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When Love Sours

Dangerous Mind
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Poetry Contest

A poem that about a relationship that started with love, but ended, or continues, in abuse. Mental or physical.
-2 post limit
-500 word limit
-No collabs
-Be original, I hate reading the same poem in five different ways.

Dangerous Mind
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Edit :

Originally I had an example, but I figure it's pretty self explanatory.

Miss Indie
Tyrant of Words
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I'm posting the link as opposed to the poem, as I've categorised this as extreme content. Hope that's not a prob.

One more time - http://deepundergroundpoetry.com/poems/75810-one-more-time/

Dangerous Mind
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Not at all a problem. A great starting entry.

poet Anonymous

“Sourly Crushed”
At first, we had all the right ingredients,
charm and hopefulness, desire and mighty big wishes,
a glint of the eye, a turn of the head, a gentle succulent kiss,
soon we were in bed, that part went right to our heads.
We added more passion, some spice and some sass,
such a beautiful lass,you filled up my glass to the brim.
Little did we know that a dash of regret,
a smidgeon of anger and a pinch of carelessness
would cool our fire.  It would become dire,
the beginning of the downward spiral,
everything between us soon became
malignant, viral,it killed our loving style.
What started out so very strong,
sweetly refreshing,
became all wrong, overbearing,
sourly crushing,
then, the bitterness followed.
Now, we both abide alone,
swallowed by our pride.

Lost Thinker
United States
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It started as a fire,
but the fire burned too hot.
We both let our anger get to us,
and now my stomach's in a knot.

We had plans of marrying,
but that was before I knew.
Your darker side emerged,
leaving me black and blue.

You'd force me to satisfy you,
and hit me if I refused.
I hated this feeling,
but you made me think I needed to be abused.

All you caused was destruction.
You always left me naked and crying.
You demanded so much out of me,
and, honestly, I was trying.

Guardian of Shadows
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Make believe

stone me
the air is so thick around here
we'd nearly have to reach out
and rip chunks of it away
if we were of the mind
that we wanted to breath

and the clock is crying again
'cos neither of us take the time
to pick a fight anymore
tear strips off one another
until the fire lights under us
and we quench it with our own sweat

these days, the best we can achieve
is forty five minutes
of make believe.  

Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom
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                 No one will ever love you the way that i do

Twelve months since we split after nine years together
I thought we would have been together whatever the weather
I moved away from my home and all that i knew
So i wouldn't miss a single moment with you
Now i'm in another country all on my own
wondering why i just don't go home
And what i come up with while im wondering why
Is the reason i stay is just to hope to see you go by
If i go back to England, it would be admitting defeat
But that i can't do, cos my heart would never again take a single beat
Cos no one will ever love you the way that i do
And the reason im sure and know this to be true
Is when i looked in your eyes and the vows that i said
were imprinted on my heart the day we were wed
And there they will stay until the day that i die
Even after a year there's songs that make me cry
Because i will always love you, until the end of all time
And the hole that is left is knowing that your no longer mine
Its a deep dark void that will never again be filled
Sometimes i think it would be easier if i had been killed
Because without you my life just doesn't seem to matter
This thing in my chest i used to call my heart is in tatters
But no one will ever love you the way that i do
I just wish u knew how much i still and always will love you

Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom
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                        Bye bye baby goodbye

I never thought it would happen, getting over you
But now ive woke up and can confidently say "fuck you"
I dont know why i held you for so long in my heart
Now the haze is away, i see we are better apart
But looking back, there are things i never would change
Even though i realise that you are totally deranged
You wanted it all and you wanted it now
Your just like your mum, the haggered old cow
Ive never hated a person as much as i hate your mum
And never met a person who is so naturally dumb
The only thing she is good at. Is getting her claws in
The gold-digging bitch who only sees one thing
Money is everything to her & she buys her way through life
But her other half is not that stupid to make her his wife
I do thank you for one thing, for my little girl
That i love so much, to me she's my world
It's just a shame that you use her as a tool
Just to get to me, i did'nt think you could be that cruel
But you've shown your true colours you slut, you liar
And i really wouldnt piss on you if you were on fire

Fire of Insight
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Mi Malo Muchacha


bi-focal; this is where the lens bends
did you mean it; ‘cause…eye haven’t seen it; like
what eye know is.. what eye know and
what eye know, eye know not to know much
like who has love for such & such?

to see, hear, taste and…touch

me; I’m just wanting; the wait is haunting
your clandestine trips; those suspicious lips
no time for this or your abstract tricks; me
we’ve been thinking about you; perhaps
maybe too much

if you could agree; then we’d probably clutch  

but you appear to be letting the brake-out
letting it out real slow;
got steers wheeling from friend to foe
bullish; quite the malicious
where it’ll be onto the break-out

no saving

me left with an addictive craving
my suspicion has been raving
promises made about your best behaving
2 to share; could’ve been you and me here
but if posing needs exposing then
we’re into the bare


the facts found finding your figure
that it hasn’t been fair
you, me, her?  -  that’s a non-equitable pair
a digit the wrong place -  not a good find  
tell me senora - is this all in-my-mind?

photo chris mcbrown

alon aLion
Dangerous Mind
San Marino
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Insignificant Other

How does The Other          
Become So Insignificant          
You don’t even bother          
She doesn’t even warrant          
The most basic informalities          
expected in relationships          
of "normality"          
can Every ember extinguish          
from that initial chemistry          
causing you to relinquish,          
dismember painful memories          
thought impenetrable, buried,          
to her sweet lips emitting          
the most tender, most innocent,          
most human of queries          
how is it that I can spew          
the most horrid truths          
from current status          
way back to tortured youth          
after enjoying a handful          
of Level-Vibed goofs          
with a perceived          
like-feathered bird          
without shred of proof        
of identity        
rub-shouldered on "The WEB"          
Right Here On THIS:          
Our dreaded Inner-Tube          
The Other          
in temporal proximity          
a stone’s throw Away          
Right There          
gives loving care          
In every emergency          
Sadly unaware          
Of the urgency          
The silent Munch’s Scream          
Inside of me          
I`ll so readily          
leave data trails          
Of true confessions          
to strangers    
who are either    
kindred spirits          
or bizarre fetishests          
who do great impressions          
“familiarity breeds contempt”          
Even on the Soul-Mate Level?          
Is there any fate          
More terrible?          
After genuine Loved-ones          
Ideals are spun          
You find beauty          
And connection          
At an age so young          
You’re stunned          
You stumble          
As if stung          
By hypodermic          
Containing drug          
Turning your naïve baravado          
Into a genuine person          
Now humbled          
And that initial Surprise          
Into something alien          
Unbearably sublime          
And sustains          
for what seems          
a sufficient period of time          
to convince          
you cash in your chips          
Freedoms of Magnitude          
so inordinate in value          
to The Gifts          
for which you submit          
and like any other drug          
after those first          
incredible hits          
you chase          
that sensation          
through ever-lessening          
until left          
with something          
completely other          
and insignificant  

Dangerous Mind
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Amazing entries everyone. An interesting competition this is becoming.

Strange Creature
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Let's play Doctor

You used my heart to paint the walls,

Laid me on the table and took a scalpel to my chest,

Cracked open the bones in my rib cage with your cold fingers,

Peeled the pericardium from my heart,

Like the skin around a fresh wound,

You slowly severed my aorta in half,

The part of my heart that pumped love through my body,

I lay there unable to move but able to feel everything,

Tears escaped from the corners of my eyes,

And dropped like bombs onto the cold metal table,

You reached into my chest and tore it out,

Examined it like a science project,

Took the scalpel and cut away any healthy parts that were left,

You threw it against the wall and it sprayed everywhere,

Every inch, every corner, every crevice was covered in seconds,

I watched helplessly as you smeared it everywhere,

Until the whole room was red,

When you were done,

You took the little piece that was left and walked over to me,

It wasn’t more than 2 centimeters big,

You put it back in my chest, closed me up,

And pretended like nothing ever happened.

poet Anonymous

Two Sides of the Same Hurt

Did you know that I wept
on your shoulder while you slept
regretting what Ive done to you
over the years
over time
through many tears
Allowing you to dwell in the sadness
of not being me
of not knowing yourself
as someone independent and free
My razor blade smile thinned out your skin
until the dermis revealed your weakness within
Now you sleep in the dark and I wonder why
no more tears fall from your eye
that like sand has become dry
Maybe I caused too much hurt
to fix the damage done
by being a selfish I
by letting you run
And die in the streets alone
where moans mix with blood
and the mutts feast on your bones
I meant to say I'm sorry
I meant for so much more
than what I could give you
my diminished other half
the weaker one by far
But it'll heal
the scar
It'll heal...

poet Anonymous


Capacity extends all around
while dim hues send tracks
across the floor
bleeding up the walls
illuminating the space
with a faint orange malaise

The last piece
is thrown onto the fire
conjuring sparks
that fade to memory
as quickly as they came

There is nothing to do but wait
for the flame to die
for its diminishing glow
to retreat

And for darkness to envelop us
with no wood left to burn

Your hand on my chest
for the first time seems cold
as its warmth leaves me

The sound of your breath vanishes
and I find myself alone
as black as coal
as somber as the night

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