has shrunk a bit, that one  
embittered, agitated, a near-wreck  
all she does is smile her clueless smile while touching up    
every fifteen minutes-all signs of something famished within her, guilt may be  
something that had started gnawing a while back, only to sink its teeth  
full into a large chunk of life; sapping sucking slow, gobbling whole,  
a piranha on the shore, with a legless fashion model    
Dan stumbles across a bent sign post, regains his composure  
deficient Dan mutters and stands by, holding the door of the taxi  
she gets in first and opens her satchel takes her mirror  
frigging bejaysus darn woman  
i take out a ten and hand it to Dan, knowing that the cretin will go    
have a drink or two and take a woman home. someone bespectacled flatchested normal    
hump her, shoot his load early and go to sleep snoring loud  
what if the woman gets the pink line  
another Dan, another loser, dim wit  
ah darn the cycle, goddamn cycle.
the chauffeur honks and smiles at me  
i look at Dan, the chauffeur, my woman and myself in the mirror, bloody mistakes  
on our way to create more and then, more  
nuff' said, thought, reflected, none done. another honk and the pensive driver stares  
Dan has furrows on his forehead and me love talks from inside with the volume turned down  
a cop stands next to me with quizzical eyes  
fuck. it.    
with a sharp jab onto his sides followed by    
a back hand on his chin, i whip his service pistol out,  
off his safety and one Dan, two driver, three cop  
open the door.bang-bang. mascara mess.  
bang, one more to the cop, bravery medal.  
last one, shove it down my throat, feel    
the throb of the transcendental blowjob  
note to ma:    
hold tammy in a tub of water, not more than    
five minutes, once the thrashing dies    
sink it deeper, don't mind the catshit  
put it in a garbage bag and hurl it    
into outerspace. that was a joke, ma.  
you have done well. next time find a    
better man and have a better son.

Strange Creature
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Kill or Be Killed

I was once asked me how I'd want to die,
'Gunfire' was my reply,
although, the more and more I think,
the more a blade begins to sink into
my grim imagination as I stand in confrontation
with a man wielding a knife that promises
to end my life unless I act to thwart his will,
the name of the game is kill or be killed.
His first lunge is a pointed jab,
hoping then and there to grab my fighting strength
away from me, but I'll not fall so easily,
I dip and sway past flashing steel
as, towards his doom, I steadily reel
this clumsy fool who challenged me, who hoped
to bend me at the knee and spill my blood
for his own devices.
Between the whistling slices, I finally spot my opening
and raise a mighty fist to bring my vengeance into place.
I grin as I crush the side of his face with an awesome blow
that sees him flail, his balance fails, and down he goes,
his weapon tumbling to the trash below.
I swiftly move to give him chase, to take his knife,
put him in his place, but much to my horror,
he rolls upright, pistol gleaming in the cold streetlight.
Shots ring out, I've nowhere to run, and my slayer with his gun
puts two in my stomach and one in my lung, then quickly plants
the final slug between my eyes, it all goes black, and his job is finally done.

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My Own Suicide

I want to die while you still care
so take the knife
grip it fair
and when you stab me
plunge it deep
then place a kiss
upon my cheek
kill me please
take away the pain
then wash my blood off
in the rain
this, my last wish
it must come true
keep it secret
start a new
go live on
with her, your love
I will be watching
from above
if they find me
swallow your guilt
throw away your pride
tell them it was my own

poet Anonymous


I feel I have a right to euthanasia - a right not to live

When my life was prolonged with antibiotics....did anyone say ...maybe it was her time?

Medicine has saved me from pneumonia, measles and bad infections from which I COULD HAVE DIED

Nobody THOUGHT they were PLAYING GOD...but that is what it REALLY WAS.....!!!!!

Now I have FIBROMYALGIA, CHRONIC FATIGUE AND ME...tired and painful days pass by.....

Sometimes the painkillers work, sometimes they don't....the problem is the FDA and the DEA

Doctors do NOT RUN our MEDICAL SYSTEM, BEAUROCRATS DO!  How do they select who should get these drugs?

A Physician can LOSE THEIR LICENSE if they OVER-PRESCRIBE dependence making chemicals

If I were a PHYSICIAN...I would understand their fears....Physicians have been put in jail

For OVERPRESCRIBING.....painkillers...to people WHO WERE DYING.....

HEALTH CANADA, FDA, DEA....are all so concerned about the crazy ADDICTS who misuse these drugs

Well - then raise our taxes and build more rehabilitation facilities, don't take your wrath out on me!!!!!

I have never taken anything that has not been prescribed by a doctor.....

I never take more that the doctor recommends.....

They cannot find a CURE FOR FIBROMYALGIA/CFS/ME....I have had it for more than 20 years!!!!!

The disease and the pain make me anxious and panicky so another drug is given which creates dependency

Look at the research....they have DONE PRACTICALLY NONE on developing drugs which do not make an addict

Why must I suffer so - for the lack of EVIDENCE BASED MEDICINE....


I am at an age that were it 200 years ago....I would have been dead by now....the lifespan was that short!!!!!

Why am I made to cry because I have lived longer than my ancestors would ever have imagined?????

Not all religions are against EUTHANASIA, NOT EVEN SOME CHRISTIANS

For it is forbidden to make life intolerable when death is imminent

If no quality of life exists...there are examples of EUTHANASIA IN THE BIBLE

See second SAMUEL 1:9-10...Come over here and put me out of my misery

For I am in terrible pain and want to die...so he was killed out of mercy

St. Thomas More, wrote in UTOPIA...that people can CHOOSE to DIE SINCE THEY CANNOT LIVE BUT IN GREAT MISERY

Essentially it boils down to the QUALITY OF LIFE....WHY LIVE WHEN YOU ARE SUFFERING?????

People have a right to live - THEY SHOULD ALSO HAVE A RIGHT TO DIE

If I have made out a living will when I am in my right mind....with no pressure from others

SURELY that right should not be taken away...when I can no longer speak for myself

Yes, euthanasia can be used for evil...but so can anything else

Forcing me to live out my life is an EVIL ALL TO ITSELF

The SADISTs in the world love to watch people suffer while they die

Those people would choose euthanasia when THEIR time came

So all good people on this earth....GOD did not say you HAVE TO SUFFER

Even if HE SUFFERED FOR YOU....The arguments against EUTHANASIA are not RELIGIOUSLY BASED

They are scared that some scumbag will put his mother under

Well some scumbag already ran away with all his mother's money

Did you not hear it in the news????


GOD HAS INFINITE COMPASSION - then why don't you?????

PAIN and ANXIETY....require certain drugs...which are THE ONLY ONES THAT WORK...but your body get USED TO IT


Why are the sick NOT ALLOWED TO DIE .... until they SUFFER SO MUCH....THEY ARE DELERIOUS?????

I have a dog and a cat...both lived long good lives...when they were very sick

They were put down in a kind way...I remember my cat's eyes looking at me as if to say goodbye

I was holding her in my arms as the Veterinarian pushed in the combination that would give her rest

Same with my dog.....he got cancer and there was NOTHING MORE the Vet could do

Again, I caressed my faithful companion as he went to heaven...he looked at me with thankfulness!

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In a
gas chamber,

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