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How Well You Know Anatomy

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Poetry Contest

FIRST, i wish i could compete in my own competition.

1- one poem poer poet.
2- include as many part of your body as you can. no limit.
3- any type of poem, romantic, socialist, any type.

good luck!

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ok i'm good i got a 94% on my skeletal practical
i got this

this is that part where words start flowing
am any time now...
i'll get back to ya

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Humpty Dumpty sat on his pelvic tubercle  (ok no rhymes spellings... rusty)
Humpty Dumpty use his pollex 2ed 3ed and 4th fallangies to grip and his tea
Humpty Dumpty flexed his bicep with origin of humorous and execration (don't quote on what it ends at) of ulna
Humpty Dumpty lowered his mandible attached by a mono axel aphoarthrosis joint ( thats off in spelling my computer doesn't do medical smelling i mean spelling
and down the drink went as his carpals became far superior to the clavicles
and as he drank Humpty Dumpty's retinas picked up a most peculiar sight
a bird that flies with its poster superior  
Humpty Dumpty made a great laugh that vibrated down to his cuneiform
and with this laugh he lost his equalibralium (be dammed my smelling)
his thalamus has failed him his laugh was so strong
so down down down Humpty Dumpty went
tell that last laugh was spent
now his perpetual bone became split and formed the midsaggital suture
o ya now thats a creation story for the one who know big word
i only hope one of you gets the joke

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Wear Me Like A Scarf

Slip into my comfortably awaiting fit
and stain me on the inside
leave your mark
on the underside of my softness
then tattoo your name in hushed words
across my pale heaving breasts

Show me the place you spoke of
the one you said you would take me to
I think it was on another plane
I want to fly
attached to the thread that joins us

Colour me in the rivers of you
as you slide into the path of our journey
follow the map along my spine
with breathless lips
pushing yourself deeper into my core

Let me kiss your temple and undo you
releasing your purity into my soul
I want to taste you from the inside
finding your true flavours
then spread them over your lips
tasting you as my tongue meets your's

Wear me like a scarf
as you find the life inside of me
explore the trail of lust between my thighs
releasing me into the place
you said you would take me

You know... the one on another plane

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*deleted, on account of it being shite*

poet Anonymous

"Me in Mine, You in Yours"
There’s an incessant thumping
in my head as I lay here
contemplating the distance.
An insistence on love,
my body feels electric,
heightened by tender
sensuous thoughts of you.
It does make me glow,
my blood boils, it flows.
I know, these acts might
make one go totally blind.
Still, I rock myself to sleep
in the darkness, caressing,
feeling the loneliness, the
emptiness of my room,
me in mine,
thinking of
you in yours.

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Tear out my guts,
Smash in my brain,
Claw out my heart,
But don't leave a stain.

Break all my bones,
Rip all my veins,
Drink all my blood,
Give me more pain.

Slice me to shreds,
Drown out my cries,
Stab all my wounds,
And watch while I die.

Freeze all my arteries,
Burn all of my skin,
Cut out my tongue,
Deepen your sin.

Carve into my flesh,
Flood both my lungs,
Pick out my eyes,
Now go load your guns.

Shoot at my skull,
Fracture my ribs,
Dissect my spine,
Mutilate my lips.

Hack at my neck,
Dislocate my hands,
Pull out my fingernails,
Scatter them across the lands.

Shove me in the furnace,
Cover the crime,
Kill me again,
In another lifetime.

Marcus cooke
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"Snowflake In A Hot Tub"

Once again my body betrays me  
these sensations are un plesent  
i sit with my head in my hand's  
waiting for the fear machine  
to stop and free me.  

I tell myself this will pass  
i am in control  
visualize a neon sign saying STOP  
don't sink to the bottom  
always stay on top.  

This anixity is powerful and scary  
my soul is tired and weary  
i don't need to fight my feelings  
these feelings wont be around for much longer.  

Visualize a stop sign,  
this red button has been pressed  
"i am in control", hear me  
just for once let me believe this.  

I am cofenti in a wind tunnel  
i melt like a snow flake in a hot tub.  

my heart is pounding as i breath faster  
there is a pain in my chest,  
it hurts when sound turns to laughter  
rubbery legs, light sensitivity  
they make my eyes burn  
much numbness in both hand's  
my vision is impaired  
visulise a stop sign  
make this hell end.  

And so finally,  
my body returns to normal  
the attack has ceased  
another panic attack over  
until tomorrow at least.

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oh right
i guess
by anatomy
you mean tits and cunt.
i got tits.
they ain't all that to be proud of
no Guinness world record winners
but they stand up for themselves
so i guess i don't have to.
and i got two cunts and all.
one's where a cunt should be
it's not pretty
what cunt is pretty?
it's the open seam
that stuffing falls out of
so it just needs poking back in
every now and again.
the other cunt's in my heart.
you want to carve it open
and fuck my cunt heart dry?
be my guest,

you're welcome.

(... we should be able to say the word cunt more.
perhaps i have read the wife of bath too much, but still)

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