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Feared or loved

Jacqueline R
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Poetry Contest

Better feared or loved
Write a poem based on if it is better feared or loved, you can take one side and make it about this.  I got the idea from Alice in wonderland, so you have a better understanding of where I got the idea.  

Max of two entries per person.
Needs to be a new poem, not old.
Any length.

The White Rabbit
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The treasures of a kingdom,
A love letter and a spear,
Which was better?
Love or fear?

Fear was always hiding,
Striking into hearts,
Yet afraid, herself,
Afraid of falling apart.

Her face was but a mask,
But demanding attention all the same,
Blackmail and threats,
You didn't even need to know her name.

Love was always there,
Waiting calm and patiently,
Giving strength to others,
A beacon of hope, so lovely.

Beautiful in every way,
She sought to shield and protect,
Greeting us with open arms,
It is she we cannot forget.

Mighty kings have fallen,
But all true to their word,
To rule with only one queen,
According to whom they preferred.

Both ladies of white and red,
Have lead their kings to victory,
And to the nightmares they dread.

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Missing Meaningful

Wherever I go by many I walk by
No one dares looks at me straight in the eye

Power radiates off me and people stare
People argue but with me they do not dare

Nerves assault others simply to be in my presence
Because no one knows me just my pretense

Whispers die out when I grow near
It's clear to hear everyone's fear

No real friends amongst me and it stings
People only want me for my material things

I'd trade anything to be rid of these ways
And be loved at least for one of my days

poet Anonymous

Looking Down From Upon My Throne

I made it to the top by stepping on the less fortunate
I was alone there on my lofty perch
King of all and master of none
My land and its people writhed in discomfort and fear
But I was nowhere near the power I’d hoped for
Exulted by my own sword
I had it all but dwelt in sorrow
Around my table the chairs were empty
And the feast was getting cold

Then a peasant of little worth saw my despair
For all her poverty she pitied my pride
To her I was a lost calf awash by the tide
Astray from the flock and needing to belong
She gave me her hand and with hesitancy I took it
And showed me beauty beyond compare
For her heart was as pure as mine was black
I was brought out of my depths as she kissed my cheek
I fell in love with her purity despite her state

I harbored no compassion as a ruthless man
Forsaking the weak in favor of my own gain
But this woman who came to me like a gift
That I did not deserve but accepted nonetheless
Reflected my errors as my appearance in a mirror
And before I could save her with my means
She passed from this life and from me
Her value known only in my mind
As an immeasurable treasure transcendent of time

Riches of this earth cannot compare
To this woman’s worth and my love of her
To which I now know the truth of my errors
That hate, greed and fear have no place here
Within a heart that once was as black as night
However still beats with a wondrous light
Because of her my maiden fair
Who came to me from the thinnest air
When what I had was nothing and more
She left me everything to be thankful for

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I wish i
Was loved
But enstead
Im feard
I dont want
You to be
Scared of me
So to end
This sufering
Kill me whith your

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the one holy catholic and apostolic church:

if love, then, is alien
to us

why should we not make them
afraid of love

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